rebelling against low expectations


14 Quotes to Inspire You to Do Hard Things Today


Editor’s Note: Throughout the years, TheReb has published thousands of articles, each challenging and encouraging Rebelutionaries to do hard things and seek God. But among these posts, some have especially resonated with you, our readers. So over the next few weeks and months, we’re bringing back these classics, reposting our most popular and well-read articles every Thursday. May they encourage...

A Homeschooler’s Tribute to VeggieTales


Editor’s Note: Here at TheReb we’re all about encouraging young people to do hard things and take their faith seriously. But sometimes, its good to have a little fun. One of our editors recently shared how we shouldn’t be ashamed of being sheltered, and one thing many ‘sheltered’ homeschoolers have in common is their love for the show, VeggieTales, an animated series...

Teenager, It’s Time to Wake Up and Join the Battle


If my generation woke up, we’d realize we’re being treated like babies. The world is coddling us with low expectations, stroking our flesh and rocking us into lethargy. We’re being spoon-fed the tasty lies that we don’t need to act. We don’t need to try. We don’t need to slap ourselves awake. God is saying something different. Jesus is demanding us to wake up (Matt. 24:42), sober up (1 Thess...

There Are No Detours: 3 Lessons from My Unexpected Gap Year


I never planned on taking a gap year. I never dreamed of deviating from the four-years-of-college-right-after-high-school path. I’m the kind of person who enjoys school and accomplishing things, one of those type-A high achievers. That’s why, when I was forced to take a gap year due to health issues, I felt devastated. I went from several AP classes to a low-skill, very part time job...

6 Things Every Teen Needs to Be When They Grow Up


“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That’s one of many important questions that you’re supposed to find the answers to during your teen years. At 21, I still haven’t figured out the vocational answer that people are looking for. Many of us teens and young adults have no idea what we’re going to do tomorrow, let alone for the rest of our lives. But as young people whose identities are...

5 Ways To Pursue Excellence and Not Settle


“Do you ever settle?” I asked myself the question and sighed. I know I do. All the time. Why do I always settle for less than my best? Why do I always do the easy thing? Unfortunately, I like to make excuses for doing less than my best. Or maybe I do what’s required of me, but I don’t put forth full effort. “Oh well, I can do it later,” or “Let me hurry up and get it over with,” are some of my...

4 Ways To Thrive As a Young Adult Living At Home


Did you know that being counter-cultural doesn’t stop when you exit your teen years and enter young adulthood? Oh no!  Going against the grain of culture and the world’s expectations is a lifelong endeavor. As Christians, God calls us to be different, to stand out and stand up for what’s right– to be counter-cultural.  So just because you’re no longer a teen doesn’t mean that doing hard...

Coming Home From Your Narnias


Narnia seems like such a fun place. It’s a place I always wished was real so I could visit it. Who wouldn’t love talking beavers, centaurs, a sassy rodent who is an expert swordsman, and a touch of magic everywhere you looked? But in all of this, there is one thing that interests me even more; How time works in Narnia. Sure there are some weird things in the world of science. Light has momentum...

3 Life Lessons From a Grown-Up Rebelutionary


I was in my early teens when my father handed me a page from WORLD Magazine about The Rebelution. My sister and I jumped on board, eager to make good use of our teen years. Eight years later, as I live in Japan with my husband and one-year-old, I’m thankful for how doing hard things as an adolescent prepared me for being faithful with what God has for me as an adult. 1. The hardest things are the...

rebelling against low expectations

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