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Jiffy N’ Lou: Installment #105


It’s time once again for America’s favorite comic strip: The Adventures of Jiffy N’ Lou! Brought to you courtesy of the late New Attitude Magazine, Joshua Harris, and The Rebelution. Click on image to enlarge.

This comic bears special significance as Brett and I prepare to leave for Alabama tomorrow morning and plan to attend the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Academy and Festival next week. We will be dealing with these issues in interviews, reviews, and articles from downtown San Antonio, August 24th-29th. Meanwhile, we ask you, our readers, to give us your thoughts in response to the following series of questions:

1.) Is Hollywood getting better or worse?
2.) What in Hollywood is worth redeeming? What is not?
3.) Are Americans currently in the process of embracing or distancing themselves from Hollywood and the values it espouses?
4.) Should Christian filmmakers try to infiltrate Hollywood or start an independent Christian film industry?
5.) Is Hollywood growing in power and influence or weakening?
6.) How many movies do you watch a month? Do you think it’s too many, too little, or just right?
7.) What’s your favorite movie?
8.) Would the kinds of movies you watch most frequently qualify as wise companions or foolish companions? [For background on this question, click here.]

Feel free to answer as many of the above questions as you like. Try to answer, at the very least, the last three. Brett and I most likely won’t be posting for the rest of the week, so our next update will be from San Antonio. Also, be sure to check out Kristin and Hannah’s new blog for young ladies: Beauty From The Heart. Excellent work, girls!

Finally, please keep Brett and me in your prayers. We are filled with excitement, as well as fear and trepidation. God bless you all!

Note: Be sure to catch up on any of our old series or posts that you’ve missed while we’re settling in to legal intern life.

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • ROFL!! Ok, that was hysterical (though sadly, the truth).

    1.) Is Hollywood getting better or worse?

    Unfortunately, worse. It’s sad that we have to look up everything on the ratings sites before we can even venture to the movies.

    2.) What in Hollywood is worth redeeming? What is not?

    Actually, I think there’s a lot to redeem, because if we kept our acting forcus on CHRIST, then our movies would actually be something to learn from. I’ve done some stage acting myself, and I know that if Hollywood kept things clean, and used movies to teach people about life, it would be worth it to be an actor. Unfortunatley, acting is a tough business for a Christian nowadays, because not many scripts do that anymore.

    3.) Are Americans currently in the process of embracing or distancing themselves from Hollywood and the values it espouses?

    Definately embracing, head-on.

    4.) Should Christian filmmakers try to infiltrate Hollywood or start an independent Christian film industry?

    Hmmm….both. Can you imagine what an influence Christian film-makers would have if they were at the center of Hollywood? Talk about a light in dark places! On the other hand, it’s tricky territory, so it might be better if there was a completely separated Christian film industry. But see, then very few non-Christians would even try those movies out.

    5.) Is Hollywood growing in power and influence or weakening?

    Growing, without a doubt. It’s slowly choking us.

    6.) How many movies do you watch a month? Do you think it’s too many, too little, or just right?

    Hmm. Can’t put a number on it, which might be a bad thing. The number has gone down… probably around 10, maybe 12. I’ll have to think about the second part…

    7.) What’s your favorite movie?

    Lord of the Rings, among others. I love movies with life themes, courage, loyalty, bravery, friendship, etc. probably because I am a Christian, and I see how those themes tye into the Christian life.

    8.) Would the kinds of movies you watch most frequently qualify as wise companions or foolish companions?

    Ugh, what a poignant question! Ouch! Um, probably more of the ‘not-wise’ category on certain things. I know it’s a conscience issue, but yeah, I’ll admit it, there have been several movies I’ve regretted having watched, and several others I know I probably shouldn’t watch again. I can feel a war against the flesh approaching me, let me tell you!

    Great questions, you guys!

  • 1) Worse in general, although better in some aspects.

    2) Recently, Hollywood has put out some good movies with moral dilemmas that turn out well(e.g. Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, The Day After Tomorrow, U-571, Master and Commander, The Great Raid). Now, most of those movies were war movies, so, some of that should be expected…. 🙂 Speaking of war movies, they have gotten a lot more realistic. WIth the exception of the language, I view that as a good thing, as it prevents the overglorification of war and gives us a greater apprecieation of the men who fought and died. Also, I have noticed that fathers and sons have come up (The Day After Tomorrow, Finding Nemo), and the importance of their relationship is presented in a good light. So, those things I think are worth redeeming.

    3) When Hollywood makes movies that resonate with the American people, then they do. A lot of those movies I mentioned above were major hits (additionally, the Passion). Now, it oculd be because they are war films, and that may have certainly played a part, but I think it is encouraging when something like the Passion or SPR gets high marks. So…..when the values are good, yes. Although, a lot of bad values have also been embraced….Titanic, Wedding Crashers, Sin City, Mr. & Mrs. Smith – movies I have heard contain lots of sex – have also been popular, with Titanic being the #1 grossing film of all time, IIRC.

    4) Independent. (Or both. 😀 )

    5) I think it is weakening.

    6) Hmmm….having gone to college has kinda thrown off the numbers…it used to be like 2-4, now, maybe 10-12. 🙂 To be honest….it might be too many. 😀

    7) Only one? 😀 I guess I would have to say….The Great Escape. I love that film (the book is even better, though! 😀 ). Disclaimer: I have not yet seen We Were Soldiers…that might become #1. 🙂

    8) Well, since I am in the military (contracted ROTC cadet), I would consider many of the war films I watch to be wise companions (some of them were recommended by a Christian Sergeant I met, who had been in combat in Iraq). 🙂

  • 1. Worse…our society is begging for more violence, sex, adultry, profanity…you name it.

    3. I would say that the secular society EMBRACES what Hollywood is teaching them. I also know Christians watch a lot of Hollywood, but (hopefully) they are not following the path that Hollywood is laying out block by block (or should i say movie by movie.)

    5. I think Hollywood is growing in power. If you want to make a fire bigger, put more wood in! That is excatly what we are doing. Our society is not saying no to movies they know are bad. Christian or non-Christian, I think everyone knows whether such and such a movie would be appropriate.

    6. I watch probably 1 or maybe even 2 at most during a month. I don’t have time, and when I do have time…there are much better things to be done. I think the amount of tv and movies is just right.

    7. Well that is always one fot the hardest questions. When I was little my all time favorite was Robin Hood…the fox! I do like While You Were Sleeping, and the Lord of the Rings series. The most recent movie I watched though was The Greatest Game Ever Played…it was excellent!

  • 1. Overall, it seems that Hollywood is getting worse in that violence, bad language, and suggestive content is becoming more common in movies aimed toward young audiences. Example, the animated movie “Robot” which is geared toward children and family audiences was rated PG for “suggestive material.” Though the suggestive material in the movie was much less than could be found in a movie rated PG-13, for example, its still being pushed to the mainstream. Also, though Hollywood has produced some movies that contain/promote good morals, the morality they promote is found outside of Christ. Hence, the morality is meaningless and without foundation.

  • 1. Well, I think we’re at a turning point. I think there is a slight chance that “moral” movies are starting to take hold (i.e. LOTR, Passion of the Christ, Narnia (sp?)).

    2. Hard to say.

    3. Since Hollywood has been having sales problems lately, I think Americans are starting to wake up.

    4. Sure, why not?

    5. I believe Hollywood is weakening.

    6. If you mean movies at the theatre, maybe 1 a month. Movies at home, maybe 10 a month.

    7. The Lord of the Rings series!

  • 1) Worse. Even G rated movies often have a least some adult humor.
    2) I think it could be worth redeeming. But it would be very unlikely that it would happen.
    3) I would say many americans are embracing it. The number of R rated movies and horror seems to be increasing. And they wouldn’t if they weren’t on demand currently.
    4) I think independent and try to do stuff that can get into the box office. If indepedent filmmakers do well enough then I think hollywood will want us to join them and want our opinion.
    5) I personally think that it is weakening and because of this trying to get more and more extreme in what they make. I think they are getting the idea that if they make their movies exotic enough they’ll get more of an audience.
    6) It really depends. I’d say about 3 movies or so. I don’t really pay a lot of attention. But I think as little as possible is best. Although I do enjoy watching movies with my family and being able to laugh about them.
    7) I think the Phantom of the Opera right now. I like regency, victorian, and other films like that.

  • 1. Worse. I don’t watch very many movies, but even The Incredibles is worse in some ways than movies that were made 50 years ago.
    2. I have no idea…
    3. I think people are beginning to realize how extreme Hollywood is.
    4. Both.
    5. I think Hollywood’s power has seen its peak, and is now beginning to lessen.
    6. I watch 2-3 movies a month.
    7. It’s hard to say…I’m on an Audrey Hepburn kick right now – Roman Holiday, How to Steal a Million, etc. I really like the old musicals – Singing in the Rain, Calamity Jane, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
    8. I’ll follow the trend and not respond to this question 🙂 .

  • 1.) Is Hollywood getting better or worse?

    Well, you look at movies like The Ring or Kill Bill, and you might think yes. Then you see movies like Finding Nemo, and Ice Age, and you might think no. I’d say that for an area of the media so full of power, they are managing to keep their heads above water.

    2.) What in Hollywood is worth redeeming? What is not?

    Redeeming? Everything.

    3.) Are Americans currently in the process of embracing or distancing themselves from Hollywood and the values it espouses?

    I’d say you’ve got yourself a split. Some distance, some embrace.

    4.) Should Christian filmmakers try to infiltrate Hollywood or start an independent Christian film industry?

    Be in the world but not of it was the line Jesus used I believe. I do not believe that an idependent industry would do anything to further the church’s image in the eyes of the rest of the world.

    5.) Is Hollywood growing in power and influence or weakening?

    I think that it is holding steady right now. Though the internet is taking over fast…

    6.) How many movies do you watch a month? Do you think it’s too many, too little, or just right?

    Maybe 5 or so. I’d like to watch more, especially since I’m interested in movies that the culture enjoys.

    7.) What’s your favorite movie?

    Hmmm. I don’t know. I like the SW saga and the LotR, but there are movies, like Radio, that just touched me.

    8.) Would the kinds of movies you watch most frequently qualify as wise companions or foolish companions?

    Hmm. Most of them would be wise companions. However, I would like to say that I don’t agree that movies can be considered bad companions when you are watching them with God’s purpose of redemption in mind.

  • 1.) Is Hollywood getting better or worse?


    2.) What in Hollywood is worth redeeming? What is not?

    Ummm…what do you mean?

    3.) Are Americans currently in the process of embracing or distancing themselves from Hollywood and the values it espouses?

    I think embracing, probably

    4.) Should Christian filmmakers try to infiltrate Hollywood or start an independent Christian film industry?

    Hmm. Tough one. Ahhh….independent Christian film industry. Because they couldn’t ever COMPLETELY inflitrate it.

    5.) Is Hollywood growing in power and influence or weakening?


    6.) How many movies do you watch a month?
    Do you think it’s too many, too little, or just right?

    For me, just right- which equates to very little. Probably less than one a month… books are way better

    7.) What’s your favorite movie?

    Phantom of the Opera! Or the Lord of the Rings… Or Zorro, that one’s good…Or Pirates of the Carribean. No, not the last one, though it was good…but actually, all the ones I listed are pretty much all the movies I acutally like! which shows how little I see. But I really don’t think I’m missing out!

    8.) Would the kinds of movies you watch most frequently qualify as wise companions or foolish companions?

    Definately not foolish companions. Dunno about ‘wise’, though…I mean, c’mon, is Phantom of the Opera really ‘wise’? To be honest, I just love the music…but I guess LOTR has an allegory going on… still, I don’t know if the kind of fun, clean, adventure/suspense kind of movies I like would fall under the ‘wise’ category… maybe, I dunno.

  • Last Part: (did I just hear a sigh of relief?) ; P
    8.) I believe I answered this in part with my answer to number 7. I will add this question that has been going through my mind: If everything we do is to be honoring to Him, and to follow His standards, where does that leave movies? At this point I wonder if there is any place for them at all. Which one one hand causes me to hesitate because I like my movies, but on the other I know, that if God has for us a “higher calling” (as defined above) then it will be worth giving up anything. Let me add two things: 1.) though I am not sure if it leaves places for movies now, If we can get Christian movie makers out there, we just may. 2.) A man once asked me a question I did not how to answer, but if a “higher calling” is true I amy have found an answer, He said this, “I read the Bible, and it has rape and murder, and sexual immorality in it, how is it different than any other book? As I said earlier, at the time I did not know how to answer. But now I think I do, and my answer is this: The difference is not in that the Bible does not have sinfull things in it, sin is a part of life, it cannot be avoided. The difference is that the Bible says those things are sin. It portrays them as wrong.

    Before I close: I was talking to a friend of mine about the Passion of the Christ. And I cannot remember exactly how he put it, but he suggested the following idea: Seeing the Passion of the Christ could hurt our testimony. why? because, if we loved our Saviour as much as we ought then wouldn’t it be to painfull for us to go and see a movie that portrays His gruesome death? (I cannot remember what all he said, I know there is more but my memory is failing me. I will try to find out and let you guys know because I’m sure there will be questions. I know I questioned.)
    lol, I am sorry. maybe I should just go start my own blog. : P I can only hope that you guys will forgive me on the grounds that I have been bitten by the rebelution bug.
    your sister in Christ, lioness4Him

  • part 5: (starting with part 3 of 7)

    Let me give you an example: lying, it is considered by many an okay thing. Christians may consider it “bad”, but lying isn’t as bad as murdering right? take a look at Romans 1:28-32. The first verse (v.28) tells us what we are about to read, it says, “God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting.” This establishes that what we are about to hear is a list of things that “are not fitting” that are “bad.” now in v. 29-31 is the list , it says, “sexual immorality, wickedness,… murder…..deceit….back biters, haters of God….violent…unforgiving….unmercifull.” (and that’s not all of them) but note in the same list with murder, and haters of God, is lying. Not only is lying considered to be as bad as murder but look at v. 32: “who, knowing the righteous judgement of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death….” Deserving of death. According to God’s judgment that is what lying is. It is deserving of death. and yet we do not realise it. Why? a,) because God’s standards are so different from ours. and b.) even if we learn God’s standards, books, movies, and magazines are ready and willing to give us the world’s standard, and make it really easy for the realisation that lying is a sin deserving of death, to be dulled and fade. If I am called to think as He does, why put myself in front of things where His standards not only do not matter, but they are said to be wrong. All of this going to say that until I get my own desires in movies untangled from what God desires for me, I do not have a favorite movie

  • part 4: (starting with part 2 of #7)

    This really hit me as I was reading a story in Joshua ch.7. Joshua (and the warriors) are fighting a battle for God, but they are losing. Finally Joshua despairs and says, “what will happen when we lose? Everyone will see we are defeated and come after us.” And the Lord, told Joshua, “someone has sinned, they have taken what I told them not to, “they have become doomed to destruction” (v. 12) you cannnot hope to win until the “accursed” things that I said not to take are destroyed/removed from you.” Tomorrow the tribes will be brought, and I will choose a tribe, and then a family, and then a household, and then a man. v.15: “And then it shall be that he who is taken with the accursed thing shall be burned with fire, he and all that he has, because he has transgressed the covenant of the Lord…” and it goes on to to tell how the man was found (his name is Achan) and Achan confessed saying,” (v.20& 21b) Indeed I have sinned against the Lord God of Israel…I coveted them (silver and clothes) and took them.” The story continues on and says that Achan and his family and his animals and everything that was his was stoned and then burned. The first thought that came into my head after reading this was, “Ouch! Lord, isnt’ that a little harsh?” And then it hit me; that is how much God cannot stand sin. and if God cannot stand sin that much, that he would have an entire family burned because of one mans coveting, what am I doing putting myself in front of movies, even “Christian” movies that make sin okay? I am already decensitised enough, I do not need to be anymore. We may say, “well, I know what is right and wrong I am not going to go out and do something bad just because a movie says it’s okay.” That may be true, but watching it be made okay, whether you realise it or not, dulls your mind to it. .

  • Part 3:
    6.) I think it’s too many in that often times I watch movies when that time would have been used better by thinking on something I just heard or thought of. (that would have been good to dig deeper into. Such as a sermon or a scripture concept.)

    7.) (part 1 of 7) hum, I don’t know if I am prepared to answer that right now. Lately I have found a lot of things in Scripture that point to Christians having a “higher calling.” Many Christians stay away from some things in movies, because they know the Bible says that they are wrong, (sex before marriage ect.) but when they want to know how “good” they are doing they compare themselves to the world. When we do that we look pretty “good.” But we are missing the point. God does not call us to compare ourselves to the world, but to His standards. One way I have heard this illustrated is the following: Your hungry, and you decide that you are going to eat a hamburger. So you get out the hamburger buns and get it all set up and then you decide that it needs a little seasoning. So you add some salt to your hamburger, making it 50% salt and 50% hamburger. Yuck! Not only does that much salt taste bad but it’s definitely not good for you. So you decide to fix it. You make your hamburger so that it is 25% salt and 75% hambuerger. We think, “that’s twice as good as the fifty percent…” but it’s still yuck so you decide to try again. This time you make it 10% salt and 90% hamburger. Still yuck, but we get tricked into thinking it’s good when we think, “wow! that’s five times better than 50%!” Do you see where I’m going with this? God’s standards are not our own. But they are what we are called to follow. We are striving to become more like Christ. We cannot measure ourselves by the worlds standards.

  • Part 2:
    3.) It depends on what you mean by “Americans.” The definition of Americans (as of today) is not what our founders started it out to be. Our country was started because the colonials/settlers were not able to worship God. Note that it was for God that they wanted freedom, not for freedom to abandon all morals. Yet that is what many “Americans” are trying to do. While the “group” of Christians is not non-existent, the number of those who do not or cannot recognise sin is growing larger. As a majority those in Hollywood are of the latter group. Because of the fact that sin is being supported as okay or normal, those Americans who are trying to follow Christ and be capable of knowing what is good according to Him, (Eph. 4:10) would not want to embrace Hollywood. Why? because: a.) we don’t want to support sin as being okay and b.) Even though we may say that we know what is good and what is bad it is really easy to become accustomed to sin and to lose track of what is good. It is possible to lose track of right and wrong (Isaiah 5:20) We need to gaurd our knowledge of good and bad.

    4.) I know there are some independant Christian film industries, although they do not have the fame that comes with being in Hollywood. I think so far it is a very small group of people that are trying this, but I think if the different small groups were made aware of each other it would work to have an independant industry. I think that going independant would be best. Coming with infilterating Hollywood is the fact that there would always be those who are not likeminded and I think for a ministry/industry like this to work in our world we need to be relaly focused on Christ and striving towards a common goal. Having non-Christians as part of the organisations would undermine that.

    5.) Growing. No matter where you turn Hollywood is in front of you. Now that we have portable dvd players and cable TV and internet, Hollywood has more of an access to homes themselves. Whereas, in the time before we had the TV pushing movies and movie adds everywhere, movie going was not something that was pushed int he home. It was an outside thing. As my mom puts it, when she was little watching a TV show once a week was a big thing. The whole family watched and it was not taken for granted. Now it is made an everyday, normal occurence to either watch some sort of show or go to the movies or see commercials for movies on TV.

  • okay, I am sorry that this is going to be so long. But I firmly believe that media is an area that God has called for a rebelution in. (this will be in two parts as I have apparently exceeded the 3000 character limit. (hehe..)
    and I may be “truncated.” at the moment I am not sure what that means but it sounds bad (I’m thinking it means shortened which I consider bad) so I will attempt to avoid it by splitting this in two.
    (or 3 or 4…)

    Part 1:
    1.) Worse. But let me expand on that a bit. I think we have a tendency to think that “50 years ago” or back in “such-and-such days” things weren’t as bad as they are now. The phrase “back in the good old days” is an example of this thinking.
    I wonder if this thinking is right. Though 50 years ago movies weren’t as “bad” in their content, (at least not in general) sin was still the same. The same “scandals” that are going on now (with actors ect.) were going on then. Perhaps the difference is in that sin is more accepted now? Or maybe it just appears to be to be more accepted, from the accounts that we know. (Many times “scandal” stories/sin being made okay fades with time, while things such as “honest Abe” live on. Unless the Bible says that the world is getting worse, which may be the case, I think that perhaps the sin was still there, the same as it is today, but somehow our view of “way back when” has bee an idealised one. One that remembers things that are good, and lets the bad fade into the background.

    2.) what is worth redeeming? what is not? I think the main thing to look at is the character and mindset of the movies. In anything we do I think a main question is this: does this movie (book, friend, music) portray what God says is good as something desirous? (and/or that we need His help?) Or does it make sin okay? If it makes sin okay or normal then it does not appear to be sin anymore. If we do not realise we have sin and need help (saved) then there is no need for a Saviour. What not to redeem: something that encourages the false idea that man does not need God.

  • Lioness4Him: You had a lot of great thoughts and I’m so glad you shared them. Don’t worry about the length. We’re glad you’ve caught the fire of the Rebelution.

    I loved the hamburger and salt analogy. You’re right too. Very often we compare ourselves to the standards of the world and forget all about God’s standards. That’s what the Rebelution is all about. As Christian teenagers we’re not to compare ourselves to the low expectations of our society, but to pursue the standard of God’s Word (1 Timothy 4:12).

  • friend of lioness4Him

    Although I have no seen the Passion of the Christ, I do not think it could hurt our testimony. Christ’s crucifixion was bloody, gory, mutilating, brutal, ugly, and long.

    Christ’s crucifixion is also the foundation of our faith:
    By his stripes we are healed.
    Without blood there is no remission.
    He humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.
    -and it was not just physical aguish; My God, my God, why has Thou forsaken me?

    As a Christian I cannot separate myself from Christ’s death. Christ’s death and resurrection is the most important thing for life, so all it’s gore and all it’s glory is good for me to think about. If the Passion is as acurate and touching as I hear it is, then it is a wise companion because it makes the view think about the most imporant thing to live.

