rebelling against low expectations

AuthorMcKennaugh Kelley

age 19, recently launched APPOINT, an organization for teens who want to get involved in saving unborn children. When she’s not holding signs, running booths, or standing in front of abortion clinics, you can find her hiking in the Pennsylvania mountains, on an Amtrak, in a big car with lots of miles on it and a gas peddle that mostly stays near the floor, eating whole containers of ice cream while jumping off the ledges of Rock Run, holed up in a corner writing, or trying to get back to that old blown-up mountain called St. Helens and its close friend Mt. Hood.

APPOINT: Join the Fight Against Abortion


“Do you want a heavier coat?” the lady asked me. Maybe she had seen me trembling as the cold, late-fall wind snaked over us. But as I glanced down at my white hands that were shaking as they grasped at each other, I knew that the chilly day had nothing to do with it …. I had just witnessed murder. I had watched a dozen children brought to their deaths and the cold terror filled me. I stood...

Help Miroslav Get Adopted


To teens who want to make a difference, I have an opportunity for you. Perhaps you are here because you want to “do hard things.” What I’m about to ask of you is not really hard, but it could save a life. It won’t cost you any money. It probably won’t even cost you more than five minutes of your time. Yet, because of your willingness to make a difference, you could bring love and life to a little...

Help Viktor and Yuri Get Adopted


It’s midnight in America. As we lay sleeping, the sun is dusting a half-curtained window far away. If you looked through that window you would see a line of cribs. Little heads are slowing raising. In the midst of these children are two tiny boys. One named Yuri and one named Viktor. Yuri crawls to the edge of his crib and pulls himself up to watch the rays of sun tumble to the floor. Viktor...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →