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Why should we try to change the world? Is there any point?


HEATHER WRITES: Someone asked me “Why bother changing the world? After all, we know it’s all going to get worse towards end times and God’s will will be done anyway.” She was referring in particular to making political changes (e.g. ending abortion). I still believe it’s worth changing the world, but how would you explain clearly exactly why?

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  • As for the example of abortion, I think we should make a difference because there are lives that are never lived. There are many people who would be alive today, living for God, if they had not been killed before they were born. For many other moral issues, however, I tend towards the opinion that we should not try to ‘fix’ them directly; rather, show them Christ and he will show them how he wants them to live.

    • Yes, I also feel strongly that we should make a difference with regards to abortion because it directly impacts other lives. I was also thinking about other political issues like the legalization of same-sex marriage.
      The more I look at the world’s problems, the more I see that individuals seeing Christ seems to be the only answer!

  • I for one feel a huge call and feel privileged to share in Christ’s ministry in going and changing the world, however a lot of us(including me) get mixed up a lot of times on what changing the world really looks like.

  • We have to biblically address cultural and moral issues because Jesus did . God’s not passive about this, so why should His people be? At the heart of things, we do this stuff because we’re so hopelessly lost in our own lies that we couldn’t be right with God even if we wanted to be, and we need Jesus to save us from ourselves. So the only way the world will be changed is by God making people His and rescuing us from us. And the great thing is He’s doing this and He let’s His people in on it! We get to tell His message to the world! What.Even.

    Oh, and “Counterculture” by David Platt is a good read on this.

  • Using abortion kills innocent children!! That child probably didn’t want to die, and you murdered it. It’s the same thing as a mother walking in her house and shooting her children. Jesus said “Go into the world and make dicicles of all nations baptizing in the name of the fath, son, and Holy Spirit.”

  • Abortion at any stage after conception is clearly murder, but I don’t think your question is whether or not abortion is wrong. Your are asking should we change the world? My answer is, “that should not be our goal.” Our goal should be to serve the Lord with all your hart, mind, and soul. We can not begin to change the world if we have not ourselves changed.
    “He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.'” -Mark 16:15 (NIV)
    “And he answering said,
    “‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy
    soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind, and thy neighbor
    as thyself.’”” -Luke 10:27 (KJ21)

    These are good verses on what we should be doing. I encourage you to look at them in context as they will make more sense that way. As I understand it, our goal here is not to change the world, per say, but to love the Lord and others (neighbors) like that verse is saying and in same manner Christ came to take the punishment for our sin. Then we are to preach the gospel to everyone. Simple… yes… easy… no. Maybe that is what “Do Hard Things” is trying to tell us. 😉

    • Well said! Our main job is to pursue faithfulness to God, and if He calls us to change the world that’s also great. Both goals are good but always put God’s plans first.

      By the way, has anyone else been getting “500 server maintenance error” when trying to get on to the Rebelution website? Maybe it’s just that my tablet’s getting old…

      • I’ve been getting something similar, every once in a while I’ll click on a link to bring me here and I’ll get a message saying “Error establishing a server connection” or something like that.

      • Haha, i get the error message sometimes, but it always seems like i get it when i should get off the computer and be doing actual hard things ;P And some people say God doesn’t have a sense of humor…

      • Whenever the error message pops up, try going to a different page on the site. The homepage is usually the only part of the site that’s not working, so just go straight to the blog or news page instead.

    • Thanks! I like good Bible names. I doubt that I live up to my name, but I still strive to serve the Lord with all my heart, soul, and mind.

  • Hmmm excellent question. Technically, we’ll never be able to change the world. Never in the Bible does it say that we will be able to do so. The Bible almost always refers to the world as something to ignore or be separate from. That being said, you mentioned your friend saying “God’s will will be done anyway.” A book I read called “Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung (that I highly recommend that Brett’s brother Josh wrote the preface) clarified for me that there are multiple facets to God’s will. There is his will of decree, for example, today Josh A will _________. God’s will of decree includes when you’re good, when you sin, and even who is saved (yes I’m a predestination-er 🙂 ). God’s will of decree is set in stone and cannot change. On the other hand, God’s will of PREFERENCE (I don’t think that’s the exact wording the book uses btw) is what God WANTS you to do. For example, it was in God’s will of decree for Israel to sin, be captured by the Assyrians, etc. However, God didn’t want Israel to sin. This helped me a lot with understanding God’s will.

    On abortion, I believe it’s totally fine to do all we can to make it illegal. While that might never happen, I believe it is murder and should be illegal.

    Well, I haven’t actually answered your question yet. 😛 Honestly, I’m going to agree with @disqus_v7zgvL3EXD:disqus on this one. Your goal shouldn’t be changing the world, it should be serving the Lord, like he said. 🙂

    Hope this helps!


  • “we know it’s all going to get worse towards end times and God’s will will be done anyway”
    Well, I believe that trying to change the world is important, and I’ll explain why.
    Your friend said that God’s will will be done. One major way God works is through us. But when we just sit back and let evil reign, we get left out. So I guess you don’t have to try, but that means that you’re fine with God not working great things through you.
    Also, by leaving it alone and not speaking out, we might become a “stumbling block” because others might misinterpret our actions, thinking that we don’t have problems with it.
    In the Bible, Jesus tried to change things. For example, he kicked the merchants out of the temple. Those merchants were only disrespecting God’s property, but abortion is killing a person made in God’s image. Don’t tell me that that is more tolerable than the merchants. When Jesus saw problems in his society, he spoke out. He also took action and didn’t let the Pharisees go. We are supposed to follow his example, so we should try to change our surroundings. He said that we are the light of the world. I believe that he didn’t only meant spiritual light, but also a light in our society. Light pushes away the darkness, and if it didn’t, it would be useless. Similarly, we should (with God’s help) try to push back the darkness in our culture.
    Of course, the others are correct. Making changes shouldn’t be our biggest and ultimate goal. When it does that, it becomes something like an obsession and distracts us from God. But the question was “should we try,” not “is it our major goal,” so I hope this answers your question.

  • Why should we try to change the world? The simple answer: because God cares about this earth. In fact, He cares so much that he sent Jesus to change the world forever.

    If God cares, surely we should care?

    I once asked my father (a pastor) why we should have to try to do anything for God, if God is all powerful and can do all things. The truth of the matter is that God wants us to take Him seriously. This means behaving as if he was around. God doesn’t want the world to be a lightless pit. He wants it to be a place where people can meet him.

    People are curious about things when they just catch a glimpse. Unless people can glimpse God in the world, they will never be interested in meeting Him.

  • Jay, I responded with an explanation but it currently says “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by The Rebelution.” so hopefully it will go through soon, if you can’t already see it. 🙂

      • I tried that, and a replied to this comment, but it’s still not going through…has anyone else been able to get this fixed in the past?

        • It might just be that @BrettHarris:disqus will have to let it through moderation or something. If that’s the case I apologize because I tried posting it like 5 different ways. 🙂

      • I figured it out!!!! He*l can be used as a curse word, so it rejected my comment..I’ll re-post with that changed. 🙂

  • Kind of…this is a weighty topic and I don’t want to hijack this
    thread with a bazillion comments, but I’ll try to explain in a

    1. We believe that God has determined from the beginning of
    creation who’s going to heaven and who’s going to the other place…(Revelation 13:8, Ephesians 1:4-5, Romans 8:29-30). He has chosen some to go to heaven and some to go to the other place. While some may say that this is unfair, actually God is being “unfair” by saving anyone at all! (Romans 9, esp. starting with v. 6 – this perfectly addresses the concern you brought up about putting “the responsibility on God for our choices”)

    2. We believe (and this is hard to explain) that we have free will
    inside of God’s predestination for us, if that makes sense.
    Basically, whether we choose God or not has already been determined, and whatever we do is inside God’s plan for us. Matthew 11: 25-30 sums it up really well, and my Pastor just preached a sermon on these verses last Sunday. It hasn’t been posted to our church’s website yet, but if your interested I can post a link when it’s been uploaded. 🙂

    Hope this helps!

    • Yay it finally worked! I’d like to apologize to @BrettHarris:disqus for all of the posts of mine that messed up that you’ll have to wade through, and thank you @programguy:disqus for your help. 🙂

    • This seems strange… did God then predestine Man to sin or Satin to be His enemy? Seems logically it doesn’t hold together, but perhaps I will have to look into your post further.

      • Great question! The surprising answer is, yes. Think about it. Without sin, we wouldn’t know about many aspects of God’s character: mercy, grace, wrath, jealousy, love, willingness to send His only Son to die for our sins, etc, etc. The angels don’t get to experience these things, and Scripture says they are the “things into which angels long to look.” 1 Peter 1: 12 It might seem illogical, but a God we can fully comprehend wouldn’t be God at all! 🙂

        • First off I reject that God predestined man to sin or Satin to be evil. If that were true, you would be putting the blame (responsibility) for sin right on top of God. In my mind that is the only logical conclusion, and that can not be correct.

          • Hmmm well I could use the same argument against free will. If God created man with free will and God knew that man would sin, then God could still receive the blame for sin.

            I believe we can both agree that God is omnipotent, and no matter what he COULD have stopped sin from happening if he had wanted to, but he didn’t. Basically, I don’t think that you have a valid argument.

          • I guess in my mind predestination implies that God wants it to be this way. If He predestined man to sin, he wanted it to happen. If God gives man the a choice (free will) man has chosen to do evil. God knows man will sin, but he never wanted it to happen that way, but He did allow it to happen because He values free will.

          • I see what you’re saying, but so far I haven’t seen any scripture references on your part. Could you show me where in the Bible you’re getting these ideas from? Thanks! 🙂

          • I don’t want to ramble on, but I will try to express my personal view on it so far.

            Romans 8:29-30 (KJ21)
            “29 For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.

            30 Moreover, whom He predestined, those He also called; and whom He called, those He also justified; and whom He justified, those He also glorified.”

            If we look at the context, I think, we will find that Paul is referring to Christians, and the glory that is to come for those that believe in Christ. In my opinion, this has nothing to do with God predestining salvation. Let’s look at the introduction verses to this chapter.

            Romans 8:1-2 (KJ21)
            Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death.

            There are more verses on predestination, but I think these will cover the general idea. So the questions are: Who is being predestined? (I believe, Paul is referring to Christians in this passage.) How are the being predestined? (I believe, to be conformed to the image of His Son. Not to be saved but to be conformed to the image of His Son.) When will we be conformed to the image of His Son? (I believe this happens over time, and we are fully conformed and transformed after we die and go to heaven.) Do I make any sense to you? 🙂

          • The last half of II Pet. 3:9 ‘The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.’
            Like I said I really don’t have a set opinion-just some food for thought, I’m curious myself:)

          • Yeah, that fits in perfectly with a predestination worldview (shocker 😉 ) In Matthew 11:25-30 Jesus thanks God that He is predestining certain people for different places, then He invites everyone to come to Him “for my yoke is light” and all that. The Creator of the universe thought the two ideas were perfectly compatible. 🙂

            @disqus_v7zgvL3EXD:disqus, @jessjesse:disqus: I don’t have time to respond to everyone’s opinions, but one thing I’m still lacking from y’all is scripture supporting free will….

          • Hehe-yep, its confirmed, I simply can’t comprehend the way God works, I’ll let Him keep the earth spinning:) Thanks for pointing out that verse!

        • I would like to add though (as
          another Calvinist), that the goal of God is to bring Himself glory. For
          example, take Isaiah 43:7 “Bring My sons from afar, and My daughters from the
          ends of the earth, everyone who is called by My name, and whom I have created
          for My glory, whom I have formed even whom I have made.”

          There is also a clear picture in
          Isaiah 48:9-11 “For
          My name’s sake I will defer My anger, And for My praise I will restrain it from you,
          So that I do not cut you off. Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver I have
          tested you in the furnace of affliction. For My own sake,
          for My own sake, I will do it; For how should My name be profaned? And I will not give My glory to another.”

          I would like to share something someone said(although I am
          not sure who): “God did not coerce Adam to commit sin and fall, but he
          certainly ordained it. Even an Arminian who thinks that God merely allowed the
          fall, must admit that before God created the world he already knew what the
          future would be, and so it was within his Providence for such events to take
          place, for he could just have easily decided to prevent the fall…but He
          didn’t. But we believe that while God did not make man sin coersively he
          certainly ordained such events to occur. Consider that if God did not decree
          the fall then evil is something completely outside His sovereign control … If
          evil came into the universe by surprise for God, totally apart from His
          providence, then there are some things He does not know or things He is
          powerless over and therefore God would, by definition, lack omniscience and
          omnipotence. And then how do we know whether He will be able to defeat evil in
          the future if evil is outside God’s control even though the Scripture plainly
          says that God ordains all events that come to pass (Eph 1:11).”

          If you will like to view the whole article with a larger explanation you can go

  • Don’t have much time, but a synopsis of my thoughts would be that we don’t seek to change the world solely to ‘save the world’ (God has already done that on the cross)(plus you’ll burn out trying to do that-Jesus said the poor will always be here, the world will not be perfect till Christ returns.)
    Our first goal in political/humanitarian efforts should be to bring God glory and turn hearts toward Him. I want people to see a reflection of God in everything I do. I want them to know His love through how I touch people. So yes, touch the lives of people, unborn, trafficked, hungry, poor, the neighbors, everybody, but, do it bc everybody needs to know Christ. It’s not my job to fix the world.

    • Also, the very love of Christ is IN us. Of course we’re supposed to love the world. Not in a earthly kind of love that Jesus warned us about, but real compassionate love. That love that dwells in me longs for the world to be fixed. Kinda like how when a friend is hurting, we just want to make everything be okay. We cant of course, but don’t we try?

      • One last thought:) Yes God’s will will be done, but He chooses use people (primarily His people) to accomplish His will! He used Moses to shape Israel, He used pagan rulers to correct them, He used all kinds of people to bring Jesus to earth, and now He uses His church to carry His Gospel!

  • I’ve struggled with this question before. The first thought that entered my mind right after reading it was that part in Do Hard Things where Brett and Alex explain Matthew 5:13-16 (the salt and light verse). In that section, salt was used to preserve meat. Jesus calls us salt. We’re supposed to preserve the earth. The question also made me think of all the people who complain about how messed up the world is, both unbelievers and believers alike. Ask those people:
    “Why do you keep complaining like you can’t do anything?” and
    “What are you going to do about it?”
    If no one around you is doing good, be the good.

  • It seems that what you are asking is not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with the issue of abortion (although I think we all know where each other stands). Your question seems to be more along the lines of, “Should we care?” I say yes because God still loves this world and the people in it. It’s kind of like what Gandalf says in LOTR: “We cannot chose the times we are in, all we can do is chose what to do with the time that is given to us.” We should make the most of the time we have on earth to impact it for God’s Kingdom. The more productive we are in “changing the world” the more impact we will have in the spiritual realm. But changing the world for the sake of changing the world is not a good motive. We must do our best to change the world because it is what Jesus did after all.

    Hope this helps.

  • Really, we can’t change the world. Only God can, but i realize that’s not the point of your question. The point is does it matter, and is it worth it to hope in a changed world. I believe God can do anything but sin, and i believe He knows everything. But, i also know that God has called us to be the light of the world. Why would we want to keep the love of Jesus to ourselves?

    So, why should we be willing to let God work through us to change hearts?

    Because He calls us to. That’s the point 🙂


  • If our duties as Christians were measured in results, yeah, working to do the impossible wouldn’t make much sense. However, we aren’t necessarily called to get tremendous results. We’re just called to do our part, obey, and leave the results in God’s hands.

    Mk. 16 includes the abbreviated Great Commission. In it, we as Christians are commanded to go throughout the whole earth preaching the gospel. Jesus didn’t command us to go get converts, he called us to preach the gospel. What happens after the gospel seeds go out is out of our hands, and in God’s. So the reason I want to go on the mission field, or why we want to change the world, shouldn’t be because of the results. It should be out of obedience.

    The Scottish Presbyterians used to have a saying that has stuck with me: “Duties are ours; events are God’s.” It may seem impossible to change the world, or make the gospel progress in a never before reached tribe, or end abortion. But our sole motivation for doing these good things shouldn’t be to get results. It should be to glorify God. All we can do is our part, and leave God’s business in God’s hands. If God isn’t moving at the pace I’d like, we shouldn’t decide to stop doing our part!

    Good question!

  • Predestination doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with extreme Calvinism (hyper-Calvinism). I don’t even consider myself a Calvinist, and I agree with predestination/election. It’s a Biblical word, found in Rom. 8:29-30 and Eph. 1:5. So, the use of the word “predestinate” did not originate with “extreme Calvinism”. It originated from Paul.

    Josh A. did a very good job summing up the broad idea of predestination/election, and without hijacking a thread, I just wanted to tack something on the end that addresses your objection of man’s free will.

    Eph. 2:1 says that we were “dead in trespasses and sins.” To me, that word “dead” reflects my own inability to come to Christ through my own free will, with the promptings of God in my heart. Dead men don’t bring themselves back to life, or even beg the doctor to. Dead men don’t even realize they’re dead. Only completely external help can save them.

    It can be complicated, and I don’t think any of us want to wade into the depths of it right now, certainly not on this particular discussion question. I just thought I’d throw that out there if that helped you understand about free will.

    • I don’t want this too go crazy so I think this should be discussed, but I don’t think it will turn out profitable if we ramble on here. In light of that thank you both @disqus_oMHOgFTIn3:disqus and @disqus_joshwhatshislastname:disqus, but I just don’t agree with you. I may however look more in detail at what you are trying to say in your comments. 🙂

  • I believe in a form of predestination. In fact, in order to be a completely biblical Christian you have to believe in some form of predestination. However, predestination isn’t necessarily Calvinism. You see, Calvinists believe that God chooses who can get saved and who can’t get saved, but that is not what I believe. I believe God knows who will and who won’t get saved but he doesn’t choose who can get saved. God knows what will happen but He doesn’t choose what happens.

      • It’s in the Bible. John 3:16 says, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Whosoever is a formal term for whoever. Whoever means any person at all. The Bible also says that God knows everything. Therefore, God KNOWS who gets saved but he doesn’t CHOOSE who gets saved.

        • Hey Grace!
          Thanks for responding! John 3:16 is often used to support free will doctrine. However, you must look at the context before making such a claim – verse 18 says, “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.” You are right when you say whoever can mean any person at all. In fact, at the time Jesus said this, God had already condemned “whoever” did “not believe”, past, present, and future.

          Also, if God only knows what is going to happen but can’t choose who gets saved, that means He is not sovereign over salvation! That view is putting us over God.

          And BTW, you don’t have to feel obligated to respond, I totally understand if you don’t have time or whatever. =)

          Hope this helps,


          • I didn’t say God CAN’T choose who can get saved. He can, but He chooses NOT to choose who can get saved. It’s hard to define the line between predestination and Calvinism because there’s not necessarily a large amount of scripture on it. However, I have noticed that a lot of the verses that have words like predestine are addressed to or referring to the saved, not the unsaved.

            Also, I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your question sooner. I’ve been procrastinating a bit.

          • Oops speaking of procastination. 😉

            Yeah, also if you’re interested in seeing where I’m coming from check out these verses: Revelation 13:8, Ephesians 1:4-5, Romans 8:29-30, Romans 9, esp. starting with v. 6, and Matthew 11: 25-30. 🙂

        • Without getting into the real nitty, gritty stuff, whoever wants to be saved can be. The point of predestination doctrine is that man, lost in his own depravity, will never want to accept Christ, unless Christ sovereignly chooses him.

          Dead men (Eph. 2:1) don’t choose to bring themselves back to life. Dead men are completely reliant, with no will of their own, on the doctor. Free will says that God walks into the hospital room, takes the AED off the wall, puts the pads on my chest, places my finger on the button and walks out. I will NEVER push the button! I’m dead!

          Plus, even the word predestination reflects something more than mere foreknowledge. pre-destine-ate has an entirely different meaning, even just looking at the English suffixes, prefixes, and root.

          Elect. Again, elect involves more than just foreknowledge. If I say I elected a class president, that doesn’t mean I just knew who he was going to be. It means I actually chose him to be class president!

          Thanks for the response! Please don’t read this as if I’m angry or impatient. I tend to be blunt, so please don’t take this wrong. Thank you for commenting with your worldview!

          • Right. God Is sovereign, and man has a responsibility. They are both taught in the bible, right next to each other. Just because we can’t comprehend it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Try to comprehend anything outside of time!! (Think eternity)

    • I’m not trying to debate, but if you’re interested in seeing where Josh A. and I are coming from, check out Is. 10, particularly v. 5-16.. It’s a pretty interesting passage in regard to free will.

  • I honestly don’t think that we need to worry about changing the world. By ourselves we can’t really do that anyway. I think what is more important is influencing the lives around us and close to us, changing the world for them. Sometimes its the little things that matter most.

  • In my imperfect opinion, we simply can’t know in this life:) I trust God with His nature, He is perfect and can handle His nature and the souls of men on His own. (That’s not to say we shouldn’t try to understand and discuss the nature of God. My pastor says we can and should venture into the deep end of the pool, but don’t drown there.)

  • I think that changing the world can be something as simple as telling one friend about Christ or serving at a homeless shelter for one day. Those are small hard things, but helpful nonetheless. Changing the world doesn’t necessarily mean you have to change the WHOLE world. Very few people will ever change the world as a whole. If you want to try, go ahead. It’s possible, just rare. How many people are known by most and have made an impact on the world, whether good or bad? Jesus (obviously), Hitler, the people in charge of the 9/11 incident, and Billy Graham are the only big ones I can think of right now. You can make a difference by doing little hard things every day.

  • Such a good, important question. I’ve asked this myself time and time again.

    Katie Davis has a quote that says: “I have learned that I will not change the world, Jesus will do that. I can however, change the world for one person. I can change the world for fourteen little girls and for four hundred schoolchildren and for a sick and dying grandmother and for a malnourished, neglected, abused five-year old. And if one persons sees the love of Christ in me, it is worth every minute. In fact, it is worth spending my life for.”

    I seriously can’t elaborate very much on that. She says all that I want to say. This quote is one that has warped my view of changing the world. It makes my heart hurt. It makes me want to go and be used for God’s glory.

    The Bible clearly says that there will be evil in this world until Jesus comes back for us. There will be a new heaven and a new earth after that. We cant do anything to completely abolish evil (that includes abortion. I believe that even if it gets to the point where its completely illegal, it will still be practiced. Thats just how evil works.) until then. We can fight it, though. As Christians, we aren’t supposed to just sit and watch the world rot. Matthew 28:19 says “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. Jesus calls us to GO! So why question?

      • OK possibly stupid question…who’s Katie Davis? *cringes in expectation of a result similar to when he once asked who Matthew West was* 🙂

        • Ha ha, it’s ok, asking questions is how you learn things! And learning is highly recommended here….

          Katie Davis is an american Missionary who moved to Uganda to be a missionary and to serve kids who live there. She ended up adopting a bunch of kids and started amazima ministries and wrote a book. (It’s called Kisses From Katie if you want to read it… it’s pretty good!)

          • Yeah…the thing is, I’m a music snob and can really only listen to classical/soundtrack music…I’ve tried Christian Rock – everything from Newsboys, to Matthew West, to Michael W. Smith, and I can’t stand any of them for more than about 30 seconds. As someone at my church put it, all their songs suffer from “four chord syndrome.” 😛

          • Ah… the four chord syndrome. Boy, can I relate. I used to try to get into that kind of music but I can’t. (Unless its, like, worship at church. In that case, I’m all in.)
            I listen to a lot of Christian hip-hop such as Lecrae, Andy Mineo, ect. Though their music is kinda controversial among Christians.
            I’ve also tried listening to bands such as For King and Country. I actually like them quite a bit because they are different and DON’T suffer from four chord syndrome. 🙂

          • Cool! Yeah my church mainly sings older hymns, except for the occasional song by the Gettys. Thanks for the recommendations!

          • Gettys! You know them!!!!! I mention the Gettys to my friends and I get blank stares…

          • And three people upvote this… do you all have the same experience, @brooklynmorrison:disqus, @disqus_joshwhatshislastname:disqus and Haylie?

          • Nah my closest friends go to the same church I do and know about the Gettys…I upvote most comments that are in reply to one of mine. =)

          • No, i just thought it was kinda funny… i love the Gettys songs, and so do a lot of my friends 🙂

          • Im in the same boat as you! If I mention the Gettys to any of my friends, I get glares and stares and anything in between.
            I saw the Gettys at True Woman ’14 in Indianapolis, and my parents saw them in Cinci at their Christmas concert. (They got front row. My dad was about three feet away from Keith’s feet XD) So I enjoy talking to people who have similar musical interest, especially when it comes to Irish artists 🙂 have you ever heard of Rend Collective? They’re Irish… and I know them. 🙂

          • Cool! I’ve never seen them in concert but it’d be cool to do that someday 🙂
            I just found out about Rend Collective, in this conversation. I’m glad I heard of them!

          • You sound like my sister – she’ll sit down and figure out the chords for a piece of music, then she’ll call me over and say, “They have a G-center throughout the whole song! Why didn’t they put in a _______ or _____?” She too listens to classical/soundtrack stuff almost exclusively. But she also likes Mandisa… Have you tried her stuff?
            And I can’t stand Michael W Smith either!
            What soundtracks do you suggest? I like soundtracks, but I don’t watch many current movies that have soundtracks available to listen to, you know?

          • Haha I’d get along great with your sister! =) I haven’t heard of Mandisa I’ll have to check her out.

            Some of my favorite soundtracks are…
            1. Star Wars music by John Williams (often considered to be the most prolific composer alive today, he’s written the music for Star Wars, Jaws, ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, etc….)
            2. Anything else by John Williams 😉
            3. Crazy old spaghetti western soundtracks like the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly by Ennio Morricone (think showdown music)
            4. Some LOTR music, but some of it is just creepy

            Yeah a lot of the modern movie scores aren’t as good anyway…a lot of synth and bass drums and stuff, not as much epic. And yeah I get you there I watch like one new movie a…year. 😉

          • I’ve heard them – I enjoy some of their music. I especially remember their Star Wars thing they did. =)

          • I can just see it… a guitar and my sister jamming out! (Thanks to you and Sam S, I will forever see you as a guitar unless we ever met!)
            I like LOTR, but I know what you mean – some of it is really creepy. I love the Fellowship, Rohan, and Arwen themes… the others I can do without most of the time.

          • Ok, most “modern” Christian music I dislike.
            Although I am not crazy about Matthew West’s music I do REALLY like his lyrics
            from The Motions and Do Something. They are actually really GOOD lyrics. So
            even if his music is bad, you have to at least give him credit for some of his

            “This might hurt, it’s not safe
            But I know that I’ve gotta make a change
            I don’t care if I break
            At least I’ll be feeling something ‘Cause just okay is not enough
            Help me fight through the nothingness of life I don’t wanna go through the
            I don’t wanna go one more day
            Without Your all consuming
            passion inside of me”

          • I actually really like both of those songs! Sorry if it seemed like I was trying to shoot Matthew West down. Thats not what I was trying to do . I have respect for his ability to write truthful lyrics!

          • I know that one 🙂 I almost convinced my mom to use it for an event she’s planning, but she decided against it for some reason 🙁
            What other songs do you like? (Not just Matthew West necessarily)

          • “In the Night My Hope Lives On”, by Andrew Peterson, “Indescribable” by Chris Tomlin, “The Altar”, by Nicole Nordeman, and “There Is A God”, by 33 Miles, are just a tiny sampling of the great amount of music I listen to. I have kind of an obsession with those artists… more like just music in general. 🙂 How about you?

          • I have a whole playlist of “favorite songs”… it’ll be hard to pick specific ones! Mandisa’s “Born for This” and “Good Morning”, Casting Crowns “Courageous” and “Dream for You”, Andy Hunter’s “Go” (just because I like the sound of it), Go Fish’s “Please, Please Like Me” “You’re My Little Girl,” “You are Mine,” and “I’m a Soldier”…

          • Hmmm….
            -Drops in the Ocean (Hawk Nelson)
            -There is power in the name of Jesus (Tasha Cobbs)
            -Shoulders (For King and Country)
            -Every Bit of Lovely (Jamie Grace.)

            Plus probably about to million other “favorite songs.”

            Just because I say it’s my favorite song doesn’t always mean I don’t have nine other “Favorite songs.” lol

          • If you already answered I’m sorry for asking again, but I have 179 unread emails in my inbox from Disqus, and I would prefer to just ask you… how’s the move going?

          • 179!!!????!???!?!?!?!!!?!??!?!?!?!? That’s nuts!!!!! how is that even possible? 😛

          • Yeah… *guilty shrug* most of them are three or four days old. I’m set up so I receive an email every time someone comments on a post I’ve ever commented on myself.
            And my brother’s home for a week from college so the Reb isn’t exactly my first priority… (think Matthew 26:11 🙂
            And now it’s down to 166 🙂

          • Wow OK no wonder…I’d get a bunch too, but I just have it where I get an email if I get a response or a new follower. 🙂

          • Yeah… it’s a lot at times, but it’s also a good way to see new people and welcome them 🙂 And I get to laugh at lots of people’s conversations! 😀

          • Hahaha can I like something multiple times? Yeah my Disqus digests were really short and then I followed that same certain person… 😛

          • Okay, so I comment a LOT! What is a Disqus digest? I missed that part, I think 🙂

          • It’s a daily or weekly email sent out by Disqus that has a list of possible conversations you might be interested in, primarily ones that people you are following have commented on. =)

            Stupid question: Do you guys pronounce Disqus like “discuss” or like “discus” as in discus throwing – the mini frisbee event in the olympics?

          • This is a weird comment to see when I’m scrolling through my emails from Diss-kiss 🙂

          • I’m not the only one who wonders!? Good. I always said it like the frisbee event on the olympics, but ya know. I’m probably wrong 😉

          • You always answer with a link, don’t you? It’s a good idea, but I never think to do that.
            Thank you!

          • I still remember the Candy Corn guy who I had my first conversation with 🙂 And yeah, I comment a lot…
            I actually have more comments to my name on Disqus than you! And I’m not on more sites than you – just the Reb, Soldiers of God, Not Just A Teen, and Christopher 164. Is that a problem??? When did you join, anyway?

          • Haha, yeah. I confused everyone on my first day when i changed my name… ooops 🙂

          • Haha, I hope I would remember that Sam S has been around for a while. Anyway, I check Disqus accounts before I welcome 🙂 But your pic is pretty iconic 🙂

          • Haha, I’ve been reading the Reb for about two years, I think. I just never got around to commenting! But I read the comments…

          • I don’t remember exactly when I started reading, but I still have the ‘A real woman…’ picture saved on my camera roll 🙂

          • 😀 Yeah, I’ve been around a while 🙂 I was going through the archives and recognized some of the articles from November 2012 🙂

          • If there’s stalkers on here I probably should leave… @programguy:disqus and @disqus_rHUVb4P7uQ:disqus, are you two really going to run me off, or will you reform?

