rebelling against low expectations


“Helping Teens Do Hard Things–How I Saved $20K by Age 20


I saved over $20,000 in 4 years. I was working full-time doing lawn care, while also playing football and finishing up my homeschooling. I was born into a family of eleven kids, and money was not always easy to come by. My siblings and I often had to work from a young age to help support our family, and when I was sixteen, I began working full-time when my dad became disabled. When I started...

Winning the Culture War (Or Not)


You’ve probably noticed that most Christians have a reputation for doing things at a less-than-great level of quality. Their intentions are good, but the execution is lacking. It could be a film with a good message, but a lousy script (and worse acting), or a website with good content, but poor layout and graphic design. Whatever it is, the quality is often embarrassing at best, disastrous...

Good Intentions Are Not Enough


Picture in your minds a four-year-old boy. Curious, slightly mischievous, and with his limited four-year-old abilities, easily impressed by the strength and talent of adults. So when a repair man comes to fix his family’s furnace, the four-year-old is standing right outside the furnace closet, watching and admiring. While he is watching and admiring he notices something he has never noticed...

The Importance of Competence


One of the clear themes of the Rebelution from the beginning has been what we call the Three Pillars of Character, Competence, and Collaboration. All three are necessary for the Rebelution movement — and any rebelutionary endeavor — to be successful in impacting the world for the glory of God. Looking back, however, Brett and I have realized that while we’ve talked a lot about the pillars...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →