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3 Principles Every Christian Influencer Needs to Implement


There are three principles that many Christian influencers have unintentionally ignored for far too long. Whether you are a blogger, an evangelist, or even a social media savvy Christian teen, these principles are essential to successfully sharing the gospel of Christ and influencing others to follow Him.

If you feel like your ministry is running dry, or your inspiration isn’t as steady as it used to be, this article is for you. Are you ready to become a better Christ-follower, and as a result, a better influencer? It’s time to point out the elephants in the room!

1. Prioritize Personal Bible Time

I know this seems obvious, but it goes far deeper than you may realize. Prioritizing the Bible is not only crucial for spreading truth about God; it is essential for your own growth in Christ.

Prioritizing the Bible is not only crucial for spreading truth about God; it is essential for your own growth in Christ. Share on X

If the focus of your every devotional time is taking pictures to share on socials, you are not prioritizing personal time in the Word. If you are reading simply to find inspiration for a new blog or social media post (I’ve been there), you are also not prioritizing Bible time for the right reasons.

The Bible often talks about obeying God and leaning into Him in secret. He instructs us to close the door when we pray (Matthew 6:6). To give tithes without boasting (Matthew 6:1). To do things for Him, not the world (1 Corinthians 10:31).

These concepts apply to reading the Bible as well. If you are dwelling in Christ just enough to spread His Word, your spirit will run dry.

As hard as this principle is to implement, do not read the Bible just to teach and encourage others. Read the Bible to grow closer to God and store up wisdom inside your heart. To love and encourage others well, you must pursue the Father of love first.

2. Prioritize Family & Friends

The biggest issue I see in the Christian influencer “industry”, or any industry for that matter, is the lack of prioritization of family.

How can we build God’s Kingdom if we abandon the people closest to us? Unless God has called you to abstain from social engagements and seek Him in solitude for a short season, make time for your people.

Put God above your loved ones, but do not abandon the ones God gave you to love. What I’m trying to say is this: do not spend every hour of your day creating content. Even Jesus prioritized resting and spending intentional time with His disciples.

Put your work aside for one or two days a week and spend time with the family and friends God gave you. Sow into them. Minister to them. Prioritizing this time is crucial to your mental and spiritual health. It strengthens you, grows connections, and believe it or not, can give you a whole lot of inspiration.

3. Prioritize Simplicity

When I first started actively blogging, I used some of the most difficult words in the dictionary. I wanted others to see me as educated. I wanted them to feel like they could trust my words.

My mom kept saying she couldn’t understand half the words in my blog posts. They are easy to look up on the internet, I thought to myself. Besides, she was exaggerating.

Then I realized what she was trying to tell me—most people don’t have the time or desire to research the meaning of words.

Because of this realization, I have been learning the importance of simplicity. Not only using simple words, but also boiling down the hard topics. I don’t want to make the hard topics harder than they have to be.

Take it from me, if you want to change the world, don’t overcomplicate things, keep it simple. Write to clearly communicate the gospel, not to impress others.

Are You Ready to Implement?

If you want to become a better influencer, and overall human, take intentional steps to implement the principles we have discussed. They can make a huge difference!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

· Dedicate two or three days of your week to closing your door and seeking God. No pictures allowed!

· Vocalize your desire to spend more time with your family and, if possible, choose a day of the week to do something fun with them, or see how you can serve them (again, no pictures).

· Put away your thesaurus sometimes. If you have to look up a word, don’t use it! If it isn’t a word you genuinely use often during laid back conversations, leave it out of your vocabulary or clearly define the word whenever you use it.

Are there any other principles you feel like Christian influencers should prioritize more? Which principle do you need to work on the most in your life?

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