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Which Door? How To Approach Your Big Decisions


How often do we, especially as Christian young adults, have to make big decisions? All the time. We’re beginning the transition from dependent minors to self-sustaining adults, and that requires many decisions to be made—what car to get, what job to take, what school to go to, etc. In the midst of these consequential decisions, I’m sure most of us only want to do what God wills for us...

3 Questions to Ask Before You End a Friendship


“I love her, but it’s not healthy for me to have that kind of negativity in my life. I have to do the right thing for myself.” “Yeah, he apologized, but I don’t think I can trust him the same way anymore.” “Can we really be friends when we don’t agree about something so important?” Proverbs 13:20 cautions, “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” We...

Making Right Choices as Teens


If you’re a teenager, you have some big decisions coming up. Where will you go to college? What will you study in college? How will you make money? Who will you marry? What do you want to do with the rest of your life? It’s kind of overwhelming and if you’re like me, you even start to panic a bit. “Oh no! I’m already seventeen and I have no idea what I want to study in...

OMG–Should Christians Use It?


We see it all over the internet. “OMG! So cute!” “OMG! I cannot wait!” “OMG! Seriously?!” We picture 13-year-old girls texting friends, pink polished nails, skinny jeans, messy top knots. We think “total millennial!” We roll our eyes and laugh and talk in that annoying voice where everything ends in a question, “OMG?! Like totally?!” We...

How to Think About the Future


“The wind is moving, but I am standing still A life of pages waiting to be filled” These words to Michael W. Smith’s 1990 hit song “Place in This World” speak directly to how I feel when I ponder my future. I’ve been a teenager for several years, and it has been a time of searching and questioning. I’ve asked questions about God’s existence, the meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice, and what...

Where Do You Picture Yourself in 10 Years?


Where do you picture yourself ten years from now? Your answer may vary widely — from jobs you might enjoy to places you’d love to live. But as teens, our future seems especially uncertain. For example, I’m 14, so when I’m 24, I’ll probably have finished college, gotten a full-time job, and have a girlfriend (if I’m not married already). Here’s the thing:...

rebelling against low expectations

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