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6 Gift Ideas Every Rebelutionary Teen Will Love


Unless you’re one of those early Christmas shoppers who have all their presents wrapped by Thanksgiving, Christmas gifts are probably on your mind right now. We all have special items we want to purchase for our family and friends and maybe a wish list of our own.

If you’re stuck on what to give to the teens in your life, need some ideas on gifts that are both meaningful and fun, or want to give your parents a subtle hint on what you’d like for Christmas (!), here at the Reb, we’ve compiled a list of seven gift categories that every Rebelutionary teen will appreciate. We hope these seven categories spark gift ideas for the teens in your life or your Rebelutionary friends.

1. Something to ignite their faith

There’s nothing more important than a teen’s walk with God. So why not give them something this Christmas to ignite their faith and help them fall more in love with Jesus?

Our pick: The Rebelution’s latest book Stand Up, Stand Strong: A Call to Bold Faith in a Confused Culture by Sara Barratt challenges teens to a deeper, more authentic walk with God and shows them how to navigate culture for God’s glory. Stand Up, Stand Strong is a must-read for any teen who wants to remain faithful to God despite the challenges of our culture.

About the book: “With powerful examples from Scripture and stories from teens today and through the centuries, Stand Up, Stand Strong equips teens to live with a biblical worldview, approach today’s hot-button issues with godly wisdom, and influence their generation for the glory of God. Tackling tough topics like sexuality, addiction, injustice, identity, media, and much more, Sara offers practical ways to stay rooted in God’s truth while engaging culture with the redemptive story of the gospel—no matter the cost. 

Because, after all, if we live according to the gospel, we’re going to make waves. The way of Christ is countercultural. It doesn’t go with the flow, compromise on truth, or stay silent in the face of injustice….so neither can we.”

Pick up a copy of Stand Up, Stand Strong and find out more here.

(Bonus tip: Double the blessing and bundle Stand Up, Stand Strong with another great Rebelution read. Choose Love Riot to help them understand what following Jesus is all about or Transformed by Truth to help them study Scripture. Or go with a classic and give a copy of the book that started it all: Do Hard Things.)

2. Something to inspire or encourage a hobby

What does your teen enjoy doing? Are they artistic? Wrap up some good quality art supplies or a book on their favorite artist. Do they love photography? Pick up a new camera or photography props or purchase a photo editing software for them to use. Do they love to write? Give them a boost in their writing journey by enrolling them in The Young Writer’s Workshop where they can meet other young writers and get one-on-one guidance from numerous instructors. Are they outdoorsy and adventurous? How about hiking boots or swimming gear or an outdoor adventure journal?

Inspire your teen’s creativity by selecting gifts that encourage a current hobby or could inspire a new one.

3. Something to experience

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t things. Get creative and gift your teen a memorable experience: tickets to a drive-in concert by their favorite music artist, a day ice skating or skiing, a night out at a fancy restaurant, or an all-expense paid shopping trip. Pick something you could do together and create lasting memories, even if it’s something fun or silly like building an enormous gingerbread house or hosting a murder mystery dinner party or purchasing a karaoke machine and having a karaoke party with friends. Give them the gift of a new experience or a favorite thing you know they love to do.

4. Something to listen to

Teens love their music! If they enjoy jamming to their favorite songs, consider gifting them their favorite album in a vinyl hardcopy with a record player. If they prefer digital music, give them an iTunes or Amazon music gift card or pay for a year of Spotify premium.

5. Something to help them grow

Help your teen grow by giving them gifts that inspire deep thinking and maturity. Along with any of The Rebelution’s books, pick up a good read such as Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis or A Student’s Guide to Culture by John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle or Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. Or consider an online conference like CROSS20 with speakers like David Platt (tip: this one takes place right after Christmas!) or a worldview training like Summit Virtual. Or go for a true “rebelutionary” gift and purchase the Do Hard Things Conference videos for them to watch on their own time.

6. Something practical

We all loved those boring gifts of socks or pajamas as kids (not!), but giving your teen a targeted and carefully selected practical gift could end up being an extremely helpful item they’ll thank you for again and again. Think creatively. New high-quality earbuds or headphones? A new winter coat or pair of running shoes? A good quality skin or body care product? Practical gifts don’t have to be boring!

What’s On Your Gift List?

What would you add to our Christmas gift list? Are any of these items on your Christmas list? What’s the most meaningful Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Let us know below!

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