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Living in Light of Eternity?


“If there be so certain and glorious a rest for the saints, why is there no more industrious seeking after it? One would think, if a man did but once hear of such unspeakable glory to be obtained, and believed what he heard to be true, he should be transported with the vehemency of his desire after it, and should almost forget to eat and drink, and should care for nothing else, and speak of and inquire after nothing else, but how to get this treasure. And yet people who hear of it daily, and profess to believe it as a fundamental article of their faith, do as little mind it, or labor for it, as if they had never heard of any such thing, or did not believe one word they hear.”

Richard Baxter, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest

I first read this quote in Randy Alcorn’s book In Light of Eternity about a year and a half ago. It remains on the short list of quotations that God has used to stop me dead in my tracks and cry out to Him.

We talk a lot about patriotism in America. Where is our patriotism to our true country? What should it look like?

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • That quote is very true. I’m amazed at how I allow, and at times, even invite, the cares of this world to cloud my mind and disrupt my work for God.

    Thanks for posting this quote.

  • We should focus more on the eternal glory of God. Thank you for posting this. We have been put on this earth to be His Stewards and to live lives here on earth that gives glory to Him. There must be a fine balance between neglecting our earthly duties and bodies and focusing too much on earthly things (food and drink, anything else). However, there are few who are in danger of thinking too much on Christ. Everything we do should be done “In light of eternity.”

  • Tha’s a good quote to keep in mind when struggling with the discipline of the Christian walk. I also tend to ask myself “Will this matter for eternity?” How I wish I could say that I “labor for it” every hour of every day.

  • Thanks, Alex, for the inspring quote. How often I get wrapped up in this earthly life without keeping my eyes “on the things above”. I have found Randy Alcorn’s books to be so helpful in regards to my ideas and thoughts on heaven.

  • I read that quote and the first time I just passed over it and didn’t understand it that well…then I really read it. It was a quote that is so true and convicting. I pray that I would learn to seek after the amazing glory of God in such a passionate way. Thanks!

  • I witnessed my son as he prepared to die only a a desire for that “unspeakable glory” of which you write, he lived all his days joyfully, giving thanks for what he had, never complaining , even during his last days wtih us, as a parent I fall to my knees and give thanks to our Lord for giving Santito the vision and to our family a loving testimony of what we need to keep our eyes, hearts and minds on….that “unspeakable glory.

  • Randy Alcorn’s work has been quite a blessing. … I think that one of the best ways to prepare for the life in the world to come is to recruit and help form as many new citizens for that coming Kingdom as possible.

    BTW, anyone who loves Alcorn’s thoughts on Heaven will love C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Great Divorce’-

  • “Where is our patriotism to our true country? What should it look like?”

    If you mean Heaven as our ‘true country,’ I must say that while that is indeed where we belong, it’s only because God is there. I heard once that we ought to serve and love God here on Earth even if there were no such thing as Heaven. So our patriotism should be to God.

    Obviously, our loyalty and devotion to our God should come out in the form of the basics of Christianity — in my church, read, pray, witness, obey, or as you guys say, “Do Hard Things.” Such things as the devotion displayed in your post “The Bible or the Bullet” can only come out of hours of doing the basics. This is time consuming, and a bother, but what better way to serve our Lord than to give Him our time?

rebelling against low expectations

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