rebelling against low expectations

AuthorMya Coffee

is an eighteen year old girl from Portland, Oregon who, yes, loves coffee, hiking, avocados, writing at her blog ( and most of all Jesus. Knowing Him and making Him known is her life passion and she hopes to spend every day of the rest of her life deeply immersed in His Word.

What My Singleness Says About Jesus


“She’s been single for eighteen years,” My coworker said with awe in his voice to the girl folding clothes beside him. I braced myself. I had been waved over from my post in the fitting room to join a conversation two of my coworkers were having about dating. Usually, I could handle the frequent comments about my lack of experience with love in good humor. Tonight was just not one of those nights...

rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →