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Lila Rose: Fighting for the Unborn


Lila Rose: Fighting for the Unborn

Lila Rose, 18, is a sophomore at UCLA and the founder of Live Action, a pro-life organization on campus. In March, she visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Los Angeles armed with a hidden camera, posing as a 15-year-old who had been impregnated by her 23-year-old boyfriend.

Though California law requires abortion providers to report all cases of statutory rape to the police, a staff member at Planned Parenthood instructed Lila to lie about her age so she could protect her boyfriend and go through with an abortion.

Planned Parenthood: If you’re 15, we have to report it. If you’re not, if you’re older than that, then we don’t need to… So we still have to call the police, and they still have to talk to you, but we aren’t going to force you do anything, basically.

15-year-old: Okay, but if I just say I’m not 15, then it’s different? So I could just say…

Planned Parenthood: You could say 16.

15-year-old: I could say 16?

Planned Parenthood: Yes.

15-year-old: Okay, yeah. So I would just write 16?

Planned Parenthood: Well, just figure out a birth date that works. And I don’t know anything.

The spring quarter edition of Live Action’s student magazine The Advocate broke the story last Tuesday, including a link to access the hidden camera footage on YouTube. On Monday, Lila received a letter from Planned Parenthood threatening legal action if she didn’t stop her undercover investigations, remove her videos from YouTube, and turn the original tapes and all copies over to Planned Parenthood.

“If you do not agree to take these three steps, [Planned Parenthood] will seek all legal remedies with no further warning to you,” the letter warned.

Lila has been forced to take the clips off YouTube, but offers two versions of the video that were obtained before YouTube clips were deleted. To download them, click here (clip) or here (extended).

UPDATE: Third parties have loaded the clips back on YouTube, now with improved subtitles and audio. See them and related videos below:

“Nothing changes the truth of what’s contained in those videotapes,” David French, Lila’s legal adviser, told CNS. “Planned Parenthood was advocating that a patient lie, advocating a way around mandatory reporting requirements for statutory rape, and … trying to bully her regarding the tapes themselves [cannot] change those facts.”

Meanwhile, Lila has been making a number of media appearances to continue to stand up and speak out for truth and the lives of the unborn. Tonight she will be appearing on the national news show The O’Reilly Factor at 5:00 PM (PST).

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Advocate has just reported that Lila’s appearance on The O’Reilly Factor has been rescheduled for tomorrow evening. That’s Thursday at 5:00 PM (PST) and again at 8:00 PM (PST) on Fox News.

Lila is an old acquaintance of Brett’s and mine through NCFCA speech and debate and we applaud the work she is doing at UCLA to advance a culture of life. Please join us in supporting and praying for her in the days and weeks ahead.

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Does the end justify the means?

    Is it alright to lie in order to (at least potentially) incriminate someone else?

  • Thanks to The Rebelution for making this info public. I will be following this now! May many more such people start things like this and wake the intentionally blind!! Thanks.

  • Bryan: What Lila has done is no different than when the police conduct a sting operation to bust a brothel or a drug ring. We are commanded to take no part (whether by action or complacency) in deeds of darkness, but rather to expose them (Ephesians 5:11). If Lila were bearing false testimony against Planned Parenthood (the Ninth Commandment), the Bible would clearly condemn her actions, but that is not the case here. Personally, I believe we need more investigative journalists like her who are willing to stand for truth and justice for the oppressed.

  • Wow, more people need to be hearing about this. It is so sad to read about how even more depraved our country is becoming (yet, we have hope in the Lord!). I will pray for Lila and her organization.

  • Go Lila! She will be in my prayers…as I praise the Lord for her willingness to do His work in this area.

    *Thanks Alex and Brett for publishing this and letting us know about it.*

  • Wow. Go Lila! Go NCFCA! Go life! Go truth!

    That was a somewhat risky thing she did, but for what a great reason! People need to wake up and realize the truth…and it often takes someone like Lila to show them what’s been hidden in darkness for so long.

    Thank-you Alex and Brett!

    ~Lady Tai

  • I don’t see how PlannedParenthood could take any legal action against her…
    They’re the ones breaking the law…
    And she wasn’t doing anything wrong… *shrugs* Our legal system is messed up…

    At any rate – I’m glad she’s doing the right thing.

    And thanks y’all for posting about it.

  • Thank you for bringing this story to my attention. I will probably blog it myself at some point, if I ever have time. I come from the perspective of being adamantly pro-choice and of being a supporter (and past client) of Planned Parenthood. I also come from the perspective of having been a sex crimes prosecutor for several years, having prosecuted statutory rape cases, and having supported and enforced mandatory reporting requirements. Here are my off-the-cuff reactions:

    (1) I haven’t read the California statutes, but certainly the Planned Parenthood worker’s actions would have been illegal under the mandatory reporting statutes in my state. Therefore, he or she should prosecuted. Furthermore, Planned Parenthood should promulgate and enforce policies to ensure compliance with mandatory reporting statutes.

    (2) Violation of mandatory reporting laws is not unique to Planned Parenthood. In my career as a prosecutor I have seen school guidance counselors, state child care workers, psychologists and church elders violate the mandatory reporting laws. I suspect most of these people believed (rightly or wrongly) that they were acting in the best interests of the underage victims in question. That doesn’t excuse violation of the law, but it does give lie to the popular pro-life notion that Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about its own clients.

    (3) There is a legitimate question as to whether mandatory reporting laws truly operate in the best interests of underage rape victims. After all, mightn’t these laws in many instances deter underage rape victims from seeking counseling and medical care and other assistance? Is it more important to catch offenders at all costs or to make sure there are no disincentives to victims to seek assistance? It is a tough policy decision. (I do not, however, advocate violating the law but rather we should consider whether the law should be changed.)

    (4) The fact that Planned Parenthood needs to shape up in this area in no way detracts from the marvelous work this organization has done in assisting women and girls in protecting themselves against diseases and taking control over their own reproductive capacity. As I said above, I am one of the many such women who have benefited from Planned Parenthood’s educational, contraceptive, counseling, and testing services. I count both my health and my personal freedom and dignity among the benefits Planned Parenthood has provided me.

    (5) Lila Rose’s point strikes me as disingenuous. She is a member of an anti-abortion organization, not a victims’ rights organization While she is condemning Planned Parenthood for not caring enough about the female victim she was pretending to be, her primary concern is for fetuses, not for the underage victims of abuse.

  • […] SupernaturalWarfare Taking Culture Head On « Take Culture Head On Planned Parenthood May 16th, 2007 Lila Rose, 18, is a sophomore at UCLA and the founder of Live Action, a pro-life organization on campus. In March, she visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Los Angeles armed with a hidden camera, posing as a 15-year-old who had been impregnated by her 23-year-old boyfriend. […]

  • Wow! Way cool article! I did a report on abortion for a class about two months ago. Learning about all the awful things they do to unborn children opened my eyes. Good job Lila! I will be praying.

  • The sad and ironic thing is that right now Planned Parenthood is pushing a bill to be passed in Oregon that violates the rights and privacy of the Pregnancy Resource Centers in that state.
    And yet they’re offended because of these tapes and say that Lila Rose hasn’t respected their privacy.
    Good job, Lila Rose!!!

  • [quote]On Monday, Lila received a letter from Planned Parenthood threatening legal action if she did stop her undercover investigations, remove her videos from YouTube, and turn the original tapes and all copies over to Planned Parenthood.[/quote]

    I think you meant to say “if she didn’t stop…”, not “if she did stop”.

  • Wow! That’s so cool!

    Looking forward to watching the O’Reilly factor tomorrow night.

  • I’m really proud of her for taking a public stand against abortion. Life, liberty, and freedom are the things upon which this country is built upon, yet children are unrightfully dying every day due to selfishness… It’s saddening.

    Thanks for posting!

  • If a police officer or someone working for the police had done what Lila did, and if the government could not prove that the Planned Parenthood staffer likely would have fudged for someone else anyway, then Planned Parenthood could raise the defense of “entrapment” (see here). She wasn’t, so they can’t.

    Planned Parenthood is threatening to sue Lila under the California Invasion of Privacy Act, Cal. Penal Code sec. 632; as you can see from the letter linked to in the CNS article. The law prohibits recording or eavesdropping on any confidential communication without consent of all parties. It carries a criminal fine of up to $2,500 and/or jail time. Then the injured party can bring a civil action for up to $5,000 or three times actual damages. That’s the law. And it’s part of the game. PP is using it for “damage control” and also to change the focus from their alleged lawbreaking to someone else’s. If one person gets away with taping a conversation, that opens the door to future exposures.

    Can you blame them? The PP of California president already admitted the staffer’s responses were wrong. All the rest is rhetoric.

    For Lila’s part, according her ADF lawyer David French, she doesn’t want to get into a legal scrape if it can be prevented. So she complies with the bulk of the demand, and continues toward the goal with a much bigger audience.


    As to the moral issues:

    Is it right to tell a girl to hide her age to keep her boyfriend out of jail? No.
    Exodus 23:1 “Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man be being a malicious witness.”
    Is it right to hide from a staffer about one’s real situation and motives? Maybe.
    In the case of Jacob, it was wrong. (Gen. 27) In the case of Joseph, it was right. (Gen. 42)
    Is it right to break state law by using a hidden camera to record evidence? Maybe.
    She may not have known about the law.
    If the prohibited action is necessary in order to obey God’s law or save human life, then God’s will may require us to break the human law. Sometimes we can make an appeal. (Dan. 1:8-16) But at other times, suffering the penalty is part of the deal. (Dan. 3:21) And sometimes not. (Dan. 3:25-28)

  • Interesting article. We need more people who are actively opposing abortion and its proponents. However, I feel that what Miss Rose did is probably morally wrong because she did intentionally deceive the PP staff worker. Alex, you said that “What Lila has done is no different than when the police conduct a sting”, and then you go on to point out that we as Christians should oppose evil. I agree with the last point, but, I don’t really see how saying “the police do it” really overcomes the ninth commandment. Frankly, I think there are better ways of combating PP and abortion than by using deception. Just because miss rose is no longer “bearing false testimony against Planned Parenthood”, does not eliminate the fact that she did it.This is not to put down anyone or discredit Miss Rose’s work, but I feel that you are supporting an “end justifies the means” sort of view. Again, I’m not attacking Miss Rose or the police, but I would like to see more of an explanation as to the ethicalness of sting operations and the like.
    BTW, I’d like to be an investigative journalist myself.

  • In New York the law states “only one person needs to know if you’re taping something and IT CAN BE ONLY YOU” didn’t know CA had different rules

  • PaW: I believe you may have misunderstood a few of the things I said, but instead of attempting to completely cover such a complicated issue in a single comment, I highly recommend that everyone read the following sermon by John Piper, which describes my position. I certainly do not commend lying. I do not take it lightly. But I do believe it is biblically possible for someone to fear and trust God in an extreme situation and yet feel constrained to oppose evil by lying. See the sermon below:

    Speak Truth with Your Neighbor

  • Alex, I’m sorry if I misunderstood you. I disagree with your conclusion, and with John Piper’s conclusion, but, as you have said, it is too complicated to discuss here. See my thoughts on the topic at the link below.
    I would like to mention quickly here that in extreme situations it is hard to know what to do, but I think that ideally one would display faith in God to work out the situation for good, without having to resort to deceit. In addition, I think this gives God room to work bigger, allowing for greater glory to be given to Him than would be possible through a deception.

    Moral Lying?

  • I would like to make one point. Living in these declining times we (christians, Americans) have forgotten that it is the governments job to administer justice (Romans 13) not ours, so while it might be okay for the government to do stuff like this it doesn’t justify us (the people of that government) if we were to step into the governments role, and take justice into our hands.

    While I don’t condemn Lila for what she did, or even question the morality of the issue at hand, we must not forgot that as individuals we answer to the authorities God ordained, and it is those ordained authorities jobs to administer justice (or wrath, as the bible states it), not ours. So, we must be careful when using government as a example which justifies what we do, for the simple reason that they have different job to do.

    In conclusion, when discussing something like this, I personally believe we must first go to the bible, then to the constitution and laws of this our nation for proper clarification on whether what Lila did was right or wrong.

  • PaW: I think we agree more than we may think, brother. I appreciated your post and, like John Piper does in his sermon, I recognize the overwhelming biblical emphasis on the condemnation of lying. I agree with you that many of the hypothetical situations people may bring up leave little room for God to show Himself strong and bring glory to Himself through the faith of believers.

    All I am seeking to do here is to acknowledge that worthy saints in Scripture, walking in faith and in the fear of God, chose to oppose deeds of darkness by concealing the truth from wicked men — and though they were not commended specifically for lying, neither were they condemned or reproved for it.

    Eric: That’s a very important point. However, I would mention that Lila was not seeking to administer justice in this case, but rather to expose evil that it might be addressed. If it is only the government’s job to expose corruption and evil, we only grow a large and corrupt government. Each of the jurisdictions God has established have distinct roles, but all of them serve to hold the others accountable. In this situation, Planned Parenthood is receiving taxpayer money and breaking federal law. It is the duty of a righteous citizen to expose that wrong.

  • I must say I was saddened to see such things condoned in the Rebelution blog, of all places. I’m having a hard time seeing how what she did aligns with the Rebelution’s mission statement. As several others have asked, does the end somehow make the means morally correct? Does not the Bible teach honesty in [i]all[/i] instances, and leaving the rest to God? It’s very distressing to see something like this posted without the moral issues not even touched on. She is guilty of the very thing they were advocating she did. I presume she is a Christian? Are we not to be good examples to our fellow beings? Somehow I cannot see Christ (our example) doing this, essentially trapping someone. Jesus never sought to embarrass, trap, deceive. He saught to save their souls! Should not we, as His followers, seek to do likewise?

  • Quote from the sermon you linked to: “extreme, life-threatening situations to oppose evil by lying intentionally”

    I honestly don’t think she was in said situation. It appears she went out on a mission of deceit, so to speak.

  • Wow, it is really amazing that Lila has chosen to use the gifts God has gvien her to impact others and save lives. Way to go! We should all follow her example, if we did this world would be a much diffrent place.

  • I think that what she has done is awesome. Abortion is a very interesting thing. Sometimes I wonder if it is really less about not wanting to have a baby as it is this new “no consequences” culture we are living in. “I want to do what I want, with whomever I want, whenever I want, without the responsibility and consequences that it brings.” Does anyone else agree with me? I could go on and on.

  • Nathan: I think if you read through the comments you’ll find that we have touched on all of those issues at length. I understand that you disagree, but we have not ignored the concerns. Personally, I cannot see how abortion cannot be seen as an extreme, life-threatening situation. 42 million lives and counting. Perhaps it is because Christians have grown calloused to the horror of it.

