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The Abortion Debate is Changing


Though overshadowed by the recent murder of abortionist, Dr. George Tiller, the abortion debate does show signs of shifting in a pro-life direction. For the first time since Gallup began tracking the issue, a majority of Americans consider themselves “pro-life” — a reversal of 2006 numbers. Other studies indicate that our generation is the most pro-life generation since Roe vs. Wade — and we can attest that no other cause excites greater devotion among rebelutionaries.

How have you been involved in the pro-life movement? Whether you’ve volunteered at your local pregnancy resource center, or participated with pro-life organizations like Abort73 and Bound4Life, use the comment section to share your stories and suggestions. Is the abortion debate changing? What should other young people do to get involved? Share a good resource or action-item and we’ll add it to this post.

+ Educate Yourself +
——————————————————— :: Abortion Unfiltered

Any young person interested in the abortion issue should start here. is the best youth-oriented, educational resource on abortion available — and one of the best educational resources on abortion, period.

Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments by Randy Alcorn

It’s one thing to be pro-life, it’s another to know how to defend and articulate that conviction to those who are opposed. This is an encyclopedia of the defense of the pro-life position. Get this book.

+ Activate Yourself +
——————————————————— :: A Prayer Movement

This grassroots movement focuses on the simple but critical role that prayer plays in this fight. You’ve seen these guys and gals on TV. You know, the ones with red LIFE tape over their mouths? Why not join them?

  • From Steph: “According to Chuck Colson, William Wilberforce and his team spent three hours a day in prayer as they fought to end slavery. Imagine what could happen if a thousand of us dedicated an hour a day to praying for an end to abortion for forty days.”

Volunteer at a Pregnancy Resource Center

Every year thousands upon thousands of hurting and confused mothers are served and thousands of babies are saved through the work of local Pregnancy Resource Centers — and most PRC’s rely heavily on volunteer support.

  • From Becca: “We have a pregnancy crisis center in our area. I am too young to volunteer but they always are in need of maternity clothes, diapers, wipes, and so many other things. These small things help keep the center running and this center has saved over 50 babies this last year. Small in number but they are making a difference.”
  • From Anna: “The most practical thing I have done is to collect baby items to donate to the crisis pregnancy center in our area. Most recently for my 16th birthday party, I asked my friends to bring baby gifts instead of presents. Everyone had fun picking out cute baby stuff. The volunteer at the center was so thankful and she said the need for baby things to give to the women is huge. I encourage other rebelutionaries to think about doing something similar.”

Rock for Life :: Music and Education

  • From Rebecca Cicione: “I will be going with them for two weeks this summer to music festivals on the East Coast in order to educate teens and college students on the processes and results of abortion, as well as to provide support and hope. I am also very involved in the Christian music scene, and am booking a concert/one day festival to raise money for their efforts. If anyone is still interested in helping out this cause, I believe that they are looking still looking for volunteers for their three tours.”

Steps for Life/Walk for Life :: (and other walk-athon fundraisers)

Whether you like walk-athons, bike-athons, or swim-athons, there are plenty of options to “get out and move” and raise money for pregnancy resource centers at the same time. Your local PRC can plug you into a fundraising drive in your area — and if there isn’t one, you better start one. Below are some examples mentioned by rebelutionaries in the comment section.

  • From Alyssa: “I have participated for many years in the Steps for Life fund-raising event for Pregnancy Resource Centers [in Portland].” This year over 500 walkers from 88 churches raised nearly $150,000 for PRC’s in the Portland metro area.
  • From Todd: “There is a group of us in the Jacksonville, FL area that are putting together a 5K run to raise funds for pregnancy centers who support pro-life options to unplanned pregnancies. Come visit the website.” If you like what Todd and his friends are doing, start something similar in your city. That’s what they did.

Coins and Quilts 4 Life :: (and other creative fundraising ideas)

Think creatively about ways you can use your unique gifts, abilities, or resources to help the pro-life cause. Bake sale? Yard sale? Quilting? Beading? Below are some of the ideas others have shared in the comment section:

  • From Tabitha: “I am currently working on starting some sort of nonprofit organization called Coins and Quilts 4 Life. The purpose being to provide hand-made baby quilts and funds to pregnancy resource centers and, personally to say thank you to those young mothers who have chosen life when it would have been much easier to deny it. If you are interested in offering your support please leave a comment on my blog or PM me (Tabitha Hems) through the forums.”

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

From the website: “On October 20th, people from all over this nation will give up their voices for a day in solidarity for these children. Red arm bands and duct tape will identify them as taking part in the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity. They will carry fliers explaining why they are silent and educate others about the plight of the innocent children we are losing every day.”

  • From Alex: “I have personally taken part the past two years and it is moving and life changing. The first year it started out just me and my friend. By the end of the day about 75% of the school was not talking.”

If you have yet to actively engage in this cause, we’d encourage you to take the above suggestions seriously. Think about it. If the abortion debate really is changing, then you’ll wish you’d been in the thick of it. Because, after all, there’s nothing more exciting than being part of what God is doing. Don’t stay on the sidelines.

Share thoughts, stories, resources, questions, etc.

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


  • I completly agree with you. And I pray that the laws will be changed. I am glad you posted this.

  • This month, Sojourners Magazine is reporting on a conference call between the Obama administration and activists on both sides of the abortion debate. Obama is calling for increased social programs to help mothers who choose to keep their children, and to make adoption easier and more of a caring option. Check it out at (free registration required).

  • We have a pregnancy crisis center in our area. I am too young to volunteer but, they always are in need of maternity clothes, diapers, wipes, and so many other things. These small things help keep the center running and this center has saved over 50 babies this last year. Small in number but, they are making a difference.

  • Back in January, on the 22nd, I had organized an anti-abortion protest in front of our county courthouse and wrote this poem the day after.
    God bless us as we serve Him,


    To Save a Life

    Seventeen people came to protest a crime,
    Many others were expected but our God does all things divine,

    We stood up—holding controversial signs,
    That stated quite firmly that abortion kills lives,

    The day was cold but our hearts were warm,
    Thinking that by our action a mom would let her child be born,

    Some people that drove by smiled and waved,
    Others honked horns—encouraging support they gave,

    Still others were silent with shadows in their eyes,
    And others were angry, swearing, “Pro-life I despise!”

    Still we stood with the knowledge that day in and day out,
    Unwanted babies are murdered—given not a chance to shout,

    Every twenty-two seconds a precious life-flame is quenched,
    And another woman is left with a bleeding heart and empty fists clenched,

    A woman with the ghost of laughter in her ears,
    Her sweet child calling “Mama why?” through the woman’s guilty tears,

    Though the children go to Heaven and are gathered round God’s throne,
    And those that trust in Jesus will see their child when God calls them home,

    Still all of Heaven weeps and the blood cries from the ground,
    Abortion must be abolished and life for innocents must be found!

    For the Holocaust isn’t finished when 3,700 humans are slain a day,
    And Hitler isn’t dead yet when these “doctors” kill and receive pay,

    It’s an ongoing horror and there seems no end in sight,
    Only if those that truly loved Life would each stand up and fight for right!

    Written 1-23-09

  • Abortion, some people think it’s a humane way to dispose of an unwanted unborn baby.

    They think that because the baby is not born, it has no feeling, it’s simply a blob.

    That is the furthest thing from the truth!

    It is a living being, and by playing God and choosing whether it lives or not, people are committing murder!

    What I hate the most is that now in some places, they are allowing teen girls to abort their babies without their parents even knowing about it.

    By allowing that girl to abort her baby, not only is she doing something illegal in the eyes of God, she is being allowed to sneak around behind her parents back and KILL a baby!

    How some people think it is perfectly ok to KILL a baby, it just blows me away!

    People fight this over and over again and it always comes back to “the baby is just a blob, it doesn’t have feelings, it’s not alive!”
    and EVERYTIME I hear that, I get SO mad!

    I cannot believe that people, have gotten to a point in society where they are ALLOWING people to commit murder!

    Killing an unborn baby, is no different then killing that same child, at three years old.

    If someone did that, they would be thrown in jail or even given the death penalty!

    But as long as the baby is killed BEFORE it’s born, it’s as if it never happened, I mean, who’s going to miss it?

    I WANT to believe that things are changing, and in a way, things are, but in a way, they aren’t.

    Groups and organizations are being former to give women and teen girls another choice other then abortion.

    Some choose to have the baby and give it away, or they’ll decide to keep it anyways.

    Then others go ahead with the abortion anyways and end up regretting it for the rest of their life, ESPECIALY after they’ve had more children.

    I pray that someday abortion will no longer be around, women will be happy with their babies, they’ll love them.

    They’ll know, that no matter how they got that baby, it is the most precious gift God could ever give them.

    They’ll fall in love with their babies, and praise God for giving them to them.

    I just hope I can live to see the day abortion is abolished!


  • I agree completely ! The abortion movement is definitely changing, and I believe that it’s due in part to the fervent prayers of Christians all over the world ! I think young people have a responsibility to get involved in the abortion debate, as our generation is the one that has the power to influence the entire world !
    I think that it’s important to get involved with organizations like Bound4Life .. an organization which I hold soooo dear to my life ! As a Canadian, after participating in theCRY event and using the “red LIFE tape”, I realized just how powerful our prayers can be!
    As we pray & fight against abortion, I beleive that we WILL see abortion come to an end.

    I think each of us should pray the prayer of the Bound4Life movement. “God, we plead Your blood over our sins and the sins of our nation. God end abortion and send revival to our country.”

  • How old DO you have to be to volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center? And what exactly could a 17-year-old girl like me do there? I really want to get involved somehow in the fight against abortion, but it’s hard to know how to begin with so many other demands on my time. Any suggestions?

  • I have really felt a tug at my heart the past few months to become involved in the fight against abortion.

    My prayers on how to help were answered when I was asked to join Rock For Life ( on their summer tours. I will be going with them for two weeks this summer to music festivals on the East Coast in order to educate teens and college students on the processes and results of abortion. As well as to provide support and hope.

    I am also very involved in the Christian music scene, and am booking a concert/one day festival to raise money for their efforts.

    If anyone is still interested in helping out this cause, I believe that they are looking still looking for volunteers for their three tours.

    Thanks for posting this Alex and Brett! It’s such an encouragement to read what other teens are doing all across the country and around the world =)

    Remember, “dont sit on the sidelines!”

  • Funny this should show up today–it’s been on my mind a lot the past few days.

    According to Chuck Coleson, William Wilburforce and his team spent three hours a day in prayer as they fought to end slavery. Imagine what could happen if a thousand of us dedicated an hour a day to praying for an end to abortion for forty days.

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for the links!

  • This post is a great encouragement to me, as a Rebelutionary who has been fighting abortion hard and for some period of time now, and I would love to help provide you with some resources. In fact, I’ll soon be releasing a website full of resources, projects, and ideas for Rebelutionaries to fight abortion — CRY ACTION. 😉

    One of our early (somewhat small) projects, which many Rebelutionaries from the forum will remember, was Face the Facts — a pro-life campaign for Facebook and Myspace. In our first and only time around yet we received 659 ‘yeses’ and 709 ‘maybes’ from invited participants on Facebook alone. The next time around we’re geared up to have a Spanish version and have shortened the quotes so we can spread the truth on Twitter, as well.

    Here was the Facebook event:

    If you guys (Alex and Brett) would be interested in posting Face the Facts as a resource, I know many Rebelutionaries who are anxious and excited to do it again, and I’d be happy to set up a webpage and new Facebook event to get things going. 🙂

  • However, as encouraged as I am and as much as I relish an opportunity to share the resources I’ve gathered, I feel I must challenge every Rebelutionary to step beyond this blog post and truly be Rebelutionary.

    The abortion debate is changing. So we should join in. Since when was that what called a Rebelutionary to action, to fight for what was right? It is not now the time to do the right thing about this issue (or any other, for that matter) because the world is ruling in favor of justice and many people are fighting for what is right. It has been and always will be the right time to do the right thing about this issue — and every issue on God’s Heart — because God commands that we do (Proverbs 24:11-12) and because He is always fighting for what is right. Our hearts need to break for what breaks His — not just for what catches the world’s attention. We need to fight alongside Him, not just our brothers and sisters in Christ.

    It’s easy to be passionate — emotional, excited, to jump in ready to battle when we hear about a war being won by God’s saints. It’s hard to be faithful — to have the enduring, long-suffering, beautiful, true passion that acts in faith when it looks impossible and that sticks around when it takes 30 to 40 years to win the battle and you feel like you are the only one fighting.

    As William Wilberforce would say, it’s easy to stand when others do. It’s hard to stand alone with God when others will not and when public opinion and persecution and fire threatens. When Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah (or Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego) stood true for what was right . . . did anyone else? When they were thrown into the furnace, did it look like the tide was turning in their favor? And yet once God “showed up,” who could repent of their sin of going with the world instead of standing with God, and join them?

    Where will each of you be, what will each of you do when evil battles back and those without the persistence of Wilberforce fall away from the front lines? Where were you in the battle against abortion before you read/wrote this post? Alex and Brett, I know you’re busy, but I strongly encourage you to follow this awesome post up with a post (or series) on passion and faithfulness and the true reason(s) we should be in (or should join) this battle.

    God bless. 🙂

  • I have the same question as Stephanie. And I live on a farm in rural Australia, so I don’t think there are pregnancy help centres around here.
    Steph M- that prayer idea is a brilliant one. Just tell me when! I’ll be praying anyway.
    (And to those who stuggle to find one hour a day, like me, I find it helpful to pray while riding the bus, driving, etc. You have more spare time than you think!)

  • I’m also interested in helping stop slavery and stuff, but did a quick Google search and not much came up. Does anyone know an organisation or something I can contact?

  • I never would’ve guessed that the majority of Americans are in favor of pro-life… that’s awesome.

  • Cool, glad things are changing…
    I am amazed that 64% of the nation are for pro-life…


  • Since the beginning of this year I’ve felt like God keeps nudging me to do something on this subject. Don’t know what yet, but I’ll keep looking. Thanks for another poke in the ribs. 😀

  • Hurrah! We are prevailing!
    Imagine what our life would be like today, if, Mary the mother of Jesus had a abortion!!
    After all, she had a child out of wedlock and no way to support it!

  • Nicole: You are absolutely right. The point is not, get involved because we’re winning now and there is an opportunity to win glory for yourself . . . This is not an invitation to join a victory parade. If anything this is an invitation to join in the work while it is still a sacrifice to do so. The primary point of this post was to hear how rebelutionaries have already been involved in this fight and to challenge those who haven’t to get their rear ends in gear. 😉

  • As long as I can remember my family has been involved with the local pregnancy crisis center. I have participated in Walk For Life(s) many times. And have helped with them once I got older. I enjoy helping with them and the ladies. I am amazed to hear about the 64%! Praise God!
    All to His Glory,

  • My family and I sing in churches all over America as Christian Independent artist. When my dad was a teenager, he wrote a song called, “Let Us Live”. The song is a pro-life, song, that has encouraged many people. We’ve sung it at many concerts, and has been used for pro-life rallies. I praise God that He has chosen to use that song to support saving lives! He gets all the glory for it!

  • There was a group at International House of Prayer that was organizing different times through out the month when they would have protests like the ones Bound for Life does…we would go to the nearest abortion center in our area and stand around it and pray with the red tape across our mouths. A silent action, but one of great power. It was really neat. My Sunday school teacher brought the idea to our class and turned it into a class project. While we were there I got a great picture of a friend of mine wearing the tape. I’d been needing a picture to work from in my art class but nothing had been coming to mind..and then when I got that picture I knew that it was something worth doing! AND I go to a public school so while I worked on I got a lot of opportunities to explain what it was from and what I thought about abortion! It didn’t stop there though, it turned out that when I finished the project it ended up being my very best piece I’ve ever done. At my church we have several women who are counselors and staff at a pregnancy crisis center near us called The Rachel House. On Sanctity of Life Sunday we had a Spaghetti Dinner to help raise money for The Rachel House to help supply them with different needs. Well, as I had been working on my project from the Life Stand my Sunday school class had known about it and when it was done I brought it in to show them because the girl in the picture was one of the girls in my class. Anyways, my teacher ended up using it at the dinner to put on display! It was a neat experience to see how much opportunity came from going to the Life Stand and doing a little artwork over it!

  • This is amazing, but I hope you all understand that just because 64% say they’re pro-life does not mean that all 64% are actively involved in saving lives and making a difference.

    I am currently working on starting some sort of nonprofit organization called Coins and Quilts 4 Life. The purpose being to provide hand-made baby quilts and funds to pregnancy resource centers and, personally to say thank you to those young mothers who have chosen life when it would have been much easier to deny it. If you are interested in offering your support please visit or PM me (Tabitha Hems) through the forums.

    I feel very strongly that this is my Holy Ambition, my Hard Thing. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I hear the voices of millions of innocent infants crying out. Here is a song I wrote recently recording the voices I hear, and our answer, our cry, our voice for them if we would only heed theirs.

    I can’t speak,
    would someone speak for me?
    I’m the innocent one,
    wonderfully made.

    I can’t cry,
    would someone cry for me?
    Maybe I’ll see the light
    of a brighter day.

    Give me a chance to speak,
    give me a chance to cry.
    It’s my right to live,
    I didn’t ask to die.
    Someone please hear me,
    hear my innocent cry.
    Speak for me
    and grant me life.

    Give them a chance to speak,
    give them a chance to cry.
    It’s their right to live,
    they didn’t ask to die.
    Someone please hear them,
    hear their innocent cry.
    Speak for them
    and grant them life.

    You want a chance to speak,
    you want a chance to cry.
    It’s your right to live
    and I can’t let you die.
    Believe me I hear you,
    I hear your innocent cry.
    I will speak for you,
    but only God can grant you life.

  • I definitely agree…in the fight for life…I’m absolutely pro-life!
    That is encouraging to hear that the view points on Abortion are changing. Throughout the public schools science: is of course based upon Evolution…”The Law”…this definitely encourages that life is a mere accident, a result of the metamorphosis of primordial goo. Why would our generation care if one fetus suddenly disappeared? People in our country…further the world….need to take action… You can tell that something has definitely went wrong when our country will allow the murder of an unborn child legally.

    A couple is traveling on their way to have an abortion and a semi truck passes by and catches the pair by surprise…their car swerves to the side and crashes into a tree. The Young women dies instantly, while the boyfriend survives the traumatic incident. Following the car crash…the young man is charged with a double homicide…due to the young woman’s pregnancy.
    Isn’t this hypothetical occurrence ironic…the couple was on their way to willingly murder their unborn baby…what has this world come to?

    So, like I said…This is really uplifting news…it encourages me to do more for my community…and I pray that this pro-life movement continues.

    Psalm 139:13-16

    You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous- how well I know it. You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion, as I was woven together in the dark of the womb. You saw me before I was born. Everyday of my life was recorded in your book.


  • Great Post, I am Pro-Life all the way!

    I feel God is moving me to use my talents in some way to help the Pro-Life Movement, I am still working out how. But I am constently helping in different programs my local CPC is doing. I also hope to volunteer there soon as well, I have a friend who volunteers there and she loves it! God is working in the hearts of people, but a lot of people don’t understand the “”TRUE FACTS” of abortion. But there are organizations out there getting the facts to people and are making a difference.

    Again great post, gives encouragement to those who have been fighting for the rights of the unborn! And gets others involved.

    A Sister in Christ, KC

  • That is awesome I am so glad to hear it. I must admit, I have not been really engaged in the fight against abortion, nor have I taken the time to properly educate myself. This is something I am very ashamed of. I hope to begin educating myself. Thanks for all the resources.

    p.s. Alex, congrats on your engagement!

  • How could I begome involved in the fight against abortion?
    I know my neighbors runs a CPC (Crisis Pregnancy Center) but I am not able to volunteer there because of distance and age (I have to be 19, so I’m a year too young)
    But is there anything that I can do from home?
    My family was once going to let a pregnant teen stay with us once, and try to pursuade her not to abort, but she ended up aborting anyways because her boyfriend said if she didn’t abort, he’d leave her (sad, but true story) =(


  • Thanks for posting this video and spreading the message! We can and will see the ending of abortion. History is on our side, because history belongs to the intercessors!

  • Amen!

    I have seen God do incredible things through the ministry of our local Pregnancy Resource Center. May we continue to reach out the young mothers and the unborn in our country, and around the world!

    One thing I have been mulling over for a while– and I would appreciate input on this– is finding a “back door”, if you will, to fighting abortion worldwide. While researching modern slavery I have discovered that many young woman in slavery are forced to abort their babies. With the amount of young woman enslaved today (tens of thousands), that could be a significant percentage of abortions throughout the world.

    Although our presidency is not anti-abortion, it is anti-slavery. Obama is feeling a lot of pressure from both liberals AND conservatives to fight slavery. Could it be, that if we abolish slavery worldwide, we will also cut down on the amount of abortions worldwide? Could pro-life people find a way to save children’s lives while also freeing slaves, with the approval and support of liberals?

    It seems like a win-win situation, as long as my logic is correct and the numbers are also in order. Does anyone have extra insight on this?

  • This is great news, but more must be done to turn the tide. What do you guys think about having a pro-abortion president? Won’t that make things harder?

  • The pro-life movement has always been kind of in the back of my mind, I mean, I am strongly-prolife but I have never participated really in anything other than raising funds for pregancy centers and such.

    Then I made a friend with someone who is outspokenly pro-choice, and to just hear her comments about this issue made me defensive about it. But I know that the way to change people is not to force your beliefs on them.

    Anyway, this is great news. God is working! 🙂

  • That is great! My Dad is the president at the Pregnancy Care Center in our town. They try to encourage pregnant women to keep their babies.
    Hey, did you know that if a pregnant woman is killed the murderer is responsible for the death of two people? Yet if that same woman has an abortion, that death doesn’t count. How is it murder in one instance and not in another? It is murder at both times. God knew us before we were even in the womb. He is the creator of life. I think that it is time to take a stand for the innocent babies that can’t defend their God-given right to live.

  • Despite the fact many people consider themself pro-life, there is still alot of abortions going on. I think that if women knew just how they do the abortions they would not go through with it, wether or not they believe life starts at conception.

  • Brett: Haha… well, when you put it that way… I can tell you’ve been hanging out with David. 🙂 Seriously, though — I assumed your intentions were such, but also knew how a call to action like this (as I’ve done similar) could be effective for only a short while except for the faithful few with hearts truly breaking for what breaks God’s Heart.

    In fact, it’s easy for me to be temporarily passionate, and hard for me to be faithful, so it was partly mixed with a prayer from my heart of, “God — this is great, but oh, teach me how to be faithful when it is not like this!” It seems advocates for apathy and indifference are more faithful than I, at times. And encouragement, when most needed, is usually only found in God. A few months down the road, unless my fellow Rebelutionaries are super saints (which they could be), they’ll need reminders (as I so often do) of God’s Faithfulness to the cause and His Heart for the children that they would keep fighting faithfully and would not turn away when the world or their peers do. Have you done a series on faithfulness before? Okay, okay… I’ll leave you alone. 😉

    A few quick resources/action items I use almost daily:

    Justice for All
    A great ministry for getting the truth out at your college campus.

    Awesome film that shares the pro-life message in a revolutionary way — host a movie night with your friends, get a screening at your church, or get the movie to crisis pregnancy centers ( My family can’t keep a copy of this movie in our house. Last week, we needed a copy for a movie night and then realized, “Third Day has our copy…” It’s an amazing, amazing tool (as many of you already know!).

    Wear Abort73 shirts (inexpensive, but awesome quality — I wear them to church, the gym, to hang out with friends, pretty much everywhere).

    Carry Abort73 pens with you everywhere — give them to people who ask about your t-shirt, leave them wherever you sign anything, and give one to anyone you talk to about the subject.

    Give out the Abort73 ‘Biblical Mandate to Do Something About Abortion’ booklet — I gave them to the pastor at my church and our resident evangelist, Christian bands, friends at church… and often walk up to people or groups I don’t know at church and start a discussion and then hand out the booklets. It can be awkward and tough — usually people disagree with me somewhat. But pretty much everyone I’ve given the booklet to has read it and come back to say thank you and that it answered some of their objections. It’s an awesome tool to begin to activate your church and other Christians in your sphere of influence. 🙂

  • I applaud all the pro-life efforts at work here, but we must not lose sight of a deeper issue: even if we prevailed and abortion was once again illegal, would that remove the desire for abortion from the hearts of this generation? We will at least stop those who abort as a matter of convenience, but for those who want something bad enough, nothing will stop them, not even the question of legality. Where does this heart of murder come from? Does it not reveal to us that something in this nation is going horribly wrong? I believe that God created the family as the basic “cell” of the nation, and when the family breaks down, it slowly infects everything else with disease. Abortion is one symptom of the disease that has come from the broken family, and I believe the most profound thing any of us can do is rally this generation to be heroic fathers and mothers – to take back their responsibility to raise their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Our society is geared toward pulling the family apart, making it so easy to walk that path… thus, if we are to heal this plague, we must choose to do the hard thing – we must choose to make the sacrifices and suffer the scorn that will come to us if we decide to against all our nation has come to believe and actually raise our own children while working hard to win their hearts and shepherd them toward truth. We are reaping the fruit of having handed off child raising to “professionals”. Christians even turned the spiritual shepherding of their children to the church professionals – with disastrous results. It’s going to take hard work and patience for the new harvest, but do the hard thing. Take back the next generation.

  • Praise God for the reversing trend. Keep praying! And please pray that a crisis pregnency center will open on the island where I live. There are already a couple of abortion clinics.

  • Our church started a project by filling dressers full of baby clothes, maternity clothes, blankets and other baby items and giving them to single mothers or mothers whose income is tight enough without a child (sometimes that child being the second or third), through the Pregnancy Services of Greater Lansing. I really have no idea why I feel so strongly about abortion and pro-life activism, I guess it’s just a God thing. So far we’ve filled 5 dressers. I know it’s not a big number, but it’s a start.
    I actually wrote an English essay on abortion, stating stances from both pro-life and pro-choice sides, and adding scripture as well as quotes from the Declaration and the Constitution. I also included the way the procedures were preformed, the most malicious form being the D&E abortion, going something like this. (Beware, it’s very unsettling.)
    1) The doctor places a suction catheter inside the mother, mutiliating the baby’s sac that has been their only protection from danger while they were developing.
    2) The doctor grabs his Sopher clamp; an instrument 13in long with 2 1/2in jaws made of stainless steel. Once it grabs hold of something it doesn’t let go.
    3) The doctor reaches inside the mother with his clamp and grabs for something; anything. When he has a hold on something, he grabs and pulls hard. Out comes a fully formed leg, from 4-5in long.
    Then the doctor goes back in again and again, and pulls out an arm, the spine, heart, and lungs, until only the head is left intact. He then reaches in with the clamp for the last time, and grabs the childs head. He squeezes down on the clamp unrelenting and a white material is discharged. That was the baby’s brain. He can then remove the skull pieces, one by one, and the skin, the face of the child, looking into the eyes of the life that he has just ended.

    This is not the most common abortion, the D&E is preformed late in the pregnancy and is not legal in every state. Most abortion is done within the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Still the chilling fact that ending a life that has no voice of its own yet is perfectly legal in this country we call free, this land that millions have fought and died to preserve, makes me wonder what will be legal next.

    If we kill them today, who will lead tomorrow?

  • First of all I want to agree with Ryan about Obama. If Christians really cared as much as they say about abortion we would not have elected a pro-child slaughtering President.You have to do something to stop it, not say you are pro-life.

    I understand one’s position that the shooting death of Tiller was wrong, but why are we more outraged about his death than we are about the thousands of innocent pre-born children Tiller murdered? Would we have been upset if Hitler was assasinated during WWII? They were both mass murderers!

    I do think the abortion debate has changed because even Christians think of abortion as normal and are know longer as shocked by the fact that every minute of the day in the USA very small children are being dismembered and torn from their mother’s wombs. We need to ask God to give us an ear to hear the silent screams of the unborn.

    I have grown up in the pro-life movement. My Mom would sidewalk counsel with me on her hip (it was a good tactic to soften mothers hearts toward their own babies).
    I have witnessed many hard hearts, such as people screaming at me as a child that I would hate my parents some day for bringing me there. Well I am now 18 and I still don’t hate my parents. In fact I am so glad that they made me a part of their ministry to the fetus (witch means little one). I have been able to see mothers And fathers change their minds and leave the American death-camps. Praise God I have even held and taken care of numerous babies saved from the killers knife!

    I believe that the best way to get involved, is to find a couple of people to go with you to the abortion clinic nearest your house. Signs are great and literature is great but you don’t have to have those things to save a life. Just be a physical presence and pray. Some times if parents see you there praying they will be convicted and leave.

    Good people that can help get you started are “The Survivors”at
    and These are really great people that love Christ and the babies and they are always looking for more help.

    My Dad gave me permission to let any one who wants to get involved with us in Houston TX his e-mail: .Please don’t write unless you are serious about getting involved.

    I am speaking strongly because this is the subject I am most passionate about, though I am most surely not the best example. I implore you to pray and ask your parents about getting involved in the fight for life.

    For The Little Ones, Josie

  • I too volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, I have been there since I was about 15, and my sister was about 13, so for those of you asking how old you have to be, I think it depends on the particular center.

    The Pregnancy Center I am involved with at home is the only one in the area, and is committed to not only helping out young girls and families in need of help, but also to sharing the Gospel with every client who comes in. I help out with little things like organizing the storeroom, going through donations, and doing various office tasks, such as making copies/filing/shredding. This particular center is literally on the verge of closing its doors. It has been struggling financially on and off through the years, but right now it is particularly hard for them. So, if you want to help out your local Pregnancy center, but are unable to volunteer, finding ways to raise funds or various items the center may need would definitely be a great way to be involved! (I know ours has an over-abundance of baby clothing, but there is a waiting list for bigger items such as furnishings, car seats, etc.)

    When I am at school, I am a part of a small campus group called Life Advocates. We held discussions and prayer meetings, helped out with Red Envelope Day and held various fundraisers. Next year, we are hoping to focus more on a school-wide awareness of the silent slaughter that is taking place every day, and seeking opportunities to tell others and encourage them to be involved as well. We are also bringing in a chapel speaker to speak about the pro-life ministry. This is also an excellent way to help out… simply telling others and banding together to do what you can to take a stand for the unborn.

    Hope these were helpful!

  • We also need a crew of bloggers that keep tabs on their local abortionists, like what OR did with Tiller, or the way Voices for Women keeps tabs on Detroit abortionists. We have plenty of generic “abortion really sucks” blogs. There’s a call for more niche work.

  • Thanks for posting this guys!

    There is SO much we can be doing to promote a Culture of Life in our country:

    Volunteering at Pregnancy Centers…..You can do anything from sorting baby clothes to training to become counselors

    Hold a fundraiser for your local Pregnancy center

    Give pro life speeches at your school

    Start a pro life group on your school campus or church

    Wear pro life t-shirts( is awesome!)

    Sidewalk counsel at clinics

    and most important Pray!

    OK, just thought I’d put out some ideas…There are so many more, get creative!

    God bless!

  • Hi Stephanie & Jess

    Some of the ways you can get involved are:

    1. Help out at a centre. There are plenty of things you might be to do. Examples are: computing, helping out in the office in general maybe one day a week, sorting things that come in, doing a phone counselling course. (Some provide free training.)
    2. Raise money for a project. ie. One of the centres in Adelaide needs $30,000 AU for a 4D ultrasound machine.
    3. If you’re still not sure find a centre near you and ask them if there is anything you can do to help them. (You might be surprised at what you can do for them.)

    So Jess, here is an Australian website that should have your closest centre, and might have one near you – depending on where you live.

    Sorry I don’t actually know of an America website Stephanie, but this website seems to be a similar line to the Australia one.

    I hope this helps you both!

  • A little over a year ago I started a prayer meeting to pray specifically against abortion. We met just after church, and just prayed for about 20-30 min. before playing soccer or whatever.
    This led to us protesting once a month at the Abortion clinic in Witchita, which has since closed. (Yes, it was Tiller’s). We only ever had 6 people including me, but at least it was something. We held signs or prayed Bible passages, and also had a short praise time. We were there to try to keep the women from going in, using legal, nonviolent means. Sometimes we held a banner over the driveway saying “Please Do Not Kill Your Baby”. As we would see them driving in, we would pray intensly for them.
    Praise God, we no longer have the opportunity to do this, but if you have an abort clinic in your area, this is something that makes an impact. It is hard and uncomfortable, and people sometimes give you the finger, but it is all worth it when you see a save.

    Since this all happened, I have set aside a certain amount of money each week specificaly to combat abortion, usually through CPCCs, but sometimes through political means.
    Unfortunatly, we no longer hold the prayer meeting because of oppositon in the church.
    I agree with the video, prayer and fasting are the most important and effective weapons we have.
    Pray every day!

