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Why I Hate Writing About the Gospel


I hate writing about the Gospel.

That’s not hyperbole, not an SEO-driven hook to get you the read the rest of this article. It’s 100% true.

That might be a shock to a lot of you.

After all, I’ve had articles previously published here on the Reb. But that was a long time ago, and the truth is nowadays I hate doing Gospel-focus articles, deeply.

Look at my personal outlets as of late and you’ll notice the utter avoidance of Gospel-centric posts, and a whole lot of shallow observations on things like college or creative burnout.

Cliche, I know. Not to say those topics can’t be written about creatively, but for me they’ve become tourniquets.

Writing about that sort of stuff is me trying to bandage the Gospel-deprived wounds of my soul.

You see, the Gospel isn’t the problem.

That would be me.

I hate writing about the words & works of Jesus because I forget what they really are. They’re Good News.

Not just any good news, though. As Jared C. Wilson puts it in one of his books, Jesus’ works in the Gospels are,

“…especially designed for and specifically targeted at…well, losers.”

Boy, do I know I’m a loser.

After all, I’m the one I know most needs to hear these words of eternal life.

I’m self-righteous, yet equally as self-loathing. That is to say I’m actively sinful, and hate my sinful actions.

That’s why I need the Gospel more and more every day.

Scratch that, I need it more and more every hour.

As Paul said, I need the miracle of the Good News of God for:

“…Teaching, rebuking, correction, and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16, CSB)

Sure, other books, articles, podcasts, or whatever forms of other “news” exist can be deep. But this Gospel is measureless. Other works can be timely and helpful. But this Gospel is a timeless security.

Media can be entertaining. But this Gospel is joy-fulfilling.

But this is where the struggle starts to kick in.

Where my resentment and pride begin to swell.

Because the truth of Christ’s Good News also makes me see how I really am:

– I’m messy, but I try to look clean.

– I’m sinful, though I try my hardest to appear holy and righteous.

– I’m selfish, even when I think I’m being selfless.

Even when the world tries to tell me I have what it takes, the Gospel makes me admit how short I always fall. And I hate to admit those things.

Thankfully, that’s not the end of the matter.

Because where I mess up, Christ paid to make me clean before his Father.

And those times when I sin, even though I know I shouldn’t? He’s right there mediating for me to God.

When I want to put myself first, Jesus gently reminds me he loves others just as much as he loves me.

When I want to put myself first, Jesus gently reminds me he loves others just as much as he loves me. Click To Tweet

So, yeah, I may not always know what I’m doing in life.

And I may hate being truthful about my own shortcomings and struggles. But I’m thankful there’s a Savior who was what I could never be, who took my place when he could’ve chosen not to.

Truth is, I’ll take the Gospel over my own petty works any day.

And if I can write about that News, that word of salvation, then I’ll do it in spite of my own ego and pride.

If it’s all I’ll ever write in this life that’s worth noting, that’s worth sharing, then I’ll grit my teeth and push on with it.

I hate writing about the Gospel when I’m thinking too much of myself.

But when I think about Jesus, and those who need him like I do? Then hand me a keyboard, pen, or even finger paint, because I’ll do it before I even know what I’ve gotten myself into.

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Jacob T. Murphy

is a 21-year-old writer and web-developer from Northern Ireland. Throughout his life, he has had many labels applied to him by other people. But Jacob is always learning that God calls him to higher things in Christ, and loves walking with a Savior who always has deeper love for him than he could ever know.

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