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Published on April 14th, 2006 | by Alex and Brett Harris

The Bible or the Bullet

Read this story. It could change your life.

The Communist soldiers had discovered their illegal Bible study.

As the pastor was reading from the Bible, men with guns suddenly broke into the home, terrorizing the believers who had gathered there to worship. The Communists shouted insults and threatened to kill the Christians. The leading officer pointed his gun at the pastor’s head. “Hand me your Bible,” he demanded. Reluctantly, the pastor handed over his Bible, his prized possession. With a sneer on his face, the guard threw the Word of God on the floor at his feet.

He glared at the small congregation. “We will let you go, “ he growled, “but first, you must spit on this book of lies. Anyone who refuses will be shot.” The believers had no choice but to obey the officer’s order. A soldier pointed his gun at one of the men. “You first.”

The man slowly got up and knelt down by the Bible. Reluctantly, he spit on it, praying, “Father, please forgive me.” He stood up and walked to the door. The soldiers stood back and allowed him to leave. “Okay, you!” the soldier said, nudging a woman forward. In tears, she could barely do what the soldier demanded. She spit only a little, but it is enough. She too was allowed to leave.

Quietly, a sixteen-year-old girl came forward. Overcome with love for her Lord, she knelt down and picked up the Bible. She wiped off the spit with her dress. “What have they done to Your Word? Please forgive them,” she prayed.

The Communist soldier put his pistol to her head. Then he pulled the trigger.

~ Jesus Freaks, by dc Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs ~

I have a question for you: was this girl’s sacrifice worth it? I mean, it’s one thing to lay your life down for a family member or friend or instead of denying Christ, but all she was asked to do was spit on the Bible for goodness sake! If I were in her shoes, with Communist soldier’s invading my Bible study, I’d be praising God that they came up with such an insignificant requirement! I don’t intend to be crude, but if you’ve ever sneezed or coughed when you were doing devotions, you’ve probably already gotten spittle on there. So what’s the big deal?

If you are inclined to agree with the last paragraph, I beg you to realize that her decision was one of extraordinary significance. She chose the precious Word of God over her own comfort and safety; a decision you and I make every single day, but almost always in the opposite direction.

More Than A Bible, More Than Spit

Her sacrifice was worth it because it symbolized something much greater than simply a leather-bound Bible and a quarter-teaspoon of spit. It was a choice between her earthly home and her Heavenly Home, between her persecutor’s threats and her Savior’s promises. She had nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing God’s Word over earthly comfort. Are we ready to make the same choice?

The answer is that we do make that choice, and we almost always choose comfort. We choose to “spit” on rather than sit under the perfect instruction of Scripture. You and I are constantly “spitting” on the Holy Word of God when we aren’t willing to sacrifice our meaningless comforts for some truly meaningful guidance. And I don’t care if that offends somebody. We offend God, my friends.

A sixteen-year-old girl in Asia laid down her life rather than neglect God’s Word. Are you willing to lay down your magazine? Pray to God that He will grant you the grace to be faithful to His Word. Because, honestly, most of us are too weak to shut-off our computer in order to have some distraction-free devotional time. It won’t get easier till we work harder.

The Bible feeds our spiritual well-being and our strength of character. “How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to Your Word.” (Psa. 119:9) We will leave our souls starved and our character unguarded if we fail to make the Bible top priority.

Do you want to impact this world for Christ? Do you want to be a Godly young man or woman? Sidney Howard said, “One-half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.” What are you willing to sacrifice? When will you stop offending God by neglecting one of His primary means of grace in your life, His written Word?

Do not let the opinions of your friends or the customs of your family get in the way. Make the change today.

Some Practical Application

Start asking yourself the questions, “What does priority mean to me?” “What does it look like when something is top priority in my life?” “What does neglect look like?” “What other means of grace am I neglecting?” and most importantly, “What does the Bible have to say about all this?” Start with Joshua 1:8 and Psalm 1:1-2. Ask yourself, “What are these verses saying? What do they mean for me?”

Was that girl’s sacrifice worth it? You can bet the world it was.


About the Author

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.

  • One-half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.

    Marvelous post. Your posts consistently stimulate me to think deeply on these sort of things, and of course, to “do hard things.”

  • Oooph, you guys really got me here: “Pray to God that He will grant you the grace to be faithful to His Word. Because, honestly, most of us are too weak to shut-off our computer in order to have some distraction-free devotional time. It wont get easier till we work harder.”

    Ouch!! That’s something I’ve been struggling with lately. I want to read the Word more, but I haven’t the self-discipline to click the “Close” button. I have to continually ask God’s help; I can’t do it of my own will.

    Thanks for posting this great piece, guys. It was amazing, and a good reminder to stop spitting, and start standing on the Word of Truth.

  • Wow. What faith she must have had.

  • Thanks for the great post. It’s a challenge and a reminder to us to stand firm in our faith.

    I admire the girl. She could have “spit” on the Bible like the rest did, but she chose to stand firm in her faith.

    Once again, great post.

  • This story does make me think. The soldiers were not just asking her to spit, and she knew it. They wanted her to put her life before her faith and ridicule and mock the foundation of all she believed. It took amazing courage, and I can only hope that her friends were shamed and encouraged into being stronger followers of Christ when the next challenge came. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Stories like this make me reflect on my heart. Thank you. There was a dramatic film short of this story at the SAICFF.

  • Great post guys!

    Happy Easter to both of you!

  • Wow, that sure packs a punch, but a good one. Thanks for reposting this, guys…you have a way of hitting the nail right on the head and not beating around any bushes.

    Blessings for a wonderful Easter!

  • I have been reading your site off and on for a while now, but something in this post made me want to comment.

    1) Recently I have been challenged to give up the “comfort” of reading other books in order to read the Bible only. I tend to read thought-provoking books and I read my Bible – but how much value do I place on reading my Bible? Do I consider IT thought-provoking? It has been a good challenge.

    2) What prompted me to comment was your seemingly innocuous statement at the end of this post, “Ask yourself, ‘what are these verses saying? What do they mean for me?'”
    It hits a little too close to “what does the Bible mean to you?” a form of relativism that Christians often fall into. While I know that wasn’t your intent, perhaps a better way to state your thought would be, “What is God saying to you through these passages?”

    But perhaps I am making a mountain out of a mole-hill, in which case I apologize.

    Thanks for the challenge!!
    > Jody

  • Dan

    Ok, I’ll make this comment short.

    My response to this post:

  • Jody: Thank you for pointing that out. You are right that it was far from our intention to imply that the Bible has many different meanings. I think a better way to have said it was this: “How does these verses apply to my life?”

    Don’t worry, you didn’t make too big a deal out of it. It was an important clarification.

  • Andrew Joyce

    I think you are absolutely right. So many times I’m bored, but instead of having some time with God, I force myself to do something else.

    This is a very good post.

    Andrew Joyce
    MK in Brazil

  • Okay – thanks. I really thought it was a great artical. I have enjoyed your posts and they really make me think! =0)
    ~ Jody

  • Interestingly enough, an even greater sin (at least in my mind) is that of seeming goodness.

    For example, I don’t read computer building magazines instead of God’s word; At least, that’s not how I start.

    I start by working on a Christian movie, and due to a deadline, don’t take God’s day off to worship him, and don’t take an hour out to study his word. That’s where it starts. But after all, it’s a good cause: I’m not being lazy, instead, I’m working hard! I’m doing a hard thing by working on the movie!

    The sad thing is, the harder thing for me is to read the bible. Why is it so hard? What makes it difficult to take a break for a mere fraction of the day to study the one whom I am making the movie to glorify?

    But after a while, I realize that building computers is a part of filmmaking. So, I start reading about computer building instead of working on the movie, because the movie is finished, and I’m out of the habit of reading God’s word. So I start reading about filmmaking: Computer hardware in particular.

    Now I’m reading Maximum PC instead of the bible, and it has some very interesting articles about computer games, and how realistic they are. Pretty soon, I read about a game that really interests me, so I download the demo and install it.

    It’s the same sin, it’s just more disguised in the beginning.

    Well, I gotta run. By the way, I’m not sure what changed, but this is the first time I’ve been able to access your blog in quite a while!

    God Bless!

    ~ John.

  • Vevy

    Thanks for the Post Guys!

  • Sparky

    The 16-year old girl in this post knew the meaning of this verse:

    “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven. ” Matt. 10:33

    The Communist soldiers weren’t asking her only to direct her spit in a certain direction, they were asking her to deny her Lord.