  • Alex, thanks for your openness on this issue. While we disagree on this issue, for the most part we do seem to agree, at least from what I have seen. This is one of those areas where the individual needs to be “fully convinced in his own mind”, and be careful to not be a stumbling block to others (Romans 14:5, NASB).
    I want to apologize for my possibly over-militant attitude. I am rather competitive, and when coupled with my pride, that makes me rather aggressive as I try to prove myself right. This pride of mine is all too prevalent among us in the church, and is responsible for hampering the church in its ministry. I’m sorry for my semi-militant attitude, and look forward to peacefully and lovingly handling similar issues in the future.

  • I just watched the report on the O’Reilly Factor and I just cannot express how awesome I think Lila’s message is. What an amazing opportunity to speak up, not only for the unborn but also for these young girls! We are praying for you Lila! I hope God blesses you immensely for the wonderful work you are doing!

  • Hey that’s awesome what Lila’s doing. I respect her courage and zeal to stand up for what’s right and expose the truth!
    But why the link to “A Superhero for Choice?”
    I watched it and I dont’ think you should offer the link…it presents pro-life supporters as zombies among many other very offensive things to those of us who view abortion as murder and are deeply grieved by the amount of children legally slaughtered every single day in our country.
    Maybe you just didn’t catch that, so I thought I would letchya know.

  • Wow! I think this is awesome. I admire this girl for what she did. We need more teens who are willing to stand up for what is right like this!

  • Rebekah: Did you get to read the description of that video? We completely agree with you! That video is an example of Planned Parenthood’s double standard of intolerance towards pro-lifers.

  • I luv Lila Rose! I only heard of her today as I checked up on the blog, but I’m already completely on the side of this young believer in Christ. I only wish I myself could do more for the pro-life cause. I’m so disgusted with abortion … I don’t even know half of what goes on in those clinics, but I have heard is appalling. I pray so hard that abortion will one day soon be banned.
    Just last week I took part in the annual Hike For Life – my first real opportunity to participate in something like that. It was great! We walked on the lake front for five miles in all, taking a stand for anti-abortion and supporting the Caris Pregnancy Clinics. (; I also made a website page through the hike for life website in hopes of raising funds for the clinic. I would encourage every one to participate in it … it’s so easy to make the website; just follow the steps from the hike for life website and send the link to friends and family, who will in turn donate to your page and support Caris. It was an encouraging and rewarding experience, and I’m thankful that I could help out in a small way.

    But anyway many thanks to Lila – her example is an inspiration to me. I pray that God will continue to bless her life in so many ways, as He has blessed mine through hers. 🙂

  • God bless you Lila. Take peace in the fact that God’s law of love and mercy supersedes all other laws (Matthew 12:1-14; 22:35-40). Take strength in the fact that God’s own heart is to extend grace toward the needy, oppressed, innocent (Psalm 12:5; 138:6) and the children (Matthew 18:1-7). Consider it a blessing when you are reviled, persecuted and judged for this (Matthew 5:10-16). Remember where the warfare is (Ephesians 6:10-13). During this trial, stay humble (James 4:6-10). I will keep you in prayer.

  • What Lila did was well meant I’m sure, but what does it really prove? I’ m sure most of the pro-lifers on this site have never actually had sex as teenagers, so from someone who has, newsflash: relationships between a 15 year old and 23 year old are common and in most cases are NOT abusive. The PP woman should not have tried to help Lila break the law, but what she was doing was not “evil.” She was trying to help a woman who was actually 18 and appeared mature. If I went in there at 15 or if my 15 year old daughter went in I would want them to perform the procedure that is best for and requested by the patient, regardless of the reported age of the father. When I as 15 my husband (my boyfriend then) was 19. If they would have told me that they had to report my boyfriend for statutory rape I would have left and had an abortion in another way, much more dangerous way.

    I think what it is wrong here is the law. They should not ask about the father’s age, only if the sexual relationship was consensual or rape, etc. Doctors should not be involved in legal issues lie this where there are so many grey areas, they should be about doing what is best for the patient and what the patient wants and needs.

    Pro-life people, please direct your good intentions to something where people actually want your help, did you know that 10 million (already born) children die of starvation every year? Have you heard of the 1/2 million dead in Darfur? Please stop trying to restrict my rights and go do something productive for people that are here, on earth, alive and suffering.

  • Real Feminist: Thank you for your comment. This is not the place for debating statutory rape laws, but I appreciated your thoughts. For us, the question is not just whether a girl is ready for a sexual relationship, but whether that relationship takes place within the broader and more meaningful context of a true, lifelong commitment. Just because something is not “abusive” does not make it right or good.

    Specifically regarding Planned Parenthood, a few thoughts: More extensive investigations to Lila’s have taken place in recent years (click here) where the situation was a 13-year-old with a 22-year-old boyfriend. In that study, 91 percent of the 800 PP clinics they contacted agreed to illegally conceal a case of statutory rape.

    If what you feel — that the laws are not in the best interest of the patient — is a view shared by PP, you would think that they would use some of their considerable lobbying power to change the laws, rather than continuing to claim that “99.9 percent of the time, our employees do follow the laws.” Another case surfaced just last week in Ohio. Eventually it stops being a “coincidence” or an “anomaly.”

    To be honest, I’m at a loss of words when it comes to your baffling final paragraph. Your accusations are incredibly broad and unfounded. I’ll… I’ll just leave it there.

  • Real Feminist — it’s easy to say that EVERYONE should oppose and combat starvation and Darfur-related deaths. There are also many other areas of life in this world which call honest, caring people to act for good. We each must choose which causes to debate and support. Most of us can do a lot of small good things for causes which we believe in. It is not a good argument for you to make the accusation against Christians that we don’t care — it doesn’t relate to the issue we are discussing. It is an ad hominem argument.

    One thing– few of us would say a relationship between a 23 yr old man and 15 yr old girl would be beneficial to either parties. (As for your own relationship which you mention, I would point out that there’s a big difference between a 4 year age gap and an 8 year age gap.) A relationship btw an older boy and a young girl should be taken much more seriously by those who care for the girl. Its not just a ‘choice’ for a girl to have a relationship like that. There’s so much more involved (not for discussion on this site). Even if there is no outright abuse, there will still be negative impact on the girl’s life. The abortion/contraception culture can deceive young people to make choices which they will regret.

  • for Propjets… “bear false witness against” someone is to say something about them that puts them in a bad light–that is, to say something untrue that burdens them with guilt. what Miss Rose did in regards Planned Parenthood was NOT in this category. What she did was simply to reveal their OWN false witness, in clear violation of California’s laws designed to prosecute those guilty of sexual misconduct with underage persons. Miss Rose did not “bear false witness” against anyone. In fact, her revealing the uncomfortable truth about PP’s disdain for the law and the safety of young children is the POINT of their issue with her. Darkness hates the light..PP hates being exposed, and is playing the bully to try and cover their falseness. To put forth an untruth that is neutral, as she did, in order to reveal someone else’s lie, is something OTHER than “bear false witness”. Many people equate lying (the relating of false information) with bearing false witness against another. Miss Rose’s “lie” about her “23 year old boyfriend” and her being pregnant was NOT against PP. Thus, she did not “bear false witness against” PP. In point of fact, PP, in their urging her to lie, they revealed their own refusal to uphold the laws protecting the safety of young girls. To put this in perspective, look into the legal wrangling in Oklahoma against PP there—being ordered by a court to surrender records of abortions on underage girls..who were obviously impregnated by SOMEONE…many of them well above prosecutable age. the court desired to find and prosecute those involved in sexual misconduct with underage girls. Seems PP has a track record of failing to do as the law requires in this regard..and needs exposing. Thanks to Miss Rose’s bravery, their lies are now exposed..and whether legal action against PP ensues or not, they will have a tough time maintaining their false front of benevolence.

  • Across this nation, Planned Parenthood has been making huge sums of money by killing babies. They are in the business of death while purporting a full range of services. This deception goes on everyday. Lila exposed them for what they are and exposed their criminal activity. It is about time for them to be prosecuted for what they are doing. I was hoping that Lila’s counsel would say to bring on the lawsuit, because discovery in the case would have been very enlightening. It would have nailed them.

  • It comes down to pure prejudice in my mind. It’s a people who are born deciding that a people who aren’t yet born don’t have a right to live. Is abortion an act of hate? I don’t know how else to describe doctors, void of emotion, killing a baby. Stoically disregarding the value of someone’s life is hate in its most satanic form. In addition, the mentality that says ‘the ends justify the means,’ can just as easily say ‘lie about your age and we’ll look the other way.’ I’m frankly far from surprised that an abortion clinic doesn’t follow mans’ laws. Their deviation from God’s law (namely, the 6th commandment) is too blatant to expect anything less.

    Unfortunately, this situation will only convince Christians of the sin of abortion. Those who don’t believe in a moral absolute can justify anything. They will just decide, like our Real Feminist, that the laws need to be changed in order that sinful behavior can continue lawfully.

  • Teen Exposes Planned Parenthood…

    A couple of months ago 18-year-old Lila Rose, a sophomore at UCLA, decided that she had had enough of Planned Parenthood’s deception. Thought by many as merely a friendly resource for those wanting information about birth control, family planning and…

  • What a Christian warrior! God bless her and may many more young people take inspiration to act with the same courage and determination in this battle against the Culture of Death.

    Thank you, Alex and Brett, for your continual sharing of such wonderful encouraging news stories!


  • Phoebe: It’s actually a red herring, not an ad hominem. Just sayin’.


    The Atheist Lurker

  • This is a difficult issue. I’m mean when I first read it I was like is it really ok to lie in this sittuation? In other words is it right to do wrong? But I was also amazed at her faith and courage. But what did it prove? Its like everybody or at least most christians realize that abortion is wrong and ppl that help them are killing innocent babies. And they are babies, I don’t care how uncomplete. But like always when I hear, read etc something that i’m not sure of I got to the Bible. And what I got out of it was. No its not ok to lie. An any situation. But God can use anything and God used Lila in this situation to get ppls attention of how wrong it is. Read 1 Samuel 19:11-18 and thats just one of many examples of how God can use anything. I’m not saying it doesn’t matter what we do cuz God can make something good from it if he wants to. I’m saying that God is in control and he can use anything to wake us up and protect us. But we should all pray for Lila. God bless ya’ll!!

  • A decade ago, I went to a “crisis pregnancy center” (really an anti-abortion center) located in Mission Hills, CA for info I was gathering for a college paper about anti-abortionists who ran phony clinics in an attempt to force women to have children against their will . Unlike Lila, I didn’t lie about my age or the reason I was there. The women who ran this place, though, thought I was in denial about being pregnant, and initially refused to give me any pamphlets until I took a pregnancy test! They told me to wait in a small room, then tried to make me watch “Silent Scream.” I told them that no, I just wanted the pamphlets. They finally let me leave with an armful of anti-abortion misinformation, but not before telling me that they would pray for me that I wouldn’t abort my baby!

    /proudly pro-choice and anti-forced-childbirth.

  • In case of the lying, I would say it in these terms: She did the wrong thing for the right reason.

  • Real Feminist: I think that those millions of unborn babies would certainly like and appreciate help… I know no babies would want their necks punctured and brain sucked out (abortion). Especially because they can feel pain.

    And it’s not just about “your” rights as a woman… it’s about babies’ right to life too!

    It is not the babies’ fault they are not wanted, so why should they be killed because they were conceived?

    How sad that the Constitution promises “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” to everyone, but now it is enforced only for humans already born, and not for almost-born humans with feelings and life……..
    or that there are laws and people in America to protect and preserve trees and animals, but not about preserving human life, which is infinitely more important.

    Thanks you guys for posting that info on Lila Rose! God bless her for taking intitiative to alert the world about Planned Parenthood’s evil!

    ~Elisabeth J. Gruber

  • I agree with Elisabeth. It’s aboslutely backwards that PLANTS should have more rights than our unborn CHILDREN!!!!! I believe that the end justifies almost any means used to bring down Planned Parenthood.

  • In conjuction with Chris, and in response to comment No. 2, by Bryan:


    Lila Rose employing espionage is trifling compared to the damage she could do to Planned Parenthood.

    Small consequences when we are dealing with people who can crush the life of an unborn child without any effect on their conscience.

    I admit that this is a subject that frequently causes me to fly off the handle, but it is the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity.

  • I completely agree with you and Chris, Andrew. The fact that they save millions of animals each year through hundreds of organizations, and that those abortion clinics have more rights than the unborn fetus is insane! Right now I’m attempting to write at least a short story about a girl who is raped and considers an abortion. It is one of the strongest issues that I stand for. Taking life so easily and recklessly is from satan, and it never should be a choice. Those babies could end up being the next president or soldier in Iraq or lawyer, philosopher, doctor, preacher, you name it.

  • Planned Parenthood exposed…

    A ULCA student journalist writing for the paper, The Advocate.

    First, posing as a 15 year old who was raped by her 23 year old boyfriend, she went into a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood Clinic where she was advised that they did not have to report …..

  • I salute Lila Rose! for exsposing these clinics,which have no constitutional athority to exist in this country.

  • Wow! that had to take alot of courage for her to do that!
    I feel so sorry for the sixteen year-old child of that abortion clinic worker. I would be devastated if my mom said that if she could go back, she would have aborted me!

  • I just watched the Lila Rose on O’Reilly video and I can’t believe that the manager of the second planned parenthood clinic said that she would have aborted her daughter if she had the chance to go back! That is completely horrible!!! Lila is great for exposing the wrong doings of this clinic!

  • Thank you so much for what you’re doing. This is one of the areas of sin I feel most strongly on and it’s wonderful to see some one in my age group making a change. I will be praying for you! You Go Girl!!!

  • I really admire what Lila Rose is doing for OUR GENERATION. I think more teens should get involved in pro-life activities. After all, we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for our moms choosing life, and it’s the ‘teens of tomorrow’ that are being killed TODAY. So how does that make you feel? The very kids that would go to your school in a few years are never going to get there, because they were killed before they had a chance to live. I feel really burdened to make a difference in this country where the law allows horrible, gruesome, torturous things to be done to unborn children, yet worries about lethal injection and whether or not it is humane to use on murderers. HUMANE? Are you kidding me?

  • Yesssssssss!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me! And keep up the good work
    Lila Rose! God bless you greatly-

  • Giovanni:

    Please take my words loving correction from a fellow sister in Christ, and if I am wrong, prayerfully rebuke me.

    Did Lila Rose break the ninth commandment? The ninth commandments says to us, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” Did Lila Rose “bear false witness” against Planned Parenthood? She presented recorded evidence – which is true testimony, not false. The ninth commandment does not forbid true testimony against a neighbour, now, does it?

    Now, the sixth commandment forbids killing. Yet God ordered the Israelites to kill on many occasions – they were commanded not to let a single Cannanite live (can one seriously argue that any of the Cannaanites were not “innocent”?). Can we honestly say that killing is wrong in each and every instance? If not, then can we honestly say that lying (another sin forbidden by the Bible) is?

    Now, don’t misperceive me here. Killing and lying are both sins condemned in the Bible, and unrepentant murderers and liars will all be cast into the lake of fire (Hell). But what if are are means employed to achieve an end?

    You might say that the end does not justify the means. This is very true – if either the end or the means are unnecessary – then the means are sins. But I think that the exposure of groups that cover up the sexual exploitation of young girls is certainly a necessary end, and lying would be an acceptable means to achieve such an end. If Lila Rose hadn’t lied about her age and her “boyfriend,” do you think that she would’ve been able to document the very genuine evidence she did?*

    As for stopping someone from breaking the sixth commandment: Lila Rose wasn’t doing that. She wasn’t preventing murder (although I’m pretty sure she would’ve wanted to). She just proved that Planned Parenthood shows very little regard for the safety, health, and emotional well-being of teenage girls.

    As for our “bigoted” minds; well, I’m not qualified to judge the state of someone’s mind. I’d rather leave that to God. But God is clear about the sixth commandment you mentioned, and He says, “Thou shalt not kill.”

    “Killing” is defined as the taking of human life. Two objective sources – science (biology) and God’s Word (the Bible) – define the unborn child, from conception and onward, as a human being.

    Bigotry is defined as zealous loyalty to one’s own opinion(s) and intolerance to those of other people. The humanity of the unborn child is a fact, not an opinion. Abortion – the deliberate, induced killing an unborn child – is condemned by the Bible as murder.

    And abortion-on-demand for the sake of convenience is going to be difficult to justify – whether it is as a means or an end!

    *NOTE TO CHRISTIANS: You DO NOT have a license to lie. If you feel tempted to lie, ask yourself, “Why do I want to lie? For my own selfish purposes?” Be HONEST with yourself. One of the worst consequences of habitual lying is that soon, you start to believe your own lies as if they were truth! The Bible says that all liars will be cast into the lake of fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. So REPENT NOW!

  • Alex and Brett?? I have really been thinking about abortion lately. I really want to do something (of course I have been praying, but I want to do more!!) and I just don’t know what! I have read your book a ton of times and I almost feel guilty reading about all the teen “rebelutionarys” when I am doing nothing!! I think South Dakota has a ban on abortions (which is where I live) so what can I do? I am open to anyone’s idea’s!!!

  • Hey Allison,
    Perhaps you should consider getting involved with The Call… it’s a huge nationwide prayer movement dedicated to fasting and prayer, and a big part of it is for the ending of abortion… it’s definitely worth a look. They are the group with the red LIFE tape across their mouths that gather and silently pray at abortion clinics or outside court buildings.

  • It is a noble cause Lila is working toward. It is wonderful that she cares about the unborn children and stopping abortion; as well as showing the truth about the things Planned Parenthood does that are against ethical and legal standards.

    I admire her for her determination to uncover the truth.

    As far as the discussion on whether or not the methods to uncover the truth were appropriate for a Christian, it is certainly a difficult side to choose.

    On one side, the Old Testament seems to instruct us to uncover the deeds of darkness.

    However, if indeed the means used are intentionally leading someone to a conclusion that is not true, this would go against Col.3:9 where explicitly says, “Do not lie to one another, seeing that you put off the old self with its practices, and have put on the new self, which is being renewed after the image of it’s Creator.” Christians are not to lie. Period. That is part of the “old self.” We are to be the “new creature”, following the example Christ set for us.

    I know the reaction to would be to rationalize. Implying that this verse is out of context, giving hypothetical examples that would make agreeing with this verse very difficult, and suchlike. But we are told to not lie. So whatever the situation, we as Christians cannot lie or deliberately mislead people.

    I truly don’t mean to sound judgemental. Lila Rose is a courageous young woman, and I wish more young women would get involved in pro-life things. I’m only pointing out that we need to be very careful in the methods we use to go about doing things.

  • I second Allison’s question.
    Do you guys all think that protesting is a good idea? I have a lot of friends who do that, but the point is very much for the sake of the babies and mothers involved, not the laws surrounding them. Slavery was abolished a LONG time ago, but it still exists and we need abolitionists. Even after abortion is abolished, there will still be babies that need to be rescued from extremists. But making abortion illegal is definitely a first step, as we’ll be able to prevent the general majority of swayed mothers from killing their children.

    So what is a strong response to make? (and we already know of prayer. Always a good start, and one I’ve already begun)

  • Wow!!!!!!! I will definately be in prayer for Lila and for her cause!!! I have many friends who are adopted and otherwise would have been aborted. I praise God everdyday that their mother’s made the right choice, but unfortunately some mothers don’t make the right decision. I pray that more women will look to God for the proper answers.

  • This abortion problem in our world is sickening and saddening. How can people not see that these are living babies? This is what I hate most in America.

    Great job, Lila Rose, you stood up for your beliefs, and I believe that God has used you now and will again in the future. I will be praying for you.

  • Allison: Be thankful you live in SD. I reside in WA, where the “Death with Dignity” law was passed in the November election, and two people have already killed themselves with it. Call you legislators, thank them for a job well done. You are lucky to live in a place nearly devoid of liberals. Even your Democrats are conservative! Here in WA, we’re stuck with an enormous rift between the two parties. We have very conservative Republicans, and very liberal Democrats. In SD, even your Democrats are usually true Christians, and therefore, oppose abortion on a moral basis. You live in a wonderful place.

  • Eliizabeth~ you live in Washington state?? Where? i just moved to sd in november, and i really miss Wa!!!! i lived in Port Angeles:) beautiful place!!

  • I read a comment on this article that asked “is it alright to lie….” …
    What the mid-wives did in the book of Exodus; LYING to the Pharaoh that the Hebrew woman would give birth before the mid-wives even got there, was BLESSED of the Lord, because they were protecting the innocent…..

  • This article has really touched me, and as I was scrolling down to leave a comment I saw some of the things that a few femminists posted. First of all: My mom got pregnant with me outside of wedlock and went to a Planned Parenthood because they had free pregnancy tests. Afterwards, a nurse cornerd my mom and tried to talk her into having an abortion. My mom had to litterally push the nurse away to get into her car. It gives me chills whenever I think about the possibilities of what could have happend. I am SO glad my mom is not a feminist! Second, abortion is just as hurtful as letting children starve. Abortion doesn’t make you ‘unpregnant’ it makes you the co-murderer of your own child.

  • Thank you so much for doing this. Innocent lives are being snatched away, even before they have a chance to take their first breath. People need to see that abortion is a very sneaky and cruel business. THey try to say that it’s okay, they calll it a mole or a blob, but it is a precious beautiful baby. I was working in the nursery at my church and there was the most precious little girl snuggled in my arms. She was a miracle baby, her mother had been told that she souldn’t have any children, and she had two. How could nayone say, that they are nothing more than disposables. Every day, hundreds, maybe thousands of beautiful precious littel lives, sweet and loved by God, are being viciously snatched away. I was almost aborted. I thank God everyday that my mom had enough heart to save my life. She understood that she carried a life, and she was not going to let anyone destroy the precious person created by God that depended on her for survival. THe mothers even knows in her heart that she has done a terrible thing wrong. But even worse than that, she has allowed the nurses to murder her child. I feel the most pity for the nurse, she must carry around so mcuh guilt, knowing that she has murdered thousands of babies. Does he ever feel remorse, I wonder, for what she has done? Does she understand, and lie sleepless nights awake, overcame with the terrible thing that she has done. If a person kills one adult, they recieve life in prison or even death for murder. However, if a nurse kills thousands of unborn lives, she recieves a salary and calls it a living. THis is not America, this is not right, and once we fail our unborn, then we have failed as humans, as God’s people.

  • Thank you Lila Rose for your stand. I have read much about abortion. No matter what they call it is is 100% murder. I not only want to tell you I am praying but also that me and my family are in need if prayer as well. A late-term abortionist by the name of Dr. Carhart is seeking a building in Iowa to practice is sin practice. We have been to two of our city council meetings when they were discussing it. The first one there were 200-300 people approx. there may have been more. All of which were against his coming to Iowa. At the second meeting there were only a few handfuls of people. Please pray not only that God will keep Carhart out of Iowa and the rest of the United States but also that God will work a miracle in Mr Carhart’s heart to the extent that he will cease his practice, repent, and become the godly man that God wants him to be.

    You sister in Christ, Taylor B.

  • I totally agree with you for going Pro-life. Sometimes standing out against the culture that says “Abortion is ok…” is a very hard thing to do but I admire your bravery and I believe that one day God will judge the people in this country for killing innocent babies that never got to see the magnificent beauty that our Marvelous God created for us. I take a stand along with you for a Pro-life nation! I salute you for your choice on this matter! 🙂

  • My husband and i felt very relieved Edward could deal with his investigations while using the ideas he had from your own web site. It is now and again perplexing to simply find yourself giving out concepts that many other folks may have been trying to sell. So we discover we need you to thank for that. Those explanations you’ve made, the easy site navigation, the relationships you can make it possible to create – it’s got everything superb, and it’s letting our son and the family reason why this issue is awesome, and that’s incredibly serious. Thank you for all!

  • Found your site because I have another site with almost the exact same domain name. I was doing searches and thought for a minute that my site was ranking high for once hahaha. Good stuff.

  • I couldn’t even understand a non – believer supporting abortion, but for a Christian who claims to believe the Word of God to be inspired, this is especially mind blowing. One of my favorite Pslams:

    For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.
    Psalms 139:13-16 (KJV)

    Then the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.
    Jer 1:4-5 (KJV)

    God predetermines our lives, ordains us to His purpose and calling, we are seen and known of Him before birth. To abort is to pre meditate murder. There is a life that God could use for great things, despite it’s start! Whether good or bad. Leave the child in the hands of God, dedicate him/her into His service.

    It’s a courages action you’ve taken, Lila Rose. 😀

  • YOU GO GIRL! I really want to do something more than just pray, but I am only 13, and I dont think my mom would approve of me sitting in front of the only abortion clinic in the state of MS! PRAISE GOD! IT MAY BE ABOUT TO CAVE!!!!!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!! 😀 Any Ideas????

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  • Wow! It’s scary to see what people do to precious little children. I will be praying! Keep it up, Lila!

  • That was really clever of her. Man, the more I hear about Planned Parenthood the more I hate it!

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