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12-Year-Old Speaks Out on Abortion


Brett and I have received a lot of emails about this video (and rightly so). Despite being threatened with disqualification for her controversial topic, 12-year-old Lia chose to deliver this speech for competition at her public school in Toronto β€” and won! Now her eloquent defense of life has been viewed almost 400,000 times on YouTube β€” and even saved a baby’s life.

Read more about this rebelutionary here and here. Way to go, Lia!

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Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • Lia you are compltetely right that aboriton is wrong. If you are preganant and your baby is not wanted there is no need to kill it before it is ever born because that is what abortion is. Instead have the baby and give it up for adoption which is a better choice.

  • In the last post I read a comment of someone talking about this video so I went and checked it out and I was amazed by this girl’s eloquency and how well written the speech was. Lia is definintly an example of what the Rebelution looks like and that you can challenge yourself to do hard things at any age and succeed! Way to go Lia! You are AWESOME!

  • That is amazing. I wouldn’t have thought that she is only 12 years old if I had been reading that. It was very well done. I definitely agree where she is coming from as well. I hope that this can change someone’s opinion.

  • Very well spoken Lia!!! I know from experience (My little sister was adopted) that adoption is a way better choice than abortion. Keep it up! This is a much needed message!

  • Well, she is indeed a pretty good speaker. Very cogent.

    Unfortunately, there was one thing that disturbed me. “If an action is unjust, it needs to be illegal.” I’m afraid legislating morality is a tricky business. To top off the “don’t force your morality on me” mentality that many people have, the legislators are also concerned with their non-Christian constituents, who may hold different ideas than we do about the human status of a foetus. I have to say, I prefer to attack things on the other end, trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place. It’s more palatable to more people.

    I also have a bit of a problem with the argument that it should be illegal when considering the issues that she raised of rape, etc. 1% sounds like a reasonable number (Meaning, it sounds pretty accurate. Haven’t actually checked myself.). But what about them? What about those few cases where there is an issue, in some instances where it’s a question not of how many live but of how many die? Are they, however small in number, to be condemned for wanting to live? I won’t contest that the number of abortions being performed is ridiculous, especially on foetuses which could survive outside the womb. But making it completely and totally illegal would likely drive those few, and probably more, underground, so instead of stopping the problem we would have added another danger to women.

    I appreciate her willingness to take on a controversial topic, and she spoke well. Just that question of making it totally illegal bothers me. Not everyone will agree with me, and that’s fine, but exceptional circumstances need to be considered, or our ethical code will be simplistic and lacking in compassion.

  • HORTON has been right all these years. Lia thank you.

    if anyone wants to seriously DO something about abortion, perhaps they may want to ENCOURAGE the legislature in North Dakota. they are NOW working on a very serious PRO-LIFE law. PERSONHOOD for a zygote. PERSONHOOD for a fetus. fetus is latin for “little one”. REP. DAN RUBY, Minot, ND, is the main speaker for this new law. they are expecting a battle in the courts from out of staters most likely. what can you do to help?

  • The video is definitely worth sharing. God bless you, Lia, and thank you for speaking the truth about abortion, because it needs to be shared. Fetuses are human beings!

  • God, I pray for Lia – thank You for her! Please protect this child of Yours from doubt and fear. Give her faith in discouragement. Give her love in the face of selfishness. Give her perseverence in the hard times. Give her strength in the weak times. May she continue to live life to the fullest. May You direct her to her dreams and walk her through them. May she change the world drastically for You. May she play a major role in not only causing abortions to be illegal and stopping abortions but also healing the hearts of mothers.

  • Thank you Lia! that was one of the best persuasive speeches i have ever heard. and such a moving arguement . Lia was incredibly brave to do that. i admire her so much!!! this speech was very stimulating. again thanks for this!

  • That was amazing! Wow… how my heart leaps with joy when I see such a young girl defending the unborn!

    After just having my little brother be stillborn, 3 weeks before his due date, I have come to care so much more for the unborn in such a new light. When my little brother was born dead, I cried and wept for him… but, to think that hundreds of children are being murdered every day makes me so very upset!

    I hope that many young children and teens, and all the way up to grown adults, will continue to fight this horrible decision of abortion and bring God’s law back into our nation!

    Thank you Lia for this speech!

    In Christ,

  • I saw this on youtube, and thought it was amazing.

    She’s so bold and poised, she has a talent for speech and God has laid something on her heart!

    The comments have been disabled on youtube because of the negative feedback it has sparked. If I was them I would have disabled them from the beginning, but maybe they were hoping that since she was so young the pro choice people would lay off. But that was not so!

    I think this is something comparable to what the country was dealing with in the 1800s and the issue of slavery. It has definitely put a divide in our country, and it IS a moral issue when it comes down to it.


  • A friend and mentor had sent me this video several days ago. It was so good that I had already posted it’s link on my Twitter account. I’m so glad that you guys are spreading this around.

  • Right on! πŸ™‚ Great delivery and well planned out. And concise! You had the facts and you laid them out. In other words, great job. πŸ™‚

  • And by the grace of God, at least one baby (and most likely, more) has been saved through Lia’s perseverance! Praise the Lord!

    Hayley Pennington, I appreciate your prayer for Lia and second your petition to the Lord on her behalf.

  • Amazing!

    I am amazed that a twelve year old would say this in front of her school!
    I showed my family this and they all loved it…

    Good Job Lia!


  • “A person’s a person no matter how small.”
    Amen to that!
    God bless you Lia, may more teens draw courage to stand up as well from your speech.
    I am convinced that Heaven is filled to overflowing with precious, innocent babies.
    My heart weeps for them, for their mothers, and for this country.
    The Lord will surely not with hold His righteous anger forever.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  • Penny Q.- I agree with you. Completely illegalizing it is the wrong approach- being a Libertarian, I cannot get behind such a move. Education is definitely the way to go…but not education by the government.

    *Libertarian rant over* LOL

    Way to go Lia! A wonderful speech!

  • Way to go!
    She just ripped the arguments of the pro-choice side to shreds. And she’s 12!
    Keep up the great work, Lia!
    I’ll be praying.

  • Wow! I just love it how God can speak through anyone about anything. That is such a powerful video. I praise God for all that he is doing and will do in the future in the lives of so many people through this girl!

  • Okay! WOW! powerful speech well put together and kind of mind blowing wait no it is mind blowing and people don’t expect that out of 16-17 year old and she is 12 and she did amazing why do people think young teenagers or kids don’t understand when obveasly they do, even more so when they know God he gives us inforamtion, corage, help, love, kindness, and so much more that the world can’t.
    You did the right thing Lia don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Way to go Lia! Don’t ever back down no matter how hard it gets and hold tight to 1 Timothy 4:12 knowing that nothing is impossible with God!

  • WOW. I had tears in my eyes when it was over.
    Lia, you go girl! That was very well put together and you spoke with great confidence. The message was very straight forward and to the point. You don’t know how much i’ve been thinking about the subject of abortion lately. I feel the Lord has put it on my heart to defend all these lifes being slain EVERY day.
    Keep up the good work no matter what other people say. DO God’s will by fighting abortion! This world needs more people that are willing to be the voice for those who are yet to be able to speak for themselves!

    Alex and Brett, Thank you for putting this on your blog!

    If you watched Lia’s speech and were moved, forward the video!!! It’s a simple way to help spread the word about abortion.

  • I’m impressed at the eloquence and courage a girl so young posses to speak out against abortion.

    Way to go Lia! You have shown many people what it looks like to be a true rebelutionary!

  • Lord, I praise You that Lia is not afraid to speak out. I pray that You would change hearts through this speech. Protect Lia and give her Your strength and leading. In Jesus’ name alone I come and ask. Amen.

  • AMAZING Lia, you deserved to win. That was an awesome speech. You were so brave, and this is a issue that needs to be heard about. You will do great things with Christ’s help. God bless.

    A sister in Christ,
    Sarah Beth

  • For those who think abortion should not be illegal.

    There are cases where the future mother has a disease where if she did not aborde the baby she would die. In these cases I think it should be allowed. But otherwise there should be NO choice for the mother to kill her unborn baby. They have a choice before they get pregnant. You did a absolutely great job with this speech Lia!!!! I’m glad other young people feel the same way about abortion as I do. “A person is a person, no matter how small”
    In Christ. -abby

  • way to go Lia. you are awesome. if she can speak out why should we not stand up for the same reason. what can we do like that???? that should be a matter of prayer.:):):)

  • I’m impressed! Lia did an excellent job in her speech! I wholeheartedly agree with everything she said! I know most of those statistics are true from other resourses too. What’s even more amazing is that her parents told her to choose a different topic but SHE was the one who was adamant and wouldn’t change her topic, even if it would mean disqualification.

  • Ooooh YEAH! You go, Lia! Thank you SO much! That needed to be said. And by a twelve year old, too! Some people might argue that it shouldn’t matter to you; you’re way away from being able to vote, you’re supposed to be “carefree and happy.” But you stood right up and spoke out for those who cannot speak. THANK YOU. Solo de gloria.

  • WOW I agree with her evry word and I have been told this by my family so many times but I wish I was this advaced when I was twelve years old.She defently deserves some prayers for her to continue like this I mean it goes with the do hard thing book and is very couragous in her action.She is so right in evry thing she says no matter waht others might think.WOW I

  • Wow! That was amazing and so true. I am so glad that our young people are starting to get it. And you wouldn’t have nearly as many abortions if more people had protected sex. They should think about the consequences before they do the actions. This was a very well written speech and I will definitely be sharing it with friends and family. Great job!

  • That was amazing! It’s so wonderful that this 12 year old girl is taking a stand for what’s right! She’s well-spoken and kept my attention the entire speech. I’m so glad to hear this! Taking a stand for the truth! People need to hear this! God is using this girl with her stand for what’s right!

  • Excellent. Though it didn’t so much go into why the fetus IS a human being, thus making ANY kind of abortion murder.

  • Praise God! I pray that all of us will take Lia’s speech to heart and not only that, but that we, too, would take a stand against killing babies. And DO something about it!

  • Wow!!!
    For someone so young to present a speech like that–that is so amazing!!!!!
    I wish we all had that courage to speak out against abortion.

  • If only CNN and World News got a hold of this!!!
    I agree with those who favor adoption. We adopted my little brother through the foster care system. His mom abandoned him so we got first rights to adopt him. We just couldn’t say no!
    Women do have a choice in wether or not to have sex, and many don’t think of the possible consequenses. Abortion is horrifying, but it’s all part of the curse.
    Keep on preaching Lia! The world needs to hear this!

  • Wow!! Thank you so much, Lia. It’s really encouraging to see that someone so young cares about this issue. I have a heart for it, too, and this is really amazing. Keep living for the Lord, Lia!

  • YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! WOOT. We need to do things like that my friends. Let speak out like Miss 12 year old Lia. Lia the Lord has might work for you. Keep it up. For out of the mouths of baby’s.

    In Christ


  • I’m going to toss this back out there, since we’re talking about making it illegal and all that. To start, I admit that I’m not quite following the argument that it shouldn’t be made illegal. (That is, I’m not quite sure why one would be against it being made illegal. I’d be interested to hear your side of the argument.) And I’m not trying to shoot down those who do not think it should be made illegal.
    That being said, would it be possible to take out abortion on a national level, rather than state-by-state? My thanks to everyone who is going against abortion in their own, or even other, states. But that method, I would think, would be slower than taking it all at once. And there are some states, like NY or MASS, which are fairly liberal. In such states, it would be difficult to get laws passed on abortion. If anybody out there is government savvy and knows whether this would be possible, and/or how it would be done, I’d appreciate it.
    Solo de gloria!

  • Amen sister keep preaching. I loved the line I always use, that men and women (in the U.S) have the choice to use birth control. SO they had their choice and like Lia said “with choice comes responsibilities.” I was also very impressed that she stayed committed to her stance to give this speech. That took so much bravery. Praise the Lord.

    On an educational point though, I had a few problems with her statistics she gave.
    These were not causation statistics where having an abortion makes it 5x likely that the woman will use drugs, or is at a greater risk to have breast cancer. Also she stated the statistic where there are 40 million abortions in the world and then went on in the U.S. only 1% of the abortions are due to incest, rape, and life of the mother. However, that is true in the US but that percent would make a huge jump in accordance to the 40 million mentioned. I put this in not as a critique on Lia or the speech but as so many people are watching this video, some perspective is necessary.

    Praise the Lord for Lia and her strength and commitment to her king. (She even mentioned her creator in her speech. hehe.) God bless you Lia.

  • Way to go Lia!!!
    1% of abortions are because of rape etc., that sounds about right.
    I really do not believe that it is lawful to kill an innocent child because of the sin of its father!!
    This is a person and they did not have a choice in the matter. = (
    It may be extremely difficult, but I think that that child has a right to live.
    If I found myself in that situation I hope I would choose to grant life to an innocent child, precious in God’s eyes.
    I would most likely be ridiculed, I might lose my reputation because of my choice, but who cares what everybody else thinks!!
    I am only concerned with what Jesus Christ would think of me, I would hate to stand before my Savior and confess that I killed a human being because I was worried about my reputation!
    It may hurt for a while but a righteous man will receive his reward.
    May I ask if anyone agrees with me?

  • Wow, that is truly amazing Lia. You speak, like many people before me have already said, very eleqoently (sorry if that is spelled wrong). The topic was well researched and the speech was well written. This just goes to remind us that God uses people of all ages to convey his messages. I hope other people will stand up for their beliefs as well, not only on abortion but on other moral issues as well. Thank you for your encouragement that we stand for what we believe, Lia.

  • Wow! What a great speech Lia!! Very compelling and thought provoking, not to mention well orated. I praise God for people like you who are willing to stand up for the rights of babies, even in the face of criticism, and hate. I’m sure the Lord has a plan for your life through this, and I am praying He will always give you strength to remain strong on what is right, even among ridicule and criticism.

  • Great speech! I was on a speech team at my school this year, and a girl on my team did a speech against abortion also! It’s great to see you guys taking the chance to talk about what you believe in these competitions. Keep it up!

  • Wow. God has given you an amazing talent, Lia! Way to go!
    I did a speech against abortion in the 9th grade. If only I would’ve had this brilliant child to tutor me! Speech wasn’t my best class.
    God bless

  • awesome speech! we had a prayer meeting outside our city courthouse to protest this
    “choice” that is destroying America one child at a time. i loved your speech-keep on living for the lord!

    in christ,

  • Amazing speech talent! It’s interesting how this can be controversial in the public schools when my persuasive in the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association earned me compliments and encouragement with a similar topic. You go girl, for standing up against the crowd!!

  • “WOW” is right! That is so amazing to see how God can use even a 12 year old to spread His truth! God is not silent, and He can use anyone for His purposes. All we have to do is be willing.

    Awaken Your people O Lord, and open our eyes from our sleep
    O help us Lord to be willing, and lead us Great Shepard, like sheep.

    Soli Deo Gloria!


  • Dude, this girl is amazing. Thank you Lia for spreading this message. I only pray that more and more people will hear what you have to say. Your words will save and change lives and for that I thank you. God will do some amazing things in your life.

  • Great Job Lia! It’s wonderful that you can stand up for what you believe in like that! Marvelous job! You are such a good speaker!

  • Way to go Lia!!! It’s people like you who are going to turn this world up side down. Keep shining for Jesus!!!

  • Good job Lisa!! It is so encouraging to see someone stick up for what they believe in as Christians we should proclaim what is right! And you are doing an amazing job! It just show that God can use us as teenagers to do his work and his will! Our God is amazing and I can’t wait to see more of his work through others and hopefully, if its his will, through me! God bless you Lisa!!!

  • WOW! Way to go Lia!! You were so right to stick up for what you believe in as a Christian!! Being a voice for the voiceless isn’t something this culture likes very much because they don’t want to admit that abortion is in fact murder – so for you to go against that is AWESOME! YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!!

  • LIa That was awesome! keep it up, no matter what anyone says you are doing the right thing! Stay in touch with God and His plans for you. Never quite believing in God! Thank You for what your doing! My prayers are with you!

  • To Penny Q – compassion swings both ways… to the fetus and to the mother. While I agree that you cannot legislate morality without getting into very tricky territory… life is a right not a moral value. The “parents” made their choice to live their life in such a way that led to pregnancy so now a third party has a “choice” or a right. The fetus has a right to live because it is a life at stake, one that is being lived albeit inside the womb.

    My life is a life that people debated. My mother was young, unwed, and from a Christian home. A few people from the church she attended encouraged her to consider abortion. Obviously she chose not to, I am very grateful for it.

    Imagine with me, if you will, how different the world would be without your voice, your smile, your friendship, your gifts and abilities. Your life adds value to lives around you. I’ve heard the comparison… what if you are aborting the next Einstein or Mozart? While true enough… Einstein and Mozart are not of more value than you or I. Abortion ends the life of a best friend, an artist, a tender heart, a cheerful smile, a student that struggles but tries hard. Every life has an impact… like tiny ripples on a huge ocean. Do we then want to “calm the ocean” by reducing the ripples (eliminating lives)?

    Ephesians 2:10 tells us, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.”

    God knows all about that fetus and He has a plan for that life. Do we disregard that to reduce ripples?

    Lia, may God bless the work of your hands as you proclaim the truth.

  • Lia, that was amazing! If only more people like you would do this! Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. God bless you!

  • Wow, amazing!! Praise God that there are young children out there like Lia, who have a burden for the unborn! Lia has proved through her speech and through her example that even a small person can change the world.

  • Lia,

    You have a very credible message! You aren’t just blowing hot air like a lot of us do. Your facts are backed up with statistics and research and create a strong platform for you. On top of this, you have a very credible presentation which sums up everything. It just goes to show that God’s ways are right and when we support His ways in a way that glorifies Him, even the secular community recognizes you. (sometimes) And even if the secular world never listens, you did your part in standing up for God’s ways.

    I would encourage you to start praying about what God wants you to do next! He’s used you in great ways so far … what plans does He have for you tomorrow?

    Praying for you,


  • wow. that is absolutely AMAZING. Thank you for sharing that with us! very thought-provoking and inspiring.

  • Excellent video! Well done Lia!

    You have great COURAGE to stand up and talk about the issue of Abortion — praise the LORD!

  • Wow, that was awesome!!! Being abile to speak is a gift from God!! Ican not give a speech for my life and have been racking my brain for a way to fight against Abortion So Iam glad someone has that talent!!!

  • Yay Lia! Great speech, and it was presented extremely well. I know high school students who couldn’t do half as well. And the message was great too.

  • Great going Lia! You wer able to say what I should have said a long time ago. I’m going to show this to my friends and hope it helps them! Thank you!

  • Slavery used to be legal in the U.S. Nowadays, everybody knows that to enslave your fellow man in such a way is wrong — even evil. Yet isn’t murder just as bad — if not worse? Not when it’s abortion. My hope is that in a hundred years, this will also be common knowledge : abortion is inherently evil and wrong.
    Thank you so much, Lia. Your speech was a wonderful contribution to the campaign against abortion.

  • This is stupendous! I never watched this before! What a great speech! Thank-you Lia, for the courage to speak up. Well done!

  • Another thing, did you, or anyone else every hear the truth about how abortions are done in the third trimester? Someone I know told me the awful facts. I cried soooo hard. It is murder, plain murder. I’d rather not state the facts in this comment, as I don’t know if that would be acceptable. If anyone wants to know, leave an other comment. I know that it was really eye-opening for me, and made my convitions that much stronger.

  • Wow, i’m thirteen and i don’t know if i would have the guts to stand up and speak out about such a strong topic. Lia is an amazing girl to be speaking out at such a young age, i know some adults who would find difficulty doing that! And to those people who commented saying that abortion is murder, you are 100 percent right! The only reason i could think of to have an abortion would be if the mother was in danger. And like lia said, that only happens 1 percent of the time. With abortions being so common these days, it is heart reaching to think about that 500,000 babies being killed every HOUR. I’ve been thinking about this lately, and it is something that i will be praying about. Thank you Lia for your stand-out speech! It amazes me that you’re only twelve and you spoke about it!!!

  • Dear Lia,

    I know God is very please with you the way you stood up for your beliefs at such a young age. I pray that you will always stand up for what is right no matter what. May God bless and keep you.

    You made us older folks feel bad for not standing up to the murdering of human life. I pray God will forgive us and we will do what we know is right.

  • Now that is a 12 year old with a heart seeking Christ.. my prayer is that the Lord would build a hedge around you and keep you always in His will….

  • I am genuinely puzzled as to why Calvinists (who hold to supralapsarian predestination) would genuinely value the lives of unborn babies since most of them are reprobates who deserve to (and will eventually) endure eternal hell. It would be a consistent position for those who believe in freedom of the will, but not for those who hold that the will is in bondage. Those babies do not have any inherent worth, but are worms held over the flames of God’s wrath. I do not intend to be argumentative, but I sincerely would like to understand this apparent inconsistency.
    Nevertheless, I applaud you for appreciating human worth and dignity. Your hearts appear to be in the right place even if your worldview is medieval and inconsistent with your deepest human intuitions.

  • Kelsey,
    I am not sure how relevant discussions of predestination and free will are.
    Both Calvinists and Arminians believe that human life is valuable as people are made in God’s image and therefore murder is forbidden.
    I have no right to murder either an adult or an unborn child just because I think they may not be going to go to heaven.

