rebelling against low expectations


When Beauty Isn’t What You Imagined


To everything there is a season. Life. It’s a constant struggle between what is and what I think should be. It’s a battle between normalcy and a constant state of change. Nothing really stays the same in an ever changing world, where even the seasons come and go faster than I could ever imagine. Sure, I make my plans. I set my goals. “By the time this gets here, I will be there...

Extreme (Photoshop) Makeover


While we’re addressing our culture’s distortion of beauty we thought it would be helpful to share this video which also demonstrates the power and scope of photo editing. It is important that we keep reminding ourselves of the many ways our culture tries to lie to us. For some excellent commentary read Carolyn Mahaney’s article, Distorted Beauty.

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The Distortion of Beauty


This popular ad from personal care company Dove and their new Campaign for Real Beauty does an excellent job of revealing how photos of models and celebrities are drastically modified — fueling unrealistic expectations in girls and guys. Rate It / Blog It / Download UPDATE: Some wise words from Carolyn Mahaney at GirlTalk: To think that women are striving to look like someone who doesn’t...

rebelling against low expectations

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