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A Lazy Habit of Procrastination


When are you going to get your stuff done? Procrastination can sabotage more than a day’s work. Too many of us also procrastinate in much bigger areas of life — things like growing in responsibility, maturity and in our relationship with Christ.

For young people this can be expressed in the phrase: Life starts later. Life begins after high school, after college, later, someday, but not now. We view the teen years as a vacation from responsibility, a time to goof off and have fun. We’re like athletes, lounging poolside, not realizing the game has already started.

And you see, what bothers us when young people die is that we think they somehow didn’t have a chance to live. But that’s only because we’ve bought into the lie that life doesn’t start until after you’re married with kids.

I Timothy 4:12 says, “Let no one look down on your because you are young, but set the believers an example in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity.”

Speaking for Christ starts now. Living for Christ starts now. Loving for Christ starts now. Faith must be exercised now. Purity is important now.

God doesn’t have two standards, one for adults and one for young people. He has a high calling for both. And that high calling starts now.

A wasted life is a life that ends before its owner even thought it had started.

Some questions for discussion:

  • Almost all of us have a tendency to procrastinate with little things (e.g. homework, homework, etc.) But what bigger life things do you find yourself putting off until “someday?”
  • Elizabeth’s “Bonus” Question from the Comment Section: What practical steps can you take to stop procrastinating in this area of your life?
  • Natalie’s “Bonus” Question from the Comment Section: How do you distinguish between procrastinating and prioritizing?
  • NOTE: Have another question for everyone related to procrastination? Ask it in the comment section and I’ll add it here.
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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • So… I’m Procrastinating by not doing my math homework by getting on facebook and here and this wonderful article on procrastination just so happens to be posted…
    Thanks Guys, I think I will go do my homework now..

  • I agree with Alexandra–this post is SO true!
    I know that sometimes I have thought, even subconsciously, that things don’t matter, cos I can get a “clean slate” and begin later. God’s grace IS enough for that, but I need to make effort to do things right now!
    1 Timothy 4:12 has spoken to me before; it’s shown me that I don’t need to be 21 before I can set a good example. As young people (and those who are older as well), we need to practice good habits now, including not procrastinating… and being an example and light for others.

  • What a funny video.
    I watched it and laughed and then decided to watch it again ‘before I got my stuff done’.

    Thanks for the good reminder of God’s desire for us to move on in life, getting the stuff done that He is calling us to do.

  • Awesome blog!

    I can’t count how many times my mom has said ‘Jamila, PLEASE stop procrastinating and do this or that…’

    I think sometimes that I might think that because I have my “whole life ahead of me” I can keep putting off what I could easily start working on today. Sometimes I get into the same mindset that Rachel mentioned. But I know God has called me to use my time wisely and to pursue Him with all diligence.

    Thanks so much

  • I procrastinate, mostly with my Bible (what a thing to put off! Like math homework isn’t bad enough…) because it’s cold and I don’t really want to get out of bed. I’ll just lay in bed, because it’s warm in bed (as though in five minutes my room will be any warmer than it is…) At some point, I’m told by my Mom that I need to go do Spanish and I sort of jump, looking at the clock. Oops, it’s 8:00 and I still have to take the dog out and throw books together for classes right after Spanish.
    That video was sadly true, but hilarious at the same time. Shows the human condition all over. Thanks for the post, guys!

  • Ever heard of Structured Procrastination? 🙂
    Here’s a question for discussion:
    How do you distinguish between procrastinating and prioritizing?
    I suspect many of us have a list of 101 things (at least!) that need to be done at any given time. Choosing to do some things is inherently choosing not to do others. I have a very project-oriented personality and work-a-holic tendencies, so I actually have to make an effort to put off (procrastinate?) things that need to be done in order to meet unexpected needs or be available to spend time with people. Sometimes it is right and necessary to put off one thing in order to do another.

    (Kind of a different angle than what was probably intended in this post.) But, whether big or little, our lives must be guided by sensitivity to the Lord’s leading and an understanding of what things we should be doing right now and what things we *should* be putting off until another time.

  • That was great, I loved the video. I completely agree with everything you said. I think it goes along with the mindset of teens being the church of tomorrow when we’re actually the church of today as well as the adults and the children. Again, great entry.

    God bless

  • I have a lot of difficulty learning to overcome my procrastination. Are there any techniques that you would recommend for someone in my position? I’ve tried many times before but it almost feels like I am too far gone in this procrastinating nature I’ve developed. Is there anything I can do to turn this around?

  • Whoa, I can relate to that one! The video is hilarious.
    It is funny how easy it is to put things off…somehow something else always comes up that seems more important at the moment and trumps our resolve.


  • As I was laughing at the video….I realized that the not so humorous part is…..that is me…

    sometimes we (ok…. I) fill up life so much with the little things that the big things get pushed aside… and that is sometimes why we say… I’m not going anywhere with my life…maybe that’s why….

    In answer to the question what have you been procrastinating about… I need to stop pushing off asking some people for forgiveness and then start to move on… I need to start putting my eyes on Christ and His life.

  • One more thing…. I really like the title of the video… ” Tales of Mere Existance” … that’s what procrastination starts to feel like

  • Haha… that’s hilarious. But only because I know it was posted in fun. If that video were serious, I think I might feel sick.

    I’d really love to comment, but I have a lot of important stuff to do so I’ll have to wait until I have more time. I’m really anxious to come up with some interesting questions for everyone. But I’ll have to wait until there’s less on my mind. I just wanted to comment to let you know that I will comment. I just have a lot of responsibilities. You know, I could write a blog entry on my blog that will reach thousands. Or I could write a comment here that would reach a few. It’s all about what’s most important. So I need to put aside things like commenting here. So I can do things that will reach more people. When I have more time, though, I will be back. I’m just in a rush to get everything else done. You know how that is. I’m sure you do. It’s not for lack of wanting to comment that I don’t. Know that. 😉

    P.S. I don’t have time to read this over, so could you please check for spelling? =D =D

  • My dreams. Either I am way too scared to even try or way too safe to take a risk (no wonder I’m still stuck here). Growth with Christ. I’m used to making lots of excuses before (e.g. my family isn’t saved yet, my background isn’t Christian, am not yet ready for this and that, etc.). But a great sense of understanding and encouragement really did help a lot.

  • This is a really good post…I’ve never thought about why we feel like people who die young have not had a chance to live, but I’ve definitely felt that before.

    Procrastinating on big things…well, I really don’t know off the top of my head. Honestly, I don’t tend to think that far ahead, so I don’t put things off till then, big or small. It’s easy for me to put small things off, but I really don’t think about the big ones that much. Probably not the best attitude, but it’s the truth ; )

  • Well, I don’t have a lot of time to respond to this since I do have to get some stuff done. That was a great video and it kind of reminded myself of…Me.

    A big thing for me would be devotions. I wake up early and then think about the fact that I can do it later when it’s more ‘convinient’, though I never get around to it. God’s helping me work on that one. : ) Also, I have piano lessons today and I haven’t practiced my scales this week.. Whoops!

  • This post is for me. Me the Official Procrastinator. Me the Queen of the Official Procrastinators. No Joke.

    Thanks for the relevance. God is working. Amen.

  • Ha ha! 😉 I love the video. There are probably many things that I procrastinate, one big thing is probably preparation for getting older. IF I get married in a couple years I need to be prepared for taking care of my family. My mom is sort of pushing me in that area, but, guess what, I am procrastinating.:0

    I also like Natalie Wickman’s question: How do you distinguish between procrastinating and prioritizing? My answer is prioritizing is kind of like preparation for completing the tasks that need to be done. It is listing stuff that needs done, and then following through and doing it. Procrastinating is listing the stuff and then finding meaningless things to do to keep you from getting those tasks accomplished.

  • Can I go ahead and throw out a question?
    What practical steps can you take to stop procrastinating in this area of your life?

  • Ouch…someone videotaped a normal day in my life and posted it on the web…
    Quite often I complain about the stress in my life because I’ve ignored and put off doing things until the last minute. When the deadline is hanging over my head, I naturally get stressed about not finishing on time. For me, procrastination is definitely the easiest thing to do. Now I need to do the hard thing and get off the computer and go write a five page paper that is due really soon. 🙁

  • I have some questions for consideration.

    What does it mean to you to live?

    What does it mean to you to let no one look down on your youth, and what does it mean to set an example?

    It’s important to know what needs done, but the next step is doing what needs done- so what does it mean to you to be a doer and not just a hearer?

    That’s what I’ve been thinking about lately- and I would ask for prayer that I could have the courage to do what I see to do. Timidity is….. boring.

  • I know exactly how you feel bookwormarie! I do the same thing all the time!

    What bigger life things do you find yourself putting off until “someday?”
    Probably character traits…such as discipline.

    Ok, for another question.
    What can we do to make our life matter now, in this moment?

  • This was a great post, though not entirely relevant to me.
    When I start something I HAVE to finish it.
    If I have a list of things to do for today, or this week, or this month
    I cannot stand to put it of until tomorrow!
    Sometimes I get so caught up in what I’m doing I tune everything else out, time flies by and before I know it the day is gone!
    For me it takes so much will power to stop what I’m doing and just relax, play a game with my little sister, take a walk on the beach and talk to God.
    Being homeschooled I have that flexibility in my schedule, unfortunately I do not make the most of it.
    Maybe I am procrastinating!
    Procrastinating in the little things that-even if they are little-are extremely important.
    I have a question,
    How do you keep from, oh, I’ll call it reverse procrastination?
    How do you decide what is important, checking off everything on my list or taking precious time for the little things?
    I hope this is not off topic.= )
    Hope you can help!

  • I do the exact same thing, Tabitha!
    … and I still haven’t found a solution except prayer!
    The one thing I found that helps is planning your day with more time than you’ll need. Such as – you know it takes you 45 minutes to do math, but plan it to take an hour. Then use that time to get ahead on the 25 minutes you set aside to do history, which maybe will only take 15. You already have 25 “extra” minutes… if that makes any sense at all!

  • I’ve been in the habit of procrastinating for pretty much my whole life and I totally recognize the train of thought in the videos (as in, it’s the way my mind runs). But God has really been working in my life lately and I’ve been realizing that the reason I put things off (usually schoolwork) is because I’m afraid I’ll do badly. Then because I put it off, I do even worse than I would’ve if I’d just done it right away.

