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(Mis)Interpreting The Modesty Survey


This is just a quick post to clarify several confusing issues that may have been misunderstood by a small number of our audience:

1.) The statements that compose the survey are not “our” statements or the survey results. They were submitted (as questions) by 215 girls from around the world.

2.) Whether a statement calls something modest, immodest, or “a stumbling block” does not necessarily reflect the view of the girl who submitted the question or the view of and the survey team. It is only designed to elicit an agreement or disagreement on the part of the participants.

Please refrain from judging the modesty survey based on the statements the participants are evaluating, since they give little indication of the actual results of the survey.

3.) The survey results (which are not yet available in any form) are not laws. We expect young people to make intelligent, loving, and responsible choices. To equip them to do so, we’re simply facilitating a discussion. No one controls how the guys respond to the different statements and none of the statements have complete agreement or disagreement.

Participants have complete control to agree or disagree (even strongly) with any statement. They also have the option to remain neutral on any of the questions posed. Finally, they can offer as much explanation and clarification to their answer in a text box below, even after they have submitted their response.


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rebelling against low expectations

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