  • I don’t know if you guys (Alex and Brett) got my email about doing a VERY hard thing by doing my liberal public school’s political action project on saying NO to the freedom of choice act and no to abortion in general, but it was an amazingly rewarding experience, a lot of kids were just uneducated and i faced a lot of persecution at first, but once we presented our opinions people really opened up and asked questions. It was extremely rewarding and last Sunday I continued to reap the blessning of it by getting a call from my pastor asking to talk about it in church. I did and people were so proud of me doing the right thing, doing the hard thing. I got a standing ovation and that project made so strong in my pro-life beliefs that I want to fight hard to the end to stop the injustice of abortion.

    The whole time I did the project, God just kept reminding me that I was doing hard things for him. I found my main source, off your website too. Thank you so much for fighting hard and spreading awareness about abortion! keep Rockin’ out for Jesus! 🙂

  • I have been involved in the Pro-Life issue nominally for many years. I went to the Walk-for-Life meets, I wore the t-shirts, I learned the facts and the statistics to some degree. I went to the Republican State convention as an Alternate Delegate and voted pro-life whenever I could. Today, I had a revelation. I am taking on-line classes, and in one of the English class discussion boards a father wrote these words:

    “Have you ever looked actually looked up all the side effects of an abortion?
    I can honestly say if I hadn’t of dealt with it myself I would of even known all the mental pain that comes along with it.

    See, my baby that died was also an abortion. I was 22, I already had 3 kids, and we felt like we were in a hole.
    Together we decided on it, and after it was over we are both still dealing with it. (6 years later)
    It haunts me everyday of my life. Every time I hear my other kids say, “I love you daddy” in my head I hear an echo.
    Every time I look at pictures of all my kids it never fails, I always see a shadow.
    I always have that feeling of being incomplete.
    And no matter what I do or how much I do the feeling never goes away.
    I have 5 kids now, pets, work 2 jobs, and am going to school. And I still feel incomplete.”

    These words rocked my world. The media doesn’t tell us these effects of abortion. They cry “Freedom of Choice!” But they don’t tell you about the pain that will haunt you the rest of your life. I sat in front of my computer screen and cried, literally bawled my eyes out, over the pain this family felt. It’s the first time I’ve wept over abortion. I’m ashamed to say that.
    But I don’t think it will be the last. I intend to get involved in a real way, to help hurting families see the healing of Jesus Christ, and to stop the hurt before it happens.

  • Thanks for this post! I really appreciate that you put a link on here to Abort73. I admire that site- especially the articles available there that refute common objections to the pro-life stance.

    I wrote an piece on one of my blogs concerning the topic of abortion. I was struck while reading the particularly gory descriptions of the customs of ancient cultures included in a old history book I had to read for school…..the things our society does today are no better! I only hope people in future generations will read about abortion in history books and understand the wickedness of it. My post can be seen here:

    Thank you for all the thought-provoking and inspiring posts you produce here- keep up the good work!


  • Great post, guys. I’m finishing up your book right now. Ending abortion could end up being one of the best political accomplishments of our generation. Let’s all get involved in some way or another.

  • I don’t know that much about abortion but I’ll check out some of the links that you guys posted. I think that abortion is wrong but I need to find out more about it.

  • Thank you! I did a walk for life this past April and it was a lot of fun.
    It was not even hard to raise money. I want to become an intern at a
    Pregnancy Support place when I get older! Thank you again!

  • There’s a pregnancy crisis center in my area and our church keeps a bank for people to put money in to donate to the center. I’m too young to help out around the center but me and my mom have given lots of baby clothes, toys, blankets, bottles and other things to the center many times. I’m always happy to help out in this way. It definitely makes a difference.

  • That is so encouraging to me; thanks for putting that on the blog. I entered a poetry contest in March and write this poem for it:

    A Cry for Help

    Can’t anyone see?
    I need some help.
    Someone is trying to hurt me;
    Someone who should have loved me.

    Why is this happening to me?
    I haven’t done anything wrong;
    Why must I die like this;
    Never to sing my song?

    Mommy, I hope that you remember me.
    I love you, even though I don’t know you.
    Please don’t hate me.
    I love you; I do.

    There’s someone trying to hurt me;
    I feel cold.
    Mommy, please help me!
    Don’t let me go.

    Mommy, I feel your pain and sorrow;
    I know you’re scared.
    Won’t I see tomorrow?
    If not, please know I love you.

    Mommy, please don’t cry;
    I’m in a better place.
    I know that I am loved
    By the One who made my face.

    Mommy, I know how sorry you are.
    He hears your cries of pain, too.
    Please know, Mommy…
    He loves you and forgives you.
    And I do, too.

    My goal with this poem was to show that babies are not just masses of tissue; they are living beings whose heart is beating 18 days (or minutes, I can’t remember) after conception. I didn’t win the contest, but that wasn’t my hope. My hope was that I got at least one judge thinking about what is they believe about abortion.

  • Wow, this is amazing and encouraging! And it makes you think- why would things change? Obviously because there are some working to make that change. And though it’s a small few- they ARE making change. I confess and repent, I haven’t been praying for our country as I should. It’s so easy to get caught up in your own problems, it’s so easy to be selfish even in prayer, something that hit me painfully hard while looking at this post. I’ve been encouraged to engage in my prayers again, for this country, for this world. We all need to engage in such prayers! There is a power in prayer, though I’m sure that few would like to think that the change of abortion rates has anything to do with this power- how ever many would deny it- it’s still there.

  • I volunteered at Right to Life/Lifespan office last year because of a project I was working on. But even after the project was done, I kept on going back to help. Right to Life/Lifespan is the office that provides educational materials, and they’re often forgotten when it comes to fundraising, and people volunteering. The lady who works there is just an angel, and she has been running that office faithfully since Roe v. Wade. That was 1973. She is getting old, and loves to see younger people come, she needs someone to takeover.
    Education is vital, it’s the only way you can change people’s ideas short of first hand experience (which is what we’re trying to prevent)
    Your time is valuable, and sometimes your hands are worth more than your money. If you ever wonder what you can do, go to an office, call them on the phone, and ask them directly “What do you need?” If you can provide it, DO IT. I believe abortion is the most important social is abortion. In my eyes, it is the same when the Lord told the Israelites not to sacrifice their children to Molech. It is modern day blood sacrifice. Pray hard, that’s the MOST important thing. Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but our God is stronger than any power of Satan.

  • Emily M.,

    I commend you for your efforts. A couple of sentences stood out to me regarding your perspective.

    “In my eyes, it is the same when the Lord told the Israelites not to sacrifice their children to Molech. It is modern day blood sacrifice.”

    In principle I agree with you. I would not however go as far to say that abortion and blood sacrifice are the same thing, as in identical; though regardless of what I am about to write, both practices remain detestable. In the Old Testament, it was often Israelite kings who sacrificed their young children in order to gain favour before a battle, assuaging the apparent anger of Molech. While in current times, it is found that many of the women who abort are young and possibly in challenging financial circumstances. Another point to consider is that young children were sacrificed to Molech; this makes sacrifice in a sense more disgusting than abortion because the personality of a child is evidently far more developed at age three than in the womb, though clearly a child in the womb is not less human. I realize that my research may now be outdated, and that new information even on historically documented events continues to be published on a daily basis. Regardless of these details, like I wrote, I agree with you in principle, “It is modern day blood sacrifice”.

    Considering my strong opinion on abortion, I have done precious little to aid in a change of culture but, God willing there is time yet, and I will narrow the gap between knowledge and action. In a very small way I have been involved in the pro-life movement. Almost two years ago a friend and I participated by joining with a group of Christians to stand beside a stretch of road downtown holding signs that supported the pro-life cause.
    This past year I looked in to various pro-life initiatives for volunteering opportunities, but unfortunately nothing fit with my schedule. Something that did fit with my schedule was presenting on the issue of abortion, as a student, in my philosophy seminar.

  • Incognita,

    Your points are true, I didn’t mean same as in “identical” because in life there are really never two situations that are identical. It’s really more that the spirit behind it is the same, the spirit that drives mankind to spill the blood of children, than that the actually human circumstances and reasoning is the same. But thank you for pointing that out. I need to be more precise in my writing and in my reasoning.

  • I am 16, and I will be a senior in high school. During my junior year, I joined the debate team at my Christian high school. My partner and I debated about abortion three times within our first year. Unfortunately, we only won one time. However, I learned so much about abortion and the cruelties involved in it. Receently, I debate via e-mail with my cousin, who is pro-choice. I have always thought abortion was wrong, but I did not know how incredibly terrible it was and how much it had affected this nation until this year. I have learned how to answer tough arguments made by the opposition such as “what about rape?” and “what about danger to the mother?” and “it’s not really a baby yet” Within my debate team, three teams have argued against abortion, which means that besides the six people on the affirmative side, six other people on the neg, and the judges have heard the truth about abortion…and often tell others about it. Christians are to be the light, then God does the rest. I trust that He put me on the debate team for a reason…perhaps in order to take a pro-life stand in front of others. God bless our efforts for His glory! I pray that one day abortion will be abolished forever and the land of the free will be truly free and it can be said that America believes that “after all, a person’s a person, no matter how small.”

  • I haven’t actually got any kind of story to share about it but I am keeping it in my prayers and I am trying to do some research on how I can help.


  • For about a decade I have been involved in helping my local pregnancy crisis center by doing their “Walk for Life”. I would encourage you all to contact your local center and see if they have a walk or run or some such event that they do annually. Every year it is such an encouraging event and raises a lot of money for my center, which is so desperately needed. It enables the center to provide their services free of charge and be an example of Christ’s love to the parents.

    Also, another way to raise money is to hand out empty baby bottles to your church or group and have people fill them with their loose change and then bring them back. Not only is it convient to do this, but it also is very helpful! And the director of the center told me that it every little bit helps!

    May the Lord press upon us the desire to be His light to a dying and hurt world!

  • I didn’t have a chance to read all of the other comments in this post, but I just wanted to add something that terrifies me about the abortion debate. I am about to graduate with my Bachelor’s in nursing, and until my teacher mentioned this in school, I had no idea just how much the current nursing debate could affect those in the medical field.

    I am in my Labor and Delivery class right now, and I’m enjoying it so much that I am seriously considering ending up working in that department when I finish school. Currently if a nurse has any moral reason for not wanting to participate in performing an abortion, she can legally refuse to care for that patient. However, if the Freedom of Choice Act is passed in this country, that right will be taken away from anyone in the medical field!! I would be required to assist with an abortion or lose my job. That would not be a hard decision for me–I would quit before I would assist in killing any baby. But it scares me so much that this country is starting to take away the constitutional rights of its citizens over this abortion debate. We already treat “fetuses” as having no rights, and I think this is just a step toward taking our rights as well.

    So one thing I would like to add to this debate is we need to understand the issues involved. I’m beginning to realize that a lot of times one of the most effective ways to debate against something is to emphasize the ways that this is detrimental to more people than just those adamantly against abortion. After discussing this act, almost every single student in my secular nursing class disagrees with it–not because they are against abortion but because they realize it is taking away our rights! I think that if we can get people in America to realize what these acts are really saying, a lot more would be fighting against them.

  • P.S. I believe most people would be amazed at how many women in this country have had abortions. I think a statistic we’ve studied said something like 40% of conceived babies are aborted. I am shocked every day on Labor and Delievery when reading the patient’s histories–almost half say something like “2 children, 1 ‘interrupted’ pregnancy”. Its really, really eye-opening! Please, please get involved–we need to stop this horrible practice!!

  • hey people!!! i’m totaly 100% against abortion. do you guys believe life begins at conception????? my friends dont think so. not until you can see the baby ona an ultra-sound. how mean is that

  • I feel kinda out numbered here because i feel that most of you if not all are theists. I however am an atheist and feel that it is better to not have to worry about things like this. I feel that it is the persons right to choose abortion or not. It would not be fair to have a law that makes people have no choice in the matter. Belief in a book that was written centuries ago by man is a definite waste of time. Having something of that nature dictate how we operate as a civilization now is absurd. Abortion is a very touchy subject and i do still believe that it is not a form of birth control, but may be necessary in the right circumstances.

  • Christa MacDonald, I totally agree with you…life begins at conception…our world contradicts itself all the time: If a couple wanted to have a baby, and the young woman became pregnant…the couple would be excited from the beginning about the new life even without the ultrasound, but if they wanted an abortion…they would be ready in a heart beat to be rid of the fetus living inside. So, I definitely agree with you on being pro-life! Oh, and yes, this world is so cruel…women are legally able to kill their own children (God’s own creations)!

  • I have always felt strongly that abortion is wrong and the most practical thing i hav done is to collect baby items to donate to the crisis pregnancy center in our area. most recently @ my 16th b-day party, i asked my friends to bring baby gifts instead of presents. everyone had fun picking out cute baby stuff. The volunteer @ the center was so thankful and she said the need for baby things to give to the women is huge. I encorage other rebelution readers to think about doing somthing similar. Thanks for a gr8 post!
    -Anna- 🙂

  • I just checked out (knowing it had graphic stuff) and when I saw some of those pictures, I almost broke down crying!
    How can people do that?!
    It’s awful! =(

    Abortion HAS TO STOP! NOW!

  • I left a comment months ago on Lila Rose’s article asking what I could do to help. Since then I have been praying and thinking on the issue a lot, and my brother is going to help me launch a non-profit organization…. selling birdhouses. That probably looks like a really (not) bright idea, but I think it can work. It could be hard living in this tiny little 30 pop. town, but I’m hoping a website will help!
    And I do absolutly recomend Abort73!!!!! I’ve bought a couple shirts from them~ (btw, definitly order a larger size than what you wear:)

    Abortion is just sickening!!!!!!!

  • I’m Stephanie’s brother, and I am pro-choice, but I agree with you, the killing of undead babies, when there isn’t a good reason, is just plain wrong. On the other hand though, if there is a problem, like cycle cell anemia or down syndrome where the kid will never be the same, or if the mother has breast cancer and has to choose between chemo or the kid, or even worse, if having the child causes some reason for the mother to die, then I support abortion of any stage. As far as the number go, here is an interesting website that has the statistics about abortion,

  • Billy, I strongly disagree with you, particularly on the case of down syndrome. Even if the kid is mentally disabled does that mean that you should kill it? I know plenty of kids who have down’s and live a normal, happy life. Have you happened to look at abort73? You should.

  • Sky, I couldn’t agree with more you on that…we’re God’s creations; what makes us any better than the next- we are all sinners- we were all made in the image of God…do we or should we have the authority to take someone’s life into our own hands, when things aren’t as convenient for the parent- or when the child has a disability…
    God created each and everyone of us for a reason. If we call ourselves Christians, yet succumb to the world’s standards…who are we really then? The Bible says to praise the name of the Lord in the good times and the bad…look at Job…he lost everything and had the worst of circumstances…yet he praised the Lord continuously. So, yes- Life is so precious…

  • If you haven’t read Frank Peretti’s book “Tilly”, I would recommend it to you. I myself have not read it yet, but will soon. I did hear the end of Focus on the Family Radio Theater’ production of “Tilly” two years ago, and I was in tears in five minutes. I think it would help us understand what women who have had an abortion are going through.

  • This past year, I interned with a state senator at the Nebraska state capitol. He inroduced a bill that requires the abortion facility to perform an ulrasound; the woman is not required to look at the screen, but the ultrasound is required to be done. This is under the information that 74-82 percent of all woman who see an image of their baby will carry the child to term. As an intern, it was wonderful to be their to see all the pr-life lobbyists, the senators that unashamedly proclaimed the fetus to indeed be a child, and ultimately to see the bill pass the unicameral by a huge majority!

  • By the way, life DOES begin at conception! Life does not begin at one specific time (Come What May!).

  • WOW! That’s an amazing article, I should ask my family if i can join Maybe they’ll believe me… anyway love the article, love the scenario. I will totally join, I believe in this 100% So yeah that is it…

  • My dad is sponsoring a pro-life petition to ammend the state constitution here in Mississippi, saying that “person” as used in our state constitution includes every human being. We have to collect over 89,000 signitures by October or at latest January (the first deadline will get us on the ballot in 2010, the second is when we have to have them by period).
    This is a great way to get involved. If anyone is interested:


  • Billy, after reading ur comment i wanted to cry. it makes me so sad that someone would even think about killing a baby just b/c of some problems. i kno of many kids w/ downs that live gr8 lives. When my mom was pregnant w/ my little bro, her doctor told her that there was a big chance that he might have down syndrome. The doctor strongly urged her 2 have an abortion b/c the baby would “ruin her life”. My mom said that was not an option and we would love him for who he is. She said that even though the world will say that he is not perfect, he will be perfect to us. He is now one month old and doesn’t have downs. He is totally normal! He’s a sweet, smart, happy, cute, baby. But even if he had problems we would still Love him tons. A disabled baby deserves life just like any other human.

  • I’ll agree with you on down syndrome then, but sickle cell anemia and other diseases that seriously impair the child, or the mother could die, those are things that can’t be ignored. You didn’t try to refute the mother’s condition portion of what I said, and it’s because you cant. I am a Democrat and pro-choice, but not pro killing babies mindlessly like most people seem to be these days.

  • Billy…everyone has made comments that refer to your choice on Down syndrome babies…and now I read your new comment…obviously anyone that is created on this earth is created for a reason…More and more diseases are rising up in these times…Why would an innocent baby with a disease deserve death over a healthy one? Yes, a mother’s condition is very important in such a circumstance…but have you ever considered the fact that God is in control? You may not support the mass murdering of babies…but killing the weak and diseased? This is not a survival of the fittest. To your previous comment- No, We cannot refute your opinion on A mother’s conditions in such a scenario but, murder is not an option!

  • To tell you the truth, I believe abortion wrong. It goes completely against God’s word. He says that children are a gift from above, jewels to their parents. Even if the child will be impared, God could still use that human as his instrument, even if he/she is disabled. You can receive an incredible gift by working with or raising an unfortunate child.

    Unfortunately, a few Christians have given the church a bad name by using violence as a means to eliminate abortion. That is hurting our reputation and our faith. We must respond, in love and kindness, in peace and care, not in killings and riots.

  • Billy,
    You said you’ll agree with the pro-life stance on having a baby with Down Syndrome. Good. I had to do some research on Sickle Cell Anemia. On every site I went to regarding Sickle Cell Anemia during pregnancy, the response was that it was risky but with modern medical care it’s most likely the pregnancy would be a safe and healthy one. According to scientists, (and even pro-abortion people admit,) women can survive a pregnancy in almost any situation today unless they have cancer. Science refutes the argument that abortion saves women’s lives.

    You’re earlier post was quite disturbing. You said “If having the child causes some reason for the mother to die, then I support abortion of any stage.”

    “Any stage” includes partial-birth abortion. At this time a baby is as good as born, being just a few minuets away from completely being out of the womb. I encourage you to research the process of partial-birth abortion. After reading that… (as Ann Coulter says) Do you want to be aborted?

    As I stated earlier, very rare indeed would a situation have to be where pregnancy could harm the mother. And scientifically there is never a reason for late term abortion as any health problems can be detected very early in pregnancy.

    On a somewhat different note, recently I was thinking about the way wild animals treat their babies. With most wild animals, I’ve seen that the mothers sooner give up their own life fighting for they baby than let it die. You’ve gotta wonder, have humans fallen below the animal kingdom in this regard? When you compare the rate at which people abort their children, compared to how wildlife cares for their babies, which group seems more beastly?
    Billy, with your pro-abortion stance, I must ask… Do you consider yourself a Christian? (And yes, Billy, I can refute “the mother’s condition portion” of what [You] said.)

    Anyway, great post, Alex and Brett! Thanks for speaking out strongly against abortion!

  • billy,
    how would u feel about this issue if u had sickle cell anemia ? would u feel that u should hav been aborted? sounds like a stupid question but think about it…

    i don’t see how this is much different than the whole down syndrome argument. i’ve done some research 2 and found that w/ proper treatment people w/ sickle cell anemia can live normal happy lives 2 and can live into their 40s and 50s or even longer. Would u take those years away from them? i don’t think that abortion is justified in any case, but especially cruel in w/ disabled kids. “seriously impaired” kids deserve life just like anyone else.

    i didn’t try to refute the arguement about mother health b/c i hav no personal experience w/ that, but i can’t find any documented case where the mother would hav died w/out the abortion. Also, as w/ any debate u need to define ur terms. what do u mean by “other diseases”? im not trying to be argumentative, just trying to say what i believe.
    Thanks Alex and Brett for making a place where we can tlk about what we think. 🙂

  • in south africa, the legal age for abortion is 13 years! that is, with out parental concent.
    however, on the other hand, if you are below the age of 16 & you are caught kissing in public, you are locked up!
    now wheres the logic in that!!!!!

  • i agree!!!!!!! prayer can change us!!!!! it has change me!!!!!!!! Prayer heald me. one prayer gave me the holy spirit!! so we need to stan up and praye!!!!!

  • To Anonymous, if I was born with sickle cell anemia then yes, I would want to be aborted because you can’t do anything. You’re a husk. There are diseases in which the child wont be able to function or babies being born with half a brain who won’t live right, I think the option should be available for those cases. As far as 13 being the age of consent for abortion in Africa, I believe that is wrong. On Larry King Live they brought in two women. Both had kids with problems, one chose to abort the baby who would have been born with a half a brain and wouldn’t have made it past four, and the other chose to let the kid live a painful, miserable life where they can’t go and play outside with the other kids because they aren’t able. Now would you want them to be miserable, or would you want them to be able to go to Heaven where they will be healed and with the Lord.

  • Billy,

    God would not have placed that baby in the womb of the mother if he didn’t have a purpose for her/him…God doesn’t want people to die at birth do that they will go to heaven, he wants them to live on earth spreading the gospel to unblievers. God has a purpose for everyone, even if they are sick with a disease or have half a brain, but GOD has a PURPOSE for them…Tell me, this might sound dumb, would you be more respectful to a normal person, or a half brained/diseased person? If the child knew about the Lord and was brought up in a house of God, God might want this child ti preach the God’s word and His love, to thousands of people. I will talk more later.