  • I showed that video to my brother and we were both just laughing histerically!
    But sadly I would be a hypocrit if I said I didn’t procrastinate. I do it all the time.
    In fact, while i’m commenting on this, I have a plethera of things that I need to do (aka. school, cleaning etc.). So I think I should go do the important stuff that i’m procrastinating on instead of wasting my time on the net.
    Only then could I say that i’m going to start not procrastinating!
    Alex and Brett, yet another great post. Keep up the good work!

  • A discussion topic:

    What stops us from listening to that little voice in the back of our head reminding us of that thing we SHOULD be doing?
    How is Satan involved in all of this?

    Speaking of… i’m still here on the computer!!! Argggggg!!!!!
    Pray for me to not procrastinate so much!

  • I loved the video that you put up, it was really funny and a good exaggerated example of what procrastination is and looks like. For me, procrastination has been something that I have been struggling with a lot this year in regards to school. I’m a senior and since I’ve taken almost all of my academic classes, I was finishing up my requirements with electives and such. Because my classes were so easy and so little was expected from me, I sort of let myself slack off in that area. I just finished your book almost a week ago and I’m proud to say I am all caught up in my classes! I’m ready to not procrastinate in that area any longer but rather, see school as my job until I get my college degree and work as if I’m working for God and not for others or myself.

    Here’s my thoughts on the discussion questions:

    Almost all of us have a tendency to procrastinate with little things (e.g. homework, homework, etc.) But what bigger life things do you find yourself putting off until “someday?”

    Mine are memorizing scripture and getting people gifts. With scripture, I write it down on flash cards and even go over it a few times, but it never sticks with me. I think I’m just not patient enough to do the hard work of getting those words in my brain. Also with gifts, it’s a bigger problem. I want to show that I care but I don’t want to take the time to pick something out for them, part of it me being selfish and me being lazy. Lately, I have been doing better at that but I still need some work.

    My questions would be: Do you think Procrastination and Selfishness are related?

    What are some signs that procrastination is coming?

  • I struggle with procrastination quite a bit, but then, having deadlines helps me a lot. I am now an editor for a young ladies magazine, so I spend many of days typing up articles, tweaking them, writing my own, etc. When it comes time for us to go to press, I need to be ready and have it all set to go–instead of pushing the deadline back because I haven’t done what I have to do.

    Of course, things will get in your way. When you are battling illness, the last thing you want to do is edit work =) But it does feel so good to NOT procrastinate…….

    Speaking of which, I have some things I could do

    Bummer…..I cannot see the video. But that isn’t y’alls fault

  • Wow, that is tough. I think I procrastinate a lot in my life. Maybe not so much on big things, but ALL the time on little things. I will put away my clothes tomorrow, I will practice that song tomorrow, I will go running tomorrow, I will take some time to draw..tomorrow. I think even if it does not seem to leave a huge effect on me, it is. So that’s my question… how big of an effect is it REALLY leaving on my life? I could probably be a marathon runner by now if I really had gone running all the times I said I would. I could be a Leonardo Da Vinci if I really had practiced drawing all the times I said I would. I would have the cleanest room in America if I really had cleaned it all the times I put it off. I think I also procrastinate on moral stuff too. Like, ‘I will not argue with my brother…tomorrow. But I can’t let that comment go today!’, ‘I will stop watching movies like this after today… but I just have to go see this with my friends!’ Help! It is so hard. I am SO thankful for Jesus constant encouragment and guidance!

  • QUESTION!!!!!!
    Can procrastination be sometimes when we know what God wants us to do but we just wait for Him to point it out to us with a bright neon sighn at the front of our drive-way?

  • Wow, I personally struggle with procrastination, particularly in the area of school. The problem is that I’m also a near perfectionist when it comes to school, so I end up staying up late and doing last-minute homework right before class starts.

    Hannah, I think that what you said is definitely a form of procrastination. Basically, procrastinating is putting off something we know we should be doing, no matter if it gets pointed out to us or not. I definitely have procrastinated in that area before, and I have discovered I feel SO much better when I do it right when He tells me to.

    That’s the awful thing about procrastination, it feels yucky. It’s like there’s a little “good” person on one shoulder telling you to do something, and then there’s another little “bad” person on the other saying, “oh come on, you have time to be on the computer.”
    When you really don’t! Like I’m doing right now. Better go finish that writing homework…

  • Practical steps to stop procrastinating? I think I need to stop making excuses. I also think it would help if there were no need for me to get on the computer. Maybe I should delete my Facebook account? just maybe?
    The toughest part to tackle is that I procrastinate on my homework, yes, but I still do very well in school. I haven’t had to face any bad consequences for my actions.
    Hmm. Maybe I could invent a bracelet to zap me whenever I procrastinate. Then I’ll learn my lesson.
    Haha, maybe I should just not procrastinate.

  • Ouch, this one hurt, especially this “A wasted life is a life that ends before its owner even thought it had started.” Thanks for the reminder not to procrastinate, but to act now! God Bless

  • Wow, that really hits home. Thanks so much for the reminder! It’s also good to see that I’m not the only one that procrastinates.

  • Wow, i just found out about this website today, and I procrastinate alot. I usually tell myself that its ok, I can do my homework later. But sometimes later isnt an option. Thanks for the awsome reminder!

  • Thank you SO much for that video! That brought a huge smile to my face.

    Fortunately, procrastination is not one of my weak points. I’m the “sit down and get ‘er done” sort of character, and take great relief when my hard work is over so I can relax.

    Has anyone watched the film “The Great Debaters”? In it, the old black preacher leans over the pulpit and says, “We do what we have to do in order to do what we want to do.” That always sticks with me, and sometimes I quote it to myself when I think of getting my ‘stuff’ done.

    Quick note for Hannah:

    Hannah, there is a mighty big difference between procrastination and waiting on God :).

  • I was just in the middle of a history assignment when I thought: “Hmmmm, maybe I can take a quick breather and see what’s new at the rebelution”. LO and behold there was a new post……..on procrastination. God really knows how to pick the prefect (and most painfully inconvenient) times to convict 😛

    History accountability questions here I come!

  • I procrastinate all the time. I do my “stuff”, but I could do it better, and I could do more things than I need to do. And example– I plan each day to spend an hour to 1 and half on Algebra, but I spend thirty to forty minutes.
    I finish “all” of my math and figure that I could use extra time on something else, and do the rest of it at night. By the end of the day, I’ve “planned” to do the rest of all of my school/homework at night. (Being a home-schooler I’m flexible)
    But also, earlier that morning, I planned to do my quiet time. Uhoh! Now I’m stuck! I’m tired, and have “stuff” to do! So I do what I HAVE to do, and leave my school unfinished.
    I soon get in trouble and start flunking my math, and have to take the consequences (doing an extra 4 solid hours, with my mom, a week- or no activities for me)
    It’s the same every week. I say to myself, “I’ll start brand new tomorrow. Jesus will help me.” But nothing happens. I last a few days doing “perfect”, but then I start messing up again.

    Elizabeth’s question is exactly mine as well- What are some practical steps to stopping procrastination?
    Not just in school and homework, but in quiet times and everything else. I want to stop doing the least I can do just to pass, but I want to do my best!

  • What a pure classic that vid was. Unfortunately. 🙂
    You guys continue to hit the nail on the head. It’s like my thoughts and actions of late have been accurately written down here. I know what you’re saying is right and I knew it before I read this but hearing/seeing it actually ‘verbalized’ and put down so truthfully and bluntly is quite eye opening. Homework, homework. True, very true!

    Almost all of us have a tendency to procrastinate with little things (e.g. homework, homework, etc.) But what bigger life things do you find yourself putting off until “someday?”
    Knowing that the attitudes with which I treat my Father and brothers sometimes, will probably be how I will one day treat my husband and knowing I should ‘pick up my game’ and make more of an effort to treat both Father and brothers with love and respect on a higher level. Sometimes I kid myself thinking “I won’t treat my future husband the way I just treated my brother. It’ll be different” But deep down I know that if I don’t stop procrastingating and putting my attitude change off to “someday” it’ll end up being exactly the same.

    Thanks guys for taking the time to write these. Know you must be extremely busy. God bless!

  • There’s a song by the band Stellar Kart called Procrastinating. I just thought of it today.

    Lately the Lord has been helping me to learn His traits and be like Him now, instead of thinking I can do it later. Procrastination and laziness have gone hand in hand in my life, but with God’s help, I’m learning not to live that way anymore.

    It helps to realize that if I don’t start now, then 1) There’s no guarantee that I’ll have a chance later and 2) If I can’t quit putting it off now, I may not be able to do it later.

  • I would comment on how I struggle with procrastination and how relevant this post was… but I have to go get some stuff done. 😀 😀
    Seriously though, thanks for the reminder!

  • I was just thinking of Stellar Kart’s song today too!!! I highly suggest listening to it.

    Ok, I read this post yesterday and I have a huge problem with procrastinating. One thing that I procrastinate on is getting all my chores done in the morning. I woke up this morning and was laying in bed when I thought of this post. “I’m procrastinating right now just by not getting up and doing my chores!” I thought. I tryed to ignore it but my concience got the best of me. I got up and got my chores done, and you know what? It feels really good to do the right thing!

    Thank you for posting this! It has already made an impact on my life!

  • Thanks Kyleigh!
    It is really encouraging to know I’m not the only one who has problems with “reverse procrastination”!
    Are you homeschooled as well?

  • Ah, so that’s who’s been watching me…yeah, I’m kind of procrastinator. But sometimes I’m just like Tabitha and Kyleigh. I’m like, “Gotta do this now, gotta do this now…” about school. About the other things (like cleaning my room…), however, I’m like, “Oh yeah, I’ll do that later.” And I either don’t do it or I do it much, much later. But, I will work on that, so…yeah.