          • Thanks for pointing that out! I will stop. It is always great to see from another viewpoint, and I completely agree!
            You are right on the money, I think. Thanks!

          • Agreed. I kinda wondered myself, but I’m new to social networking so I figured you guys knew what you were doing…
            New hashtag instead of #samthes******! #samthesmartguy 😀

          • Wow, by the time I got here it looked like you’d been here forever! Any advice on how to cut back? You’ve had experience…

          • ~Well, I’m not responding to myself…
            ~You can choose to subscribe or not? I thought it was all or nothing!
            ~Upvoting… I do that, too.
            ~I don’t have a phone… but I’m using the same computer for schoolwork and for online stuff, so I’m seeing notifications anyway.
            ~Don’t try to be cool… you want to explain more? Not sure how that was meant 🙂
            ~FRENCH TOAST!!!!
            ~Thanks, I do feel obligated to answer most questions. *Closes tab where I was going to answer a question not directed at me*
            ~Real time with God… Thank you for the reminder! That’s dropped off in the last month or so. 🙁
            ~School: same as real time with God. I’m on Module 3 in Science right now (long story, but I was okay to be behind until December. Then I was supposed to catch up again, and it didn’t really happen)
            ~Cold Turkey looks like a great idea!!!!!

          • Right…
            I’m going to change my settings so I only get emails from an reply to my comments. I have started spending a lot of time on here. I’ve known that I should try to cut down, but it’s a lot easier to talk about it than to actually change.
            Quick question (and I have no idea how this is related, but it is somehow): Is it okay to be bored with the Small Hard Things, when I still haven’t mastered them? I keep looking for Big Hard Things, but I’m not finding them yet. I think that’s part of why I’m on here so much; I feel like I’m doing something bigger on here, which isn’t really the case… playing a game with my little brother is more important than answering someone’s question on here!

          • I still remember the Candy Corn guy who I had my first conversation with 🙂 And yeah, I comment a lot…
            I actually have more comments to my name on Disqus than you! And I’m not on more sites than you – just the Reb, Soldiers of God, Not Just A Teen, and Christopher 164. Is that a problem??? When did you join, anyway?

            Internet’s being wacky – if you see two identical comments that’s why :/

          • Oooh yay!! *Realizes you can now find all my old convos with people* Oh dear…

          • So you just stopped getting emails about it? I need to cut down on here… :/

          • It’s going a lot better, thanks for asking! We’re looking at getting our house ready to put on the market in about two weeks, so it’s gotten to the point of where you just throw everything in a box. When are you looking at moving?

          • Great! I kinda like that part of moving, I kinda don’t. Have you done what my family called “showings”? Where you make the house all pretty and leave so the potential buyers can walk through it with the realtors? Do you have a house you’re going to, or are you going to be “homeless” for a little while?
            I’m looking at moving probably early June. Means I might miss graduation with my homeschool group, so I’ll miss some friends graduating 🙁 But that way we’ll be there long enough before the school year starts that hopefully we’ll have co-op and some extracurriculars set up by the time school starts.

          • Not yet, we haven’t actually reached that point yet. Almost there though… and not looking forward to it at all. And we can’t pick a house yet until someone’s made an offer on the one we have now. It’s way too frustrating.
            Sorry you’ll have to miss graduation, that’s tough. 🙁 What extracurricular things do you do?

          • I know the feeling… my family was split up for almost four months because my dad had to be in Kentucky for work, but our house hadn’t sold so the rest of us were still in Michigan.

            Mostly mime, but I’m in co-ops that are fun enough they should count as extracurriculars. I want to do some acting stuff as soon as we get to where I’m going 🙂

          • Ooh, split up! That’s tough! We were considering that a while ago, but then just decided to move up all together. 🙂 I’m sorry you had to go through that, that’s hard!

          • I was eight at the time, so I didn’t really mind that much… it was different for my mom, though — that must have been hard!
            How’s it going now?

          • Yay 🙂 I did tell you that I’m moving for sure, right? I’ll be praying that everything works out smoothly for y’all.
            Nice profile pic, by the way!

          • haha, you’re not slow… I was replying to 7-day-old comments earlier today!

          • This time — and it was six minutes, actually.
            I still have emails in my inbox from a couple of days ago; I just see “current” emails first. :/

          • Yeah… I figured if I’ll be moving away from my team, I’m not going to be a mime anymore, so I changed it. I think “thespian” (actor/actress, FYI) fits me better now, anyway. 🙂

          • That’s really frustrating… My family was split up for four months once because of that – my dad in Kentucky for the job, and my mom and the rest of us in Michigan because the house hadn’t sold yet.
            Oh, the mime team, and co-ops that are fun enough that I think of them as extracurriculars….

          • Well, I have an update on my move: It’s official, so long as salary negotiations for my dad’s new position work out. So really, we’re moving for sure, we just can’t tell anyone yet. Because my dad’t start date in the new job would be June 8 (or something like that) and we want to get there and have my dad around for a little while beforehand, we’re planning on leaving early-mid May. I’m trying to be excited, and most of the time I’m succeeding… but when I think about everyone I’m going to miss here, it’s really hard.
            I’m moving to the Kansas/Missouri area probably, but I might end up in a different state; my dad has some freedom to choose where he lives, so long as he’s in a general area.

            How’s your move going?

          • Hey Taylor I don’t want to be weird but I looked at your blog last night, and (call me crazy) but I think we might have met maybe…have you ever lived in Georgia?

          • Hey Taylor I don’t want to be weird or anything, but I checked out your blog last night and I think I might have met you before…I see that you live in Houston now, but have you ever lived in Georgia?

          • I tried posting that earlier but I don’t think it went through – if you got it twice I apologize. =)

          • Yes, I have! I moved to Texas four years ago from the Atlanta area. Okay, that’s weird! Do you remember my picture, or where do you think we’ve met?

          • Well I met a Taylor B. at a friend’s Christmas party last December…he (you?) had an older brother named Tye (I think) and we were on a team playing Foosball and he (you?) said that he (you?) practiced for like an hour a day…I think I remember your (his?) last name but I don’t want to post it.

          • That is insane! Yeah, I remember you now that you say that. That was me I think. You’re the guy who was with me when we beat everybody, right? 🙂 Yeah, that’s me! I’ve learned more about you through the internet than during that whole night, ironically. That is really cool!

            You’ve got an impressive memory!

          • It’s odd the similarities we shared without knowing we’d met. We’ve both always wound up on the same threads, without knowing we knew each other. The thought vaguely went through my head when I saw you were from north Georgia, but I instantly dismissed it since there’s a lot of people in N. Georgia! That is really cool!

          • Yeah it’s funny because I went to your blog and saw your picture but didn’t make the connection until the next morning lol.

          • What’s funnier is that I just put a picture of myself on there about two days ago. Until then, I just had a picture of a bass I’d caught. So, you checked right in the knick of time!

          • #providence 😉 JC what’s your profile pic now? I can’t quite tell if it’s a leaf or a canoe or a shoe lol.

          • Oh, rats! It’s an African Malawian canoe. Not the best picture, but I was in a hurry! It’s pretty hard to find a good pic that is recognizable that small!

          • Lol one of my guesses was right! 😉 Yeah I had to email my guitar picture to myself in order to make it my profile picture.

          • lol, no… someday I might put up a pic of myself, though 🙂 Depends on how well my identity is concealed in the picture. Maybe in mime face…

          • Are you serious, defyingdepravity? Again? I’ll just have to write you another letter, Lieutenant S. of the grammar police!

            By the way, while on the topic of profile pics (a little further down), what’s yours? I’m taking a wild stab in the dark here, but I’m guessing a tandom kayak? Yeah, no?

          • Okay, cool 🙂
            I just realized, I don’t know — are you a guy, or a girl? Random question, but I’m innately curious.

          • Ah, I see. It is a gender neutral name, and unfortunately, I’ve met more girl Taylor’s than guy Taylor’s. I’ve always wished my parents named me something like Gustav or Thor, something to strike fear into the hearts of my enemies, and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind my gender! 🙂

          • lol 🙂 My name has never been confused with a guy’s name (well, except this one time when I heard “Lawrence” and turned around…)
            Thor would be an awesome name to have!

          • Let me give you my mom’s email address! 🙂 jk Our family gets even more confused since my brother’s name is Tye and mine is Taylor. Many people combine them both and call us both Tyler. That can be confusing too!

            Lawrence and Laura are pretty close! Can’t blame you for that one too.

          • Yeah, really…
            I just met a Tye today! But he’s not from TX…
            I get called my sisters’ names all the time 🙂 But I think yours is worse. You don’t even have your own name anymore. Do you have people walk up to you and address a question to Tye, and then they expect you to answer?

          • Yeah, that’s happened before. I’ll answer to Tye though. Or Bill, or George. Anything but Sue! 🙂 No offense to any Sue’s out there!

          • I don’t know! Who stole my profile picture? Help me guys, I don’t want a case of mistaken identity here!

          • I resigned from the NSA… now I’m a long-distance correspondent for the CIA! (If you mean the mime team “Christ In Action” from California…)

          • True. When they come running into the room and leap on the top bunk bed, though, when you’re on the bottom bunk trying to write in your nicest handwriting, it’s kinda hard to feel that love. 😉

          • Yep! That IS cool! And yeah I’m pretty good with faces – I won’t say I never forget a face but I remember people I met years ago. =)

          • Right?! I would love to find old friends on here but I don’t…
            The new friends I’ve found on here are awesome, though!

        • Well at least you have the courage to actually ask. I usually google the name and try to figure it out on my own because I’m too awkward… lol

  • Many little kids ask me this. My answer is:
    you can’t change the world…
    But you can change the people in it.

  • Absolutely it is still worth trying to change the world! Doubting we can’t comes from echoing lies the enemy tries to defeat us with. We are called, we are the light that pierces this dark world. Jesus hope and truth must shine!!

