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What Does It Really Mean To Be Pro-Life?


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been extremely passionate about the pro-life movement.

When I was 11, I researched abortion and wrote a blog post explaining why I wouldn’t support it.

When I was a freshman, I researched it again — reading books, articles, and online resources — and this time wrote a paper about it.

My stance on abortion was firm: it destroyed the sanctity of life and ended lives that were created by God.

I still believe that. But amidst all my researching and books, I missed the point.

I missed what being pro-life is all about. My view of it was unbelievably narrow.

I thought being pro-life was summed up nicely with “being against abortion.” It only pertained to unborn babies, beginning when they were conceived and ending when they were born.

The Lord has opened my eyes since then.

More Than Babies

I now see the devastating flaws in my thinking and how they do not line up with the words of Jesus. Jesus said to love everyone and to advocate for everyone. He did not make exceptions.

Every life has priceless worth — both the unborn baby and the person who gets on your nerves. Why? Because each human was created by God in His image.

What an incredible thought.

People did not randomly come into being. God decided that He, the Creator of the universe, wanted us and made us each with a special purpose only we can fulfill.

Being pro-life means to be pro-life.

Not just unborn babies, but all life. Regardless of race, age, personality, religion — we are told by Jesus to love everyone. First John 4:19 says, “We love because He first loved us.”

Jesus loved us even though our sins put Him on the cross. How can we not love others?

A couple of years ago you would have found me telling people I was pro-life while simultaneously rolling my eyes at the toddler screaming in Wal-Mart, judging others based on petty details, and wanting to end relationships with difficult people because I thought that those who didn’t treat me right didn’t deserve my grace.

I grieve. How wrong I was.

I have made assumptions about pregnant teen moms — complete strangers, writing their stories in my head. The irony of the situation is striking — that I was judging people for bravely choosing life when I claimed to be pro-life.

Now my being pro-life looks like helping people when I will get nothing in return, smiling at the tired stranger in the parking lot, giving my old toys away to children, randomly sending letters to friends to let them know I care, loving when it doesn’t make sense (and may even seem a little crazy), choosing to text a struggling friend instead of sleeping in, praying for people and this country, choosing kindness always.

And yes, rallying for the infinitely precious lives of the unborn.

Maybe if we traded in judgment and condemnation for grace and support there would be a difference made in the lives of others.

Maybe if we offered others the unconditional love of Jesus there would be a revival of healing and hope and light.

Maybe if we gave help to the mom whose kids are throwing tantrums at the store instead of scowling at her, invested in the children who are difficult and hurt instead of ignoring them, listened to the hearts of people who hold different beliefs and opinions instead of refusing to hear them out, forgave the people that hurt us instead of growing bitter…maybe then we would be a breathing, beating definition of pro-life.

I want to fight for light, for redemption, for this nation because God made people! He created them all in a labor of love. They are valuable.

I fight because I think it is time for people to remember the goodness that I believe is in humanity and the One who started it all for them.

Will you join this radical movement with me?

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About the author

Brooklyn Stutzman

is a sixteen-year-old homeschooler who lives in Ohio. She is passionate about truth and justice, and several of her interests are reading, writing, and photography. Her desire is to realize what an incredible gift this one life is and to live it accordingly. At any given moment, you will probably find her looking at pictures of dogs on her phone.


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  • This is fantastic Brooklyn! So, so true that we should be far less judgmental and start sacrificially loving everyone, especially the difficult people. It’s a great reminder for me. Thanks so much for writing this!

  • I. Love. This!!! Thank you for writing this, it is so helpful and a great reminder! I myself have just started a teen pro-life group and I might use this when we meet. God bless you!!

  • YES!!!! I love this, Brooklyn! You are so right… so often we say we’re pro-life, or anti this, or passionate about this or that, but the true test is, “Does it show up in the way we live day by day? In the way we act, speak, and even think?” This is such a needed reminder! Thank you so much for using your words to speak truth! 🙂

  • Brooklyn, this is AMAZING! I definitely agree that if we say we are pro-life, we need to treat people like their lives matter! Thank you for your encouraging words 🙂

  • Wow, Brooklyn…I don’t have words for how this impacted me. Thank you for such a great reminder and I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for writing! 🙂

  • Thanks for the reindeer. It was very timely and good to read just before I head out to work. I work in a nursing home because I don’t believe in euthanasia. And the reason I don’t believe in euthanasia? I’m prolife.

