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Published on November 3rd, 2014 | by Alex and Brett Harris

Introducing Counted Worthy: A Novel by Leah Good

Back in August you all helped make Counted Worthy a reality by supporting Leah’s Kickstarter Campaign. Well guess what? The wait is over and Counted Worthy is here!

Leah asked me (Brett) to consider writing an endorsement and I was so impressed I offered to both endorse it and promote it on You may have noticed that Counted Worthy has its own page under “Books” — right alongside Do Hard Things and Start Here. That’s because they go perfectly together. Counted Worthy takes our message and wraps it in a story.

Here’s what I wrote about Counted Worthy:

“Every generation must discover it’s own storyweavers. Leah Good is one of ours and we are fortunate. Counted Worthy is a thrilling work of inspirational fiction that perfectly complements the message of Do Hard Things. Grab a copy for yourself, grab a copy for a friend, and help spread the word about this phenomenal debut. Counted Worthy belongs in the hands of every Christian teen and story lover in the country. It’s that good.” —Brett Harris, Author of Do Hard Things

Now that Counted Worthy is officially released I’m asking you to help make it succeed. To start with, get a copy and read it! If you like it as much as I did, help spread the word, write a review on, rate it on Goodreads, etc. You’ll not only enjoy a great story, you’ll be helping launch Leah’s career.

In the next few weeks we’ll be posting an interview with Leah, hosting a Facebook Party, and more. For now, check out a free sample of the book, head over to the book page to read other reviews, and let me know what you think in the comment section below.


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About the Author

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.

  • YAY!

  • TW Wright

    I’ve been SO excited for this book for what feels like a LONG time!! I am SO happy that it’s November 3rd and it’s finally coming out! 😀 I’ll be getting a copy soon! And I’ve slightly (just slightly) intrigued my cousin so much to where she wants to buy a copy. :) I’ve offered to buy one for her, but she refuses saying she’ll buy her own.
    And that is an awesome review, Brett! 😀
    TW Wright

    • You’re great, TW. Your enthusiasm has been such a blessing through this process. :)

  • Nick

    I have never heard of this book before…but I will try to get a hold of it and see what it is about. Anyone wanna spoil me with a teaser? I’m curious about what’s in it.

    • Hey Nick! There’s a synopsis on the book page here:

      And you can read the first chapter here:

      • Nick

        Thanks!! Will do!

      • Nick

        I’m downloading it to my Kindle right now. So, its like Do Hard Things, and it has the same message, but its wrapped into a story?

        • It’s the story of a teenager doing hard things and standing up for her faith in the face of persecution. It’s not as if it’s just a novel about “doing hard things” — but it really complements the message well.

          • Nick

            ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m already in chapter 7!!!! (33% of it is done)

          • So excited to hear you’re enjoying it, Nick!

          • Nick

            Thanks. Your an awesome author. Have you written any other books I could try?

          • Not yet. I’m working on a sequel to Counted Worthy, though. And I have a contemporary story about a young man who goes on a missions trip and ends up fighting human trafficking on the back burner. So stay tuned!

          • Nick

            That’s awesome!!! So, when did you start writing the first one? And what inspired the story, or did you write it from scratch?

          • I started it December 2012, but at that time I was also in college. I can’t remember what inspired it, but I originally had an idea for the first chapter as a short story. And then it kept going from there.

          • Nick

            I can’t believe it!!! I’m already done!!! I honestly cried for the last 3 chapters. I wish I could talk about it, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone else 😉 Any ideas on what the sequel will have in it?

          • So glad you liked it! If you feel like helping other’s discover it, Amazon reviews are extremely helpful for new books like Counted Worthy! As for the sequel, it’s in the very beginning stages of outlining, but I think it will have something to do with uniting and equipping the Church throughout the country.

          • Nick

            Yes, I already reviewed it from my Kindle. Probably the best novel I’ve ever read. Maybe you could get together some friends and make an entire series!!!!

          • Nick

            Just an idea

          • Thank you!

      • Kitty Paws

        Hey Brett, kinda off subject but how much are you selling Start Here for and how much is Counted Worthy?

  • What’s the pricing?

  • Amanda

    Congratulations Leah!!! SO exciting!! I’m sure you are totally thrilled. I will definitely find a copy and read it, and tell others too! :) Best wishes as your “big hard thing” is released to the public. I’m sure it will have an impact on many people!

    • I am thrilled! And I hope you’ll join me in praying that it does impact many people. :)

      • Amanda

        Absolutely. :)

  • Chris T.

    I can’t wait to get my copy! It looks like a great book!

  • Liam

    I’ll be asking for this for Christmas. 😀

    Glad it’s done! Good job Leah!

  • David Barnes

    Congratulations Leah! I’ll get a copy as soon as I can!

  • I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Can’t wait to get a copy!!!

    • And I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! :)

  • alana

    I want this book for Christmas! I only read the sample chapter and I love how you introduced the action early on, Leah. I’m writing a book too, but it really needs to be revised.

    • Good luck with your book, alana! Revising is the hardest part of the process for me, but it’s so essential. I cut 10,000 words from the original manuscript and re-wrote huge chunks when I revised Counted Worthy. It’s tedious, but the end result is much better for it. Happy writing!

      • Nick

        Did you type it, or write it by hand……

        • Typed. I do some outlining by hand, but the rest is done on my computer.

  • Kathryn

    I just finished this book and it was awesome! I’m about to head over to Amazon and leave a review over there :)

    • Thank you so much for the delightful review, Kathryn! It is much appreciated!

      • Rachel B.

        You wrote an awesome book, Leah! Thanks so much! My whole family is taking turns reading it, and I am thinking of friends to give it to as well! Please write another one!

  • Kate

    Sounds great! Can’t wait to get my own copy!!!

  • Sam

    I read the sample. This book is GREAT!!!

    I do want to mention that I think I found a teeny tiny typo near the bottom of page 7:
    “I continued to smuggle Bible because I couldn’t help myself.”

    I think it’s really cool that you found a way to get Do Hard Things into there. I will have to buy this book when I get a chance, because I totally need to read the rest of it. Outstanding job Leah!

    • Oh dear. That was one of the last typos found before the book went to print. It’s fixed in the paperback and e-book!

      • Sam


      • Sam

        All the more reason to get the real thing, right!?

  • Wow Leah! Awesome book. I love how you took such a hard subject and handled it extraordinarily well. Especially toward the end of the book. I had high expectations and you did not disappoint. (Off the record, in one of your sentences you used the word “gate” when I think you meant to put “gait”. I may be the only one who would notice that though.) =) Keep writing for His glory.

    • So glad you liked it, Abby. Thanks for sharing.
      And sorry about the typo. I and my beta readers tried as hard as we could to catch them all, but it was inevitable that one or two would slip through the cracks. :(

      • No, that’s totally okay. I only noticed one or two. Which is great because I’ve read a lot of books and even some by those big million selling big name authors have more than that. =) Was that your first book?

        • My first published, yes. I’ve written four over the past five years, though.

          • Well you did an amazing job with it. =)

  • Madeleine Grace

    oh my goodness this is the first time i’m hearing about this book and i can not wait to read it it looks so good i can’t wait. way to go Leah Good!!

    • Thanks Madeleine! Hope you enjoy it. :)

      • Madeleine Grace


      • Madeleine Grace

        Your Welcome Leah!

  • Hey everyone! Make sure you join Leah and me tonight on Facebook for a Q&A time and awesome giveaways (copies of Counted Worthy, Do Hard Things, Start Here, Desktop Wallpapers, etc.). You can ask us anything you want about writing or anything else you think we’d know something about. 😉

    Please check it out and RSVP to say you’re “going:”

  • alana

    My mom just surprised me with Counted Worthy! I felt kind of bad, because she was going to give me the book for Christmas, and I ruined my own surprise (which is never really fun). But now I’m still excited and shocked and probably won’t be back on here for a few hours!

  • Jackson A.

    I got my copy and read it! It was awesome!! Great job, Leah! 😀

  • mimeforJESUS

    I just read the first chapter – I’m totally buying this book for myself and a couple of other friends who love to read :) This is great, Leah!

  • KT

    I LOVE this book! It is AMAZING!!!!! Counted Worthy has been added to my favorite book list. Leah you did an awesome job! I hope my books will turn out half as good!

    • They will @disqus_zSphQIOZiH:disqus! Just don’t ever give up on trying to improve.

  • Rachel B.

    I bought it, read it and loved it! Please write another one! They are awesome books with lots of action, love, and passion for Christ! I especially love how in the hard times, Heather always has a verse to encourage herself and others with! It challenges me to memorize more scripture!

    • I’m working on a sequel, Rachel. :) Stay tuned.

      • Rachel B.

        That is great! I can’t wait to get it! Do you have a expected day that it will be available to buy or are you just starting? Thanks again for writing such a great book that has an awesome message!
        Your sister in Christ,


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