  • I was listening to the moody radio station for Moddy bible institute, and one of the pastors was saying that God has so muc for us to do that we can’t even fathom everything he has planned for us. We sit around saying ” God I want you to do big big things in my life through you” he knows exactly what we need, and he knows our hearts, and we wonder day after day as we sit around wondering why he hasn’t put me us in some extraordinary place for him yet.
    It’s because He knows our hearts, and what we are willing to do for him. he looks at our life now, and sees the most potential because we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. if we can’t get up and do something even small for him now, how can we handle something bigger which takes more responsibility? we’re wasting time waiting for a dream when we could be living that dream out right now. you have to start somewhere with him. Pray, and pray, and pray, and take a planned course with you, and soon you will see that God was leading you every step of the way.
    If you seem stuck in a stagnent situation, but your waiting for God to do something for you, but your not willing to do something about it, you can’t expect great things to happen. You have to start somewhere. we can’t expect great things to happen in our life if your not willing to make time for God, take time for God, and rest in his faithful promise in knowing that he has our life planned out, and it started even before you were born.

    He has huge plans for all who are ( willing) ..willing to “DO”

  • What does the culture tell us we should do?

    I have been thinking about this for a while now and i came to the conclusion that the culture says ‘go ahead and do it, if it helps you right now.’ In other words the culture eggs us on to not procrasitnate on the things that give us instant gratification. this goes hand-in-hand with the discussion on complacency.

    Take Gatorade for example. the slogan “Just Do It” is designed to make us go out and exercise just so that when we get thirsty we will need some of the energy provided in their drinks. Now for most kids they see the comercials and they want to be just like those people and work out real hard and then look cool drinking Gatorade. So that’s just what they do, and after they work real hard and look cool someone notices them and says something. Mission accomplished. they got noticed the looked cool.

    Now I realize that this was a pretty weak metaphor but it can really be summed up in the fact that the culture will ‘show’ you what is cool and encourage you to do it. if that means the slogan “Just Do It” will get more people off the couch and out running around just so they can drink Gatorade, that’s fine. That message is just to get people to buy energy drinks. The real problem comes when people start listening to the cultures opinion about other things.

    The culture has a huge influence on teens regarding how they dress, what video games they buy, where they go to school, what car they drive, and the list goes on and on. The culture will tell you to go get a job; but only to earn enough money to get the latest game. The culture will tell us to go to the gym and get in shape; only if it helps us get noticed. The spinning continues throughout this cycle, everything is focused on us and no one else. Join the volleyball team today and the guys will be flocking tomorrow.

    This entire way of thinking keeps our completely horizontal. When we focus on doing the things the culture tells us to we lose sight of God and HIs plan for us. So I think one of the main issues we face with all these “wasted lives” is that teens are focusing wholly on what the culture wants and constantly dong it’s will but being complacent and procrastinating about the things that realte to God.

    It should be a huge call to prayer for us, for us not to be lost and caught up in the things that this culture wants but to keep our eyes fixed on our Lord.

    Glory be to the Father

  • Great post! That really does hit home. I am bad about procrastination. Especially, “oh, I have extra time, so I’ll read this book and do my algebra later.” Then algebra homework doesn’t get done, so I have to get up half an hour earlier to do that before I shower and do algebra (I’m homeschooled!). Or, today I’ve spent all afternoon online doing driver’s ed, writing a newsletter, and visiting here, but don’t have my homework, chores, or piano practice done yet. I guess that means I’ll be getting off now!

  • goes my first comment on the rebelution 😛

    Great post! I attended the conference where Brett delivered this message, and got the audio cd. I’ve listened to it many times since, and I can honestly say that it has changed so many areas of my life! (such as the one this post deals with). I haven’t listened to it recently, and sort of forgot about it…thanks for refreshing these excellent points in my mind.

    I, ah, intend to comment later, but my thirty minutes of personal computer time are up, so I’d better go help with dinner. Does my intention to return and post thoughts on procrastination count as procrastination? Ack!

  • This video is great! it is very true. I’ve been trying to get out of the habit of procrastination. This is a great way of showing how much time is wasted when you procrastinate. We only have a short time to live here on earth and we need to start using the time we have to serve the Lord and do what he has called us to do.
    Thanks for the video, it really opened my eyes on how i really should be spending my time. I definitely need to stop procrastinating.

  • That video was great! I definitely have a problem with procrastination at times. I love what you said about how life starts NOW. A lot of teenagers go through life waiting for it to begin without realizing that it has already begun. I find myself having the same mindset at times. Thank you for this wonderful reminder!

  • Almost all of us have a tendency to procrastinate with little things (e.g. homework, homework, etc.) But what bigger life things do you find yourself putting off until “someday?” Just even not thinking about your future (saying things like “Oh that’s a million years down the road… besides, the Lord might come by then.”) can be a form of procrastination. I find myself putting off things that I know will improve and help me in the future… things like staying focused while doing school (that might come in handy if I go to college), helping with and learning the “tricks of the trade” of domestic, household chores (that will definitely be helpful if I get married), things like that.

    Elizabeth’s “Bonus” Question from the Comment Section: What practical steps can you take to stop procrastinating in this area of your life? Well, first of all start to think about my future! Also making it a reality in my life (“This is going to happen.”), and then working on the things that will help me in my future.

    Natalie’s “Bonus” Question from the Comment Section: How do you distinguish between procrastinating and prioritizing? I’m not sure exactly what prioritizing means 🙂

  • Well. I agree with you Rebeka. you have a very good point. I was not sure what the diffrence was between the two but then I looked them up and here is what I got.

