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The Widow’s Might: In Theaters Starting April 13th



Some exciting news — and a call to action! John Robert Moore, a 19-year-old rebelutionary from Texas — whose film The Widow’s Might beat out Fireproof and Expelled for the Best of Festival and Audience Choice Award at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival in January — passes on this update: The Widow’s Might is getting a limited theatrical release across the country, starting April 13th — just about two weeks from today.

If you want to help spread the message that young people are capable of far more than what society expects, this is a terrific opportunity to support a long-time rebelutionary who is making some waves. As with any theatrical release (and even more so for limited runs) the first week is critical.

We’re encouraging you to do hard things — make sure you and your family (and your friends) make it to the nearest screening. What’s more, we encourage you to champion this effort by spreading the word. You can find a list of theaters and times by clicking on the above image (or just click here). Catch the movie trailer below, which can be imbedded on your blog as well.

UPDATE: Even if there are no showings in your area, check out the location listings and alert friends or relatives in areas where it is. Every bit helps!

For more background, read this letter John wrote to rebelutionaries last year.

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rebelling against low expectations

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