  • Okay

    you cannot be a Chirstian and say that Killing babies (before they are even born!) is okay…One of God’s commandments commands us “DO NOT MURDER” so you cannot say that killing a baby for no reason other than saving it from struggling thru life is okay!
    Everyone struggles thru life…even the healthiest person in the world, If the child cannot go outside and play, there are many other things he could do inside, playing board games, watch TV, playing with his or her siblings inside, etc.

    Do you see what I am saying? God hates it! I will look up a verse or two of where God says he hates children dying…if you want…But believe me he hates it…if God, himself gave an diseases child to a mother, He expects her to keep her/him…

    You cannot be a chiristian and believe that killing a baby, before it is born, is okay…You CANNOT!

    Please read the bible on this issue…if you believe that this is right, then you must repent…sorry for being so blunt, but it is true. I don’t know if you agree with what I am saying here, but please look thru your bible and find where he talks about it…Romans, Revelation, anything in the “New” or “Old” Testement.

    Brett and Alex, Thank you for letting us comment on here and letting us share our diferences…thanks a lot.

    A God fearing chirstian,
    Josiah Blanchard

  • I work with Abort73 and have been immensely blessed by my time with them. As I’ve gotten to know the Abort73staff through my church, I’ve come to understand their heart and Christ centered love for the victims of abortion, mothers and children. I’ve been able to travel with them to various Christian music festivals to work the booth, a women’s conference, and had the opportunity to help plan and host their “Love the Least” event. I’ve also been an unofficial intern, taking emails and orders, recording inventory, packaging orders, issuing refunds, folding shirts, and even occasional filing work.

    It is work and at times I’ve lost sight of what we’re doing and the severity of the issue, but for the most part, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of God’s character and a further extending perspective in my time with Abort73.

    If anyone is interested in getting involved with Abort73, I recommend the following:
    – spend some time in prayer then spend some time on the website (
    -order a tshirt off of the website and WEAR it (
    -make a donation (the tshirts are cheap and don’t help pay bills. the tshirts help spread the word)
    -if you live in the Wisconsin/Illinois region, contact Mike Spielman or Jeff Jones about folding shirts with your small group or youth group. (folding shirts is a huge need that is impossible to keep up with unless many servants step forward)
    -follow the Abort73 calendar and help out with events in your area
    -join with members of your church or youth group and organize a fundraiser or host a “Love the Least” event

    check out the website ( for any questions you might have.

  • My sisters works at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, and she loves the work she does. It’s been a real blessing to her. I recomend anyone over the age of 18 to work there durring the summer!

  • Josiah I’m agnostic I never said I was Christian, but I don’t deny that there is a God. Did you ever, perhaps, think that God didn’t put the baby in there? Or that there is even a God. You look blindly upon one side of the argument and don’t even consider other possibilities. How does it rain above mountain tops if the mountain tops go above the clouds. The immense weight of the water from the flood would only have pushed down on the tectonic plates, so don’t say that the mountains were at a lower level then than they are now, not possible. Someone here care to refute some of the claims on the site? I’m not here to bash Christianity, it’s in our Constitution to have freedom of religion and I strongly support that, I support keeping the Ten Commandments in the Supreme Court and letting people be able to say Merry Christmas. I think anything other than total religious freedom is wrong and unconstitutional I’m just curious that’s all.

  • Billy,
    You said: “if I was born with sickle cell anemia then yes, I would want to be aborted because you can’t do anything.”

    Well, this comment is very interesting. Billy, if you were ever to get Sickle Cell Anemia or any other disease in which “you can’t so anything,” just come to me and I’ll find a good abortion doctor for you. We can use the 12-24 week old abortion method (D&E). This, of course, depends on which part of your body you would prefer we start killing you from. The following is if we start by dismembering you: This doctor will cut of your arms and legs with razor sharp implements while you are still alive. Or, if you wish, we can start at your head (D&X). This being the case, the doctor would break your skull with surgical scissors. Then, he would suck your brains out with a vacuum.

    Sounds great, doesn’t it? Billy, you said you’d want to be aborted if had Sickle Cell Anemia. Just because you’re older than a pre-born baby, you are in no way more human or more deserving of life than that child. If you’d kill a person of one age with Sickle Cell Anemia, why should we not kill a person of another age with Sickle Cell Anemia?

  • Billy, and Leah…

    Both of you were different people…both in the womb…you were alive, moving around in your mothers womb, (I believe that you are able to remember things from heaven when you are still in the womb, but by the time they are out of the womb, they can’t remember) the black! Your dead…dead…what happened? A needle or vaccuum sucked you out and killed you…you dead.

    Leah your last point is correct…

    I am mad at how our country is, why is it that we can kill a baby (healthy or not) and not get introuble and when you kill a man or woman or child you get years in prison!? (but you will be punished, by God…you will be judged and you will weep for forgiveness, you will cry your heart out, you will beg for another chance, but none will come, you will be in hell forever and ever…)

    Our country is wrong, and I am not afriad to say this because I believe with my whole heart that this is wrong…Who reads the paper? A guy kills a deer, not in season, with a screwdriver, gets put in prision for life…life! But a man who kills, rapes, steals, or anything else get put in prison for less then half the amount of time!

    What happened when Jesus was born? Babies (2 years and younger) were killed, new borns, etc. God’s wrath came upon Herod and he died…GOD HATED THOSE WHO KILL BABIES!

    I like how leah puts her explaination…good job leah…I like it.
    Billy, I hope you marry someone who doesn’t want to have any kids, because I am afraid for you life! YES YOUR LIFE! You could want to kill everyone! thats sad…very sad…
    Even though I am a young man, I almost cry everytime I think about someone killing one of God’s own creation!

    Duh! God puts the baby in the womb….how else would Mary have Jesus? The perfect one, I could have just been given to another person! I believe God gives us the type of child we need…lets say, your a adult who has crazy children, and He gives you a clam one to show them what it is like, or you pray for a girl and you get a girl! How does that happen, or you don’t get any children at all because your barren! Who made you made you barren?! God, He might want to teach you a lesson on faith! Have you ever watched the movie “Facing the Giants”? Its good…


    I will be praying that God opens up your eyes….


    To leah, I really like how you put your explaination! Good job!

  • @Leah A, I know how they do abortions and most of the time they don’t have nerves at that point or they aren’t fully developed, if you knew anything about the birthing process, it’s one of the last things to be developed. If I had any disease that couldn’t be cured or my mother would die if I was born, then yes, I would rather be aborted than put people through that much pain or be put through pain and suffering myself. Once the person is born Leah, they’re a person, before then, they aren’t. So if someone who is anywhere after being born has Sickle Cell Anemia, then no they shouldn’t be killed, they’re a living person, a human. This is what the whole debate comes down to in the end, are fetuses living people or not. Pro-Choice people say no, Pro-Life people say yes.

  • Billy, I would like to suggest you check out the video “Silent Scream”. This actual abortion footage should convince you that unborn babies feel pain. I believe that no one should have the power to deside who lives and who dies. Personal sickness along with terrible pain have brought me closer to God than anything else ever could. It has also given me more compassion for others. As for mental illness there are many people willing to adopt mentally handicapped children and give them the love that they deserve. Since when has quality of life defined some one’s worth?
    We are all precious in God’s sight no matter how sick, handicapped or healthy one is.
    For The Little Ones,
    ps. I appreciate that you are willing to consider opposing views…most ‘pro-aborts’ aren’t.

  • Josie,

    That makes sense, I mean, if you didn’t have nerves or anything how do you explain when a mother feels a kick or movment on her womb?

    That movie shounds interesting, but sad…I MIGHT get it from the library…

    Billy I have prayed for you everyday now, and I ask God to show you the truth.

    Dear Jesus,
    Please show Billy that he is Your son, and that what he it thinking is wrong.
    Please show him the right way. Please show him mercy too Lord…Amen

  • Billy,
    You said: “I know how they do abortions and most of the time they don’t have nerves at that point or they aren’t fully developed, if you knew anything about the birthing process, it’s one of the last things to be developed.”
    Thank you! I was almost offended that you did insult me earlier. Your statement is wrong. Babies fully develop nerves at 10-11 weeks. The abortion procedures I referred to are used on pre-born babies older than that. You might also recognize “D&X” as “partial-birth abortion.” These children most certainly feel excruciating pain as they’re being killed. I’m sure you do know how they perform abortions, I just wish you’d comprehend it.

    (Think about the ending of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth.) Billy, you also said: “Once the person is born Leah, they’re a person, before then, they aren’t.”
    In the sense you are speaking of, Billy, I was never born. I was a premature baby that was taken from my mother’s womb via C-section at 4 pounds, 1 once. I had stopped growing in the womb at half the weight most babies are born at. A day later I was 3 pound and 9 ounces. I am I a person? Was I human at that time, since I was younger than most born babies? I was never born and never will be, so I must not be a person, according to your standards. At that weight, many, many babies are aborted. Measuring one’s age or development to determine their personhood is absolutely moronic.

    Again, you said: “This is what the whole debate comes down to in the end, are fetuses living people or not.”
    Fetuses are alive. Fetuses are human. (They aren’t aliens in the womb, then pop out and become human…) The dictionary definition of “person” is “a human being, whether man, woman, or child.” Yes, fetuses are living people.

    Josie, great reminder. The “Silent Scream” is amazing and everyone should see it.

    Josiah, you’re right on! Prayer is more far powerful than reasoning. And, thanks!

    In conclusion, Billy, I’d like to remind you of the Holocaust. Jews weren’t “people” either.

  • Billy, Do u belive that a fetus is a person or not? If u think that a baby is not a person untill birth, then what kind of change happens between being in the womb and birth? What is ur definition of a person? I don’t understand how a baby is just a fetus a second before birth, but then after the baby is born it is a person. I personally belive that life starts @ conception. I can’t see how killing a person is justifyable in any case. Every human in the whole world is unique and made for a purpose. God made all people (even seriously handicaped ones) in his image. Even if u aren’t a christian human life should still be sacred to u. Life is so beautiful and amaizing. It should be preserved at all costs. I don’t mean to be preachy, but it makes me sad that u don’t see the value of life and that u are so willing to throw it away.

  • I love how Josie talks!
    How old are you?

    You know everything on this subject, I am new at it, so I am just preaching what I know from the bible…thanks!

    Anonymous – Good point. That’s a very good point!!

    Oh lord, bless us with the ability to bring Billy to You, and understand that it is wrong to kill Babies while they are still in the womb.. AMEN!

  • Thanks for the complement Josiah. I would not say that I’m an expert, but if you want some sourses to help you with the facts please read my earlier post. We should look at every thing through ‘biblical glasses’as this brings everything into clear focus . So you are off to a good start.
    For the little ones, Josie

  • Ok, I’ll bite on the 10-11 weeks thing. I made a statement without research. Still, I’m guessing you are all Republicans. The very basis of the Republican party these days is more freedom. Republicans try to twist and make it sound like us Democrats are taking away freedom. We haven’t taken any freedom away. I define a human as someone who can talk and communicate with others whether it be a babies cooing or a human debating on an issue. You fight to protect the fetus’ right, what about the mothers right to choose? This is extremely hypocritical of all of you, yes I’m sorry to insult you but it is. You have had all your statements put into your head via church and private school and haven’t looked or thought into the issue past that. The right for gay people to get married (an issue for another post) and for abortion are basic human rights. As far as the fetus being a human, that boils down to religion. No matter how painful it is for the baby, I’m sorry it’s the mother’s choice. I feel bad for the babies who are aborted because the mother and father weren’t responsible, but for the medical reasons they usually catch it fairly early.

  • To Josie Key’s I thank you too for taking the time to listen to me. You are very educated on the subject and I have looked at this issue through both pairs of glasses, the Biblical ones and the Scientific and political ones. I’m not here to make anyone mad, and I apologize if I insulted anyone. I have one other question I didn’t get to ask in the other post because I forgot, why not allow gay marriage, ban abortion, and then let the married gay couples adopt the children? They can’t (well these days can) have kids themselves easily so this would solve a huge clump of problems.

  • Billy,

    This is Not how God intended creation to be!
    He created human being to have children, diseased or not…
    He created us to be Male and Female, not Male and Male or Female and Female…I don’t care if I am a Republican or a Democrat! I want to be a true follower of God, to know that i will get to go to the Kingdom of God!

    When this country started, Gay or Lesbian marrige was not okay! they would be killed for doing so! Then our country wanted to sin, Presidents twisted there way to get it to happen…WRONG!

    IT IS THE PARENTS FAULT IF THEY GO THROUGH ABORTION! You tell me where it says its not! They Do have the right to choose…but they will DIE in hell for it, not trying to be offensive, but its true! They do have the right to go over and be gay or lesbian! They do have the right to kill anyone! Dude, I have the right to come over there and kill YOU! God gave us the choice! Not the goverment…But it is not right! We will be judged for our sins and will either be burned and torchered forever or be in Heaven forever!

    God, Show Billy the way of Truth…Give him Your understanding, to know what he is saying is wrong…Amen.

  • Billy,
    Are deaf/dumb people human? u just said that u define a human as being able to speak… that seems like u are discriminating against people w/out the ability to tlk. Not all republicans are pro-life and not all democrats r pro-choice. I don’t think that democrats are taking away freedom, they are giving freedom and allowing us to commit crimes!! i don’t think it matters if u r a republican or democrat in debating this issue. it matters if u belive that all people are created equal and deserve rights like the right to live!!! im 2 young 2 vote so im not technally a republican or a democrat. When i can vote i will vote for the canidate that best represents my values not based on party lines.

  • Anonymous,

    So true…I might not even vote!
    Who cares! We are picking who to be our president…our leader…I want God to be my leader…I don’t care for Obama…or another guy…It doesn’t matter…Who cares!? Our country would be so strong if we would drop everything and follow God as a nation…Just like the Isrealites in the books of Judges and I and II kings…

    Billy, is wrong….that is all i have to say…

  • Lol, ok Josiah, “Billy is wrong…that is all I have to say…” I’m wrong according to a book. Josiah is in a cult….that is all I have to say. Your logic is flawed, as well as your book. Don’t insult people if they haven’t insulted you, neither of us is wrong because there is no right or wrong in this issue, there has to be some mid-way point like tightening restrictions on abortions.

  • To Anonymous, it’s how the party lines vote. It’s how the chips fall. Deaf/Dumb people have sign language, thus can communicate. It’s the people, teenagers and adults, who have to be responsible. I had a girl a few days ago offer to have sex with me and I said no. Abortions suck in most cases, and so does having kids too early.

  • Josiah, you can try to come over and kill me, it’s a choice, go ahead, but remember, I could have the right to kill you too, probably wouldn’t, but I wouldn’t let you kill me because I’m a human.

  • Lets say you were a cripled, deaf, dumb, human…I can come over and kill you because you can’t do anything to me…what book are you talking about? The Bible? It is not an ordianary book, it is Life, it preaches Life, how you get salvation! How you get into the Kingdom of God…

    There is a right, and I am right, there is a wrong, you are wrong…I don’t care about people’s veiws…I care about God’s veiw…

  • It’s a book, no different except for the fact that you believed a story (it is a story whether true or not) someone told you. Deaf, Dumb, Mute people aren’t just lumps of cells, they work, often have families, you get the point. What if I showed you a book full that said believe in unicorns, that they saved you from an undergrounds lake of fire and it’s true because I told you it’s true. You’re right, there is a right, I’m right, based on facts and logic, there is a wrong, you’re wrong because you present no proof or logic behind decisions.

  • billy, just b/c Josiah thinks ur wrong dosen’t mean he is in a cult. i don’t kno him or you so i don’t kno if either of ya are in a cult. its kinda beside the point…
    Thanks for trying to compromise ur beliefs, but i will never try and find a middle ground on this issue. Abortion is wrong no matter what! Im not going to say that ur wrong b/c that doesn’t solve anything. telling someone that hes wrong only looks critical. im not trying to insult u or anyone, but this is an issue that i feel very strongly about so i won’t ever back down.

    Also, ‘it’s how the party lines vote’ sounds like a hasty generalization to me. All democrats aren’t pro-choice and all republicans aren’t pro-life. I belive in voting on the issues, but u keep saying that b/c ur a democrat u belive this or that.

    “Deaf/Dumb people have sign language, thus can communicate” what about helen keller? she couldn’t comunicate untill she learned sign language, so i guess she wasn’t a person, right? but i totally disagree that babys in the womb are just blobs of cells. a baby moves towards pressure or a light on the mom’s belly. what further proof do u need that they are human to!!!

    i agree w/ josiah that the bible is more than a book. u prob don’t understand and u never will be able to unless u accept jesus as ur savior. it looked like just a book to me before i got saved too. thanks josiah for keeping it about god!

    ive presented facts and logic so am i right? this isn’t one of those debates where no one really right or wrong and u only win by good logic. this is so much more important than that, what u belive really matters. the belief in god is the difference between lfe or death, heaven or hell. there is more to this than just proving that ur right.

    im sry that ive been kinda preaching. i don’t want u to think that im some kind of over-conservative freak. im not trying to be judgemental or critical. im just a teenage girl who belives in life.
    thanks for reading my ramblings. i hope i make sense.

  • Last year, my brother and I worked on a campaign to put in our state’s constitution a statement that life begins at conception. The amendment did not pass, but the campaign is now nationwide. They attained a victory, that , though in a small place, was overwhelming.

    “Abortion permanently a crime in the Dominican Republic, pro-life victory comes with a vote of 167 to 32.”

  • Anonymus,

    You totally made sense, and I agree with you…I try and explain what I know from the bible and what i know from God, I don’t have really anyway to know whats going on in the world, besides the radio, but I really want to thank you for preaching! DON’T STOP! Thanks! Not many teenagers preach. Thanks, i wish we did know each other so that we could talk more! 🙂


    Sorry for saying your wrong, well, Sorry for making you fell hurt… You know what? Have you ever heard about the verse in the Old testement that says, And the angels of heaven came down unto earth and saw the women of the land, and they married them and had children, but their children, not being ordinary children, grew to massive sizes, and other things!
    I actually think that Centaurs and all those animals in the Narnia movie that came out last year, are true! I think they were real! God shows us thru the bible that many of the angels have the faces of different animals…Dude, from the Bible, the devil, is a cow!!!!
    Weird huh? So, I don’t believe in Unicorns being real now, I do believe they could have been real back then…but I don’t believe that they can save you from the lake of fire, only Jesus Christ can do that! 🙂

    Thanks guys!

    Josiah Blanchard

  • Josiah, you didn’t hurt me lol, it just made you look critical. Saying you believed in Centaurs, that’s why Christianity is a dying religion. The people who support it believes Centaurs existed, among other oddities. The unicorn thing was an example of a being made up in a story, just like Jesus Christ. I don’t know if you were trying to be clever or if you really missed the whole point, but either way I can explain it. To anonymous, I wasn’t trying to change your views, I just figured when I came to post on here that someone needed to post another view on the issue. It sounds critical, rude, and short sighted to say outright that someone is wrong. All in all, nobody supports abortion, people support choice. Our country is split about 50/50 with a little bit more supporting choice, and growing each day. Women started this revolution, and it’s the woman’s choice.

  • To anonymous, what makes religions like Satanism a cult, or being Wicken a cult, they follow a set code of rules or guidelines, and they believe in a higher power too, sounds an awful lot like Christianity to me.

  • Billy? I cannot talk to you anymore, sorry, but your mind is blocked, you cannot see the truth. 🙁 Sorry…I hope one day we will meet and I will be able to win your heart to Jesus, and to Salvation…Our religion is not dying because of that, it’s because most pastors are teaching only half the bible…I am sorry that you feel this way…

    DO NOT CORRECT ANONYMOUS! She is correct on everythin she is teaching! I hope I get to heaven before you, so that I can ask God for your soul…As for Satanism and others like that, anything, BUT being a Christian, leads to death, but believing in Jesus leads you to life, thats how its different!

    Lord, forgive him, hold fast onto him, and release his demons and sins and come into his heart…Amen

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ok, all respect where it is due, I respect you as a person, and I respect your opinion. Have a good life and take care man.

  • I have one more question, any religion besides Christianity, follows the devil…its true!

    Who do you serve? Jesus or the devil?

    I follow Jesus.

  • Josiah, thanks for ur encoragement!! it it so nice to kno that there r fellow christians out there that r willing to stick up 4 u. maybe we will meet someday… 🙂 im not trying to pry, but r u on the rebulution forum? idk much about it but i will try and take the time to sign up soon.

    Billy, christians aren’t in a cult!! im a christian and i don’t belive in centaurs. also christains don’t all follow the same rules. my christian friends belive lots of different things. we wear different clothes, watch different shows,and hav different relationships. its not about rules its about heart. yeah u should do the right thing, but w/ the right motive, to gloryify god. some people might make it seem like a cult b/c they are judgemental and critical. but please don’t let them influence u!! i hav non christian friends who i hope get saved but i still hang out w/ and i don’t try and force them to believe.

    I really respect u for commenting and knowing that u would be the only one w/ ur viewpoint. its hard to be the only one who believes something. i love it when people r passionate about something and hav opinions. please remember i never said u r wrong!! u make it seem like its all the womens fault, men r to blame to… btw choice is just a more politicaly correct way to say killing babies. i support many choices, just not ones that involve killing.

    ps. im kinda confused about the whole centaurs and unicorns thing. (im blonde lol)

  • Only according to your religion. Even other religions don’t say that. Muslims follow Allah, according to them, Buddhists follow Buddha. I follow science my friend, some of it links up with the Bible, and some doesn’t.

  • Me,

    You know what, You know why we can’t get along, why we disagree about each other’s faith? It’s because there is sin in the world, it’s because of satan, it’s because of (yes) even God…Before time, before the world was created, Satan, was the angel of music, he said to himself one day, “why can’t I be a god, I am mighty, i am great.” So he gets a bunch of angels together and tells them this, When God finds it out, He kicks them out of heaven, then God created earth…The devil lives on earth, Right now the devil is on the earth….creepy huh?

    That is why there is sin, disagreements, etc…The devil is putting thoughts, sins, and more into our minds, but, God is also helping us in His own way by appointing an gaurdian angel over us, now I am kinda rambling here, but i hope you understand what I mean…

    Even the angels in heaven, before time, disagreed!

    Billy, If you follow science, then you will go down a path of death, i don’t mean to be rude, i mean only to tell you what I KNOW will happen to you, unless you change your ways…you know what, if the devil lives on the earth, then couldn’t a demon (it did) come to someone, pose as Allah and tell them something? YES! Those religions lead to death, hell, toture, and pain…Sorry, but its the truth.

  • “you know what, if the devil lives on the earth, then couldn’t a demon (it did) come to someone, pose as Allah and tell them something?”

    Yes, but couldn’t they pose as God too? This works both ways. The whole reason religions exists are because people disagree, if everyone agreed, there would be one religion, Catholicism, Buddhism, whichever one traces back to being the oldest and first one created. Since we don’t get along, even religions inside religions, different sects of Christianity, Evangelical, Baptists, Methodists, etc. were created. Each has it’s own views, the Baptists here in N.C. believe that anyone who is not a Fundamentalist Baptist is going to Hell, that’s not a Christian attitude, nor is it true. So you see, all religion, everything we have here was born through opposition and disagreement. We get the good and the bad (wars for instance) from opposition.

  • You know what, there can only be one God, and one Creator, there can not be more than one God, they are fake, demon/satan can do that, they can pose as a “fake” God, but not the real One…I hope you get what I am saying…I know what you are saying but it takes faith, and the knowledge of God to enter into the kingdom of God…I don’t even believe like most Christians, I believe like a follower of Christ would, how Jesus told us to be.

    Thanks Billy for giving me the priveledge to tell you about Jesus…


  • ANnymous,

    Centaurs? WHy do you not think they were alive once? Have oyu ever heard of Micheal Pearl? Vision Forum? Micheal Pearl has great books about this subject, He shows where in the bible it says the Devil has the head of a bull! That why God was so angry when the isrealites worshipped it…In revelation it tell about four angels, with different animal heads…

    No I am not on the forum, well I might be, I don’t get your question…
    Thanks, but listen, I think you should read thru Revelation, I want you to see the part I am talking about, plus I was wondering if I could get (anyone’s oppinion) your oppinion on how the world will end…I have studied this part for awhile, and to tell you the truth, You guys are the only people I talk to about the Lord (except my family) I don’t have any older friends right now that are easy to talk too…thanks! 🙂

    Where do you live? Just kidding, I live in MN…
    lol 🙂

    Gotta go, thanks again

    Follower of Jesus Christ,

  • Once again, I wanted to say thanks for giving me the abilty to talk to you about my faith and what I believe…it gives me some excitment in my life…

    Hey I was just wondering, Alez or Brett, do you guys look thru every comment, or do you just let it be…?


  • Annymous,

    I applyed for the forum you talked to me about, are you in it?
    I am excited! I hope I get it! Thanks for the info!


  • Billy, no one can look like God…We are created in His image, but still, He is so glorious, and wonderful, bright and wonderful, that not even His angels can pose like Him…

    Josiah Blanchard

  • i agree, josiah, no one can look like God! i applied for the forum 2. ur welcome! btw, i live in sc.
    me, everyone in the world won’t agree on everything. i think thats what makes life interesting…but it is also b/c there is sin in the world.
    billy, what part of science doesn’t work w/ god? im just curious…

  • Sorry, Anonymous,

    I don’t know what SC stands for…I agree with your question that you asked Billy, Cool.



  • Nathan, who are you?
    That was totally hipocritcal, stop reading what we are writing if you don’t like it, please…:)

  • Mine was not a contribution, just a namecalling, sorry for being a jerk. I’ll just shut up.

  • Hey guys, I’m really sorry, I’m not the judge of everyone else, if you guys wan’t me to leave, just tell me, but if you guys get voices such ideas in such strong ways, why do I get jumped for asking for respect and collaboration.

  • You guys know what you are talking, Josiah and anonomose I think are right. And to Nathan, That was awlful strong, but I kind of agree, maybe a slight bit more respect, this is a place to discussing different ideas, though, so keep it up.

  • Josiah, it has been nice talking to you. About the Centaurs, we have never found a fossil, we have covered every layer of he fossil records. Nathan, man dude, you came on strong but it’s cool, we all have our opinions. If we just agreed to disagree, then there would be nothing to our political systems, religions, etc. You can stay Nathan, it would be wrong of us to kick you out based on your opinion. It’s ok, and I thank you for the apology. As for God being the only God, how do you know Allah isn’t the only God? (Not saying he is). Nathan, no one here has been a jerk either, Josiah, Anonymous, and everyone else here have been very respectful and nice to each other and me and I thank them for that.

    “What part of science doesn’t work with God?”

    Let’s take the tectonic plates. For anyone who doesn’t know what they are, they’re the plates of rock under the ocean, and our continents. They’re constantly shifting and changing, causing earthquakes. If we were to have a flood cover the earth, even the mountaintops as specified by the Bible, then how come the Mountaintops go above the clouds. If the rain is falling under the peaks of the mountains then it wouldn’t cover the tops of the mountains. Christian scientists like to bring up the tectonic plates shifting because of the weight of the water, but the immense weight of the water would push down on the mountain and make it at it’s current level today…above the cloud levels. Even if the water made it up to the cloud level, the water would dissolve the cloud, more like the cloud is made of water and would become part of the flood. This hereby disproves a flood that covered everything on the earth’s surface. This is one of the better examples I had.

  • Nathan, I didn’t mean to be rude either, but I think we (anyone in the world) needs to disagree and talk about their differences for the world to go anywhere….

    Billy, Mountains go up to the clouds “today” they were not back then, if you are a man of science then you should know water, can change the form of a rock. With enough force and enough water the can change…If you read Genesis, there are no clouds, know it doesn’t say that specifally, but it never rained until during and after the flood…it came up from the ground, water came up from the ground, like dew, in the morning it happened, only then. I will find the verse for you in a couple of hours, I am busy for now…Thanks billy…but I didn’t think we were being rude or anything…lol


  • Okay guys, thanks for not kicking me off. I’m very well known for blowing up and saying stuff that I wish I could take back. I interperated stuff wrong, and I’ll be more careful next time.

    Hey billy, you are good with science, and so are you Josiah I also believe that the flood was “local”, God only needed to whipe out all of humanity, not the entire world. The humans could not have migrated very far, so God didn’t need a worldwide flood, only the humanly inhabited earth.

  • Hey billy,
    Because I’ve been taking stuff wrong it’s hard to tell. You’re a christian right? I’m not quite sure>

  • Nathan,
    The flood was not Local, if you thought that is what I meant, you misunderstood me…The flood covered the whole earth, everything was gone, animals and humans…that’t why the grand canyons are like they are today, water eroded the mountains into different shapes. You cannot have water cover only half of the world or even a part of it and have it stay there, I mean God could do that, but it says in the bible that the flood covered the whole earth, Genesis 7:17-19 (you have to remember the word called “earth” was also a word for dirt/land)

    17 Now the flood was on the earth forty days. The waters increased and lifted up the ark, and it rose high above the earth. 18 The waters prevailed and greatly increased on the earth, and the ark moved about on the surface of the waters. 19 And the waters prevailed exceedingly on the earth, and all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered.

    Now in 19 where it sayd all the high hills were covered under the whole heaven (outer space) were covered, with what, water…see?

    Billy says he is not a Christian nor is he of any religion, he is a man of science, but guess what, who created science? Someone had to create it! And it was God, Lord God Almighty.

    The verse about water coming up from the earth is…Genesis 2:4-6

    4 This is the history of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the Lord God made the earth and the heavens, before any plant of the field was in the earth and before any herb of the field had grown. 5 For the Lord God had NOT CAUSED it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to till the ground; 6 but a mist went up from the earth and watered the whole face of the ground

    See, a mist came up, not rain, thats why the people freaked out when rain fell from heaven…nice talking to you…

    Nathan, are you a Christian? Where do you live? I live in MN…

  • Josiah, the peaks of mountains, the top, pointed parts, are still above the clouds today, they peak out above them. The fact that you think it rained without clouds is your business, but I cannot believe that for a second, it defies logic and science and fact. Nathan, I’m an agnostic that believes in God, I just choose to question some of the things that are in our translation. I think that in all the years the Bible has been handed down and translated it’s almost impossible for people to not have made mistakes in translation. A mist wouldn’t flood the entire earth either. I live in NC and I’m 16 (just figured I would say so too because Josiah did).

  • Billy: if you think about it, the translation of the Bible isn’t the only “questionable” thing about it. I mean, If it was God’s inspired word, than I believe that God would of (and has) taken care of the translation issue. Think about all of the people who contributed to the Bible’s books. It’s amazing how they all go together. That and so many other amizing things. I believe that the Bible is God’s word to us, so I believe he can take care of all the issues…because He’s God, and we’re not. That’s my opinion. I hope I stated it respectfully.

    Josiah: why are you asking for peoples’ personal information like where they live and how old they are?

    Camille E.

    P.S. I don’t think Nathan was at all hypocritical.

  • Camille, I asked Annymous, not anyone else…I am only 14 and I didn’t mean it in any bad way…

    Billy, The bible says that mist came up from the ground before the flood, but Right at the point of the flood it began to rain…None of the people saw rain before, so thats why they freaked out so much, why is there a rainbow after a flood? Well, sceince says it the sun shining through the water vapor making brilliant colors (or something like that), but the bible says its a sign from God promising He will never make a flood like that again, He promises us that he will never wipe out the whole earth again with a flood…interesting huh? I will find the verse later, but I am very busy…

    I don’t want to know anyones information for anything else, except for my own knowledge…I want to know if anyone lives by me, because we might be able to talk in person…that might be interesting…Camille, I don’t know who you are, but please, don’t get into our conversations if you don’t like them…I am trying to be respectful, but it is annoying when someone pops on here and corrects Billy and I…we are just disccusing! Thanks..

  • I wasn’t correcting anyone. I was just adding in my opinion. Sorry if it seemed like I was correcting. And thanks for clarifying about the information thing. I understand now 🙂 Also, you keep saying that if we don’t like what you are saying, than we can leave. Well, I would just like to address the logic of that statement, if I may, didn’t you say that Billy was just plain “wrong” and that’s all you could say. Well, applying the same logic, if you don’t like what he says, you don’t have to read it. but you are. So, can I have to right to comment my opinion on here? Even if I think you are wrong? Not saying you are, but you get my point. Again, not trying to mean.


    Camille E.

  • Josiah, no rain=no plants. No plants=not much food. No plants also = nothing for the herbivorous animals to eat. Camille E., if God took care of the translation issue, then there’s really no excuse for the large holes in the Bible.

  • Camille,

    We were discussing stuff…You just popped on here and interupted…lets just forget about it… 🙂

  • Billy,

    Moisture came up from the ground…it was different then then it was today…I wrote the scripture on a previous comment…

  • I am going to ask a Teenager, young man, to help me out here…he is a lot better speaking/talking about the bible, and has been a follower of God longer than I have, I respect him and I think he will help you guys understand a thing or two…Thanks…

  • Guys, I’m closing this comment thread. There are other places online where these kinds of discussions are appropriate — but as it is, you have taken the comment section for this post completely off-topic.

    Thanks for understanding.

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