rebelling against low expectations


Why I Wanted My Parents Involved in My Relationship (And I Don’t Regret It)


“You’ll talk to my dad now?” I asked JP, heart pounding, palms sweaty against my sides. “You’re ready?” “Yeah, I’ve been preparing myself for this,” he said softly. A small smile played on his lips, as if he were mustering all his confidence. He had another mountain to climb, another step to claim this relationship as ours. “I knew I’d have to do this sooner or later.” For a split second, the...

Six Do’s and Don’ts For Guy/Girl Relationships


“Guess who contacted me…again?” My friend showed me her phone screen. I peered at the message. “Oh no. Not again. Really?” For over a year, a young man my friend knew had been randomly Facebook messaging her. At first she thought he might be interested in her, but after sporadic, odd messages with no seeming purpose to them, she was beginning to think he was just weird. Or really, really lonely...

What My Singleness Says About Jesus


“She’s been single for eighteen years,” My coworker said with awe in his voice to the girl folding clothes beside him. I braced myself. I had been waved over from my post in the fitting room to join a conversation two of my coworkers were having about dating. Usually, I could handle the frequent comments about my lack of experience with love in good humor. Tonight was just not one of those nights...

Use Your Singleness To Glorify God


I’m seventeen. I’ve never been married. Never even courted or dated or any other such marriage-centered things. But today I want to write to you about marriage. A lot of us have grown up in the church with loving parents and youth pastors who have given us many valuable resources and talks about relationships and marriage. How to do them well, what to avoid, where the line is that you absolutely...

Am I Complete if I’m Single?


“Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make a helper fit for him.'” (Genesis 2:18) This verse used to stump me. It was something that caused me to prop my chin on my hand and say “huh!” If God knew man shouldn’t be alone, then why are there so many single people in the world today? As I sat back and thought about these...

5 Truths for Broken Hearts Starting New Relationships


If you are anything like me, you had a goal for your future relationship and marriage from a young age. You were going to do it right—you were going to save your first kiss for your wedding day, involve your parents and friends in the relationship, choose the right person on the first try, and live happily ever after. You probably watched friends and family members fall into relational and sexual...

4 Reasons to Stop Talking About “Cute” Guys or Girls


“So, who do you think is the cutest Disney prince?” Uh oh. I glance up at the other two girls sharing the table and nudge quinoa around my plate, stalling for time. Questions like this freak me right out. I could say that Cinderella Man is okay, except his features are too delicate, or that Prince Adam has nice eyes, but he could stand a haircut. However, something seems off about this whole...

Why I’m Pursuing Friendship in High School, Not Dating


Friendship is a powerful thing that we too often take for granted. I know from experience that friends can be a huge influence in your life for good or for bad. They can spur you on for Christ or drag you down to sin. They can offer you encouragement or end up betraying you. They can bring you excitement or bring you devastation. Friends are important – and we need to choose them wisely. But one...

6 Lessons From My Father on How to Pick a Spouse


My dad is going to help me pick out a husband. He’s not the shotgun-toting type, and we don’t believe in arranged marriages. I’m not from another culture or planet and I’m not a crazed fanatic. Yet my dad is helping me choose my husband. In fact, he’s already done that. No, I’m not getting married yet. I’m not even eighteen. But over my childhood and teen...

rebelling against low expectations

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