    Praise God that there are Christians who refuse to deny Jesus! May we do the same in our everyday lives.


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  • Remember, though, that the Lord tells us not to take up graven images. The discourse on the Bible in contemporary Evangelical culture comes uncomfortably close to idolizing the Bible itself. We need to remember that the Bible is only valuable and sacred vis-a-viz the Word of God enclosed therein–there is nothing in the physical book, leather, and paper itself that makes it any different from any other book. Y’all may disagree, but I really don’t think God would have wanted that girl to die for a scrap of leather.

  • I love this post. it’svery well written. Keep up the good work.


  • Thanks, Alex, for sharing this story. It had also moved me when I read it. May we all seek to see God and His word as precious as she did.

  • Damaris

    Thank you for that post, it really makes me think. Reminds me of what Jim Elliot said: “He is no fool to give up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

  • A fellow soldier

    Sorry I’ve been absent for so long, but life kind of got in the way. What a good post to which to return!

    “The sad thing is, the harder thing for me is to read the bible. Why is it so hard?”

    Very interesting point. I have the same problem, though it’s mostly with falling asleep in my Bible or in church. Personally, I think it’s the Devil, and while the knowledge doesn’t change the battle, it does help in fighting.

  • Amanda

    That was well said. I do agree about finding more time to read devotions for the Lord. I’ll be checking this site out more as I go.


  • An excellent post. Very good questions. Thank you.

  • The 16 year old girl in this story reminds me of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We have a movie about him and we watched it for Bible study one time. That kind of movie, that kind of story, just really is encouraging. Watch it!

    Thanks for the post. Good job.


  • rose

    wow! what a challenge. i never thought of it like that. spitting on the bible is just like not reading it and ignoring it cause it is so convicting. i definitely don’t want to do this. i want to read my Bible more. thanxs for this challenge and also isn’t that comment wrong by someomeon saying that the Bible is just like any other book. it’s God’s holy word. it should be revered, right?

  • Tom

    Dying for a delusion?


  • Amanda Howell

    Wow! It really provoked some serious thinking. Thanks for posting this. I really appreciated it.

    A sister in Christ

  • StephanieY

    Very convicting.

  • Thanks for sharing the story, and thanks for the practical “tips” at the end of the post.

  • Joss

    Wow! you would expect the pastor to be the one who actually do what the girl did.
    But rather it was a 16 year old young woman with an unshakeable faith that knelt down on her knees and died for the Word of God! I pray too that i would be able to do the same.

  • Peter Beaudro

    No, the girl died needlessly. Even from a Christian perspective (which I do not hold), spitting on the book would not have angered God – and if it did, then he’s not the kind of guy I want to hang out with. He is a mean and evil God if he allows such things to happen. And please don’t suggest that she’s better off in heaven – it’s an easy argument but can only result in the conclusion that everyone’s better off dead. It’s absurd.

    Love the way that the bad guys are, of course, Communists, too – how predicatable!

  • Peter: Your perspective of her actions regardless, the story (including the Communists) is a true one. Predictable bad guys? Perhaps. Fabricated? Not a bit.

  • Ruth

    Good post, so I’m going to get off-line and go do some Bible study. Thanks for the reminder of what we need to be doing.

  • Ariana Felix

    Thank you for this little push. I am more determined then ever to study the Word, and get myself prepared in mind and spirit for whatever God has for me.Thanks!

  • Emma

    WOW! Thanks for posting this! I pray that I’d be able to do the same in her place.

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  • I would like to know the sources from this story… To me, it seems completely fictional. The details in the post are as clear as mud. “A Girl, 16 years old,” random Communists… I would like some _credible_ sources.

    Please send them to [email protected] or make sure you label this is a fictional story.

    If this story IS true. If I am, in fact, wrong, then I believe it to be VERY irresponsible to take CHILDREN into a country that outlaws Christianity with the punishment of death.

    How would they even get into such a country? Why would OUR government allow a little old church group to take it’s children far away and into a dangerous country?

    This post seems to be pure propaganda.

  • Kevin Jackson

    The account of that church didn’t say the church members were Americans that had left home. They most likely were native to the country this took place in. The details may not have been considered necessary (the post wasn’t supposed to be a news clip.)

