rebelling against low expectations

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Um. I don’t care. It seems all to often when I’m checking this website, I see these sorts of pictures or plugs for you tour. Whoopty-doo. I appreciated the last couple of posts here, but it seems like you are making this blog a place for advertising your stuff, guys. Where are the post meant to inspire us to “do hard things”. It’s not too hard to pick up a copy of your book, or make it to one of the conference locations. Come on guys, get on top of things. Do the hard thing and come up with more serious issues to write about, so we the readers may learn and discuss these topics.

  • Wow Cool pic

    But Anders S. I think it is okay that they are showing this. I mean this is their website so they can do what they want with it. And for some it is hard to get to a conference (including me). I do agree serious topics help but sometime we need to have fun.

  • I guess she was okay when she hit the floor?? That angle looks pretty scary!
    But a high five to her for the flip! Awesome job!

  • That’s a neat picture, and someone is good with a camera!

    Anders S. keep in mind that they do have their serious “do hard things” side to their website. That’s what all the forums are about. Jeff Robertson is right too. It’s their website.

  • Anders S: Thank you so much for challenging us to do hard things. We need to hear it as much as anyone. =) Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:

    1) WE AGREE! No one is more unhappy about the decrease in quality and quantity of posts around here than Alex and me. We are not posting pictures because we feel it is a better post — sometimes it’s the only post we have time to do! We traveled 15 out of 30 days in April and nearly as much in May. We’re often having to decide between posting or having signs ready for the conference this weekend. 😛

    2) We don’t always have something to say. Hopefully this isn’t a surprise to any of you, but we’re not endless founts of wisdom! 😉 Please don’t depend on us to move forward with these ideas. These are not our ideas and we’re only one cog in what God is working in our generation.

    3) God is greatly using the book and the conferences. I know it can be frustrating for those of you who are familiar with the message to wait around while we promote the book and conferences — but not when you understand that there are millions of young people who still need to hear the basics, and whose hearts have been prepared to receive it. We must be patient and not leave others behind because we’re ready to move on.

    4) On the other hand, each of you should be moving on regardless of what we’re posting on the blog. While not excusing our responsibility to contribute to the discussion, it would be irresponsible and dangerous for any of you to depend on Alex and myself or this website to actually go out and live this message. We are not your parents. We are not your pastors, We are not your youth pastors. We are not your teachers. We are your friends. We are your peers. But we are not necessary.

    5) There is much more going on that what you can see on the blog. There are new events and resources in the works that we are extremely excited about. If we were a giant organization with a huge staff we’d have new things for you every week. But since we’re still just two guys and a friend in the middle of a national conference tour and a wild book release, it will take a little longer. 🙂 Nevertheless, we are thinking about what’s next and I think you guys will be excited about what we’ve come up with.

  • The \”teacher\” in me wants to help you help others by reminding you of correct English grammar. The error in your reply is very common all over our country, but that doesn\’t make it right, no matter how many \”leaders\” use these pronouns INcorrectly. When you name someone else and reference yourself with that person, the correct pronoun to use is the one you would use by itself: No one is more unhappy than I (am). No one . . . than Alex and I (are). The word ARE is \’understood\’ in such statements. The test is to use the pronoun referring to yourself WITHOUT the other person\’s name. That generally causes us to use the correct word. It sounds and feels \”right\”.

    1) No one is more unhappy about the decrease in quality and quantity of posts around here than Alex and me. – Should be: Alex and I (are unhappy . . .)

    4) While not excusing our responsibility to contribute to the discussion, it would be irresponsible and dangerous for any of you to depend on Alex and myself or this website to actually go out and live this message.

    YOU cannot depend upon MYself. You can only depend upon YOURself. However, YOU can depend upon ME, so you can also depend upon Alex and ME, NOT Alex and myself. Only YOU can depend upon YOURSELF; people can depend upon ME, but not upon MYSELF. These errors need to be UNlearned. You can help by making sure you use these references correctly on-line! THANKS!

    I was encouraged to hear of your TEEN outreach and DO HARD THINGS when I saw you interviewed by The Crystal Cathedral a few weeks ago. God bless you as you continue to inspire teens for Christ!

  • Brett, the humble replies you give to every comment said in correction, makes me sit and read in awe. You’re a great example 😀 Cheers

  • If Anders S. is still wishing Alex and Brett would inspire him to do hard things, he should just scroll down a few posts. Brett: If someone had corrected me on my grammar as publicly as Gordon did I would really struggle with responding as graciously as you did. Personally your posts responding to both Anders S. and Gordon has reminded me and challenged me to reflect the love of Christ in every detail. Thanks!

  • Brett- (and Alex)

    Thank you for your gracious, humble witness. Thanks for reminding us that we’re the ones who have to do the hard things, and we can’t expect you to do more than inspire us. Everyone I know is grateful for the widespread work you’re doing, and we want to be supportive and encouraging just as you are.

    I hope the other kids here can remember what you said, that you two may have a mission and a calling and a vision, but you’re still a couple of young people trying to follow God. Thank you again!

    “To win the prize!”

  • Cool pic! I wish I could do that! Did she fall on her head? If not, how did she flip without falling?
    Let sombrero-clad unicyclists greatly abound!

    The D-ster

  • Such an amazing picture….Very impressive!!! I wonder how hard it is to do one of those flips? I wish I could do that!

  • Wow that was a really great flip! ^_^ I like the color of your shirt Miss Lindsey!

    Anders S. It isn’t easy to get a copy of their book. We don’t have it here in the Philippine bookstores. And if it’s hard to get a copy of their book then a conference would be harder to have here. I don’t think Alex and Brett intends to ‘’advertise”as you put it. They’re just getting the word out because if they don’t then how would people know of the book or the conferences?

    Advertising is giving out information with the intention to sell and make profit. Promoting as far as I can remember in my advertising classes does not intend to sell but merely to give praise and encouragement. If they intend to advertise then they could have doubled the conference fees in order to gain profit, but they didn’t. And if you’ve read the book, these “stuff” aren’t their stuff. It’s a message that God wants to put across through them.

    We seem to look from a different angle because honestly, these DHT pictures encourage and amuse me. =)

  • wow it looks like the pic was taken from overhead and shes on her side i could be wrong but thats just my opinion

  • Alex and Brett,

    I greatly appreciate the humble attitude and teachable spirit that you demonstrate here. It is very refreshing and challenges me to work on that area in my life. Keep it up guys!

    Thanks for reminding all of us to keep a Godly focus!

    God bless!


rebelling against low expectations

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