rebelling against low expectations


When Pain Precedes the New Creation


Today, I looked out the window and saw a stray peacock whom my family has affectionately named “Elmer” walking through my front lawn. The sun was shining down on his feathers in breathtaking brilliance, showcasing the deep turquoises, blues, and greens his Creator gifted him with. I thought back to a few months ago when his tail feathers began to break, and eventually fell out. Elmer didn’t...

3 Ways to Combat the Sin of Familiarity


I’ve always known about Jesus. From the time I was old enough to understand, I learned about creation, the cross, the resurrection, and the power and love of God. My parents lovingly took me to church, and Sunday school as a baby, toddler, and curly haired five-year-old. I recognized sin, and knew it was part of my life. I remember praying a prayer in my bed one morning, a little girl who wanted...

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How Do You Know What Theology to Believe? (Five Facts to Remember)


My Dad has been a preacher my entire life, which means I’ve been in and out of all kinds of churches. From strict, conservative acapella-singing-only kind of churches to talking-to-the-preacher-during-the-sermon and dancing-with-flags kind of churches. I remember visiting a pentecostal church when I was nine and trying to figure out why the other boy I had met was saying he had already been...

5 Reasons To Make Bible Study a Habit This Year


What are your goals for 2018? With the new year just begun—and a new semester starting soon—most of us have some sort of goal in mind. Maybe you plan to read a certain number of books. Maybe you want to start running, biking, or working out. Maybe you’re just looking forward to starting school again refreshed and rested. But what are your goals in relation to God’s word? As Christian teens, our...

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone!


Standing outside the small, white church, I watched cars loaded with eager children climb up the steep drive. I was unsure if I should be excited or scared, so I chose to be both. The sun and the anticipation already had me sweating. This is it: first mission trip experience. Both this trip and a later one would push me far outside my comfort zone, and in the process, teach me to lean on God in...

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rebelling against low expectations

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