rebelling against low expectations

A Chance to Live


Wrapped up in his mother’s womb,

The baby was due to be born soon.

The doctor said, “There is no hope.”

The thought of this she could not grope.


The mother had to make a choice.

She could hear the baby’s unheard voice.

“I ask you just one thing to give

All I want is a chance to live.”


She thought on all that could take place,

People smiling at his cute face.

Backpack bought for first day of school

Daddy teaching him to use a tool.


Birthdays celebrated with great vigor.

Friends are crowding at the door.

She hears about his daring feat.

She takes him out to eat a treat.


The mother sees him proudly walk

In front of the whole class to talk,

Watching a movie and staying up late,

Going out on his first date.


He receives with joy his college degree.

He proposes under a willow tree.

Watching his bride walk down the aisle,

He cannot help but give a smile.


Having kids for the first time,

Singing a sweet lullaby,

Watching them grow up as he,

Happy and bouncing with energy.


Before he knows it, grey hair peeks out.

Grandkids around him run and shout.

Although he cannot move as easily,

His heart is filled with felicity.


The mother turned to the doctor

His calm expression shocked her.

When did life become so meaningless?

When did murder become a business?


She apologized and quickly refused.

The doctor looked at her, confused.

She said, “Myself I could never forgive.

We all deserve a chance to live.”

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About the author

Tabitha Staniforth

Tabitha Staniforth is an 18-year-old wanting to glorify God in all that she does. She likes to spend her time signing, singing, writing her book or poetry, listening to music, imagining she's a hobbit in Middle-Earth, and hanging out with her friends. Her family are missionaries in Texas and Mexico.


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rebelling against low expectations

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