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Are You Truly Pro-Life?


As a Christian and a young woman, I am an ardent and dedicated pro-lifer.

I’ve seen all kinds of debates regarding ‘women’s rights’ and feminism.

I’ve seen the pro-choice tweets and posts that try to justify abortion.

But on this point I am determined–the rights of the unborn and innocent need to be protected.

Yet, I can’t help but be a little disappointed in how we’re trying to go about bringing the right changes.

We’re filled with exhilaration at the pictures we see at the March for Life. We applaud the people who stand outside of abortion clinics and hold signs, as well as the governors who sign and support heartbeat bills.

But are we trying to bring the right change in the wrong way? Is there an even more hands-on way of helping the unborn? While the efforts are very honorable, I think sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. We get caught up in the emotional high of believing we are saving babies by hitting like on a pro-life article or Facebook post–yet we’re not personally doing anything.

Are You Truly Pro-Life?

Let’s check our motives. Are we truly pro-life?

Too many times, I’ve seen people whisper whenever an unmarried pregnant woman walked by, or a pregnant teenager.

Too many times I’ve seen teenage mothers be rejected and refused help after their baby was born.

Too many times have I heard people say “adoption takes a special calling” even though they encourage everyone to have lots and lots of kids.

Too many times have I heard individuals say a family was fostering for the money.

And it truly disgusts me.

Some will stand at Washington D.C.’s door step and hold signs and riot for abortion to end, but won’t reach out to help those across the street.

We will hit ‘like’ on a “like if you are pro-life!” post, but we won’t raise a finger to message someone to check on their wellbeing when we know the individual is going through a hard time.

It’s almost as if we protect the unborn, but then say “you’re on your own” to the single mother, the helpless teenager, or the struggling father who lost his job and can hardly support his family. This needs to change.

Support our Mothers

We need to support our pregnant mothers any way we can.

So many times, we antagonize the women that consider abortion. Do we stop for a moment to realize that many women have abortions because they couldn’t afford a baby? They turn to Planned Parenthood–but all they have to offer are two options. Either adoption or abortion. In adoption, who knows how long a child can stay in foster care–‘why would you subject a child to that?’ some mothers reason. To them, abortion is a mercy, sparing the child from our cruel world.

If pregnant women, on the fence between life and death for the future of their baby, feel and know explicitly that they and their child are supported, it will be more likely that they will keep their baby.

Get Involved

I realize there are numerous Christian individuals and churches and organizations that actually try to actively help others. I am personally so very grateful for them.

But here is my point: don’t rely on large groups or other people in your church to do the work for you. Do your own part. You may be young, or you may be an older adult with a busy schedule, but you can always, always find ways to help others.

Donate to pro-life charities. Volunteer at pro-life pregnancy crisis centers. If there is someone in your life who is struggling, encourage them any way you can. Reach out in love to everyone God places in your path. Volunteer at Homeless shelters, or donate money or canned goods.

Do hard things

It may not be easy, it may be stepping out of your comfort zone, but society needs your help.

Jesus didn’t compel us to sit in church idly. He told us this in Matthew 5:13–“You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.”

In other words: Be salty.

Be light and love to those around you, or else you will be (figuratively, of course) thrown out to be trampled by people’s feet.

Being a true pro-lifer means keeping everyone you can alive, mentally, spiritually, and physically–and reaching out with Christ’s love is a wonderful way to start.


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Madison Martin

Madison Martin is a seventeen year old Georgia girl who was raised (along with her three older brothers) in church all of her life, and was saved at the age of seven.
Now, she sings soprano with her brother and mother for church, pastored by her very own father. She is also an aunt of two nieces and two nephews, a fiction and poem writer, a lover of history, music and poems, an INFP according to MBTI, a Labrador retriever dog breeder, and a Sunday School teacher’s assistant.
Feel free to contact her at [email protected]!

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