rebelling against low expectations

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What’s Wrong with the Prosperity Gospel?


We’ve all heard it. Pastors, preachers, people who call themselves “prophets,” telling us that if we give a certain amount of money, God will bless us double the amount we gave. Or that God wants us to be happy, He wants to put more money in our bank account, He wants to see us prosper in the world. Maybe you’ve read a book by a famous pastor, about how to make your life great, and how to live...

5 Themes From the Psalms


This past year, my two friends and I read through the Psalms. As I read, I noticed many interesting key themes. I learned that the Psalms are very repetitive. The writers are trying to make certain things crystal clear. Today I would like to share five themes I found in the Psalms. Theme #1: God’s Steadfast Love God’s steadfast love is mentioned over 120 times in the Psalms. The phrase “His...

The Psalms: A Book for All Our Days


What book of the Bible do people often suggest you read? In my experience it tends to be one of the gospels, usually the gospel of John. Organizations like the Pocket Testament League print thousands of copies of the book of John to send out to hurting souls every year. But what book of the Bible do people often say is their favorite? Many people in my church have a favorite book of the Bible in...

Write by Faith, Not by Sight: Writing as Practice in Gospel Living


Whenever I sit down at my desk to write, I face a sudden and intense battle. Accusations flock to my mind; I imagine the miserable sentences I may cough up on the page; I watch my readers’ eyes rolling, or worse, scanning through my work only to turn the page or click the next link after a few seconds. My courage withers and falters among these intrusive thoughts. They wring my creativity dry;...

Don’t Waste Your Life


“You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.” Time links the world like nothing else. The world runs on a system of time zones, and our watches and phones constantly remind us of it. The biggest question then is, how will we use our time? Time Affects Everyone There are few things in this world that everyone has access to. But time and the choice of whether to follow God are two...

Battling Discontentment: Three Steps for the Fight


Sometimes I catch myself feeling very dissatisfied: “The stuff I have isn’t good enough.” “The day isn’t going how I want it to go.” “The food I want isn’t in the refrigerator.” Everything revolves around my own wants and my own needs—me, me, me. At least, that’s what my flesh tells me. God, on the flip side, convicts me in my discontentment: He is all I need; I don’t need stuff to satisfy me...

How Do We Fight Sin?


Isn’t it aggravating when you take the time to explain your struggles to a friend, asking for guidance, and all they say is, “You’ve got this!” or, “Don’t worry, pray about it!” You know what I mean. The advice that sounds more like a pre–game pep talk than godly counsel. Sound familiar? I thought so. We’ve all had experiences like these, and we may even be guilty of being the ones to give this...

To the Highschool Grad Without a Plan


If you’re graduating from high school like me, I’m sure you’ve heard the constant question we know and love so well: “What’s your plan?” For many of us, I would bet the answer has been “I DON’T KNOW!!!” (Although, I usually say it much softer and nicer!) If you are searching and praying for answers to the future that awaits you, rest assured, that God has a perfect plan for your life, though you...

God Saves People (We Don’t)


A wave of noise washed over me. I was fresh off the plane to intern with a church planting team in a country on the other side of the world, and I had just walked into a room full of kids. We chatted and drank tea as I eyed pastries I’d never seen before. Slowly the students filtered out, and my teammate and I squished into the tiny kitchen in the back to wash the plates. However, one student...

Honor Your Father and Mother: What Scripture says about Your Relationship with Your Parents


You’ve probably heard the fifth of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:12a, “Honor your father and your mother….” It’s repeated throughout scripture in both the Old and New Testaments—see Deut. 5:16, Leviticus 9:3, Matthew 19:19, and Mark 7:10. Obviously, honoring parents is something God is serious about. Yet, it’s something many people struggle with—young and old. I say this because no matter how...

rebelling against low expectations

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