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Don’t Waste Your School


What if there was a place that could help you relieve some of the fears and stresses of growing up? A place that could show you how to do “grown up” activities and give you the tools for adult life? A place that could teach you how to interact with a lot of different people and give you certain social etiquettes? Well there is. It’s a place looked at by teenagers as a prison. It’s called school.

In 1853, the Massachusetts Bay Colony passed the Ole’ Deluder Satan Act. This act generally said that as a town grows in number, certain schools have to be established in that town. A town with fifty families must establish a reading and writing school. If a town increases to one hundred families then they must establish a Latin grammar school.

The name of the law gives an idea as to the spirit it was created in. The legislators of Massachusetts did not want their kids to be tricked by the “Ole’ Deluder Satan,” therefore they chose to give them knowledge of the world and of the Scriptures to keep that from happening. That was the original idea behind public schools. And even today school provides an opportunity for us to grow and mature as Christians and as citizens.

Only one hundred years ago many kids did not have the luxury of finishing school. Children were often taken out of school in their early-to-mid teenage years to work on the farm or in a factory. I’m sure they would have agreed that school is a wonderful alternative to that kind of back-breaking work.

Most teenagers now a days do the least they possibly can to get done with school. They don’t see it as an opportunity, only as a great drudgery. They settle for average grades even though they know if they work harder they can improve.

School has become a breeding ground for gossip and slander instead of kindness and knowledge. Of course it’s easier to sit in class and pass notes about the new girl than to do your Algebra problems. It’s easier to sit in your room at night, texting with you friends about the cute boy who just transferred into your class than to finish your Chemistry homework.

To some, school seems to drag on constantly, the weekends being your only reprieve.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. If you commit yourself and work diligently, it will get easier. Sure, school comes easier to some people than it does to others, but you know that guy who you always call a nerd? The one who’s known for always getting his homework done on time and getting A’s on his Geometry tests? One day he’ll be the boss. And who will work for him? Everyone who didn’t commit themselves. Everyone who slacked off during history class.

School is one of the greatest blessings in life. Don’t let it slip out of your fingers like sand. Grab hold of it and soak up as much knowledge as possible before it’s all over.

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Adriana Daudrich

is a sixteen-year-old writer from Canada who seeks to glorify God with her life. She enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and huskies. She looks at life as one big adventure and loves to explore it, telling others about her wonderful Creator. She is in the process of completing the 100 Hard Things Challenge.


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  • Good Job Adriana!!! this is an awesome -and it is reminding me that i should probably start getting ready for School to start!!!!

  • I totally agree with you! School is one of the most important things to get us started for our future. I’m in 8th grade and I’ve just realized how important it is to take grasp of my education. Now, 2 weeks into school, I’m loving it! If you see school as a positive thing then it will be so much better! And a lot of fun! 😀

  • Last year, my freshman year in Highschool, I kind of drifted through. I got an A average on English, but everything else were B’s. Now B’s aren’t bad grades, but I know I can do better. So this year, my goal is to get a minimum of a 90 average in every subject. It’s tough, considering it takes a long time to finish a school day anyway, but it will be worth it at the end of highschool.

  • Thanks for this article, Adriana! I’ve just been coming to grasp with this topic after discovering what I think I would like to study in college and realizing all of the years of slacking now makes me need to go back and review and actually learn what I should already know if I would like to be able to get a degree in that field.
    School is a blessing, but our laziness often hides that fact from us and we see it as a ‘time stealer’. When really, what we would rather be doing is the actual ‘time thief’ (TV. computers, social media etc) Thanks again for this reminder! 🙂

  • This article affirms what I’m just discovering. Being in my second last year of high school it gets pretty intense. I’ve always been a straight A student until this year and now I’m happy to get a C in my subjects. I thought I would be able to cope because I’d always managed in the past with homework and stress. But I’ll go to quickly check my emails or something and before I know it two hours has gone and I’ve accomplished nothing. It feels so boring at the moment while I’m in school but I know I would think of school differently if I knew how my life would change after I finish. Thanks again for the article 🙂

  • I agree with you completely! We all need to appreciate school as a blessing, not a curse. It’s hard, but I try as best I can to do this.

  • Thank you so much! I am in 9th grade and I need to stay focused. I’m going to have to limit my internet time during school so I can stay focused on the subject at hand. Thanks again!

  • It’s kind of hard sometimes coming home at night and having to do a boat load of homework at night since I’m in high school now and I athletics, but my dad and Gods word teach me that it’s ok to go through troubles at times and God is always with me… If u r ever down remember this “the darkest part of the night is right before sunrise, so don’t stop doing what God has planned for you life because you never know what great thing he might have in store for your life if you stop!!!

  • I don’t go to School, I Homeschool, but I understand where you’re coming from. It gets very distracting and reading your post helps me realise that we wasting our Schools, which is our education. Thanks for sharing that.

  • i’m a graduating highschool student and i feel so lazy every single day. Keeping in mind that i’ve already got a university for college and i just need my diploma.This post encouraged me not to be lazy , but rather make the most of my high school days 🙂 I’m glad i’ve found and read this post though it was posted last year

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