  • You don’t need to change the world yourself. You can change the world for one person, then they change it for another. And so on. The word of God spreads. (that’s how the church began 2000 years ago)

  • “Why should we try to change the world if it’s just going to get worse in the end times?”
    That question almost answers itself. We don’t just want to change the world, we want to reach the world. The end times are going to be unspeakably horrible, and we want to keep as many people as possible from that time. Not only from the end times, but from what comes after that. From eternal death and separation. We do all of this to share the light of Christ. And it’s worth it to change the world.

  • Haha that’s funny because Paul addressed this exact concern in Romans 9, especially verses 10 – 21:

    10 Not only that, but Rebekah’s children were conceived at the same time by our father Isaac. 11 Yet, before the twins were born or had done anything good or bad—in order that God’s purpose in election might stand: 12 not by works but by him who calls—she was told, “The older will serve the younger.” 13 Just as it is written: “Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.”14 What then shall we say? Is God unjust? Not at all! 15 For he says to Moses,
    “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy,
    and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”
    16 It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy. 17 For Scripture says to Pharaoh: “I raised you up for this very purpose, that I might display my power in you and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” 18 Therefore God has mercy on whom he wants to have mercy, and he hardens whom he wants to harden. 19 One of you will say to me: “Then why does God still blame us? For who is able to resist his will?” 20 But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? “Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?’”[h] 21 Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some
    pottery for special purposes and some for common use?”

    This passage is one of the cornerstones of predestination, and I highly encourage you to read the rest of the chapter, as well 🙂

    • I do not think I will change your mind, but if what you say is true, God is the author of evil. He predestined evil. He predestined Hitler to kill millions of people. He predestined man to sin. He predestined Satin to be evil. This I say is not a good God, but a false god of evil. I will not believe in something so completely twisted. Idolatry is not a good thing to practice. Think about what you are saying.

      • The question shouldn’t be what is a good God to you. The question is what is the God of the Bible. God’s goodness is not based on my perception of His goodness. It is because His nature is good, whether it looks good and fair to me or not. I certainly have thought about what I’m saying, although I will certainly think about it some more.

        I’m not planning to comment anymore on this thread, but I would point out that Josh A. and I have both put a lot of verses on the table, while so far, I have seen one verse from your position. The last thing I want to do is build a perception of God around what I want Him to look like, rather than who the Bible says He is.

        I’m not angry even though I may sound that way. I apologize if I come off to bluntly. Thank you for commenting!

        • Amen! @disqus_v7zgvL3EXD:disqus I agree with everything Taylor said….I couldn’t say it any better! 🙂 Thanks, Taylor!

        • I gave 4 verses in the my post below (I don’t think you saw it.). Thanks for your feed back. I also apologize if I came across as though I were angry, I am not. I also tend to be excessively blunt. I don’t think I will comment anymore ether. Thank you both for listening, and your polite responses! 🙂

          • You totally missed some sarcasm. XD XD XD yeahhhhhh Taylor has been debating people on predestination vs. free will, so I figured he’d come here and see what he said in the past – and yeah it said who upvoted it. (not uprooted stupid spellcheck XD )

          • Lol, ok. 😉 I’ve been missing sarcasm a lot lately until like halfway through writing a comment, and then I’m just like, “Eh, whatever.” XD

          • I was going to say that! 😉
            FYI I’m about to leave, or I would have answered your other comments already.

          • Nope. :/ I’d really like to, but my mom says not for a few months. I don’t know if that means not until I’ve graduated, or if that’s just putting off the decision…so it’s an indefinite no. 🙁 But you can be sure I’ll join y’all as soon as I’m allowed!
            Btw, wasn’t your birthday last week? 🙂

  • I would say that “changing the world” isn’t quite the right mindset to have. It’s not about changing the world; it’s about changing lives. It’s about Christ saving lives. The reason is simple: lives are valuable. Each of us has had our lives saved and changed. Our task is to show others the way to be saved and changed. As far as political changes, like abortion, that’s a clear example. Abortion saves lives.

    Imagine a ship that’s sinking at sea. There’s a massive crack in the hull, and there’s no way the ship can be saved. If you were on the ship, would you just sit down and do nothing? No! You’d try to save the crew, the human lives on board. Just because the ship is going down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to save the crew. The same is true of the world. Yes, the world is broken. It’s beyond repair. It’s going to ultimately be destroyed and replaced. But the “crew” still needs saving. The people of the world need our help. We’re the only ones who can lead them to salvation. If we don’t, who will?

    Yes, the ship is going down. But we need to save the crew. Yes, the world is a broken place. But people still have God’s love, and they still deserve our love. Everything we should should be poured into saving lives, because God loves them, and we should too.

        • Yes, but I don’t agree with you about the doughnut — sounds pretty weird to me! I suppose I shouldn’t knock it till I’ve tried it, though…

          • Honestly, I’ve never had a doughnut wrapped in bacon either… I just assume it would be good. After all, doughnut=wonderful, bacon=fantastic, therefore, bacon doughnut=wonderfully fantastic. Or something like that.

          • Sweet and salty… no matter how long I think about it… I still think eww… 😀

          • Sweet and salty isn’t always bad. Chocolate dipped pretzels are yummy 🙂 (Although I agree, bacon-wrapped doughnut sounds a nasty)

          • Why wreck a good doughnut with bacon… It’s a masterpiece on it’s own! 😉 (So is bacon, come to think of it)

          • You can change your Disqus settings so you get an email whenever someone comments on a thread you commented on, but be forewarned: you will get a lot of emails! Like, in one day I got over 100 emails because a couple of people got into a conversation…

          • Yeah… I wasn’t too sure how much of that was from the one thread and how many emails were from the other threads I was subscribed to 🙂
            That was CRAZY while I was subscribed to that many!

          • They’re pretty popular where I live. We even make Christmas cookies that are a pretzel with a Hershey’s kiss melted over it, topped with a red or green M&M 🙂

          • Well, while I don’t think donuts and bacon would be good together (donuts… bad memories there) I like some sweet-and-salty stuff. Like this one crackers-and-caramel cookie my family makes 🙂

          • Long car trips + donuts in the early morning + being used to “real” food = feeling sick… And donuts are a tradition in my family whenever we start a long car ride. So, that’s how I can say such an evil thing. Homemade donuts are a differrent story!

          • Wow, six upvotes… lots of people agree with you!
            I guess that logic works 🙂

          • You’re right, as usual 🙂
            I mean, his logic of “good + great = awesome!”

          • Perhaps good and great are that way because of their unique identity? Combined they may lose that identity that makes them good or great?

            Thus good + great may = eww in some cases.
            Maybe I am over analyzing. lol

    • ” Abortion saves lives.” Nope, abortion is murder. See the movie “180.” Life begins at conception.

      • Oops, typo. I certainly don’t believe abortion saves lives, I meant STOPPING abortion saves lives. (In the question, she said “e.g. ending abortion) I was simply referring to the example of ending abortion. Sorry if I confused you.

    • Well, look who came out of hiding! I don’t see you comment much, then you’ve commented three times in the last couple of days! 🙂

    • That’s true, you haven’t been commenting as much lately. you must be busy with DHTU and stuff. 🙂

        • Well I think there are 2 or maybe 3 Amandas. I’m the one who asked a question today (I was the first one he picked) and it was my first time–I haven’t asked any in the previous sessions.

          I couldn’t make it to last week’s session, but I’m planning to listen to the recording. I meant to do it before today’s session but it didn’t work out.

          Were you the one reminding Brett to hit record? 😛

          • Yeah maybe that was Amanda B.

            He quoted me on a slide today–I was “A.”

            You know, I figured it was you he kept mentioning…just the way he said it, it sounded like this Sam was a familiar person to all of us, and I was like, “yeah, that has to be Sam the program guy. Yeah, we all know Sam.” Lol 🙂

          • Yeah she’s the only other Sam I can think of too.

            Haha…we definitely all know who you are…you’re a talker. 🙂 You’re really awesome though, and I really like reading your comments. So keep talking! 🙂

          • Lol…I know exactly what you mean. I could probably be considered a talker now, but definitely not a couple years ago! I would love to meet you in person someday…what state do you live in? (Or do you live in a state?) it’d be so fun if someday we had a big get-together with you and me and Brett and Sam and other Sam and the other Amandas and all the other people I’m not thinking of at the moment (sorry guys)…might have to save that idea for heaven though!

          • I’m in Michigan too!! You finally found someone. 🙂 I have a long list too, just couldn’t think of them all at once. And you and trent in the nursing home together…oh dear…that’s a picture…lol 🙂

          • Sam: I just did a hard thing!
            Trent: Big or small was it?
            Sam: Oh, very big. I just walked all the way down the hall!
            Trent: Much to learn about doing hard things, you have.
            Sam: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
            Trent: Patience you must have, young Samuel. Learn you will.
            Sam: Will you ever stop talking like Yoda? You have been doing it for 70 years–isn’t that enough?
            Trent: Stop I will not. Devoted I am. Teach you I will.

            Anyway that is probably kinda lame but I tried….

            I can’t really tell you what part of mi I live in on here, but it’d be really funny if we like live in the same neighborhood lol…we could ask Trent if he can email us each other’s email addresses and maybe we can talk that way. You’ve commented on SOG, right?

          • I’m not quite sure I get it. I mean, I get the at instead of @, but is anything else extra? Are you saying there’s nothing about French toast? Lol

          • That would be awesome!! Kind of like a class reunion, except, you know, none of us have actually *met* yet… #rebreunion

          • Right? It would be like meeting someone for the first time but you’ve known them for months or years… #strangestfeelingever

        • So I’ve heard lots of people talking about this do hard things university…what exactly is it? Can you sign up? #stupidquestions =)

  • We have to remember that God’s will INCLUDES us. So whatever His will IS; He can use us to accomplish it. Its not like He just says “This will happen”; He also has a PLAN on HOW it will happen. Does that make any sense?……

    • Your saying that bad things will happen, but God also has it in his will and plan for what happens to us? But also his plan and will is for us to share his word. We weren’t saved by Jesus just for the sake of saving ourselves,we were saved to save others.

  • I think we should try to change/save the world simply because we are commanded to. The Great Commission at the end of all four gospels spells it pretty clear. Go, teach all nations….. 🙂

  • This is a real illustration that my speaker just used last night. It’s relevant to the topic so I think I’ll share it. “OKay, so there was a pastor who had been working himself to death and was finally forced to take a small vacation with his wife. He went to a beach-side hotel, and during the first night, there was a nasty typhoon, so in the morning he went for a walk along the beach to see the damage for himself. On, the beach he noticed that there were thousands of starfish that had been stranded on the shoreby the typhoon. He also noticed a boy going along and throwing them back in the water, He called to the boy and said “What are you doing? You’ll never make a difference! There’s thousands of them!” And the boy said, as he picked up another and threw it back into the water, “Maybe sir, but it sure made a difference in that one’s life.” And he picked up another and threw it back. “And that one’s life too.”

      • That’s awesome! I haven’t been called to anything specific yet but we’re all called to discipleship so I’m starting there. lol 🙂

        • Agreed 🙂 Any advice on finding a mentor? I’ve got this one friend who’s seven years older than me, but now we’re not getting to see each other as often… I guess that comes from living three hours apart from each other so I kinda need to find someone new.

          • I’m not Isaiah, but my advice is just plug yourself into places where you can meet older people that can serve as a mentor to you.
            Your circumstance is one that is similar to one I was in. My friend Sara was like a big sister to me, but she got married and they had to move to Kentucky because her husband was deployed. It was sad to see her go (even though she occasionally visits), and I knew that I needed to plug myself in and find other ladies that could fill that “big sis” role. I have a lot of ladies at my church that are like that now, specifically my youth pastors wife. Also, pray about it A LOT. 🙂

          • Haha good response thanks @brooklynmorrison:disqus ! I’m a guy and sometimes a little insensitive to feelings like companionship, love and stuff like that. 😉 lol

          • Haha of course not! Glad you did, I was far less qualified to answer it than you obviously. lol But yeah I see what yahh mean now, mentors are good. I’ve just never thought of them as “mentors” I guess. Yah know, it would be so cool if me, and you and mimeforJesus would meet and just talk about Christianity and discipleship and stuff like that!!!

          • I don’t necessarily call them “mentors” either, but I’ve heard other people use that.
            Yes!!! That would be so cool!!! I’m in Ohio though 🙂
            What would be AMAZING is a Rebelution (or Do Hard Things) conference. We could learn a lot and meet other teens from the site. Does this exist or did I just make it up? 🙂

          • Gotcha. ikr? Like eastern Ohio? Cuzz I live in PA. lol Uhh I think it’s a real thing. If I remember correctly Brett and Alex used to host them in different states. Not sure if they still do. Wish I could have gone to one. 😛 But “sa le ve” as the French say.(such is life) Haha

          • I live about forty minutes south east of Columbus. Pennsylvania! That’s cool! My dad goes to Manheim, PA every other Tuesday/Wednesday for their big car auction. I love going to Gettysburg and Harrisburg and Hershey 🙂
            @Sam S. :disqusThey need to have another one ASAP. Thanks!

          • Sad! Thanks Sam. I think, seriously, we could talk to Brett and maybe do one in every state in the US where more than 200 revolutionaries would come? Sounds doable actually!

          • Yeah I understand that. But what if this was a rebolutionary hosted event for revolutionaries? No moderators needed. They wouldn’t even need to show up if they didn’t want to. We could pick a state with the highest population of rebolutionaries, find a stadium or auditorium in that state, and everybody could help raise funds for food and rent. This IS doable!!! I mean right???

          • A few things.
            1. It would have to be Brett speaking, as well as some others.
            2. Sell tickets to raise money.
            3. Springfield, Missouri is a central location, and there is lots of fun family friendly things to do in the area. 🙂

          • Isn’t it convenient that you live close to Missouri? 😉 Hmmm my great grandparents live in St. Louis how close are you to the arch and stuff?

          • Yeah! But Missouri is centrally located…. And Branson is close. It is a tourist magnet, and there is lots of things to do for the family there. A lake. 🙂
            4 hrs from ST Louis, I think.

          • Hey, that would be awesome! But I wonder how many of us could actually attend something like that…? I guess it depends on who can help and where it would be.

          • where is something central that we all would be able to get to? and another thing to think of is summer plans. what date should we do it on?

          • Considering that we live all over the states (and other places) there probably isn’t a place that everyone could get to. And we need Brett and other people to agree first. But if we can get it going it would be really cool. We just have to convince everyone 😉

          • Sounds like an great idea! If only I had time to do this… I would be your East Coast contact 🙂 As it is, I should get schoolwork back up to date before I even consider doing anything else.

          • Okay, what if it were during the summer when everybody has no school? And we could use the Rebolution blog to make a survey to see which state has the highest population of rebolutionaries. And EVERYBODY help with fund-raising. The more I think about this the more realistic it seems! I understand that there’s rebolutionaries in the U.K but that’s a far larger scale thing than I’m thinking of for now.

          • Okay, so we contact a moderator and see if they would let us use the blog to make a list of states where people could just like the state where they live or something than after a month of being up, we could see which state has, not only the majority of people who are there, but that would actually be able to come. still sounding reasonable??? 🙂 haha

          • Lol, yeah, seems like a pretty big task for us rebelutionaries to take on, but Do Hard Things, right? Seriously though, it would be awesome to get this going! Could we really get a moderator?

          • Haha I have faith in us! We’re a bunch of potential just waiting to be used! And exactly! Do Hard Things. And I think so, if I could talk on the phone with Trent or Brett or someone that would be perfect! Just to see if this is doable and share our game-plan with them might be worth doing. 🙂

          • Haha I like that–a bunch of potential just waiting to be used 🙂 It is definitely worth doing! I like seeing teens taking action on here. I don’t see that very often!

          • Haha I think so! It would be so beneficial and helpful to everybody who would be able to come, I think. 🙂 And me too! We’re all called to action. For such a time as this.

          • Yeah. We really need to get @BrettHarris:disqus involved at this level, and see if that is even a possibility for him to be at the conference. It needs to have a purpose, and be extremely informational to be able to justify the cost. And time and effort. Not just for a fun get together. It will be fun, but that does not justify the cost. 🙂

          • Yeah that’s true. It needs to be more than just a social get together. Like Isaiah said it should be beneficial and helpful to who would be able to come.

          • Agreed. But I don’t want to make this a thing where he has to worry about things getting done. Kind of show him that writing that book actually made a difference in the independence of teens. 🙂 And I understand that, I think it would be cool if there was sessions on discipleship and what that looks like to a modern teen. And maybe a session on doing all we can right where we are! And I agree, there’s already a dozen people on this site I want to meet and talk with personally.

          • Yes! But him being there is going to make a significant differing in those whose parents will be willing to let their kids go to this. Maybe like have him as a guest speaker? Along with some other people? A well known speaker on biblical counseling is a friend of ours, Kevin Carson. He probably would do it. Just a thought!

            And if Brett would be willing do it at x date, that will start the ball rolling getting people on board, and get this idea off the ground. He may not me in a position to do that at all. I don’t know.

            Yep! Me to!

          • Right, I totally agree. What I’m saying is I don’t want him to have to worry about its setup, fundraising etc. But yeah that would be awesome if he’d do it. I don’t know him but if he’d do it then great! But remember, these are all just ideas that need verification first. Once we form a solid game-plan we can contact a moderator to see if it’s viable. Right, and that’s just it, we need to talk with him on the phone or something.

          • Yes. Here is a little info from about page:
            Alex and Brett accept a few speaking invitations each year, though their availability is limited. For more information contact their publicist, Lynette Kittle: lkittle [at] randomhouse [dot] com

          • Okay, well I tried to type that in and it brought me to Random House publishing. 😛
            Computers these dayz! Haha

          • Wait! They published their book through random house? I didn’t even realize that haha. Oh well.

          • Speaking of both books – I just started “Start Here”. Thank you so much for writing a second book! It seems to be answering all of my questions 🙂

          • It is through Multnomah Publishing! I have no clue why their publicist is from Random House, maybe their second book Start Here was published through Random House. Idk

          • Oh gotcha. Well it would be fantastic if he’d check his email or FB. Haha Just kidding I get that he’s busy.

          • Okay I messaged Brett and Alex. Might take a while for a reply. PRAY EVERYBODY!

          • Haha I’m sure there will be a fair deal of obstacles along the way but I think it’s worth the effort and work it will take. 🙂 And okay, I’ll try to let you know if there is. I’m kinda at a stand-still until I talk with Brett or Alex though.

          • Hey Brett, I didn’t get a chance to see your comment until after you closed the Thread to What do you love about these discussions?

            Let me just say, I totally feel your pain! On Soldiers of God, one post got to about 1200-1400 comments, I was done. Haha. It’s fun at first, until you have to review a given number of comments a day whereas 90% of them are for the one post.

            Haha. That’s definitely a wise choice there.

            God bless!
            – Trent

          • Not to butt into your conversation a week and a half after it happened, but this is really making me curious. Is somebody actually trying to plan a get-together? Talk about a big project…….

          • Sort of. It would have to be at different churches across the nation, and live streamed from Brett. I don’t know what will happen; its kind of in Isaiah’s court.

          • Hey Brett,
            I didn’t get to answer over on What do you love about these discussions either, but I agree with Trent and everyone else — we were really off-topic, and we’d kind of stopped having constructive conversations, so far as I could see.
            I’d forgotten that you have to read every comment I ever post on here… Wow, that takes dedication! Thank you for keeping this a safe place 🙂

          • Yeah that’s who I ended up messaging. And I tried to contact her but that proved difficult. Haha

          • It just might. 🙂 Yeah well I am also an average teen with little money! Haha join the club. If this is even a possibility, and it very well may not be, than I’ll try all I can to raise money for a plane ticket, gas money, whatevs. But if I can’t, I’ll still try to raise money for rent, food, etc for those who will be able to come. So the question isn’t “will everybody be able to raise the money?” Because the answer to that is obvious. The question really is “Will everyone try to raise the money?”

          • Haha let’s not het ahead of ourselves. That’s step 3 and I’m on step negative 1 still. 🙂

          • Okay, tell me if this sounds crazy, we use the rebolution blog to take a survey to find out which state has the most rebolutionaries, find a stadium/auditorium in that state, everybody raises funds, for food, rent etc, and we could do sessions on like discipleship and stuff!?? And of course meet all the people we follow and stuff. Like fo real!