    This reasoning can be applied to other movies as well. If a movie stimulates criticle thinking about deep subjects, it may be a good companion. If its visual content is corruptingly impure (super sex-stressed) then the movie is not good because it enters impure images into my mind.

    1. Hollywood is declining in morality.

    2. The beauty in some Hollywood movies is worth redeeming. The postmodernism is not.

    3. Americans can hardly be distancing themselves from the Hollywood when we the time we spend watching TV could fill a part-time job and when actors are fashionable in their clothing, world views, mental capacity, etc. Americans do not swallow everything they hear, but Hollywood values increase in popularity.

    4. Christian’s involved in cenima can make an difference in Hollywood or out of it. Hollywood needs missionaries and salt. But it would be dangerous to work in such atmosphere of floating fallacies, so I would also support independent Christian film-making. As a consumer, I think Hollywood might be slightly more asthetic, while Christian film makers would be much more concerned about purity.

    5. Hollywood’s influence is growing.

    6. I watch 2-3 movies a month, including both home viewing and theater.

    7. I like the Borne movies (action), The Lord of the Rings (epic story), Pride and Prejudice – the BBC version only (dialogue/romance), The Nativity (Jesus).

    8. Most of the time I do not watch movies that could qualify to the ideal of wise companion. Generally, they are fluffy, inconsequential, leaving a bitter taste afterward that the time could have been spent better. My excuse for watching these is that I am usually spending the time with my friends, but that is fairly flat because it is difficult to connect in conversation while staring at a screen. Almost never I do watch degrading movies, but my selections are usually foolish companions for the time they waste.

  • 1.)Worse. Way Worse.
    4.)Start an independent Christian film industry.
    5.)I think that it is growing.
    6.)One a month, if that. Usually it’s a documentary, anyway. 🙂

  • 1. Worse. So many movies now are filled with sensuality, violence, and bad language. It’s getting so I can’t look at the posters advertising the movies because they’r e so bad.

    2. Huh?

    3. Embracing it totally. Well, okay, definitely NOT ALL Americans, but definitely the majority.

    4. Hmm…that’s hard to say. But I think that if they made their own movie-making industry, most people would avoid it. So, I guess the first choice.

    5. I don’t really know. But my best guess would be that it’s growing in power.

    6. Maybe about….5? Usually one a week, sometimes two, sometimes none. And some are educational ones about mammals and bugs. I think it’s just right.

    7. Ooohh…hard question! But my top five are: Over the Hedge, POTC 1 and 2, Wives and Daughters, and…..either The Incredibles, the new The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, the new Pride and Prejudice, I Love Lucy, or that movie but I forgot what it was called. It was about this guy in the Coast Guard Rescue Unit and he was training other students to be in it too, and all that stuff.

    8. Definitely more wise than foolish. The ones I watch most frequently are animated ones like The Incredibles and Over the Hedge, shows like I Love Lucy, and educational movies.

  • 1: I’m not shure. You look at some movies, and sayyes , then at others and say not really.
    2: I think that there are some good filmmakers you want to producegood quality movies, Walden Media for example. Then, there is so much immoral stuff, and when I see the way actors are idolized, I cry help!
    3:I really think you have a split there. Maybe more embrace it then those who don’t, but still. I think some people are starting to rejet it.
    4: I don’t think the church should get really involved in the media industry. Facing the Giants is one of my favorite movies, and that was made by a church. As one outlet of minestry, it’s alright. But I feel very uncomfortable with churches getting way to involved. I’m don’t really thimk many unbelievers would o to see independent
    christian films. So, not really.
    5:Again, I’m not shure
    6:I watch barely any, maybe2-4 a week. And watch really OLD movies, not much hollywood stuff.
    7: Facing the giants, LOVE Lord of the rings and narnia, Ben-Hur, and Cars. I watched some of Pirates of the Carribean, and don’t really like the plot, but I think the stuff that goes on in the middle are funny.I’m also uncomfortable with the portrayal of pirates as good guys.
    8: Mostly wise. I like some pixar stuff, but they arestarting to get more enviromental, with more rather crude humor. I loved Lord of the Rings and Narnia, because they are clean, very intresting and exiting, and I don’t have to worry about anything in those. I also like some war movies, such as Mcarthur, Guadalcanal diary.

  • By the way, this has no bearing whatsoever on the subject, but I’ve got a question: If youths in the rebellion are rebelling, then what are youths in the rebelution doing? Rebeluting?