    Prioritizing: to arrange or deal with an order of inportance.

    procrastinating: to put off doing something esp. out of habitual careless of laziness.

    I hop that this helped. God bless.

    Sophie R barnes

  • Rebeka, I can totally identify with you.
    I guess I should start considering my future and taking steps to get to where I want to be.

    I put of big hard things because I’m afraid to fail, and there are easier things that I can do. I hope I will remember this post and reach out to do hard things immediately in the future.

    I think I often put small things like homework or cleanup off because there is something I would prefer to do, while I should be focusing on serving the people around me. I want to train myself to be working to do more than is expected rather than doing the minimum(which is still relatively good) at the last minute. Speaking of which, I should go write my English paper.

  • i can totally agree-i put off so many big/small things everyday! i’ve been talking to my dad about “time management” and i’m beginning to realize it’s importance in my life…
    see, i’m the kid in class who can get up at 5 am to finish a homework assigment that has been assigned two weeks in advance and still understand the concept-i’m not gifted or smart (by any means) but God has really gifted me with teachers who help me understand and learn….but anyway, as i was talking to my dad, he told me that i need to start working each day instead of pushing off homework to the-VERY-last minute; i was somewhat confused: if i can push off assignments till the last minute and still get a good grade why should i make myself work each day? i’d always told myself that procrastination
    was ‘how i roll’ and i was completely content (or so i thought) i’m learning that by pushing things off and not REALLY putting in my best work, that i was robbing myself from the benefit of giving (even ‘little hard things’) my all…if i get into the habit of pushing things off till the last minute i’ll run myself into some BIG problems-cause there’s some things in life that i can push off (life my quiet time) that will hurt me in the long run….thanx brett, alex, (& dad!), for your wisdom!!!

    in christ,

    kiley h.

  • I think all of us struggle with getting our life together and giving it up for christ, i know im one of them. How can I get excited for christ!?

  • Amy, I think you can get excited for Christ by reading his word. Not that you aren’t doing that, but it’s quite powerful.
    Hanging out with strong, mature believers in Christ also helps a lot.
    Getting on fire for God is really hard for everyone, it’s even hard for me! 🙂

  • Hey Guys,
    This may be a stupid question but who do I get a hold of for questions about the “Give Me An Answer” Conference?

  • This is one of the many issues I’m struggling with. I’m suppose to grade my students’ writing papers and that is like my most hated job in world and while I’m procrastinating I found this. Awesome! Praise Him! Now, I need to go back to work so that I could return my precious little students’ papers tomorrow.

  • Wow, that’s so true! I have had to really fight procrastination this semester in school. It i so easy to fall into the “I’ll get it done later” trap! Thank you for the challenge.

  • I sometimes procrastinate with homework. A lot of the time that I have home work do on Monday, I end up doing on Sunday night.

  • It is so true, and I am so bad about procrastinating. It seems like there is always something I could be doing that is all that much more interesting than the thing I am supposed to be doing. God has shown me that before, but do I get off my lazy but and fix it? speaking of which I better get back to my math assignment. thanks for the remindere

  • Always ask yourself two questions. The first is:

    Am I doing something useful right now?

    Often I find myself doing something that steals my time away from me like watching YouTube videos or organizing something that really doesn’t even need work. Other things take time and accumulate like playing a drum solo with a toothpaste tube and toothbrush (we’ve all done it) or randomly deciding to read every for sale add in the newspaper. If we ask our selves this and the answer is no, we need to move onto something else immediatly.
    The second question to ask yourself is:

    What do I need to do right now to more effectively use my time?

    This is where priorities come into play. Choose to work on the thing most important and most urgent. If you really dont waste anytime, urgency will become less and less of a factor.

    Great insight in posting, by the way.

  • I truly believe this with all of my heart. I am a high school senior, and for most of my life I have been living the lie that life doesnt start until after graduation and you graduate from college, get married , and have kids. It wasnt until this year really that i began to understand my life is here and now. Thankyou so much for this post. It really means alot to read something that i also believe and to know that others have the same thoughts that i do.

  • I was just studying Acts and thinking about how Felix was a procrastinator. He would tell Paul that he would hear more of what Paul had to say when the time was more convenient – but that time never came for Felix, and the potential Felix had was wasted. That really convicted me!

  • Hi!! I’m new in the rebelution world… but so far, i’ve got to say… I’m loving it!!! I just read the chapter in the book about doing small hard things & it really hit the spot. As for procrastinating, I know I struggle with it, and a lot of times I come up with excuses instead of just telling myself that I need to stop procrastinating and just do it. But then you gotta think… what if Jesus had procrastinated?? He coulda just said, “I don’t really feel like saving all the sinners in the world today. I’ll just do it tomorrow….” If Jesus had been as bad about procrastinating as I am… we probably wouldn’t have the hope we have today…. just a thought. Alex & Brett–thanks SO much for all you’re doing, it’s truly inspiring 🙂

  • This is true, I really agree. Today people are procrastinating when doing their homework, for adults it would be getting the work done for their boss, but in anyway we still procrastinate. Some of us teens also procrastinate with the Bible, not reading for our own good, but only thinking of it as something boring just like our what we do with our homework and chores etc.

