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Video: Brittany McComb Speech and Crowd Reaction


UPDATE: Watch the extended video of the speech:

— Click Here — has footage from Brittany McComb’s speech (read our full coverage). To launch the streaming Windows Media file (.asx) click on the snapshot above or use this link.*

The video itself is slightly confusing, jumping between several clips and cutting the audio several times, seemingly for no reason. A few things remain very clear, however:

  • The cheers and applause that greeted Brittany’s last audible line: “God’s love is so great that he gave His only son up…”
  • The crowd’s response to Brittany’s mic being cut. Many in the audience began to boo, including a woman who is clearly heard yelling, “Turn the mic back on!”

The end of the video shows Brittany with her parents outside, being interviewed, and holding her speech, handwritten on index cards.

NOTE: If any of our more tech-savvy or Windows-using readers (we’re not very familiar with Windows) have a better way of making this video (or other videos) viewable/downloadable, let us know.

Brittany never got to Card #10, which reads “… life to the fullest. I now desire not my own will but the will of God for my life – however crazy or extravagant or seemingly mundane and uneventful that may prove…” (read the full speech)

*If you are a Mac user and don’t have Window Media Player, download Flip4Mac from the Microsoft website to view the WMV/WMA files in Quicktime. For Flip4Mac users, you can download the video by clicking here.

For full coverage of Brittany McComb’s valedictorian speech, click here.

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  • Note: The non-streaming file also works on Windows. Just click the link, and it should run either in your browser or in Windows Media Player. Flip4Mac is an add-on to QuickTime that allows you to play Windows files on Mac. Windowds Media Player comes with Windows. Either file works either way.

  • Bill, did you actually play the non-streaming file on Windows? It wasn’t working in Windows Media Player for me… Just in Quicktime with Flip4Mac.

    I can watch other WMV/WMA files just fine in Windows Media Player.

  • WMP is apperantly finicky about playing non-streaming files off the ‘net. What you need to do is: Right click the link, and click “Save Target As” (or your browser’s equivalent). Save the file on your desktop (or some other folder), and then double-click it. It should work in WMP.

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