    Penny Q,
    I think Romans 13:1-6 teaches that the God-given role of government is to legislate morality – that is to punish what is wrong.

  • Lia you are AWESOME!!! may God bless you!
    Also i have been studying different social issues lately but none rips at my heart as bad as abortion! while a very early post (by Penny Q) said that if we made abotion illegal it would just force women to go underground in a way that was true. but back when it was illegal many women jus had the babies and then sent them out for adoption! they did this becuase when it was illegal it jus became to expensive to have abortion, it wasn’t worth the hassel, and it was much more hazardious because of doctors not knowing what they were doing. LOL in fact i think most abortion doctors don’t know the extent of what there doing right now! but even if we don’t make abortion illegal (which i believe we should) then at least get rid of the privacy laws about it! that would force the kids to let there parents know! and most parents would’t let their daughters hav abortion!

    Also a few really tough abortion questions/statments and responses:

    Q: a woman should have a right to do with her body as she pleases!
    A:Yes any person should have that right but a baby or a fetuses is not genetically part of the womans body!

    Q:A woman has a right to her privacy!
    A: Yes that is another basic right. just like an owner of a house has complete right to privacy in his house but that privacy ends and the law picks up when that house owner decides to murder, rape, or start a prastatoting ring.

    Q:speaking of which why should a rape and assualt on a woman is a terrible crime why mother be forced to live with the child and those memories?
    A:no matter what even if you kill oops i mean abort that child the memories aren’t going to go away furthermore assualt and rape both are very terrible crimes… but abortion is not jus an assualt on the child but the mother as well! why should the duaghter be forced to pay with her life for the sines of the father?

    and last Q: A fetuses is not a real PERSON and there for can be aborted.
    A: the word Person or personhood was not created until around the same time that abotion became leagal and the word PERSON or PERSONHOOD is not used to define a phisical form but mental form. so lets stick with the fact that a fetuses is a human being and should be treated as such infact it has it own gentic code and if the baby is a boy it is even a dif gender!

    (Sry im not the best speller and most of this was taken from the brio magazine so if you would like to check on more stuff about that go to their website)

  • Ben: The point is if a baby is predestined to eternal hell, what have they really lost by not living? If they were predestined to heaven, why have them go through the pain of this life?
    Also, why are depraved worms who deserve to go to hell because of the sin of their ancestor (Adam) valuable? How do you define valuable?
    I think abortion is tragic (especially in a land of luxury and opportunity) because I do not have a worldview in which humans are pawns in a deity’s cosmic scheme to bring glory to itself.

  • Kelsey, remember that both Calvanists and Arminians believe in God’s Word, the Bible. In there it says that to murder is a sin against God. So it’s not so much what the differences in beliefs are, but whether it is a sin or not to stop life.

  • My friend sent me this over email….this young girl has the courage that many of us lack today! Thanks for posting the video….

  • that was inspiring we better speak out before they spend all of our great-great-grandkids money

    Jonathan Moore 14, homeschooler

    P.S. sweet!!!

  • Kelsey~
    I would like to bring up another response to your point: Who are we (the creation) to cast judgement on fellow human beings, when we are created by the same (and only) God? Here’s an example: What if one painting looked at another painting that the Artist was just beginning and decided to throw away the canvas because it didn’t think the Artist would keep the other painting anyway? What if the other painting ended up being the Mona Lisa? Why would one painting judge another painting if it doesn’t know any better? They were painted by the same artist, so they are equal.

    The example might seem a little ridiculous, but doesn’t the concept as well? There is only one “artist,” and that is God. We are his workmanship, the product of His labor and creativity. We cannot have more knowledge than He does regarding ourselves and the other people He created. Should we not try to give the best to those around us? They are people, same as us.

    Here’s the other point you brought up I would like to just touch on (seeing as it isn’t completely relevant to the discussion on abortion). Most people would probably consider me a Calivinist. However, I do not consider myself a Calivinst. Here’s why: yes, I share many of Calivin’s beliefs, but I choose not to follow a man, but Jesus Christ. Calvin made mistakes in his reason. I cannot list the mistakes that he made, but I can be confident that he made them because he was human! I have the best example to follow by looking to Christ, so why would I look somewhere else for a example that will have flaws in it?

    I hope that you will carefully consider these thoughts, as I have considered yours.

  • Cassie: You God is an artist who intentionally destroys (eternally) most of his paintings and arbitrarily spares a few. (Why “arbitrarily?” It is by grace you are saved, not by anything good in yourself.)
    Comparing humans to paintings is not a good analogy. Sentient beings are totally different from lifeless works of art. Once someone decides to create sentient life, they have a moral obligation to that life (similar to the obligation that a parent has to not harm their child).
    BTW, her speech was excellent for a twelve year old. However, this is an extremely complex and difficult issue for ethical philosophers who study ethics for a living. I would suggest that people read both sides of the issue (if anything, you will understand the other side and develop compassion for them and their point of view).

  • Wow. That is incredible that she is twelve years old. I hope that she goes into politics because the world needs her. I love the ending.

  • Woah! I’m the same age as her and even after reading Do Hard Things I wasn’t sure that a twelve year old could make much of a difference. Lia has totally proved me wrong. I think your amazing. Well Done!! πŸ™‚ xoxo

  • You are right on Lia! Thank you sooo much for that. I am the only one at my school who thinks the way I do and it is nice to see that I am not the only one in the world.

  • Great job, Lia! I love that line in Horton Hears a Who- “Even if you can’t hear them or see them at all, a person’s a person, no matter how small.” I agree with Becca B- we need people like that in politics.

  • Your speach was very inspiring Lia! It is so good to see that our generation realy cares about these social problems in our world and are willing to take a stand for the things we know are right. I especialy liked the quote; it left an amazing impact on me. Horton is right, and i think that many people forget that in their fear of the future, and of what people will think of them. God bless you, and may you continue to be an inspiration to others.

  • Way to go, Lia!
    Abortion is indeed a tough issue to deal with…..(My Bible Study has started work on “respectfully, peacefully persuading” U.S. Senators/Representatives to vote no on FOCA.) And yes, most abortions, though obviously not all, could be easily avoided if the woman chose to use a condom or take a birth control pills (many of which are 99.99% accurate). In the subject of abortions after a rape…..I still think adoption would be a better plan. Each child has the “right” to live….each child God specifically formed in the womb (see Psalm 139) – even if that child came about by the horrible fact of rape. And they are children….isn’t it like just 10 days or something after conception that a fetus’ heart starts beating?
    So thank you, Lia. God bless…..We just need to remember that we do have to bring Christ into this – or this “House” too, “will fall”.

  • That was AWESOME!! Even though with the upsoming 4 years abortions will still be legal… I think that this video can do something!! There is also a video on U-Tube on the Presidential Debate! The question was… “at what time do you believe that a baby gains human rights?” Right off the bat mcCain answered “At the point of conception!” Check it out… its pretty cool! πŸ™‚

  • This is very thought provoking. It is amazing to me that a 12 year old girl knows as much about this issue as she does. The even greater thing is that she has the right ideas about the issue. It is quite apparent that she understands what she is speaking about. She is not just another one of those kids who says he believes in an issue when in reality he only does so because of what his parents have told him to say when he doesnt even understand what he is saying.Praise God!!! There is still hope for this world in the next generation!!

  • That was so clear and so powerful – and so courageous and eloquent!! And praise God for that little life saved too! VERY well done, Lia!!

    Thank you for posting that!

  • Amen! I pray that this video reaches those who are contemplating abortion. This video has a powerful message that will save lives. God bless you, Lia!

  • Abortion is sooooooo terrible!!! but also what is just as embrio stem cell research!!! now there not jus murdering children there taking live children and causing them overwhelming pain before they murder them!!

  • obama has been making more and more laws about making abortion more legal and my friend read an email about changing that by sending obama a letter.

    make it a red envolope
    put NOTHING in it
    on the front address it to-

    President Barack Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave.. N.W
    Washington, D.C 20500

    on the back write the following message.

    This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.

    now put the letter in the mail on march 31st, and send it. if you read this later than march 31st then just make one and send it asap. mabey if we keep sending them he will be impacted my them!

    if u could post it on your website or something to get the word out that would be great!


  • Wow!!!! you are an amazing girl!!! i love the way you speak for those who have no voice. my family is very out spoken on our views on this matter and we really love you standing with us and many others who hate abortion. not only is my family working to stop it but my church is also doing things in our community to make the people understand the facts of abortion. please keep up the WONDERFUL work, and dont let anyone drag you down. God bless!!!!!!!!!

