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Want to read Do Hard Things as a book group, youth group, or school? Then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these three exclusive offers, available only on

  • 10 BOOKS, $9.50 EACH: Order one or more cases of 10 books and receive a 37% discount off the retail price, plus FREE Priority® Mail Shipping to anywhere in the United States.
  • 24 BOOKS, $8.00 EACH: Order one or more cases of 24 books and receive a 47% discount off the retail price, plus FREE Standard Shipping to anywhere in the United States
  • PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN POLICY: If these heavily discounted prices are still too much for your group, contact us at book [at] therebelution [dot] com and we’ll find a price-point you can afford.

Our prices are the best you’ll find anywhere — and you can’t beat free shipping. If you find a better deal elsewhere (books + shipping), let us know and we’ll lower our prices to beat it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Books purchased at these special discounted rates may not be resold for a profit. You may be reimbursed by those receiving the books, but never for more than what we charged you per book.

NEED LARGER QUANTITIES? If you need to order a larger quantity than available above, please contact me directly: [email protected] — and I will send you a custom invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do your prices compare to other vendors?
  2. How does your Pay-What-You-Can policy work?
  3. What if I want more than 24 books?
  4. What if I want less than 10 books?
  5. What edition of Do Hard Things will I receive?
  6. Is there a study guide we can use?
  7. I found a better price, will you match it?
  8. How soon will my order arrive?
  9. Can you ship internationally?

How do your prices compare to other vendors?

Our exclusive offers save you between 37-47% off the full retail price ($14.99 Paperback) and are the guaranteed lowest prices online or off. These are the best deals anywhere. If you find a lower price than ours (books + shipping), let us know and we’ll lower our price to beat it.

How does your Pay-What-You-Can policy work?

Our goal is to get the life-changing message of Do Hard Things into as many hands as possible. And we don’t want financial limitations to stand in the way of your youth group, book group, or school going through this material.

With that in mind, our Pay-What-You-Can policy is just what it sounds like. Rather than asking you to pay any pre-determined amount, we only ask you to pay what you can afford — all the way down to our base cost of books and shipping expenses.

Just contact us at brett [at] therebelution [dot] com and we’ll work out the details.

What if I want more than 24 books?

You may order any multiple of 10, any multiple of 24, or any combination of the two.

What if I want less than 10 books?

At this time 10 books is the minimum number we can ship. If you only need between 1-9 books, we’d recommend purchasing your books from They have consistently offered the lowest price for individual copies of Do Hard Things of any vendor.

What edition of Do Hard Things will I receive?

You will receive the latest (paperback) edition of our book (April 2016) — which includes a built-in study guide with discussion questions for group use and a new Afterword.

Is there a study guide we can use?

Yes! In fact, each book includes a built-in study guide with discussions questions for group use, as well as information about free video resources we created with Open.Church.

I found a better price, will you match it?

Of course! Just shoot an email to brett [at] therebelution [dot] com with a link to the lower price and we’ll update our prices to beat it… Not that we expect this to ever happen.

How soon will my books arrive?

Cases of 10 books will typically ship within 1-2 business days from when you place your order and will arrive between 2-3 business days after being accepted by the United States Postal Service.

Cases of 24 books will typically ship between 2-3 business days from when you place your order and will arrive between 5-10 days from when they are accepted by the carrier.

Expedited shipping is available for cases of 24 books — and we offer insanely affordable shipping rates for UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Next Day Air. Shipping options will appear during the checkout process.

Can you ship internationally?

At this time we cannot ship books outside the United States. However, we encourage you to contact Christian bookstores in your country and request Do Hard Things (if it is not already available) or ask if they will place a case order for you.

Have another question?
Email: brett [at] therebelution [dot] com

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    • Hello Blackquilled, we haven’t made a final decision about that. Where are you located and if you did order books, how many would you want? I will try to crunch some numbers and let you know what I think.

      • Hi, sorry I didn’t notice this reply til recently. I was able to find a supplier that had 21 more copies of Do Hard Things and Start Here. Many thanks!

