rebelling against low expectations

AuthorOlivia Morgan White

Olivia Morgan White is a high school junior and a college freshman. In addition to writing regularly for The Rebelution, she dabbles in various genres, especially realistic fiction. You can find more of her writing at

3 Resolutions I Made After Watching The Greatest Showman


Today, I saw The Greatest Showman. For weeks, I’ve been bombarded by the barrage of trailers and posts about it. Then I stumbled upon the soundtrack. Suddenly I found myself swept away into its world. I didn’t even know the story, but the music was so powerful and I just had to see it.After a few days, I realized I had a problem. My interest had turned to obsession as the music played in my head...

How To Pursue Joy After the Holidays


Trees are tossed out on the curb. Stockings are taken down from the mantel. Red and green decorations disappear one by one until all that is left is the brown grass and bare branches stretching out to a gray horizon. Christmas has come and gone, and with it, the joy of many dissipates into the cool winter air. As Christians, we’re not supposed to let that happen. We’re supposed to have joy all...

Breaking Free From the Chains of Self-Love


Just love yourself. The empty anthem rings across my generation promising peace, fulfillment, and joy. Culture embraces it, as many of my fellow Christians do. But I wouldn’t touch it with my pinky finger while wearing a hazmat suit. Why? If we do a couple inches of digging, we’ll find that this self-glorifying, self-focused philosophy doesn’t have Biblical roots. In fact, I believe the message...

You Are Never Alone


  There I sat in a cramped hotel room with my family, sobbing uncontrollably for what felt like an hour. The flood of emotion came tumbling down on me unannounced. I was humiliated, having hardly ever cried in front of anyone before. But considering the circumstances, I should have been more prepared. Earlier that afternoon, we arrived after a seven-hour trip through mountains and cornfields...

5 Ways I Am a Subtle Sinner


I am a subtle sinner. I’ve never murdered or committed a crime of any type, never participated in sexual sin, never made a habit of lying, or cheating, or stealing. I won the prizes in Sunday school, didn’t talk back to my parents, and tried to get along with my siblings. Like so many who were raised in a Christian home, I’ve lived my life as a typical example of the “good Christian kid”. Now, as...

What If I Don’t Amount to Anything?


I have a fear. Maybe you have the same one. Perhaps it’s caused by pride or the pressure put on us to be the best we can be. Regardless, it follows us around wherever we go, whatever we’re doing. You would think it would push us forward, but like a wasp paralyzes its tarantula prey before dragging it underneath the sand, this fear paralyzes us and drags us down into depression, discouragement...

The Cure for Insecurity


Insecurity: uncertainty or anxiety about oneself; lack of confidence. I hate that word. I hate the meaning of the word. I hate the reality surrounding it. Why would a Christian struggle with insecurity? Why would a Christian worry about what people think of them? Why would a Christian lack confidence? If I didn’t know better, I’d say those Christians are sorry excuses for Christians, that they...

7 Tips for the Unproductive Rebelutionary


As Christians, we are called to reflect the character of God. In John 5:17 Jesus says, “My Father is working until now, and I am working.” Thus, we see that productivity is an aspect of God’s character. In addition to all the commands we receive in the Bible and the exhortations to use our time well, the fact that our God is a productive, working God should motivate us to be productive and to...

Glorifying God in Our Rest


For the past few years, I haven’t read fiction unless it was required for school. Ephesians 5 tells us to make the most of our time. From my perspective, this meant anything that I did needed to produce something for the Kingdom or grow me spiritually or else, it was pointless, or perhaps even sinful. Though I never verbally acknowledged this belief, it crept into my life. If I was to be a useful...

We Are Not Okay


We all have a problem. We may try to cover it up with our smiles, cliches, and empty philosophy. But if you search hard enough, you will see that behind our smiles lie people desperate to the point of basing their worth on how many “likes” they receive on social media. Behind our smiles lie hopeless souls wondering whether there is any point in this life. Beneath the facade of confidence lies a...

rebelling against low expectations

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