rebelling against low expectations

AuthorDaniel Ham

is a nineteen year old writer from Hillsborough, North Carolina. When he is not writing he enjoys hiking, obstacle course racing, and reading. He is the co-founder of, a website dedicated to building the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional fitness of youth.

Be Wild At Heart


There is a time in all our lives when we get hit by a rogue wave. We suddenly look up from whatever we are doing and we have no more to give. We are empty–all that is left within us is a raging desire that cannot be described and always seems out of reach. We are afraid of this feeling, which I can only describe as a longing for something greater. We hide from it because we live in a world that...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →