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Four Reasons Why We Love The Chosen


Have you heard of the Christian show The Chosen? It’s a Biblically based series centered around the people who are chosen by Jesus (Peter, James, John, Matthew, Mary, etc). There’s a lot that could be said about the series, but today I want to focus on four reasons why we love The Chosen…and maybe why you should make The Chosen your next binge watch!

1. To Support Good Christian Art

Christian films can be a tricky topic to talk about. Many people praise their merits and ignore the fact that they fall flat in the writing, filmmaking, and acting departments. They focus most on the message and as long as that’s solid, they give the film a pass.

If you spend much time around me, you’ll find out how critical I am about films and television. I look for good storytelling, solid acting and directing, and great production values. I have rarely found that within Christian media.

That’s why The Chosen is such a surprise for myself. This show contains good acting, solid writing, and better production values than most other Christian media. It’s important to support good projects like this when they come around to encourage others to strive for excellence in their own projects.

2. It Helps the Bible Come to Life

Have you ever found while reading the Bible that it’s hard to connect to the stories on the page? Has it ever felt boring at times? While no TV show, book, or movie can ever come close to replacing Scripture, sometimes viewing the stories in a different format that includes the cultural context and other details can help fill out our imaginations and expand the world around what we’re reading on the page. Just like how other film adaptations of books can help us visualize their stories, watching the Bible come to life (if it’s accurate and well-done) can help us see it.

3. It Breaks Down the Idealistic

The largest benefit that I’ve personally experienced from watching The Chosen is how it has broken down the idealistic image I had of the Bible. Let me explain what I mean.

Many times reading the Bible for my personal study, in church, or growing up in Sunday school, there had been this “stained-glass” or idealistic portrayal of the Scriptures; all the landscapes were picturesque and the people in those stories were well-kept and articulate, all the disciples were friends and got along. Stuff like that.

In The Chosen we’re given a more real and gritty picture of the Bible. The landscape is dirty and dusty. The people don’t always get along, they fight and argue, and at times don’t even trust one another. Jesus cracks jokes and experiences human feelings like growing tired and sore.

From all this, my experience has made the Bible more real to me. It’s not a book of fictional stories where nobody experienced normal emotions. It’s a book of true historical events where life was imperfect and hard and sometimes even dangerous, but where we encounter the power of God in the midst of it all.

4. It Encourages You to Read the Bible

One more benefit that comes from watching the series is it can give you additional motivation to read the Bible. Having watched the series, I now have more vibrant pictures in my own head when I read the stories captured in the Bible. It makes me ask more questions about the people recorded in those stories and wonder how they felt and saw the miracles Jesus did and how they responded to His teaching.

This can be a great way to dive deeper in your study of God’s Word. Watching The Chosen is not the same as reading Scripture (don’t watch it for your devotions!), but it can expand our perspective when we go to study God’s Word, helping us understand that the stories we read really happened to real people…and that the real God of the Bible is the main character in the storyline of Scripture–and of our own lives.

Have you watched The Chosen yet? How has it changed the way to study the Bible?

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