  • Very well said, Brooklyn!! I am also very passionate about this issue, and I’ve seen how people can miss the mark. Thank you for sharing this important message!

  • This was a really interesting aspect on Pro-life. It shows there are more than just one way of seeing things around us. Thanks for writing! I reaped a lot of wisdom from this article.

    • Thank you. God laid it on my heart to write this article, and it’s amazing to see Him touch people through it.

  • What you are saying is, I am pro life IF I “help the mom whose kids are throwing tantrums at the store” WHAT!?!?!?! What does that have to do with being pro life? You mean to say that if I don’t help that mom then I am somehow anti life? Do you mean to say that the only people that help struggling moms in the grocery store are those who are pro life? Pro life means one thing, that someone is opposed to abortions. That’s it. Just like Black Lives Matter, means one thing, that black lives matter. Using the phrase Black Lives Matter and twisting it to say “well white lives matter too” is disrespectful to the cause. So too it is wrong to use the term Pro Life and twist it to mean “helping moms at the grocery store.”

    • Hi, Paul. I think you missed the point I am conveying in my post – that is hypocritical to rally for the lives of the unborn and yet do nothing for them when they are born. For instance, to say unborn babies are precious and then go on to say that kids are obnoxious does not make sense to me. The grocery store example you mentioned was exactly that – an example. What I am saying is vastly more broad than that. 🙂 I never once said that people who claim to be pro-life but don’t help others at grocery stores are anti-life. I do, however, think that pro-life people who consistently overlook and ignore the needs of others do not have their walks matching their talk. As for your reference to Black Lives Matter, I fail to see how that is pertinent to my stance on being pro-life. When people are against abortion, they are against abortion, period. No matter if the children have Down Syndrome or other birth defects, if the children’s parents are poor or wealthy, if the children are black, white, Syrian. The list goes on. To be pro-life is to be against discrimination and to believe that each life has equal worth. Really, what I am saying about reaching out to others directly lines up with being pro-life. Pro-life people say each life matters, and I am simply carrying on that belief to the people who are already born as well. You are not obligated to agree with me, but I am replying in hopes that I will give you clarification on my viewpoint. I hope you will take what I said into consideration. We can all learn from each other and respectfully disagree.

      • Well said! To be pro-life also means to be pro-love. To show love to all. The unborn and all those around us.

      • Well said. And you are right, I think I did miss your point. I stand corrected. Thanks for clarifying. Sorry if I came off as rude, that was not my intention. But after reading my post again, I see that it was in fact rather rude. Sorry. Thank you for being kind and respectful in your response.

  • Man, I saw the name of the author of this article and thought “wait, she sounds familiar…” and sure enough, I know you! 😉 You probably don’t remember me, but I used to follow your blog a long, long time ago. (We’re talking almost five years ago! My memory is scary sometimes!) Anyway, I’m glad you’re still writing. 🙂

    This is a really good post, and the topic is one I’ve had to humbly realize in my own life recently. Pro-life doesn’t just mean anti-abortion, and if I am really going to claim the value of all life, I need to back my words up with action and attitudes. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Toddlers being whiny in a public place is annoying, but when I remember a pic of me when I was a kid being whiny, instead of being annoyed, I’d smile and laugh, and sometimes end up helping the parents pacify the kid.

    God bless you for this article. It really hits the spot.

  • @brooklynstutzman:disqus How is it that people my age are so talented writers? I’m just overwhelmed with the amount of positive and thought provoking articles on this site. How do you do it?

    I really enjoyed this article

  • Wow. Perfect. We need to love men and women wherever they are at. We can’t say we are pro-life and then judge people about their decisions. Jesus loves us in an understanding way. He loves us just the way we are and if we want to reflect Jesus to the World we need to love people wherever they are at.

    I have worked with Generation Joshua (HSLDA) and the Susan B. Anthony List to campaign Pro-Life. The people who listen to you at the door are the ones who know you truly care about them. When we go to a door we don’t want them to see GenJ or the SBA or our candidate. We want them to see Jesus shining through and loving them right where they are at. Thanks and I look forward to more posts from you!

By Brooklyn Stutzman
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