  • Kevin Jackson

    P.S.-It is a good idea to check stories that you hear over the internet. I’m afraid that as Christians we like to hear stories that support our faith and don’t always check their validity. The one in this article, though, was quoted from a book on persecuted Christians, so it is probably a lot more reliable than some of the stuff you may hear elsewhere.

  • Jeff Robertson

    That is true. You must always, when you read something is to have a little amount of realism so you know that the people writing aren’t lying

  • Shane H

    Hey I have just read this, and so many thing in life over seas and during world wars and such always make me teary eyed, when I read of another one giving their life for faith and it is just so powerful.
    So here is my question:
    Will we be ready when the time finaly comes for us?

  • Josh Black

    On the surface, it might seem that she died for a scrap of leather, and some ink on some pages. But what really happened? Communists are anti-religion, so by throwing the book on the ground, and telling people they can live by spitting on it, they are in fact telling people to renounce their faith, to give up their religion. Now, we know we are God’s people from the moment we accept Jesus Christ into our live, and that his blood cleansed us of sin, so this is in fact a pointless act. It doesnt mean that spitting is ok, just because we know that it is pointless. Everyone of the people who spat, gave the Communists more power, more control. The woman (shes more of a woman at 16 than many others IMHO) stood up against oppression, stood up for God, and the prince of the world did the worst he could to her. Not such a bad thing IMHO. She did the Hard Thing, mastered her fear, and showed true grit.

    Peter Beadro- Communism only killed 300 million people, lets give it another chance, eh comrade?

    (notice the sarcasm)

  • Rachel

    I heard this story told at a church youth rally. Now I am writing a sermon for youth (i”m 14) and this story is a great example on the fact of it being about christianity not being allowed in other countries.

  • Kedesh

    I’ve read this story before and it really touched me. What a brave young woman! I’m certain she has a Martyrs spot in heaven!

  • Amanda :)

    I saw this exact post on a movie about martyrs at my youth-group a couple years back – it spoke to me then, and it still speaks to me now. thanks alex.

  • Rose

    Wow… this post has totally made me think! For many of us we have never will not die a martyrs death but instead of the making a decision of the Bible or a bullet we have to decide the Bible or our favorite TV show — or the Bible or hanging out with friends!! How many times have I chosen to skip my daily Bible reading in the morning to get little more sleep! That is so sad to me. Many of us would say YES of course we would choose to die for Christ if having to pick between dying or rejecting Christ or like this girl had to do spit on the Bible . Well… how many of us have even read our bibles yet today???? I don’t know about you but its really sobering to me to think of the many times I have chosen to relax and do something fun instead of reading the precious Word of God that my dear Heavenly Father has written as a letter to each of us!

  • Kirsten B.

    Wow! Great post, guys! I loved it! I’ve read the story before and it touched me then, too! But I like the way y’all looked at it. My fave part was when you said, :A sixteen-yea-old girl in Asia laid down her life reather than neglect God’s Word. Are you willing to lay down your magazine?” Ouch! That was totally hitting the hammer on the head! Keep up the great work!

  • KayJay

    Hi. this really touched me especially since I live in China now. I know people who wouldn’t spit on the Bible… would I? Do I? Something to ask myself and pray about. May God have mercy!

    Thanks for printing this story.

  • Nicole

    Tonight, God put it on my heart to reread the entry, “To Say, I Have Known God,” and as I was reading it I was reminded once again of this entry. I began to see that too often (still) I am unwilling to lay aside my reputation; my comfort; my friendships; my aspirations, agenda, dreams or future for the Truth — or my relationship with God. Although I lay it aside eventually, I do not do it as I wish that I would — I do it with a heart more full of timidity than of passion.

    Too often, I only speak the Truth that is acceptable — I don’t speak the Truth as Jesus would, the Truth that got Him kicked out of synagogs, seen as a must-be-stopped threat by the evil one, and ultimately nailed to a Cross by the world and the religious alike. Oh that I would LOVE the Truth, the whole Truth, as Jesus did!

    I long for this and yet, much too often, I only spend the time with God necessary to “maintain” my relationship with Him — I don’t press in to know Him better, I don’t stay up an extra hour at night or wake up an additional hour earlier in the morning to talk with Him as I would a best friend; I don’t spend the long hours in prayer and getting to know the Father’s Heart that Jesus did which allowed Him to be all that He was — to walk as He walked, heal as He healed, speak as He spoke.

    I long to consistantly surrender, seek, love with my life laid down as a living sacrifice that I would lose this world and more fully and more joyously gain Him.

    May God bind me fast to the altar that I would — that I would lay aside all that gets in the way of knowing Him as He longs to be known by me and speaking the love of His Heart and the uncompromised fullness of His Truth to this world in need of the Living Water, untainted by my cowardice, lack of passion, or negligence of its true value in its pure form.

    Thank you, Alex and Brett, for your faithfulness to and passion for God in writing these articles — I pray that God would bless you by continuing to make you and all who read more like His Son.

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  • Faith

    Wow that was amazing….the best quote was ” And I don’t care if that offends somebody. We offend God, my friends.”
    Which hit home with fo rme because I recently tried to tell my family memeber that he was living a double life. One life of partying and a mouth of a sailor and the other life was being a sunday school teachers to little kids in his church. He got so offended with me that he cut me down with his words. And we no longer speak. I was taken back greatly by this event because it was the first time I spoke up. I know i had to but that quote shows me that I need to stop worrying about others feelings if they are offended the Alimight God.

    Ps: Please pray for me and my cousin his name is Kobe

  • Daniel C. Midkiff

    Jesus told his diciples to sell their swords and coats and go out to spread the word among the Jews. Later, when he told them to spread the word to all nations he told them to put on two tunics and a coat, and if they lacked a sword to sell one tunic and buy a sword. I am a martial artist, but even were I devoid of my skills, in a situation with my life at risk, I will always choose to fight, and defend others. Against a gun, I would die. But I would have died in defiance of God’s enemies, albiet respectfully. I think that we have a responsibility to others to stand up to persecution. Jesus preached submission in his message to the Jews. But us Gentiles received a different creed.
    This girl fought as well, but in a different way. She really inspired me, and I will never forget this story.

  • zukoca

    Wow. That was inspiring. If I were in that situation, I hope I would’ve had enough courage to do the same.

  • McKenna

    Wow, hearing about these kinds of things is truly inspiring. I really hope that, if I’m ever put in a situation like this, I have the courage to stand up for the Lord. I wonder how those two other people felt after leaving….

  • Jordan Whitmire

    May the Lord truly forgive us all for not living a life like that. I pray and hope to spend more time in the Word of God. I hope that every christian would have that desire, wether if there old enough to read themselves, or if they need someone to read for them. The children of God must have a desire above anything to want to read, hear, the Word of God. Thank ya’ll for posting that. And thank the Dear Lord for giving us a place to live, where we can worship freely. Oh how many things we take for granted.

  • Eidok

    This is very true! I’m reading Do Hard Things now and it is truly inspiring! Keep up the good work:)

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    The lady I babysit for gave me your Do Hard Things book tonight. She told me she had just read this book and wanted me to have a copy because she thought I eould really benefit from it. I was intrigued by the title and started reading as soon as I got home. Well it is 2 am now and I just finished the whole book. I couldnt put it down and found myself eagerly turning the page to see what came next.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Sorry, posted before I meant to. Anyway, I just really was encouraged by this book and this story. I’ve reached the point in my life where I have finished college, got my nursing license, and work as a pediatric nurse, but yet I find myself asking “is this it?”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. What can be better than taking care of/playing with kids all day and getting paid for it? I’m also part of an awesome church that preaches the word of God and is growing by leaps and bounds, but I feel like God has more in store for me. I am stuck just looking around and wondering what to do now.
    I have been to Peru 8 times on summer mission trips and have always had the desire to go back down and be a medical missionary down there. So, here I go. I’m 22 years old and have no idea if this is really what God wants for me, but I am starting on that mission. Starting first off with making time each day for Bible reading and prayer. Then paying off my school debt/credit cards, starting spanish classes after christmas, learning as much as I can about nursing and disease processes, and taking a stand for Christ each day.
    I know this is not going to be easy and I know it might take a lot of time and effort, but y’all have reminded me why I am here on this earth – to glorify and enjoy God.
    Thanks so much for being willing to let God use you and let you work hard for Christ!
    God bless! :-)

  • Wow. That really struck me. I’ve always felt drawn to stories like this – if other people are too, Randy Alcorn’s book Safely Home is fantastic – I read it a few months ago and was so touched.
    I started Do Hard Things last night and am almost done now – I’m the most inspired I’ve ever been!
    Thanks guys!

  • Josh

    “I would like to know the sources from this story… To me, it seems completely fictional. The details in the post are as clear as mud. “A Girl, 16 years old,” random Communists… I would like some _credible_ sources.

    Please send them to [email protected] or make sure you label this is a fictional story.

    If this story IS true. If I am, in fact, wrong, then I believe it to be VERY irresponsible to take CHILDREN into a country that outlaws Christianity with the punishment of death.

    How would they even get into such a country? Why would OUR government allow a little old church group to take it’s children far away and into a dangerous country?

    This post seems to be pure propaganda.”

    Persecution and death really do happen in real life. I have been to communist countries like China, and the customs officers threaten to confiscate any bibles that they found in the luggage bags! The Chinese government has a word they like to use for citizens who get shot for being caught in underground churches: “gone missing.”

    Are you not convinced? Use reason then; why does the North American Missions Board not allow the names of missionaries who go to certain countries to be released? Because those people might be put to death if their identities are exposed. Here’s more reason: if you believe in the bible, why don’t you believe this story happened? The bible should be harder to believe if a man is going by human reason (or human foolishness). If the bible is true, then people must really die for their belief in Christ.

    Here is biblical evidence. Matthew 10:21-22 says, “Brother will betray brother to death, and a father his child… All men will hate you because of me.”

    Whether or not this particular story is true, the fact is that people hate Jesus and His disciples. Things like what happen in this story have been happening for the last 2,000 years. “But he who stands firm to the end will be saved.”

  • Stephen

    That’s a really powerful story! It really makes you think, “Would stand up for Christ if threatened?” Thanks for revealing the truth of what happens in many countries today.

  • Kaitlyn

    After reading this, it made me think about what I would do in a situation like that. i don’t think i would do the same as the girl did. She really loved her God.

  • I thought I would once again check up on my two oldest boys’ (ages 13 and almost 15) favorite site. Excellent, gut-wrenching, convicting post.

  • Anabel Cuevas

    WOW!!! these got to me, my bible teacher at school reffered to these story a few months back when i was a junior, he was trying to makes us understand how we spitt and even step on it, he illustrated to us (he stepped on the bible) just to make us understand how everytime we lie, we sin its against Him and we are spitting on the bible, but not just that it was much more but these story reaveal us how the courage of a sixteen year old girl of deffending the bible is a much greater victory for God than just spitting in the bible and just saying im sorry, we have to deffend His word and stand out in front of anybody for Him, because Christ died for us not deserving it….

  • Heather Asay

    Jesus Said if you deny me before men that He would deny us before the Father. So I think it was WELL WORTH IT!!!

  • Another homeschooled pastor’s kid

    What a challenging post!!! Every morning I find myself pressing the snooze button one more time, and then I don’t have time to read my Bible before I head off to school. After I finish taking my two classes and go home, I “don’t have time” to read my Bible. This post really made me see what I value: God or sleep. Thanks for the motivation to get out of bed the first time!

    ~ Moriah

  • Sierra L.

    I think it was worth it for her to lay down her life for the bible. It made me think about not being shy around people who dont belive the way I do.

  • Tabitha

    Thank you for this post!
    I have read the Jesus Freak books, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs is also a great read if any of you are looking for more true stories about people who stood up for God and His Word.
    Sometimes I am not sure if I could do that if I found myself in that situation, but I hope that focusing on building my relationship with Christ right now will prepare me for the future He holds.
    We live in a free country, we probably will never have to hide from the law because of our faith, but we do have to stand up for Jesus everyday. Someone once said, ” You may never have to decide whether or not to die for your faith, but everyday you must decide whether or not you will live for it.”

  • clark

    this story is great to point out how we as “casual” christians can just simply spit on the Holy Word of God and simply pray that God will forgive us, but just end up doing it over and over and over again! I hope that I won’t be so weak to keep spitting on God’s precious letter to us, who don’t even deserve it.

