Published on February 22nd, 2016 | by Emilee Struss

If God is Calling You to Do Something, Act Now

You know that feeling, when God calls you do something but it seems absurd?

I felt that for months.

It was my sophomore year in college and I felt God calling me to lay college down and go oversees for a semester.

I started blindly searching for oversees opportunities. I looked into mission work, studying abroad and even farming. Nothing felt right.

When I chose to live for Jesus, I knew that if I lived in a radical way for his glory, others would have no choice but to believe.

I set my life up in faith.

I dropped my classes for that semester, moved out of an apartment and in with some family friends. Weeks passed and I had no leads. I told the family I moved in with that I wouldn’t be there that long because I was going oversees.

At that time, I didn’t know where I was going or how I was getting there. Another week passed.

Feeling defeated and incapable of hearing from God, I knelt to the ground in tears and prayer.

I prayed, “God, this was your idea. I want to show everyone that you are faithful and you care. Show me where to go and I will go. I will go!”

After that episode, I decided to run some errands and the first place I went, God gave me my answer.

I met a woman with bright shining blue eyes that asked me about my heart for missions. She shared her heart and said she was traveling, very soon, to a village in South Africa.

She looked into my eyes and said, “If God is placing this on your heart, now is your time.”

We met a week later, over pancakes at Perkins, and talked about CATCH Projects. CATCH is a nonprofit organization in South Africa that brings children off the streets to learn, play and never leave on an empty tummy. A month later, we flew to South Africa together.

I stayed for five months and God used me to accomplish way more than I ever thought possible.

I returned to the US that summer and started back in college the following semester.

Is God nudging you to do something?

Act now.

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is a fellow fighter in the faith from Brainerd, Minnesota. She has an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and Nonprofit Organizations. Emilee co-founded a prayer ministry at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and believes in the power of persistent prayers. Her hobbies include rock climbing, trail running, triathlons, and of course reading and writing. She currently lives in Idaho and works in wilderness therapy with at-risk youth.

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