rebelling against low expectations

AuthorSara Barratt

is an 20-year-old speaker and author. Her first book, Love Riot: A Teenage Call To Live With Relentless Abandon For Christ released from Baker Books in May 2020. Along with her work on The Rebelution, she also contributes to websites like The Gospel Coalition and Girl Defined. Connect with her on her website

3 Ways to Combat the Sin of Familiarity


I’ve always known about Jesus. From the time I was old enough to understand, I learned about creation, the cross, the resurrection, and the power and love of God. My parents lovingly took me to church, and Sunday school as a baby, toddler, and curly haired five-year-old. I recognized sin, and knew it was part of my life. I remember praying a prayer in my bed one morning, a little girl who wanted...

Don’t Waste the Suffering


Sometimes brokenness, tragedy, and suffering are just words. Empty and meaningless. Other times, they have a face and name—a heart and life behind them. On February 15th, as I drove to work, each word took on form as I heard on the radio about the horrific school shooting in Florida. Yet again, devastation and heartbreak personified. Tragedy upon tragedy heaped themselves in my mind. The...

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5 Reasons I’m Thankful I’m Still Single


2017 was supposed to be the year. Long ago, when my current age seemed fathomless years away and positively ancient, I determined 2017 would be the perfect time to meet my future husband. I had it all planned. We’d meet early in the year, fall madly in love, and end the year beautifully with a proposal on my birthday at the end of December. Which would obviously give me the perfect amount of time...

God is Stronger than Our Brokenness


Can I be completely honest with you? I don’t have this thing called being a Christian all figured out. I struggle. I sin. I rebel. Yet somehow I’m still loved. I’ve felt captivated by the very presence of God, so close as if I could touch Him, and I’ve also cried as I asked, “God, where are You?” I’ve run—both toward Him and from Him, and ask myself again, “why do I do the things I hate to do?”...

Defeat Satan by the Power of God’s Word


Dear teenager, this is war. Can you feel it, sense it? It’s a battle unseen. A struggle not fought with weapons of metal and fire. It’s a war not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, the rulers and forces of darkness. And you, teenager, are right in the middle of it. All around me, I see the evidence—individuals in battle, warring with themselves, their identity, their...

God Wants More of You


Surrender. It’s a beautiful thing. Beautiful, yet difficult. Like every Christian, I battle with this. Flesh warring against Spirit. I’ve sensed my human, sinful instinct to rebel rise up within me. I’ve felt the aching, grasping need to control, along with frustration when I realize I can’t. But above all that, I’ve felt peace, joy, and inexplicable beauty in letting go. The freedom of...

Students, You Can Change Your Nation


“As goes the will of the students, so goes the will of the nation.” On February 6th, 1943, the students of Amsterdam were forced to make a life-altering decision: sign a declaration of loyalty to the Nazi regime, or be subjected to forced labor for the glory and advancement of the Third Reich. Hans Poley—teenager, student, Rebelutionary—was one of the few to stand strong. He refused to sign...

You Don’t Know People’s Stories (So Stop Judging Them)


Over the past few weeks, God has been teaching me a particular lesson. I can’t seem to escape it – I hear it on the radio, my pastor talked about it on Sunday, it’s in the books I’ve been reading, and it’s a continual resounding chorus inside my heart. “Don’t judge others. Show God’s love to all you meet, because you don’t know their story.” With this, came the realization of how often I do...

Satan Wants You to Be Distracted


Every day, I’m in a battle. My enemy? The world. The prize? My time. My attention. My loyalties. And most valuable of all, my heart. My foe is cunning and crafty with many tried and true weapons at his disposal. His favorites— stress, conflict, busyness, social media, peer pressure. Each of these he knows well and wields skillfully. He also knows he doesn’t need to attack with all of them at once...

Three Reasons to Choose Forgiveness Instead of Bitterness


She’s just so perfect. The thought ran through my mind as I scrolled through my friend’s Facebook page. She’s so pretty. So smart. So godly and wise. On her way to such a great career. Can’t she ever just seem normal? But, in spite of all that perfection, this friend hurt me. She initiated our relationship, but then didn’t contact me for months, and wouldn’t respond to my efforts to reach out...

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rebelling against low expectations

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