  • Thank you guys for this amazing post. It really hit home because I realized that I am a major procrastinator. It’s not only homework for me, it’s also caused a strain on my relationship with God.

  • Hey guys,
    This post really hit home, I really procrastinate with my walk with God. I keep telling myself that I can do it later when I get home from wherever I am at or whatever I am doing. But by the time that I actually get around to it, it could be months before I open the word of God when I am at home.
    I have a couple bible studies that I go to throughout the week, which helps to get back in touch with God, but somehow I feel like there is more for me out there, I just need to stop procrastinating. So thank you guys for this, I have never really heard anyone talk about procrastination before and this was helpful.

  • I loved the video! It really displayes the truth of procrastination and that one thing can lead to another and that leads to another. Our minds just don’t want to do things so we find excuses to get out of it. . . temporarily. I have done that many times. Again, the message was very clear and I loved the video.

  • Hey guys and ladies: here is just a few notes on things that helped me in the battle of procrastination :). First, it’s nice to have some one hold you accountable. For instance, when my mom gets home from work, she asks, “What work did you get done today?” It really feels bad to say something like, “oh nothing much, swept a few dust bunnies from the floor and just laid around and watched the T.V…too bad I have so much homework, huh?” Instead, when she comes home, I like to say, “Yes, I actually got most of my math done, along with a history paper, and seven lessons of economics, Latin and finished a lesson on Thermodynamics.” I get SO much more done if I know someone will ask me what I’ve accomplished at the end of the day.

    Secondly, I’ve learned to turn of my computer and put only a certain amount of time on the computer. The T.V. isn’t a huge procrasination trap for me, because I find the T.V. to be mostly boring. But I just keep my computer off until I get my schedule done, then I know I can spend an hour on the computer if I want to. Find out what your “procrastination traps” are.

    Thirdly, make a schedule. I never procrastinate if I have it planned out.

    If I think of more, I will post them. But I need to get off my computer right now and make dinner 🙂

  • Natalie,
    I think that the difference between Procrastination and prioritizing is not something in a dictionary, but something you can find in your heart.
    You could ask yourself are you making up things that don’t really need to be done ’cause you don’t want to ‘get your stuff done’, or are you doing the important things first?

    I like to make things and I am knitting/crocheting several things at once, but for now I need to focus on one particular thing because I have to finish it in time to give it at a Wedding Shower. That’s prioritizing.
    I am writing comments online when I should be working on those gifts. That’s procrastination.

    Well, I’d better get back to crocheting. Hope this helps!!!

  • Although I do not know Benjamin Franklin persoanlly, ha..ha.. I do agree with a {few} of the fundamental building blocks he has left for us to read, think, and possibly apply to our very own lives to be more aware of ourselves, and the ways we live on a daily basis. he used the 13 virtues he created to help himself in his very own life journey, but these are the one’s I’d like to share:
    Industry: Lose no time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.
    Order: Let all your things have their places; let each part of your business have its time.

    . When it comes to procrastination, unless we have that hard to fathom “type A personality” where everything has to be done perfectly, on time, and super neat & organized, I know it is rare, and not a simple way in a busybut it can be done, and it is possible in this fast pace lifestyle. Thats why it’s crucial for all to know that change takes time, and effort. Yes, I said it…
    in a fast pace world where we want instant gratification, and quick results, and fast change. I’m sorry, but to see growth, and change, it won’t happen overnight, and it takes devote effort. It isn’t always going to come easy, but it’s a life long journey that should be taken one day at a time. Just to take steps in the right direction is a noble thing to do. it’s when you live a life that is not only beneficial to you, but to others as well, because the life we choose to live does not only effect us, but it also effects the people
    around us.

    and benjamin franklin wasn’t perfect. He was just like you an I. Franklin was known to endulge in his food, womanize and sometimes dress to impress others. He had a journal that he made where he would focus on one of his bad habits (eating to much) he gave it up for a week, and try to break that bad habit. Once that week was a success, he would move on, and choose another one of his bad habits (ex: treating woman with disrespect) if he found himself treating woman right, but he ate too much that week he would start over until he did both right, and saw change in his life. Althou he backslide many times, it was the steps he was willing to take, to make a difference for himself and others,But still, the positive intentions were there.

    we procrastinate…because we don’t plan, or we do, but we find something more enticing, and more “cool” than homework.
    Sometimes the things we have to do aren’t always “cool”, but they need to get done in order to see change, progress, and growth.

    when you do hard things, like saying no to video games for an hour to do homework, or skip a day at the mall with friends to build a relationship with the “not so cool girl” who wants to befriend you, take that risk, and you will see that your not only being used by God in his Big ways ( that may seem small to you) but remember anything God does has power, strength, and a meaningful purpose. what might seem little to us in the choices we make daily, are huge to him, and he wants us to listen to him, and know the things we do know determine a great deal of our future. whether it’s homework, building relationships, taking steps to change bad habits… it’s not easy, it’s quite hard, but your not alone, Not for a second. He’s encouraging you to make good of his precious time. you weren’t created to watse it, but to use it, and embrace him while being challenged by daily tasks, and hard choices. Take the longer road, and you will see that the reward was much more rewarding than taking the shorter road only to get done faster.

    In His love,


    Today at my college we had our christian fellowship table set up for the opening of our new student union. We had many people come to hear the good news & I able to share the Gospel! we also had many other cultural backgrounds, and beliefs wanting to persecute, judge, and fued that what we believed was a lie, and that Jesus was only a prohet ( which is not true) He is the Son of God, Our one and only Savior, and the only way, the truth, and the life.
    Through the Holy Spirit, and the powerful loving hand of God, He brought a curious listener to cross my path,ot by chance. Today he hear God’s words, and read the romans road with me. I said “hello” and smiled, and who would have thought that a chance to witness would come from those simple actions. { at first I wanted to keep listening to everyone speaking, but I heard God call me to meet the young man next to me) In his crowd of friends who’s goal was to fued, they continued to do their thing, but God gave me this moment to share with not a group, but this young man who was so used to his own “group” of friends pressuring him, and confusing him about Jesus. I took the chance of saying hello & being rejected by someone, and God allowed used me to share my heart for Him, and show him that God is personal, and that it’s always a blessing to have a community of true believers supporting you, but only with truth in their teachings, and security in God’s was made clear to him that it’s a choice he has to make in his own life, and not of his friends or family, but it was he who had to accept Jesus, and today he was able to hear the truth for himself all because of God. He will use you in the most unpredictable places, and you might be surrounded by people who want to hurt you or bring you down, and tell you you’re wrong, But stand firm because God is firm in you! He is your protection, and your guide. he can make one smile His peffect opportunity to change one life through you, and that one life changes another, and that life, another…it’s contagious. Jesus is contagious.

    this video, was made by my good friend who loves film, and it’s so true. that God moves in mysterious & powerful ways through his people.

  • Thank you for all the work that you have been doing.

    My two older sisters have read your book and I thought that all that you were doing was really awesome but I just never really got into it. But, now I realize that I have to! I am praying that God will show me what is a hard thing for me. What is something I can do. Thank you for your encouragement. I read my Bible every morning and evening but that has sort of just become a routine and I need to stop just letting it go in ne ear and out the other. I need to dive into His word and soak up all that my brain will retain and quite reading it as thuogh it were just a text book that I read before I start school. I have become complacent.

    I pray that God will show me a hard thing to do in order to reach out into a lost and dying world.

    Thank you again!
    Your sister in Christ,
    “There are two things that I am sure of. That I am a great sinner. And Christ is a great Saviour.”
    Amazing Grace.

  • When we think about it, procrastination becomes natural to us. Do the homework last minute, or get that project done tomorrow. And I know that I’ll probably do it over and over again, but I will put a constant reminder somewhere that procrastination is bad. And you guys have done an awesome job at everything here. GOD Bless You all. and I will pray for you.

  • I am late coming into this discussion, but for those who are struggling with procrastination in regards to school and work, I just read something the other day from an “ancient” book about studying in college (although it is applicable to those in any study situation!). I can’t remember the title, and I can’t remember the exact words, but it was basically saying that a habit of integrating work and relaxation (a.k.a. web-surfing, emailing, texting, twittering, or playing video games while “studying”) will only lead to more tiredness and less productivity.

    It is so true – when you work, concentrate, and when you enjoy some repose, really enjoy it. It reminds me of the verse, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might,” in Ecclesiastes 9.

  • I really appreciated this post. I publish a “newsletter” (a 4-page monthly publication) for Christian girls and I am wondering if you’d give me permission to publish this in it. May I, and who should I credit it to? I appreciate what you who are on the Rebelution team are doing for the Lord and for young people. Thanks so much!

  • People can get very little done without Christ. Without Christ, often you can’t do something as simple as to stop procrastinating. But with Christ, you can get amazing things done.

  • Thanks for this great post! I really do need to over come my habit of procrastinating about everything…I often find myself saying that I’ll do better on whatever it is next time, or I can always wait until life settles down. But I have just begun to realize that life will never slow down, and now is the time to do what matters most. One of my mottoes that I’m really trying to apply to my life (instead of just saying it; procrastination) is to live each day like it’s my last day on earth!!

    What a funny little movie, but oh, how I can relate to it. I mean this sounds like my twin, lol!
    But actually, doesn’t this movie sound more like going on “rabbit trails”? Its funny to realize that I do just like the guy in the movie does practically everyday!

    God bless,
    Hannah B.

    P.s. I have noticed that I am not the only Hannah that comments on here, so I comment as Hannah B.!

  • I was procrastinating by being on here. I saw the video and stopped right then to finish my biology homework, lol! I needed that reminder. Thanks!

  • wow!! so at 11 almost 12 years of age I can start doing things to help spread the word of God?!?! I love that vere I do need to start living my life it is kinda a song that i heard once thanks yall

  • Looking fwd to the remaining blogposts of this series..hehe..

    I am really encouraged and blessed by the message that you guys have been sharing here. I have started to take the small hard steps in life, and yes, they do make all the difference!

    God bless both of you 🙂

  • I am, personally, very lazy. I see that now. My youth group’s student leadership group is reading through this book and I am very influenced by it. There are many good ideas and questions in it. I am also very good at procrastination! (This is not a good thing.)

  • WOW!! that video was so funny but so true! 🙂 After watching it I got my siblings all up to the computer so they could see it to.

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