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5 Ways to Pray About Your Future


I have yet to meet a teenager who is not (at least somewhat) intimidated by their future. As we reach the brink of adulthood, questions abound, and the future often feels uncertain. As I near the end of high school, those dreaded decisions about colleges and majors are getting closer. When explaining this feeling to friends and family, they consistently say, “Pray about it.” But, as I started...

When the Armor Gets Heavy


When I was twelve, I vividly remember creating the armor of God at a local Vacation Bible School. Cutting out long strips of construction paper, pouring mounds of glitter, and writing in all caps with a permanent marker, my masterpiece was complete. As I made my way to my mom’s car, my best friend and I struggled to walk. The armor was stunning. Oozes of glue and sequins flaked with every...

Questions To Ask When You Feel Distant From God


Have you ever felt abandoned by God– like He’s not even there? Or, even if He is there, it’s like He doesn’t really care? I’ve felt this way before. Multiple times, actually. I’ve often wondered why God wasn’t speaking in my life. Or if He’d ever really spoken in my life. I’ve thought to myself, “God… do You really care? Are You really even there at all?” To put it another way, I felt… abandoned...

A Biblical Stance on the “Introvert Revolution”


Introvert and extrovert. Hardly anyone nowadays hasn’t heard these words. “Oh, she’s an introvert. She’s pretty shy.” “I’m an extrovert; I love people!” “He’s pretty introverted…don’t count on him coming to your party.” These phrases are tossed around in common speech quite often, but many people don’t know what they really mean. The simple explanation is that introversion means gaining energy...

The Forgotten Side of Sanctification


Some Christians commit to doing the right thing some of the time; they deem certain situations as more important than others and feel a sense of duty in those situations. Some choose to do the right thing most of the time but make exceptions or excuses in situations that are highly tempting or difficult. And then some, likely a small minority, make a daily commitment to do the right thing all of...

4 Ways to Invest in Your Local Church This Year


Each new year brings with it new opportunities to grow in our walk with the Lord, endure challenges, succumb to sin, and learn more about Christ and ourselves. As we enter this season, we can be encouraged that “There are better things ahead than any we leave behind” (C. S. Lewis), because each day that passes brings us one day closer to an eternity of perfect, unbroken fellowship with Christ and...

Fear Not: 3 Promises to Remember from the Book of Isaiah


I used to suffer from crippling fear that stole my sleep, health, and way of life. Eventually my fear became officially called anxiety disorder and OCD, but with or without a fancy label, fear was a part of my life. While much of my fear stemmed from these problems in my brain… some of it was just plain human fear. No matter which kind of fear a person faces, we all long for it to go away. Though...

It’s OK When You’re Weak—Because He is Strong


“I can do it.” Those four simple words were the embodiment of my attitude towards guys throughout my early teenage years. With the strong feministic views of society crowding my mind, I was not about to let anyone, especially a guy, help me. I was a strong, independent woman, and I could do it myself. I remember very clearly one afternoon at church, when we were all cleaning up after a church...

Want To Do Hard Things? Pray


Exhausted, I tripped through the door of my cabin, made a bee-line to my bunk, and collapsed. It was my third week working at a Christian camp in Ohio, and my battery had simply run dead. Three weeks of 6-hour nights, 90-degree days, and bubbling with energy unknown had caught up with me. I was a wreck, and in need of a major refresh—physically, mentally, and spiritually. In between listening to...

3 Myths in the Church About Mental Health


In high school, I suffered from anxiety that most teenagers suffer from; how I would do on tests, if a boy liked me, or what my teachers and peers thought about my character. However, as I grew into young adulthood, this mild anxiety developed into paralyzing diagnoses. Growing up, I heard myths about mental health that miraged my view of what it meant to fight something no one could see. I...

rebelling against low expectations

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