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Brittany McComb: An Interview


Richard Abowitz from the blog has posted an interview he conducted with Brittany McComb. For readers unfamiliar with Brittany’s story, click here for our coverage. For the rest of you, excerpts from Brittany’s interview are below. Question: [One of my readers asks]: “Why didn’t you take legal action when the school edited your written speech? Couldn’t...

Brittany McComb: Legal Brief Available


The Rutherford Institute — representing high school valedictorian Brittany McComb (read the full story, click here) — has recently posted its legal brief in the First Amendment lawsuit it has filed against the Clark County school district. We know our legal-minded readers will be interested. However, others who have followed the story should also attempt to glean some of the detailed information...

Brittany McComb: Extended Video of Graduation Speech


Readers unfamiliar with Brittany McComb’s story, click here. Those who have followed The Rebelution’s coverage of Brittany McComb’s valedictorian address (for full coverage, click here) will be interested to watch a new video of her graduation speech, recently uploaded by the Rutherford Institute, the civil liberties and human rights group representing Brittany in legal action...

“Thank You” from Brittany McComb


Earlier this evening, Brittany posted a “thank you” message on her Myspace to all of her friends and to others supporting her stand. Praise God for her Christ-honoring attitude. And please, remember to keep Brittany in your prayers. Saturday, June 24, 2006 – (9:03 PM) I am writing tonight to give everyone one big, huge, heartfelt thank you. All of the support and encouragement I...

Video: Brittany McComb on the Today Show


Watch Brittany McComb on the Today Show. Clicking on the snapshot will take you to the media center. To download the Quicktime version (.mov) click here.
(HT: Counting Stones of Faith)

For full coverage of Brittany McComb’s valedictorian speech, click here.

Video: Brittany McComb Speech and Crowd Reaction


UPDATE: Watch the extended video of the speech: — Click Here — has footage from Brittany McComb’s speech (read our full coverage). To launch the streaming Windows Media file (.asx) click on the snapshot above or use this link.* The video itself is slightly confusing, jumping between several clips and cutting the audio several times, seemingly for no reason. A few...

Full Text of Brittany McComb’s Speech


On June 15, 2006 the Clark County School District halted the graduation speech of Foothill High School valedictorian Brittany McComb. District officials said Brittany’s references to Christianity amounted to proselytizing. Below is the full-text of Ms. McComb’s speech. (HT: Review-Journal) Do you remember those blocks? The ones that fit into cut-outs and teach you all the different...

Video: Brittany McComb on Hannity & Colmes


You can watch Brittany McComb on Hannity and Colmes, hosted by YouTube (click the screenshot or click here). UPDATE: If you prefer, download the Windows Media (.wmv) version by clicking here (HT: An excerpt from the interview: Sean Hannity: They want to silence you! What does that tell about our society right now? That you can talk about anything but that. Brittany: I agree...

Brittany McComb: Silenced At Graduation


This post serves as coverage central for Brittany McComb’s story. Updates will be added directly below in reverse chronological order. For first time vistors, the original post is below the updates. UPDATE #10: Read an interview with Brittany McComb conducted by Richard Abowitz of the blog. UPDATE #9: Read the legal brief submitted by The Rutherford Institute in the First...

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