  • This is so, so tough and thought-provoking. The hardest part for me to face in here is the shutting off of the computer part. My life is rarely on the line like this girl’s was, and yet, I can’t do the simplest thing in order to spend time with God.

    I guess that’s the problem. That’s why my spiritual life has been a dry well lately. I’m not making any sacrifices for God, even though I totally expect to be cleared from my sins because of His sacrifice for me.

  • Luke

    Man! so many times I make the decision to do something else before Gad and I don’t realize that I’m doing something that isn’t right yet so easy to change and still I go on with my day acting like it never happened. thats mostly what hit me when I read this so thanks for posting it.

  • Victoria Bullock

    It is hard, throughout day to day life, to find the time to read the bible. Usually the majority of people fit in a short prayer time once in awhile, after all you don’t have to have anything with you!!!! But, the bible is one of the main ways God speaks to us, and if we are not reading His word, or rarely, (Rather, completely neglecting it) that level of communication is cut down a lot. God may be trying to show us something in the bible, but we’ve got our face planted in other things weather it be our cel phones, computers, play stations, Wii’s, ipods/mp3 players, or whatever else.
    Thank-you whoever was in charge of posting this, I, as well as by the looks of it many other people, NEEDED to hear this. Here it is three years later and it is still making a difference in lives!!!


  • Oliver

    Wow! Very thought provoking post.

    Peter Beaudro
    “And please don’t suggest that she’s better off in heaven – it’s an easy argument but can only result in the conclusion that everyone’s better off dead.”

    As Christians we believe that she is not dead, but alive in Christ! This life is a temporary vapor, in comparison with eternity! Christ has conquered death. He is Risen!

    Please Pray for me so I can learn not to spit on the Bible in my everyday life.


  • Molly W

    Oliver-I will pray for you. Please, all of you, pray for me.

    I don’t know if I could ever be that brave…I want to be.
    I’m getting off-line, now, and grabbing my Bible.
    Thankyou Alex and Brett, for everything you do for all the kids who visit this site; posting stories like this, answering our questions…I will be praying for you, too.
    God bless!

  • Maria


    I think I’ve heard this story or something close to it before, but no matter how many times you hear it, each story is powerful again and again. She must have had so much faith!!! I’m praying for that kind of faith, and I’ll pray for you, Molly and Oliver.

    I do a daily devotions, but I think my biggest problem is that sometimes I won’t be thinking about the meaning. I’ll appear to be focused, but I’ll really be thinking about homework, or something, and the moment I put my bible down I forget what I just read.

    Please pray that god will teach me how much his word is really worth, that I might not spit on it.

    I’ll pray for you!

  • Katie

    Ouch. I’ve been reading a lot on your site today, and the Lord has really been showing me a lot of areas where I need to be changing. This post really hit close to home. I read my Bible morning and evening, but I spend several times as much time on the computer. I’m going to seek to change that.

    Thank you so so much!

  • richard hockley

    to have that much faith i used to think impossible

  • Jon Truax

    This is an aweseome story!

    The girl communicated her love to the communists by refusing to spit on the Bible. She also took some of the Communist’s power away by refusing to obey them. Furthermore, she taught something to herself about what it truly means to give up all for Christ.

    When enough people stand up to tyranny like she did, the power of the tyrant is broken. This has happened before historically. During one historical incident in Berlin, Germany, durning the Communist rule, the police began torturing and imprisoning people who attended a certain church. The communist police expected less people to go to the church, but as a result, more people came. As a matter of fact, the church was soon filled to the brim and there were thousands of people standing outside because there wasn’t enough room in the church for them. There were so many that the police couldn’t do anything about it, and their power was broken.

  • Elaine

    this story was really though provoking and reading everyone responses helped open my eyes even more. i felt like i could reall relate to what Victoria Bullock said. Victoria said “But, the bible is one of the main ways God speaks to us, and if we are not reading His word, or rarely, (Rather, completely neglecting it) that level of communication is cut down a lot.” i am always asking God to take control of my life and wondering why i don’t feel him pushing me in a certain direction and that is because i struggle to choose the bible over sleep or of reading recreational books. that a sixteen year old girl could choose God over her life makes me feel almost embarassed.
    Cameron said “I’m not making any sacrifices for God, even though I totally expect to be cleared from my sins because of His sacrifice for me.” i completely agree with that. i need to stop doing what doesn’t really matter and choose a relationship with God.