          • Don’t get your hopes up or anything this is just an idea that’s still being formed. But yes, if it comes together it certainly will be great! Haha

          • You have to stop stealing my ideas before I come up with them! Seriously…
            It sounds great! I wouldn’t be able to do it this summer, with the move and all, but next summer…

          • Okay okay!! I’m sorry! lol Well that’s a bummer. Oh and you’re name is Grace right? Praying for mimeforJesus is a little strange. Haha

          • No, actually you can find my first name on the “Don’t Get Distracted” post on here… I wrote it 🙂

          • Thank you 🙂 I like my name, too. Weird thought: What if someone doesn’t like their name? What do they do, short of changing it officially?
            Okay, weird thought over. Thanks, I really enjoy writing; it’s one of the best ways for me to organize my own thoughts, and then I get to share them with you guys! 😀
            I thought I had to use a fake first name online, but turns out it’s okay. So yes, I said at one point that I was Grace… Sorry for misleading you and everyone else.

          • Haha me too. 🙂 And well, they could just ask everybody call them something else I guess. idk You’re welcome, I know right! Writing is kinda relaxing and enlightening to me. Haha oh okay, that’s fine, I was just praying for you by Grace for a while! lol But as one of my favorite missionaries told me, God takes our mutterings and organizes them into our true desires. 🙂

          • So… I must have gotten you mixed up with someone else; I thought you didn’t like writing. Oops! Do you have anything online that you’ve written? I’m really curious – where did you see me as Grace? The only place I can think of where I said I was Grace was on Not Just A Teen, and I don’t think I’ve seen you over there…
            I like how the missionary put it; who was it? If I’m going to quote him I should know his name!
            Oh, and I have an update on my move – the company decided to promote my dad to his new position, and so long as they can agree on a salary (which is really likely) I’m going to be moving out near you (probably) in early-mid May.
            How was your conference-thingamabob?

          • Yeah probably. And no I don’t. I saw someone (I forget who) thank you for on of your comments as Grace. It was probably in February. Tell me more about them and I might be able to help. Oh sweet that’s awesome!!!! Lord willing we’ll be able to meet each other then. I’ll probably be going to a youth-camp near you or something. And I just replied to Haylie about it so you can read that. Srry, I guess…what? haha whatever I’m tired

          • Tell you more about “them”… what was “them” again?
            Yeah, that’d be great – I’d love to meet you someday! And if I end up near Ottowa… 🙂

            I was talking about… I don’t know how to describe it. I saw your comment to Haylie (or somebody else? I can’t remember) so I have my answer, even if you weren’t talking to me 🙂

          • I was talking about the missionary quote you were referring to in your last comment. Okay good! You can reply to me on it I don’t care. I’m so busy these days that I’d rather post something than message each person individually. And I was talking to you, and whomever else it may concern.

          • Well, crazy busy. But good too. I just found my solution to my own personal devotions, or the lack thereof rather. It’s amazing! I’ve literally been struggling with that for months…but NOOO MORE!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Oh and you know how we talked about faith like a month ago? Well I just had an amazing experience that has strengthened my faith. It was awesome, yet nerve-racking. How about you?

          • What was your solution? I have trouble carving out time to read my Bible, and maybe what works for you would work for me!
            What was your experience?
            I’m doing pretty well — in a couple of weeks I’m probably telling my friends that I’m moving. Not looking forward to that, but other than that life’s pretty good! I got to do a performance with my mime team yesterday; that was great!

          • Well, Brett gave me this long message about when you don’t read you’re Bible or pray, it’s not because youdon’t have time. It’s because you care less about that object/person than whatever consumed your day. Well that settled it. I’ve waken up every morning since with a longing to not disown God by my neglect of Him. So that means every day that you spend without personal time with God, it’s basically an active sin against God! THAT’S close to home ain’t it??? Well that fixed me good. And my experience was this: Just recently I realized by reading the Word, that Christians don’t borrow, and that GOd takes care of His children. Well, at the Convention in Missouri that I talked about we had to pay our own meal on the way back. So I didn’t ask for money and got in line. Then as soon as I finished ordering someone behind me said to put my bill on theirs! It was pretty cool. 🙂 My Faith really got boosted by leaning on God. And I’m glad that you’re doing well! Yeah that sounds rather dismal… And that’s great! I’m sure they’ll miss you!

          • That’s amazing! God is good. Always. Even when it’s hard. Especially even when it’s hard. 🙂

          • Then I realized I should probably let you know 🙂
            Do you read Not Just A Teen?

          • 🙂 It’s a great way for me to organize my own thoughts, and then all of you can read them too!
            Nathan’s writing is really good; I love his posts!

          • That does hit close to home! I’ll have to remember that (when I’m over the headache I just got from being smacked in the head with the proverbial two-by-four).
            That is a great story! Fantastic example of Gods provision 🙂

          • I know right! Haha those keep us on our feet! 🙂 Yeah it was an awesome experience.

          • Where in Ohio? Curious because my brother’s going to Cedarville University 🙂
            So this is the comment that started the whole Conference idea?

          • Yay, @disqus_clxqoYwM08:disqus! If this works out it would be so awesome! Will you keep us updated? Sounds like you’re all emailing each other now…

          • That would be AWESOME! Maybe someday, if I end up moving near Ottowa 🙂 I think the one place we’re looking at going is a couple of hours away *smiles*

          • Hey do you have an email? And yeah, that would be cool! Oh that’s neat, maybe we can meet this summer! *cheesy grin* Haha

          • Sorry, I’m not allowed to email people I’ve met online. But if I meet you in person… *cheesy grin* You in any homeschool groups around there?

          • It’s fine, that’s a good policy! Well no I’m not, I was home-schooled for my first two years but since then I haven’t. Well, unless you live in either Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania or New York, our chances of meeting are slim, unfortunately.

          • Unless we get this whole conference thing going. Chances are greater then, right? 🙂 I wanna meet @mimeforjesus:disqus too!
            With God all things are possible!

          • True. Very true. Okay, I and Ethan were discussing this today and this is where the rubber meets the road: it’s easy to talk and say “That would be awesome!” but when people have to start spending and fundraising and committing, people aren’t quite as excited. And our project is only in the reach of our abilities if we have a large team of teens who will commit to working in their area of expertise. But yes, with God ALL things are possible. 🙂 Keep that mind-set through thick and thin and you’ll be doing more than some of the great men and women of the Scriptures. 🙂

          • Oh thats so true! I wonder how many teens on here would be up for the challenge of doing something hard…
            If every teen on here stepped up and committed time, we could totally pull off the conference! It just takes work.
            I try to keep that mindset as much as I can. That and “God works all things for the good of those who love Him.” I know thats biblical, but I think I’m paraphrasing. 🙂

          • It would be interesting to find out! Oh I’m so curious now…..curiosity has gotten people into so much trouble! Like when Digory struck the bell! 😉 Haha And of course we could!!! I think that if just twenty teens would REALLY commit than we’d have the funds. But of course everybody who wants should come. And yes, good verse! Well, I’ll be off the Blog for about a week, going to missouri to compete!! So excited! Ulale Kahle! (That’s Zulu for goodnight) 🙂

          • Haha I am! It’s crazy out here! 😛 Friday it ends though and I’m already sad. But it’s been a blast and really convicting sermons! 🙂

          • Haha thanks! If I go to Internationals, there’ll be thousands of kids from all over the world there! It would be pretty awesome if I could go, but idk yet.

          • Hey, How did Regionals go? I hope you get to go to internationals, it’s amazing!!! How many kids go to your Regionals? I hope you had a blast! (It would be hard not to) 🙂

          • It was AMAZING!! Our school did really well! And I think we are but I’m not 100% sure yet. There was 25 schools there. I got 6th in male solo, 1st in 1600 meter run, 4th in Pace Bowl, 2nd in 400 meter relay team, and 5th in basketball. The speaker was SO convicting! It was such an encouragement to me and everyone else who went. 🙂

          • Wow, way to go, dude! Glad it was awesome. Internationals ranks up there with one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. A couple thousand people singing “How Great is Our God” Gave this small town girl goose bumps 🙂

          • Thanks! I did my best! Yeah I haven’t been there yet but I’m planning on this year. And yeah sounds pretty legit! 🙂

          • Haha yup! OKay what’s with the new name? Thespian is a mythical creature right?

          • “Thespian” is an old Greek name for an actor/actress.
            I changed my name because I realized I draw a lot of my identity from being a mime, and while that’s a part of me, it’s not all of me. And I’m moving away from my team, so I won’t be one anymore 🙁

          • Oh gotcha. Well that makes sense. But that’s too bad…any chance you’ll find a new team there? I mean I assume not but just wandering.

          • Yeah, I’ve looked but I don’t see a team there. Really, though, I think it’s good. I was starting (for the past year) to get frustrated with some parts of my team.

          • So… how’s the conference idea going? I think it would be awesome, but I unfortunately wouldn’t be able to help with it, at least this year.
            It’d be hard, but it would be totally worth it!

          • Dunno. My parents are now looking at Iowa! I’m just going to wait and see what they end up deciding on. I thought they’d decided on MO/KS, but something got them started thinking about different states…
            It’d be great to move to MO and meet you and @disqus_clxqoYwM08:disqus!

          • Yeah…
            I’ll be happy when I actually know where I’ll be living in two months!

          • I will 🙂 Y’all are the only people I can tell about this, until it’s all set in stone, Dad’s contacts at work know we’re moving, etc. So I’ll be sure to let you know!

          • Oh, so… which do you like better: homeschool or “real school”?
            Well, it looks like I’ll end up in Missouri or Kansas 🙂

          • I like a curriculum somewhere in between. It’s called ACE. You should look it up. It’s pretty awesome. And SWEEEET! 😀

          • Haha I love the ACE way of learning. My mind-set and it are like two peas in a pod. 🙂 And yeah it’s a world-wide organization. It’s basically everywhere. 🙂

          • Yahh know, do you have a phone? Because I have no clue what you mean. lol Like what kind of mentor? Because I kinda doubt you need one. I mean, I don’t know, I think after you’ve been instructed on what discipleship is and how to go about it, you don’t exactly need a mentor do you? Maybe you do in some situations. But it’s pretty straight forward as long as they’re the same gender.

          • I guess I meant older friend/advisor. Person I can come to if I have questions, and who I can know will give me good advice. 🙂

    • Right. But if enough people spread the Gospel and shine lights, there’s no reason we can’t change the world. It’s a team effort. We as individuals do have to start with ourselves though, I agree. 🙂

    • But doesn’t spreading the gospel change the world?
      If we spread the gospel, and it eventually reaches leaders, and they get to know Christ, they’ll make decisions from a Christian viewpoint. And that changes the world. So aren’t the two goals kinda the same?

