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What is one thing (little or big) that you’re grateful for this year?


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  • All the friends and family who have supported us over the last year while we were going through cancer, and that my mom doesn’t have cancer again as of her one-year mammogram.

  • My dad had an old car. We were having some trouble with it so we took it the car garage. The car was so rusted out that they had trouble even getting it onto the lifts even to look at it. So we trashed that car and took it to the junkyard. We started test driving cars and finally got one. A 2012 Ford Fusion. Not even a full week had passed and my dad got into a car accident. The car was T Boned and totalled. My dad was ok, just a big bruise and scratch on his knee that hurt for a few weeks after that. So anyway, long story short, God is looking out for us. If our repairman had not told us to get a new car and we had not taken his advice. My dad would have been folded inside the car, in the accident, like and accordion.

  • I’m really grateful for lemon cheesecake right now, considering I just finished a piece… but if you want something deeper, lately I have been thinking a lot about how wonderful and amazing heaven will be. I can’t wait, and I’m so grateful for the promise of heaven!

  • I am thankful for eyes to see, lungs to breathe. Legs to run, hands to serve, a brain to think, a heart to love others. And most of all for the grace of God, for without Him I would be nothing.
    I know this is supposed to be one thing but it’s just so hard to choose just one thing! ☺️

  • I’m grateful for circumstances God has used to grow, teach, and mature me.

    Oftentimes life isn’t easy and throws challenges that seem only to hurt and cause lasting pain; but as I look back on those experiences in my life this past year, I see now how much stronger I am on the other side! I do have scars…situations did cause pain; but ultimately God had a plan and purpose and I see now at least some of the ways God used those circumstances to His glory and also to shape me and mold me to prepare me for the future. =)

  • This is so hard. I’d have to say that the number one thing I’m really thankful for this year is how my relationship with Christ has grown. I’ve learned so much about Him that I was blind to before. He truly is amazing.

  • The gift of New Life. With in this past year God has blessed my family with new life through the births of my niece and nephew. Every time I see them or hear their little voices I am amazed at the miracle and gift that life truly is.

  • I am grateful that I had the same dog, Wiggles, for twelve years. We just put her down a week ago. It’s funny how sometimes you realize how grateful you were for something after it’s gone.

    • I know how hard it can be to lose a pet, I’ve been through it. One thing that has helped me is seeing my grief as a reflection of the love I had for my pet. After all the more you loved and enjoyed them the harder it is to say bye.:)

  • I am thankful for the opportunities God has allowed my mom to allow me to do. My spine is in a rather precarious condition, and my mom has never really let me go anywhere or do anything.
    But in June, she let me go on a week-long camp, where I grew spiritually. I also got to go to 3 other camps, and she just signed me up for a missions trip to Panama (I am like SO happy!!!). Anyway, I am so thankful for what God is doing in my own life and in the lives of my family.

  • I’ve been thankful for the personal growth and opportunities I’ve had this year. I’ve also been blessed with good health and so has my family.

  • I’m thankful for trials. My year seemed like one big difficult trial. It was really hard, but God used my trials to grow me and strengthen me. I’m extraordinarily thankful for that.

  • Also, Jackie Hill Perry. Her music and poetry are so GOOD! “Suffering Servant” has been an anchor for me this year.

  • Ive been thankful for the friends that have found time to help me admist all of their trials. And also for my Savior Jesus Christ.

  • As weird as this sounds, I am really thankful for the people who have hurt me over the years. It has helped me to grow closer in my dependency on God, and not man, for my happiness and has also helped me to develop a sensitivity to other people in my life who are hurting or are going through the same things I am/went through.

    • With you on this one too @lianaseager:disqus … I’ve learned so many important lessons!!


  • I am very thankful for being an MK {missionary kid} here in South Africa. I have perfect witnessing opportunities, because every where I go, when I say something EVERYBODY hears my american accent. So they ALWAYS ask where we are from, and then they always ask why we are down here. So we get to explain what missionaries are, and that leads to perfect witnessing opportunities.

          • That is GREAT. It is wonderful to find other MKs. We as MKs just live completely differently than other teenagers, and there are just so many things that they just can’t relate to. I think that MKs should group together {as in contacting, since most of us are in a variety of countries} , since we share the same lifestyle.

          • Thats WONDERFUL. I hope that you have a good time. Just curious, but where in Arizona? I have a set of Grandparents that live in Tucson.

          • Oh, that is perfectly alright. Most of the time I have no clue where I am going {in furlough} until I’m there

          • Have you ever typed into a search engine, You know you are an MK when…, it comes up with some pretty true stuff. Like ,you know you are an MK when people ask where you are from, and you don’t know how to answer.

          • EXACTLY . lol. I just found one that said, you know you are a MK when you have memorized the safety intro on the airplane. And it is SO true. We get so bored when they start the instructions

          • WOW REALLY. That Is great. I always wanted a way to find more MKs, I just never thought of using this website to do it. If you don’t mind my asking, what mission board are you on? I have been wanting to create something {I am not sure what though} that is for MKs , since we just llive completely differnt lives than other teen-agers, and can relate to just about anything

          • I’m not really on a mission board, I’m still a young teenager… Well I mean I feel to young to be on a board.

          • Just curios, but I wonder how many hours time change there is between South Africa and Paraguay.?. Right now, it is six-thirty.

          • Well I’m not really allowed to share information about my family and I to people I don’t really know… no offense

          • None taken. At all ..I’m sorry I put you in that situation, but trust me, I COMPLETELY understand.. You can never be to careful

          • Did you mean to ask me “may I ask why you want to know”? If so, I was just curios to see if we might be on the same mission board, and because of that I might have seen you at one of the conferences before. But it is definitely not info that I need to know, if you wish to keep that a secret. If so, I completely understand

  • Amazing friends who’ve been an incredible encouragement and support to me this last year!!! <3 Love them!

  • My friends, and music, and family, and life, and school, and God, and a lot more stuff I will probably think of later but you get the point.

    • I thought of more stuff. My friends, and music, and family, and…… oh, I already put that stuff. Whatever. And life, and school, and God, and a lot more stuff I will probably think of later.

  • I’m cheating since I already mention something earlier in this discussion. But I am thankful for the “Do Hard Things” website, and books. It has been an immense encouragement to me this year. I mean, think about it….. We wouldn’t be able to be here encouraging each other, if it weren’t for this website.

  • I’m thankful for God and for His love for me and all of us. I’m also thankful for my family and friends. Oh, and coffee, chocolate, traveling,fall, snow…the list goes on. It’s impossible to have just ONE thing to be thankful for.

  • Very good question… I would say I’m grateful for: Being alive, you see there is a miracle that is before our eyes, it’s being alive. I never knew this until this year, from that day and on the song “Miracles” from Newsboys has been one of my favorites.

  • Earlier in the year, the Lord encountered me in a big way. I haven’t been under the influence of the Holy Spirit quite like that before. He told me some amazing things and loved me. What else could you ask for?

  • #1 No more Hillary for President junk.
    #2 My Family. They really mean something to you. No really.
    #3 The people who got me here. Relatives you name it.
    #4 hmm…

  • I didn’t mean to mention another thing I am thankful for AGAIN, but hey, you can never be too thankful. I am SO thankful for mothers. Let me tell you. My mom and my sister recently went on a trip for two weeks, and so that meant that it was going to be just my dad, and my little brother. That meant that I was going to have to be cook,chore person, home-school supervisor, laundry person, moper, and church pianist, all at once.It doesn’t sound like much, but let me tell you… I have never been SO thankful for my mom, IN MY LIFE. You never realize how thankful you are for someone until that person isn’t there anymore.

  • I am thankful for the incredible, tremendous gift of salvation. And second, for music…I can’t even imagine life without it. 🙂

  • well last year we found out that my mom had cancer. she was done with her treatment in March 2016, But I was still scared that it could happen again so I am thankful that she is curantly living cancer free! although it could happen again I am thankful that I don’t have a not worry about it this Christmas.

  • Even though it’s 2017 now, I want to say I am so thankful that Alex and Brett Harris wrote Do Hard Things. I would not be here if it had not been for their book.

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