  • Hi Brett, a few weeks ago I asked if it would be possible to send me a copy of the modesty survey. The thesis for my book, which is written for Christian women, is that the best way to decide what is modest is tho see how our attire affects other members of the body of Christ. Your survey is the only survey I know of that addresses this. Would you prayfully consider sending me a copy of the survey? I would like tho refer to it briefly in my book. [email protected]

    Thanks for your consideration.

    For Him, Dianne

  • I am a Chaplain at a juvenile detention facility with Denver Youth for Christ. I would love to get the youth this book but the facilities require soft cover. Do you offer this in soft cover?

    • Hello Claire, we would love to help you. The US version of Do Hard Things is only hardcover so far, but the Canadian version is paperback. Let me contact our publisher and see if we can get any of the Canadian version for you.

      • Here’s the update: I spoke with Random House this morning and it appears that the softcover version was discontinued in May 2014 — which means that there isn’t a paperback version of Do Hard Things in existence at this time. =(

  • we are starting a Do Hard Things discussion group in our area and wanted to see if you have any tips or input on making it as effective as possible.

    • Absolutely, Noah! Can you tell me a bit more about the group. How many are participating? What is the age-range? Are parents involved? Who is leading it? Is it associated with a particular church or school? Thanks!

      • I am part of a home church fellowship of about 6 families. We saw your book and vision as a great way for the “youth” in our fellowship to stretch their faith and view of whats possible in light of our salvation. We purpose to include ages 13 and up. Our immediate group will be about 15 youth +/-. Parents are encouraged to be involved as well as younger children that have an interest and would like to take part with parental oversight. We will be meeting at a local coffee house that has agreed to open for our event. We are thinking about meeting twice a month and reviewing/discuss 2 chptrs each meeting. We also want to use this venue as a way to connect with other young Christ-Followers in our area that have a desire to stretch beyond their daily routines. Myself along with other parents will moderate/oversee and will be using the study guide as a template for discussion.

        • Hey Noah, so sorry for not responding sooner!

          Your group study sounds great. Here are a few tips that have proved helpful over the years:

          1) Including parents is amazing. Make sure parents know that it will be very difficult for their kids to truly implement these new ideas if they are enforcing low expectations at home.

          2) At the same time, make sure that parents understand that they can sabotage the transformation if they pick up the phrase “do hard things” and use it like a stick to beat their kids over the head. Let the young people own the challenge for themselves and encourage the parents to facilitate, not take over.

          3) Encourage young people to make small but meaningful changes in response to what they read. Baby steps can take you a long way. Application really matters.

          4) Consider having the entire study culminate with some kind of project that the young people lead themselves. Make sure it is something they can really buy into themselves (if you let them come up with the idea, that will help).

          I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or want me to elaborate on anything I’ve already shared.

          • Brett,
            I have an older version of Do Hard THings, it doesn’t appear to have a “built-in” study guide. I saw a pdf version online. are they the same?

  • Just placed an order for one case of “Do Hard Things” for my wife and her middle school girls small group she is leading at our church. When should we expect delivery under the promoted “free priority shipping” advertised on the website? They are excited about reading this together and my wife has used before with a different group and it went well too. Thanks for your ministry.

  • I just placed an order for a Christian school last Thursday but need the books by this coming Wed. (June 3) before school is out. I am willing to pay next day or second day but cannot find a phone number or way to contact your shipping team. Can someone help?

    • Hey Scott! If you or anyone else needs expedited shipping you should either 1) include a note with your order on PayPal specifying your deadline and willingness to pay for expedite shipping, or 2) shoot me an email as soon as you place your order to [email protected] with the same information.

    • Hello Giang! Yes, Do Hard Things has been translated into a dozen languages: Bahasa (Indonesian), Romanian, Spanish, Slovak, Chinese (Simplified Characters), Chinese (Complex Characters), Dutch, French, Czech, Korean, and German. And there is an English reprint in the Philippines.

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