  • Ok, I am soooo unbelievably late in posting on this, but I wanted to post my top 100 favorite movies…just kidding! 7) I *love* LOTR, the new Pride and Prejudice, The Princess Bride, Napoleon Dynamite, the Narnia movies (the new ones), It’s a Wonderful Life, and many, many more. lol Oh, and a quick note, a lot of these movies are “censored” in our house, aka muted or fast forwarded (that sure relates to the comic, doesn’t it?). Anyway, I suppose that’s all I have to say.

  • 1.) Is Hollywood getting better or worse?

    Has Hollywood ever really been good? I think day by day its only getting worse. Like someome said above, the world has a hunger for innapropriate content, which shows that the world is working in flesh and not in spirit.

    2.) What in Hollywood is worth redeeming? What is not?

    The actors and actresses I think. They do have talent, I just pray they someday learn to use it for God, and not themselves. I’m not saying they’re all bad though. Jesus always offers forgiveness, so there’s always hope as long as God’s around, and God’s NEVER planning on leaving! 😀

    3.) Are Americans currently in the process of embracing or distancing themselves from Hollywood and the values it espouses?

    EMBRACING! Have you ever noticed how movies and the things they expose effect people? Gosh, they even effect me!

    4.) Should Christian filmmakers try to infiltrate Hollywood or start an independent Christian film industry?

    Well, I don’t know. I actually want to be a filmmaker, BUT I DO NOT WANT TO BE IN HOLLYWOOD. Um, but it all depends, ya know? Like maybe God could use them to give messages to the world through a big media system, but then again, does God really want us to put oursleves in that enviourment? Personally for me, I know it’s not what God wants for me.

    5.) Is Hollywood growing in power and influence or weakening?

    Both, I think. Mainly growing though. I’ve been reading others’ comments, and a lot are saying ite weakening, and I tend to agree. But again, people are never going t top watching TV/MOVIES. So, there’ll always be an influence through Hollywood.

    6.) How many movies do you watch a month? Do you think it’s too many, too little, or just right?

    NO! DON’T ASK ME THAT! hehe…well, since I REALLY want to be a director(LORD-WILLING!), I watch quite a few. Probaly 5-10. It used to be like one every other night, but it’s lessened. Um, but I only watch like wholesome movies.

    7.) What’s your favorite movie?

    Ooh, you shouldn’t get me going!
    Anne of Green Gables 1-3, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe(new), Prince Caspian(new), I am David, The Devil’s Arithmatic, Lemon Snickets, Amazing Grace, Pride and Prejudice(old version), Becoming Jane, Northanger Abbey, etc etc..

    8.) Would the kinds of movies you watch most frequently qualify as wise companions or foolish companions?

    99.9% WISE. Not too brag, but God’s really convicted me on what I watch, so it is true.

    Thanks guys! That was really thought-provoking!

  • 1.) Is Hollywood getting better or worse?

    In general, worse. Our culture is going downhill.

    2.) What in Hollywood is worth redeeming? What is not?

    The people, they are God’s creation.

    3.) Are Americans currently in the process of embracing or distancing themselves from Hollywood and the values it espouses?

    Embracing with an exclamation mark.

    4.) Should Christian filmmakers try to infiltrate Hollywood or start an independent Christian film industry?

    Hollywood is so popular, so I think that Christian filmmakers should try to infiltrate Hollywood, and that could be a way to reach out to nonbelievers.

    5.) Is Hollywood growing in power and influence or weakening?

    I don’t know that much about Hollywood.

    6.) How many movies do you watch a month? Do you think it’s too many, too little, or just right?

    I watch probably anywhere from 0-4, and I think it’s just right, if there is such a thing…

    7.) What’s your favorite movie?


    8.) Would the kinds of movies you watch most frequently qualify as wise companions or foolish companions? [For background on this question, click here.]

    Um, very convicting… 50-50 probably

  • Hollywood is gettintg worse, but at least most kid movies still present good morals. (i.e. Ice Age, trust, and love) My Dad doesn’t like the ratings because some rated G or PG movies can be worse than some PG-13 movies. For example, Bella is rated PG-13, but it presents a ver good message. Shrek is rated PG and is beyond horrific. We can’t let Hollyood tell us what is ok for kids to watch and what is not because they don’t hold the same views and values.

  • 7. What is your favorite movie?

    Well, like a lot of people, I absolutely adore Lord of the Rings. And both of the new Narnia movies (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian) are wonderful, though I think they left out a lot of the Christian principles that I especially loved in Prince Caspian.

    8. Would the kinds of movies you watch most frequently qualify as wise companions or foolish ones?

    I think there’s so many good principles that can be learned from these (and many other) movies!!!! If we put our “Jesus-glasses” on when we watch these movies – not merely glossing over the really special parts, the deep values, the lessons that could be learned – then we do indeed have many faithful companions by our side.

    Just out of curiosity, in case anyone ever reads and replies to this stuff any more, what do people thing about Princess Diaries? (personally I…don’t care for them, but I know quite a few people, including my sis, who loves ’em)


  • I am so-so on the Princess Diaries. I personally don’t think they promote particularly good morals. It could have been better, but that’s Hollywood for ya! I really like the Narnia movies (I am called a Narnia Nerd) and the star wars series best. Love Comes Softly is right behing them. They all have great morals in them that my dad loves.

  • This is SOOO True!
    There is a lot of sin out in movies these days!
    My family and I are amazed about how horrible the movies are that come out every week.
    Why they can’t see this is sin amazes me.


  • Interesting comic. It is sad what’s happening to movies. I see ads for movies that are about violence and stuff. It looks so scary! Why would someone even want to watch that? These are kewl comics. I didn’t even know that they had like Christian comic strips.

  • 1.) Is Hollywood getting better or worse?
    Worse, definitely.

    2.) What in Hollywood is worth redeeming? What is not?
    What’s worth redeeming? The creativity, the imagination of all the people who come up with ideas for great movies (often regrettably spoiled with problematic content), and the people with the skill to direct, produce, edit, and act in them. What’s not worth redeeming? A lot of the people within Hollywood just live corrupted or despicable lives, and many of the movies that are created come out with tons of horrible content in them. So it’s different sides of the same coin. It can be used for evil, or good.

    3.) Are Americans currently in the process of embracing or distancing themselves from Hollywood and the values it espouses?
    I think Americans are really truly embracing Hollywood and its values, because films reflect the values/moral levels within society, and I’ve been noticing lately that movies that would’ve been rated R even ten years ago now barely constitute a PG-13… showing that society’s sensitivity/morality levels are free-falling.

    4.) Should Christian filmmakers try to infiltrate Hollywood or start an independent Christian film industry?
    I believe Christian filmmakers should be able to create an independent film industry, however, there doesn’t seem to be enough to create a truly profitable, working one yet, so for the time being the only option seems to be to infiltrate Hollywood or settle for low-grade indie films.

    5.) Is Hollywood growing in power and influence or weakening?
    I think it’s growing… the movie industry is one of the few industries that hasn’t lowered/collapsed altogether with the recession.

    6.) How many movies do you watch a month? Do you think it’s too many, too little, or just right?
    Probably around ten… I think it’s not too large of an amount, as long as the movies themselves are appropriate for viewing and they don’t become your main priority in life. It might be just a couple over the right amount, but it’s close to the right amount.

    7.) What’s your favorite movie?
    That tends to change a lot, since I don’t really care for watching movies repeatedly. Probably Get Smart, or maybe the new Star Trek.

    8.) Would the kinds of movies you watch most frequently qualify as wise companions or foolish companions?
    It pains me to say it, but the standalone movies don’t qualify as good companions, more like foolish companions. I watch movies on a filtered DVD player (ClearPlay, and I highly recommend it to anyone out there who loves movies), which brings down the effects (I can watch an R-rated action film and it’ll bring down the levels to that of a PG or PG-13 film), but the movies themselves aren’t the best ones to surround myself with. I’ll have to rethink my movie habits after this…

  • 1. Hollywood is definately getting worse.

    2. The technology could definately be used by Christians in a positive way. Immorality is not worth redeeming.

    3. Americans are for the most part embracing Hollywood.

    4. They should stay independent.

    5. Hoolywood is definately growing in its’ influence.

    6. We watch no more than three movies a month. I think this is a good average.

    7. The Ultimate Gift and Facing the Giants are definately my favorite movies.

    8.I think they would qualify as wise companions. I’m not a big T.V./movie watcher, so in order to get me to watch it it has to be good.

  • th0ugh I have other 0pinion on s0me little details I give y0u props for a well written post. Keep up the g00d work. Sorry f0r my poor english, it’s n0n my usual spoken language

  • I think that there is a difference between the movies we watch being wise choices, e.g. movies that have a good moral and do not lead us away from God and towards sin, and movies that are wise companions. Watching an animated movie is probably a wise choice compared to watching a movie with sex scenes but that does not make it a wise companion. Surely a wise companion does more than just not harm you? I think a wise companion should also inform and help guide you and I am not sure that watching Toy Story really does that for me.

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