rebelling against low expectations

AuthorMatthew Starkey

Matthew Starkey was born in a dirty, ramshackle town in Northern California. A Christian homeschooler for the duration of his education, he is passionate about the art of story and any form of writing, whether fiction or nonfiction. Moreover, he aspires to be “a light that illuminates the lives of others” in all that he says and does. His further obsessions are ancient, archaic words that nobody uses anymore, books (primarily Tolkien), baseball, and any junk food that would give most “green-only” persons a heart attack.

3 Reasons Romantic Relationships Fall Apart (And the One Thing That’s Missing)


I think it’s safe to say that often, romantic relationships don’t start out strong. Especially among teenagers. Several years back, I had a teammate on my senior league baseball team, who must have been about fifteen years old. This guy—who had a girlfriend—became the focal point for a great deal of needling and teasing because he and his girlfriend would literally break up and get...

Even in the Midst of the Fire, You Can Rejoice


You don’t have to go to war to acquire battle-scars. Whether it’s in the form of a crumbling relationship, stress over one’s livelihood, or personal temptations, we—as fallen humans dwelling within a sin-trodden world—are susceptible to agonizing hardships every day of our lives. It seems that as soon as we manage to claw and scrape our way back to our feet, we’re beaten...

What The Stars Teach Us About Sharing Kindness


When the light of the sun slips below the horizon, and darkness falls, the stars shine their brightest. From down on this fallen earth, we see them glistening from afar and wonder. We see them, we imagine them, we dream of them. We gaze upon them unabashedly, for they are unquestionably beautiful, and though we try and count their number, we are left breathless and utterly fascinated by the sight...

Tolerance–Or Truth?


Is truth tolerant? In an age where we are increasingly being impressed with the mindset that we need to be tolerant, the principle of what truth is and has always been, has deteriorated to the point that it is almost virtually nonexistent. Now, the epitome of what occurs when truth becomes outdated has emerged and taken its place in full force. From college students throwing tantrums when a...

The Power of “One Word”


There was once a ragtag troop of frogs who were traveling together through the untamed wild, when two of them suddenly stumbled and fell deep within the confines of a gaping pit. Now, these two frogs immediately began attempting with all that was within them to leap their way free. Unfortunately, they were greatly discouraged by their fellow companions above, who rained down the inevitability of...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →