rebelling against low expectations

AuthorJoel Harris

is Alex and Brett's older brother and worship leader for the Rebelution Tour from 2006-2011. He is also a songwriter and recording artist, with music available at He currently is a worship leader at Hinson Baptist Church, and is a graduate of Multnomah University. He lives in Portland with his wife Kimi and their two daughters.

We Must Be Constant Worshipers


We should be honest. Nowadays, when someone mentions worship, most people think of music. You know, that time in the church service when everyone sings. Lots of Christian recording artists make “worship projects” with hit singles on them. However, if we search God’s Word faithfully and look to mature Christians who possess wise insight, we will quickly see that worship is much more than songs...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →