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Introducing the WriterScore (A Free Writing Assessment)


Six years ago, I had no idea how to be a writer.

Well, that’s not quite accurate. I was writing at the time, so technically I was a writer. But I didn’t know how to grow as a writer.

I didn’t know where to find motivation.

I didn’t have a strategy for success.

I didn’t have a mentor.

I didn’t have a writing group.

I hadn’t developed solid writing habits.

I was undisciplined and regularly suffered from writer’s block.

But worse: I wasn’t even aware of any of this.

It’s only in hindsight that I can now look back and see my weaknesses as a young writer. If only I knew these things at the time! If I’d been able to see my shortcomings earlier, I could have fixed them so much sooner.

If only the WriterScore had existed back then.


What Is the WriterScore?

The WriterScore is a new tool Brett Harris and I created to help young writers measure their growth and development. The WriterScore assesses their strengths and weaknesses in ten categories. Those categories are:

  1. Consistency
  2. Motivation
  3. Writing Habits
  4. Content
  5. Platform
  6. Strategy
  7. Mentorship
  8. Learning
  9. Community
  10. Family Support

Based on your age and your answers, you’ll get a numerical score that reveals where you’re at on your journey as a writer.

Maybe you’re a Dreamer (Score 1-29) … you want to be a writer or you’re just getting started and you’re eager to learn and grow.

Maybe you’re a Starter (Score 30-59) … you’re a serious writer with some good habits and goals but you’re unclear how to figure out and pursue the next steps.

Maybe you’re a Planner (Score 60-89) … you’re well on your way to success but there are still a few holes in your plans and you’re missing some key tools to achieve your goals.

Maybe you’re an Achiever (Score 90+) … you’ve completed major writing projects, you have clearly defined goals and solid writing habits, but you want to keep improving your craft.

Wherever you’re at, the WriterScore is here to help you figure that out.

Who Is the WriterScore For?

This is TheRebelution, so we’re all about doing hard things. That means discovering your passion and pursuing it with excellence to the glory of God. For a lot of young people, that passion is writing.

The WriterScore is for those young writers.

It’s also for the rebelutionaries who are wondering what their passion even is and thinking that writing might be it. This assessment will be revealingly beneficial to them.

While it’s designed for young writers, older writers will definitely benefit from it too.

Parents and teachers also might find it a helpful resource for the young writers they know.

Basically, if you are any kind of writer (or know any kind of writer), the WriterScore is for you!

My Journey Through the WriterScore


I recently did some calculations to figure out where I’ve been on the WriterScore.

When I was 11, before I started my blog and took writing seriously, my WriterScore was 22.

When I was 16, before I started building a platform, it was 43.

When I was 17, before I had a strategy for success, it was 70.

Today my score is 100.

That’s because I’ve been slowly shoring up on my weaknesses and building on my strengths.

No matter what your score, please don’t be discouraged or wish you were “further along.” Just the opposite! Be encouraged by this. You now have access to knowledge you never had before. We want you to take the insights you learn from the WriterScore and ask yourself two questions: 1) What am I already excelling at that I can keep doing? and 2) What can I do better?

And then we want you to apply those insights and grow as a writer.

The WriterScore is a resource to help you know where you’re at, so you can know what to do.

Take the WriterScore Now!

Click this link to take the WriterScore Assessment.

After you’ve taken the assessment, comment and tell us what your WriterScore is. Or hop over to our private Facebook group and join the discussion there!

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