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Published on July 14th, 2007 | by Alex and Brett Harris

Cameron Peters: Rescues Eight Children From Fire

Cameron Peters: Rescues Eight Children From FireMost people have never heard about Cameron Peters, a 16-year-old from Henderson, Nevada. The only article we could find about him was a short half-time piece from, but here’s what reporter Dennis Roberts had to say:

Last April, 16-year old Liberty High School Junior, Cameron Peters, was driving down a residential street in Henderson, NV to pick up a friend to go to a basketball game, when he noticed smoke and fire coming from a residence.

Seeing no fire trucks or people around, Cameron stopped his car, ran to the home, and realized that there were people inside. Cameron called 911 and then fearlessly risked his own life and entered the burning home, now engulfed in flames, where he found eight young children sleeping, along with two adults.

Cameron, by himself, gathered up all of the children and carried them to safety going back in to the burning home multiple times to make sure all the occupants had been rescued and accounted for.

Firefighters concluded that the home was completely destroyed by the fire and had Cameron not stopped and risked his own life, eight young children’s lives may have been tragically lost.

The NBA Summer League honored Cameron July 12th at halftime of the Knicks/Kings game. Cameron received awards from the Clark County Commissioner and the NBA for his heroism.

Praise God for Cameron’s bravery and selflessness. We’re sure he felt fear at times as he rushed once again into the blazing building, but he didn’t allow his fear to control his actions, which is the true definition of courage.

Interestingly enough, though you won’t find anything about Cameron on Google News, a quick search for the word “teens” (07/14/07) will bring up stories of high school shooting plots, botched robbery attempts, as well as the headline “Teens to face charges in house fire.” What do you think about that?

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