  • Melody

    I found this story very encouraging. After reading a story like that you realize how easy it is to take things for granted. It’s makes me want to have that kind of faith, one that no matter what happens you will always stand for Christ.

  • roarke

    I went on a tripe with my church called move they told us to be dangerous for god even if

    it ment death.

  • Carmen

    This young woman died for a piece of leather, some paper and ink. True? She didn’t believe so. The Communist soldiers called on these Christians to spit on a simple book. That’s not how they saw it. That Book contained God’s Word. It symbolized the Hope of each person in that room, Truth, and Life in eternity with a God who loved them so much that He came to a humble earth to die for them. It represented Jesus Christ. John 1:1 states, “In the beginning was the Word (Jesus Christ), and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”
    It was not a cruel God Whom she gave her life for. She did not fear that God would strike her dead or block her entrance to Heaven because she spit on His Word. She was simply overcome with love for the One Who first loved her. Who gave His life for her. Who suffered an agonizing death for her. Her death was not demanded by cruelty, but by love.
    And yes, she is better off in heaven. This cannot be dismissed as trivial. It was her hope and much as it is ours. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation, but is passed from death unto life.” –John 5:24. So why don’t we all just die? We will. One day in the near future. Why not commit suicide? Because God put us here to tell all who don’t know the truth “God loves you. If you don’t accept the sacrifice of His Son, you will live forever in Hell one day soon. Won’t you accept His gift of eternal life today?” Like this young woman, we are to live and we are to die- for Jesus Christ, the Word of Life.

  • Thomas G.

    Wow. this stuff you guys have on here really touches me. KEEP IT UP!!!

  • Lil Zack

    i couldn’t bring myself to spit on The Bible for my life.

  • ajkiorzykvsyovjdjssm, zaposlitev, JccZYiM.

  • Keiko

    Sometimes the bible feels foreign to me, like when I’m reading scriptures I’m not understanding them fully. But I’m not going to give up. I have actually sneezed on my bible on accident though..

  • Steve Mendoza

    wow! is that deep or what! i long for that kind of faith! not only that, but how blessed was she, that she got to meet her god before she endured even MORE trials!! praise god!

  • Shea

    Just finished reading “Do Hard Things” last week. And boy, was this girl doing a “hard thing!” Your book made me want to go out, and climb mountains for God! But going back to school, I feel restless, noticing even more the darkness that lives in my friends, and how few Christians surround me. I think God’s telling me to be patient, and to get over my incredible shyness slowly, though I feel like there is no time to waste. I only pray God will guide me, for I feel very lost in what he wants me to do, and powerless to do anything. But I will work on the small things for now.
    This girl’s story encourages me all the more.
    Thank you for your efforts in blogging and writting! I felt God speaking to me through you.

  • Joefrey Besas

    “You and I are constantly “spitting” on the Holy Word of God when we aren’t willing to sacrifice our meaningless comforts for some truly meaningful guidance.”
    You are right. Matthew 28 tells us the great commission that is sharing the good news to people who don’t know God yet. In my case, I had the difficulty sharing to people the Love of the Lord coz of fears of being neglected. I feared that they might not listen and just laugh at me. I stayed in my comfort zone, and see that everything is all right.
    But, it resulted to poor growth in the Lord and and even worst events coz of wrong decisions and perceptions.
    Through this article, God reminded me to be strong and courageous, to meditate his Word day and night and to fix my eyes on Him alone.
    To God be the Glory…

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  • Laurel

    WOW. This got me thinking. I want to be able to say I would NOT have spit on the Bible, but put under the pressure, WOULD I? I sure hope not. Great reminder!

  • Jordyn

    this is an amazing story i have heard some like it and i would like to say i would do the same and stand up to them and not go against the word of God…but just like the first two people in the story didn’t whom loved God im sure many others would do the same. i just want to take a moment to pray for those people in those countries who have to make those kind of decisions….<3

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  • Katie

    Wow, that’s an inspiring history. I totally admire that girl’s courage…I just wonder if I have that much.

  • Jov

    I love JC. But… well, Could you tell me more information about this tory? When, Where and How did it happen? Or you just made it up?

  • Damaris Esparza

    Muy buen articulo :)

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