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Have the Hard Conversation—Don’t Ghost


My fingers danced and hovered over the keyboard on my cell phone. I paused and picked at a loose string on my pants. His message glowed blue in front of me—begging me to answer. I ran a hand through my hair and chewed my bottom lip. Maybe… Maybe I could just ghost him. The pang of guilt immediately struck my chest with the thought. The poor guy wanted an answer, and rather than deal with the...

5 Phrases Teens Should Start Using During Intense Discussions (Navigating Disagreements part 4)


Have you ever been involved in an intense discussion? Perhaps it was with your siblings or your parents or with a friend. I’m not talking about an excited conversation, such as you might have about whether or not Lebron James is a better basketball player than Michael Jordan or whether or not Minnesota is a more beautiful state than Michigan. Those conversations might sound intense–people...

rebelling against low expectations

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