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How will you keep learning this summer?


R. WRITES: With no school in the summer, sometimes we feel like we can take a break from learning. But that’s not really a biblical idea. The Bible encourages us to keep learning and keep growing, even if we’re not formally at school. So what are you going to do to keep learning this summer? Are there some books you want to read or a new course you want to take? What things will you do?

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  • I am very busy this summer! Actually, I’m homeschooled so I’ll still have to keep up with some studies, Iike Chemistry ): In two weeks I’ll be going to Worldview Academy for the first time! Hopefully I’ll learn a lot there. I’m also volunteering to help teach at summer sailing camp. That will be a lot of fun too, and a new experience for me! I might have an opportunity to take scuba diving lessons in August, which is something I’ve never done before. Last summer I never would have dreamed of doing that, but that’s what ‘Doing Hard Things’ is all about. Right???

  • As far as academics go, learning to type better, developing my drawing by reading “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”, and also reading a lot of great informational books. Right now I am completely in love with the author’s Randy Singer lawyer series! It’s the boom!
    As far as growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, I started a reading a study called Tabletalk by Ligonier( a ministry founded by R.C Sproul), I’ve also been listening to sermons by John MacArthur and Paul Washer.

    So yeah that’s my summer.

  • I’ll probably start algebra early this summer. That’s just about all that I’ll do to keep learning academically, but I’m going to use my summer break to learn in other ways, especially in music. Since my violin teacher plays viola too, I’m going to learn viola this summer! I also plan to read lots of good books and spend time writing.

  • I am home schooled and am gong to be doing summer school this summer so I can get caught up and also so I don’t forget all the stuff I learned 🙂 I am also going try to read every book on the 27 books Christian teens should read! So wish me luck and have a happy summer every one!

      • Well the DAR stands for Daughters of the American Revolution. And every year in the summer I think around July, they have an Essay contest on certaint subjects. Last year it was writing about a colonial family’s reaction to the stamp act. I got first place for my division which was exciting! But! The grand prize if you win nationals is… A trip to the Washington DC to see the White House and a couple other cool things. If you want to you can look it up online. I hope you do enter because it’s just to much fun! I think you’ll enjoy it.

  • Okay, I’m doing summer school, training for Ninja Warrior, planning a trip to catch up with some missionary friends, and going to a discipleship camp. It’ll be a lot of work, but I’m excited!

    • Ninja Warrior sounds awesome! I’d love to do that if I had time in between sports and running, hehe. How often do you train and what do you do?

      • If you get time you should, its amazing. I won’t actually be old enough to compete on the show for a year or two, so I’m just trying to get as strong as I can and have fun with it.

        I climb *everything* (rocks, trees, buildings, ect.) Try not to break my face doing parkour (vaults and boring safety stuff for now), and imitate gymnastics (I’m working on handstands and bars, though I’ll eventually get the guts to try a flip or b-twist) Other days I’ll workout with my brothers and we train “I bet you can’t…” obstacles.

        I train 4-6 days a week if I’m doing easier more-skill-then-strength stuff, and 1-3 days for intense upper body. My workouts can be anywhere from like two minutes to a few hours. It just depends on my soreness, and how much time I have to play.

        How’d you get into running? Sounds fun!

        • Nice! How old do you have to be? Do you train at a gym or just outside? I started running a couple of years ago to improve my endurance for softball; a lot of distance running will diminish your speed and explosiveness, but a few miles a week is okay. I stopped for a while because I had surgery last summer and wasn’t allowed to run; this past winter, right around when I was *finally* released from my surgery, I was diagnosed with severe asthma. So I took another break from running lol. This week I’m seeing a new asthma specialist, and I really hope we can figure out some new medicines that will work. I miss running. 🙂 My goal is to do a bunch of 5k’s this fall with Walk2End Alzheimer’s, because that’s a cause I’m really passionate about. Softball is my first priority, though, so we’ll see! (:

          • Yikes! Praying it works out, that sounds horrible.

            I was thinking I need to start running because my endurance is really bad. I ran the “race for a cure” last fall and basically died.

            I go to a rock climbing gym once a month or so, but I mostly train in my backyard or the neighbors barn.

          • Thanks! Yeah, running definitely works if you can do it consistently, which I obviously can’t lol.

            Nice! I know all these softball players that train at indoor cages every night after school and stuff; I practice in my yard every day and it works great. Plus, it’s free and close. (;

          • I know! Cheap is the most important part, lol.

            I just realized I forgot to answer the age thing, whoops. You have to be 21 for the normal season but they’re casting for a college addition which I’m hoping to get on for the 2nd or 3rd season (assuming they get one).

  • Fun question!! I’ll be continuing to study Spanish on my own as well as take classes in order to prepare for my mission trip to Colombia in July. I love to read historical fiction, but didn’t have time this school year, so I plan to do lots of reading. I’ll be playing lots of softball with my team, training on my own, doing a Psalm study that includes memorization, teaching music at VBS, and I might start my marine biology course early because it looks like so much fun. 🙂

  • I’m working at our local Christian camp, so yeah, that’s about all I’ll be doing. But I will be going down to Missouri in July for a youth conference, so hopefully I’ll learn something there and be challenged!

  • Go through an Economics books, learn new words, do math, science, and some English! YEP!!

    Btw, I REALLY REALLY miss you guys!! Haven’t been on the Reb in FOREVER, or any blog for that matter!! LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOO MUCH!!!

  • is an awesome resource. Right now I’m using it to learn animation and computer programming.

  • I am hopefully going to take lessons in Spanish this summer. I am homeschooled so I am also doing school, such as algebra and geometry. In addition, I will be taking music lessons all through the summer as well.

