Stand Strong This School Year

Learn how to recongize worldviews, combat secular thinking, and impact culture with the gospel

The school year can be a war zone. 


With the majority of schools and colleges caving to culture's idealogy of Critical Theory, gender fluidity, LGBTQ+ issues, and evolutionary, anti-God ideas, stepping into a school means stepping on the battlefield. Even homeschool or private school students often experience more pressure throughout the school year through additonal peer influence or greater exposure to worldview ideas. Which leads many to ask: How can I stand strong?


How can I recognize varying worldviews and contrast them with a biblical worldview


How can I combat post-truth thinking?


How can I engage in hard conversations and know how to effectively communicate truth?


And most importantly, how can I impact culture with the gospel?


That's what this three week webinar training is about.


Whether you're homeschooled or go to a public or private school or embarking on your first year of college, the school season often provides new interactions and new information you need to filter through a biblical worldview.


Too many teens waste opportunities to impact their school for Christ.


Too many young adults are blindsided by secular ideas in the classroom.


We want you to be able to go into this school year equipped, confident, and strong for Christ.

Don't waste this school year

Free three week webinar training

August 19, August 26, September 2 at 7pm ET

Sara Barratt, editor-in-Chief of theRebelution and author of Stand Up, Stand Strong: A Call to Bold Faith in a Confused Culture will be teaching:


-What a worldview is.

-How to recognize worldview ideas and compare them against Scripture.

-How various worldviews differ.

-How to know truth in a post-truth age.

-How post-truth thinking impacts every area of today's culture.

-How to navigate hard conversations on controversial issues.

-Key phrases to use in conversations. 

-How to impact culture with the gospel.

...and so much more.


Sara has trained hundreds of students through writing, speaking, and online events. Her book Stand Up, Stand Strong, published by Baker Books in partnership with Summit Ministries, dives deep into culture and worldview and was endorsed by Randy Alcorn, John Stonestreet, Jeff Myers, Sean McDowell, and others.


Don't succumb to the pressure of culture. Enter this school year equipped with truth and ready to stand strong


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