  • i was really amazed. im 13 and probably wouldnt think of doing.
    but she did a really great job. well done Lia

  • i think it’s great that young people are taking a stand again large things, such as abortion and other such things. i think that as the AMAZING youth we are, we COULD acomplish SOOOO much if people who give us HIGHER expectations. my mom made me read the “Do Hard Things” book that Alex and Brett wrote, and i am so glad im reading it. its soooo good and im not even that far!
    but as i was saying, if we could all take a stance on things like abortion, we probablly could eventually over rule the government.
    so thank you Lia! πŸ™‚ im appritiative! πŸ™‚
    if anyone reads this and wants to discuss, give me and email at:
    [email protected]

  • Wow, what an amazing girl. So eloquent and devoted. God bless her and use her!
    I agree with everything she says. Abortion, when it all boils down, is murder.
    May God continue to use her speaking skills for His glory.

  • Wow! This video shows that us teens have the potential to do great things πŸ˜€ Thank you for posting this video πŸ™‚

  • wow that was incredible. I am doing a paper on abortion and that gave me so much more to think about since I saw that video. I want to make my piece sound so convincing like that. It really was inspirational. Thank you Lia for inspiring me soooo much with what you said. πŸ™‚

  • Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to bring that subject to court I have always wanted to I believe that it is wrong because you are murdering a innocent person who could be the worlds next Governor or President and that is serious even if you get raped or had something you did not want you should not kill that youngen it is Gods decision to give or take away that life! since i was 8 (I am almost 12) I have always had that subject in my heart and I believe God has a plain for you Lia and he is going to use you and I hope he will use me

  • WOW!! I was really moved by Lia’s passion as she presented her speech. Gave me goosebumps! God bless you Lia.

  • WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think more people need to stand up against abortion!!!!!!!!!!
    GOD BLESS!!!!! πŸ˜€

  • Abortion is the Woman’s choice. Like I said on the last posts, “The abortion debate is changing”. Josiah and Anonymous, debated me on this subject, I know the bottom line depends on your morals and what you believe, but I can’t think of how it’s right to take away the woman’s choice. I think it should only be used in dire needs, such as medical emergencies, I don’t support abortion in the means of people who just get one because they don’t want the kid, they can put him out there for a nice family to adopt. I see where you guys are coming from, because you’re Christians and follow the Bible, I just thought I would put my thoughts out there.

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  • WOW!! That girl has guts and passion. She’s not just an awesome speaker, but a speaker with a purpose. Wish I could know where she’s at now.

  • Listening to someone so young speak on the topic of abortion just makes it that much more real. What if she wasn’t here? What if I wasn’t? Some think one person more or less doesn’t make a difference, but I don’t believe that! One person more or less can completely change the course of history. Each individual life touches another, whether for good or ill. It’s not just the important ones either, a janitor can be just as important to history as a president. What if Alex and Brett weren’t here? They have had such an impact on not just my life, but the lives of teenagers all across America. Every time a child is aborted a hole is ripped into the fabric of our lives. I used to think, “What is the point in fighting it? They will never stop abortion.” but that doesn’t matter. So what if abortion will never be outlawed? We are making the unborn voices heard, and people are listening. If pro-life succeeds in saving just a few of those children by spreading awareness then it is worth it!

  • Standing up for what you believe in the Public School system is hard, great job Lia! Keep up the good fight!

  • Wow. That’s amazing. The passion and power she has in that speech shows you how strongly she feels about the issue. And you know what? Not enough people are willing to roll up their sleeves and dive head-first into a messy problem such as this. She’s very gifted. God didn’t waste any talent there. Kudos to her!

  • You did great! I could have not done it better myself. We were listening to Alex and Brett this morning after our devotions! You are doing a hard thing and doing it well!!! Keep up the great work and be sure to always do it for the glory of God:)

  • Wow, the World needs more people like Lia. She has a obvious gift for speaking, and not just that, but she has a passion you can see! She has such great points! I’ve never heard someone explain so clearly the reasons abortion is so wrong! God bless you!

  • Wow, way to go Lia, abortion touches me very deeply. My younger brother was born 3 months early, the time when most late-term abortions happen. He lived. I as well spoke out about abortion by writing a excerpt in a local paper, thank you for speaking about such a sensitive subject.


    P.S. if you would like to read my letter in the paper search “Science Proves Abortion Is Murder, Jeffrey Lybarger” in google

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