      • Really? That’s so cool! Have you ever taken any Spanish courses before? I have, but I stopped in order to take Chinese, which is really hard! I really have a heart for learning Spanish, though. 🙂

        • Once I took a little in pre-k, but all they taught was numbers, colors, hello, goodbye, mom, and dad. 🙂 I’m learning Spanish so I can share the Gospel with all my Hispanic neighbors. 🙂 You took Chinese? That’s really cool!!! 😀

          • That is a really cool reason for you to take Spanish! I am taking Spanish because I have always had a heart for Mexico and I hope to be a missionary there someday. Yes, I took Chinese because I went with my mom and dad to China when we adopted my two younger brothers. 🙂

          • Can I jump in here? (: What curriculums are y’all using to learn Spanish? I’m also learning Spanish this summer–I’m taking summer school classes with Homeschool Spanish Academy, and studying verbs and vocabulary words on my own. I’ve been doing Spanish for several years and have always had trouble finding a good curriculum!

          • I have always had trouble with this as well. I am hoping to find an instructor this summer so I can have live, face-to-face Spanish lessons. I haven’t found anyone yet, but I am still searching. 🙂 In the past I have used a program called Mango Languages and several others, but I cannot remember what they are called. 🙂

          • I’m learning German, and Rosetta Stone is really good. The best way to learn is immersion, so I would recommend finding a fluent speaker and trading housework or yard work or something for language practice with them- that’s what I’m planning to do with my neighbor. The other option that’s a lot more expensive is to visit a country that speaks that language and practicing there.

          • I’ve used Pimsluer which is kind of expensive but awesome because it’s all spoken Spanish, and they try to teach you the words you’ll use the most. Plus the have it on Audible. I just started DuoLingo which is a free app that’s been working really well so far. It’s a lot more written Spanish, with voice over for accent/pronunciation. I think they have several other languages too. 😊

          • Cool!!! I’ve always had a heart for Mexico too! My mom took Chinese so she could go on a mission trip China. It was a while back, but a very wild story. While she was in China, half of her team got arrested, and were thrown out of the country! Then she and the other part of the team had to flee or they would have gotten arrested too!

          • That so cool that you have a heart for Mexico as well! I love when I meet kindred spirits! Wow! That is a wild story! Did everyone end up alright in the end?

  • I actually already started my learning by going to Germany and practicing German and seeing a different culture these last two weeks(awesome!!!). I also get to be a page at the Democratic State Caucus in a few weeks, which is INSANELY COOL, even though I don’t agree with any of what they believe on the most basic level… So I’ll get to see how the election system works. I’ve already been a page on the district and regional level…

    Also, I’m going to a PHC camp in July. I’ll serve at my church, work on our farm, practice German, and read extensively. Believe me, learning doesn’t stop just ’cause it’s summer.

  • Oh boy. I’ve learned so much in the first week out of school that my head is spinning. Getting hired to a position you’re not quite qualified for will do that to you

  • Learning doesn’t stop at summer! I am always learning. I take music lessons through out the whole year and I’ll be doing summer school. Also, when I am on a vacation, I learn a lot from observing nature or the new sites around me. 🙂

  • Well, I’m gonna be driving into Colossians with a brand new study Bible. I’ll also be designing websites for two of my teachers. Speaking of that, I better get hopping!

  • First of all, I want to finish reading through the Bible (I just hit the New Testament!) and do some more in-depth studying to get closer to God.
    My school requires an economics/personal finance class to graduate, so I will be doing that online over the summer to get it out of the way. I also hope to improve my piano skills a lot this summer since I haven’t had much time for that during the school year. My to-read list has spiraled out of control, so I plan to dig into lots of great books as well!
    I also (just today, actually) downloaded the Duolingo and Khan Academy apps on my phone and deleted the games I had on there. That way, when I’m tempted to waste time, I’ll be wasting time learning Spanish and watching educational videos!

    -Grace (

  • I will be attending a music camp this summer, as well as another camp where a team is given a problem to solve in two weeks, and I got assigned to an art museum. That should be fun! I signed up for tons of free classes, and so I’ll be randomly learning from those. I hope to read a bunch of books. I might learn the recorder in order to play the penny whistle. And learn new songs on the guitar.

      • Last month I learned “The Wound is Where the Light Gets In” by Jason Gray, and that’s really fun. I want to learn “Not Right Now” by Jason Gray, but I broke a string while trying to get to the right tuning, so I can’t do that right now! “Good, Good Father” is a really good song too!

  • I’m doing a little home school this summer. But on a personal level I am trying to teach my self Hebrew. And I’m also learning how to hand carve. Besides that I’ll be helping around the house and spending time with my younger siblings.

    • I took a semester Hebrew class in middle school. The thing about the languages in the eastern part of the world is that you not only have to learn the language but a whole new alphabet!

      • I know! Isnt it so cool!!!!!!!! I went to Israel back in March and fell in love with the land and the language. I hope to go back some day for a longer period and know a little Hebrew when I go.

  • I am teaching myself guitar, both bass and regular, and I will always keep learning about God. I will also learn more about piano. I will teach myself to not procrastinate, and I will teach myself how to stick to a schedule.

  • I am doing math and history along with poetry memorization for homeschooling over the summer. Other than that I will be reading just about nonstop over the summer, mostly theology and fiction.

  • Honestly you don’t need school to learn! It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to go to a place where you can learn things like math, reading, writing, and history. But Jesus never went to school. Jesus read the Bible and knew it well enough to even correct adults thinking at age 12. The most important way for us to grow is by getting closer to God! The thing we should want to learn most about is Him. So the way that I will keep learning this summer is by praying and reading my Bible to grow as close to God as possible.

    Of course there are still thing that I need to build on, but what is really most important? I should never put God second! So my number one thing is to get closer to God!

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