      • That’s basicaly what I’m trying to say. The problem is when Christians try to change the moral standpoint of the world. It’s not our job to do that, but to spread the gospel of change.

        • Oh, so you’re saying that changing the world will be a side effect if we focus on spreading the gospel. Thanks for explaining.

  • Why should we try to change the world? Great question, a very logical question too seeing how messed up that our world is. It might seem like there is no hope for this world, and that may be true, that there is no hope for the world, but that does not mean that there is no hope for the people living in it. People are searching, for something to satisfy, and we can see that people are searching in how many religions there are today? I mean there are TONS!!! And the world needs people like us, to tell them about the only one who can satisfy them. And I understand about your comment that in end times it is just going to get worse, and I don`t disagree with that. But I think that should be more of a point for us to share the gospel, because the world is getting worse, and the worse it gets the more people are going to need God.

      • I was gonna say that, too, but before I could, Mackenzie deleted her account or her post; not sure which. 🙁

          • Really? Who?
            I only saw one welcome, or I wouldn’t have welcomed her too. I know, welcomes can get overwhelming.

          • Yeah, I remember that. I think we need to tone down our welcomes…it would probably intimidate me too…

          • Oh wow, I thought no one welcomed, so I started. I should stop, then…
            Funny thing is, when I joined in December no one really welcomed me (well, @programguy:disqus kinda did… we chatted for a few comments).

          • Haha yeah, me neither…I don’t think we need to stop completely. Maybe just not do it as much or something…?

          • Hey call me a stalker but I could fix that… *goes to Eva’s profile and scrolls down all the way*…aha! You will be welcomed momentarily. 😉 I would do this for @mimeforjesus too but it would take a couple years to scroll through all hers. 😛

          • Oh I know, right? I’m still laughing, though….can’t believe you took the time to scroll all the way down 🙂

          • Wow I just did it. Guess it doesn’t show all of the comments…yeah, but @mimeforjesus:disqus’s would still take forever….

          • lol 🙂 Yeah, it would take a while… but it was on the “How do you share Christ with someone who doesn’t want to be preached at”. I’ll bet you could find it!

          • Yeah… I think I started it, then everyone else jumped on board. Maybe if I stop, only the devoted ones will keep on doing it?

          • Sounds good… I could stop; at first I was the one who started everyone welcoming, because (I think) the people who were following me saw that I’d welcomed someone. Then they joined me, too? That’s what it looks like anyway…
            I really think it’d be interesting to create another account and come on and see who welcomes me. But Disqus won’t let me have multiple accounts for one email… 🙁
            Did I already answer you here?

          • Hmm….I don’t think you answered. But yeah I think some people might have done that. The reason I started was because I felt bad for being the one that didn’t welcome people, so I just did it a few times 🙂
            It would be interesting to do that…I bet people would welcome you, if they didn’t see this conversation 😉

          • Yes!! I left for a month, came back, and thought “Wow that @mimeforJesus is all over the comments! I guess she’s been here for a while!” xD You just fit in so well! (And that’s actually a good thing when it comes to the Reb!)

  • Okay, there are some great comments here, but here’s what I, the amazing and oh-so-authoritative, have to say:
    The world as we know it will end. Flame and fire will devour this earth when it will be renewed. That cannot be prevented, we cannot change that fact. But we can change the people who live on this world. Let me make an analogy:
    Once upon a time, quite a while ago, there was a guy named Noah. You know the story. God told Noah that He would drown the planet because of all the wickedness He saw, but in His mercy, God told Noah to build the ark. So Noah built the ark and brought his family and many animals aboard. So they were spared.
    We are in a similar situation. We are told there is a day of wrath coming very soon and we need to get the passengers aboard. The “Ark” is built by Christ, who is its Captain. Its name is “Salvation” and it will save us and all aboard. Everybody else will drown. We are rescue workers trying to bring others on to the boat. Our situations will get worse as the rain starts to pour. The days will get harder as the day approaches. That’s why God gave us tools to help us. It’s hard, but it’s a matter of eternal life or death.
    Feel free to correct me, but I think this is about right.

          • Uh, no. I am not talking to myself, I can barely program anything, just p tags in HTML. It doesn’t help that the rest of my family is into programming and Rubik’s cubes. I’m a bookworm.
            It’s great that you can do that many, I know it comes in handy nowadays to know at least some to get a good job. But “It’s Greek to me.”

          • I can sympathize, I’m only able to solve it if I use an algorithm sheet…
            Just wait till you see the mega minx, it has too many sides.
            Actually, I want to learn Greek too, as well as Latin, but only for my own greedy personal studies. I’m the type regularly hunched over my desk, go figure. Apparently it helps to know a few languages before you try an ancient one, especially if they’re related languages. For example Latin will be easier for me because I can speak a bit of French.

          • At least you have one… I don’t. But I also think it would be cool to learn Greek.

          • Really? ‘Cause my dad has a “Beginners Guide to Biblical Greek” that I’ve only opened once! I’m kind of hoping for the osmosis thing to happen… like “if it sits there it will magically float into my head.” Probably not. Maybe I’ll learn the Greek alphabet after I get a handle on Spanish. x)

          • I have never figured one of those Rubiks cubes out… I don’t have that much patience!
            A fellow-bookworm! What type of books do you like?

          • Rubik’s cubes don’t actually require that much patience… If you get the guide. Just google “Rubiks cube official guide sheet”, that should help. A sibling of mine does the 3×3 in sub-30 seconds… I know, how is that possible?!
            I read just about everything, I’ve been known to read everything from sets of encyclopedias to heavy theology, but my favourite type of book is a fantasy, preferably written by one of the Inklings. There are a few kinds of books I cannot stand, let’s see:
            Books that tell you how to build a perfect society. I especially dislike Utopia by Sir Thomas More, despite everybody else’s rave reviews.
            Cheesy “Make your life better in 3 easy steps” books. You know what I mean, “Eat this superfood and you’ll magically become healthier” sort of books. I think I dislike them so much because they say that without any work you can be any sort of better.
            Sappy, fluffy romances. Ugh. Bring on the real books, people!
            But that’s all negative. I love to read about ancient cultures and history that’s actually interesting, theology is challenging but enlightening, and I’ll never get sick of Narnia!

          • I’m really late answering, but I’m really late answering everybody so here goes…
            That is crazy – my hat’s off to your sibling!
            I started encyclopedias once, but I got bored kinda fast because I was like eight. I haven’t heard of the Inklings. Is that their real name?
            I want to read Utopia, just to know what it says. Does it strongly encourage socialism or am I misremembering? But yeah, we all know a perfect society isn’t happening on Earth; why do we keep trying to get there?
            Euggh, those books (Cheesy books). Enough said.
            Same with the sappy, fluffy romances. The last time I read a romance and wasn’t disappointed was… let me think… a really, really long time ago.
            I like history, some theology (but only if it’s relevant – I honestly don’t find it that important if this one minute part of the Diet of Worms’ confession of faith might have been a little off), and NARNIA and LOTR 🙂 I was recently introduced to the White Lion Chronicles; have you heard of them? Oh yes, and who can forget Peretti’s books?

          • Okay, now I’m the late one…
            Anyway, Utopia I find to be hem… dull. In the historical context, the story behind it is interesting, but the book itself, um, not so much. I think the book was written as what was supposed to be a humorous jab, but I still am not a fan. Basically, it’s about a perfect society where everybody is a selfless individual who labours for the good of his/her community. Utopia is a socialist state that has many religions that are all tolerant of each other, a place where everybody is regarded as equal, a place where famine and war are unheard-of, a place that is, in essence, perfect. Ugh. In other words, in terms of the structure of society, this place is a pretty close comparison to the city in “The Giver”. (Which, by the way, I do like, probably because it shows the flaws in a society like that!)
            The Inklings were a British literature group that met in the good old days of Tolkien. Some members were C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, and Christopher Tolkien.
            White Lion? Never heard of them.
            As for Peretti, I’ve read some of those. Some are good, but they are pretty weird.

          • hehehehehehe, I’m the latest one!
            I wonder how the society prevents famines; they’re not exactly man-made. Hmmm…
            So I’ve seen “The Giver” mentioned, but I haven’t heard — what is the book about?
            Oh, now I know what you mean. Those Inklings 🙂 The ones I’ve read, I loved. I haven’t read anything by Christopher Tolkien; which books would you suggest from him?
            White Lion is a newish series, one which is supposed to take place in an alternate universe created at the same time as Earth, but where the Fall didn’t happen. So basically each person has to make a choice between Good and Evil, but without being predisposed toward Evil. Most of it is good, but there are a couple of places (like his description of Hades) where it’s a little overdone.
            I really like most of Peretti’s books; the first ones he wrote and his most recent ones have not been as good, in my opinion. Which ones have you read?

          • Okay, so in Utopia, people have to take switches being farmers, city workers, etc. Unless you’re really smart as a kid, in which case you’re whisked off to become a scribe.
            So everybody is in charge of working a farm sometime in his/her life.
            So in the book, the Giver, there’s a kid named Jonas, who lives in an unnamed city. This city is a city where everything is controlled to the utmost, where there is no color, emotions amount to nil, and people have, in general, lives that are assigned to them. So basically, you’re born at a giant facility, assigned to a couple that signed up to receive a baby, you go through your childhood being closely watched, and the people who govern the city choose your job, your spouse, and just about everything else. But Jonas is weird, so special stuff happens to him. Haven’t watched the movie, though, so I can’t tell you anything about that.
            The White Lion series sounds kinda like Perelandra, by C.S. Lewis. Christopher Tolkien finished off a bunch of books of his father’s that never got done, so chances are you’ve already read him.
            Perettti’s books that I’ve read,
            This Present Darkness,
            Piercing the Darkness,
            I read those when I was like, 10, maybe 11, so I don’t remember them too well.
            The Visitation. (REALLY WEIRD!!!)

          • Utopia sounds… interesting. Not Utopian!
            And The Giver sounds interesting, but in a good way. I’ll look into it 🙂
            Oh, yeah – like The Silmarillion, right?
            Well, you might like “The Veritas Project” (two-book series) and “The Cooper Kids” (8-book series). For both of these series, the books are stand-alone. I’m finding that I don’t really like most of his books… his teen series (Veritas and Cooper Kids) were my favorites, I think.
            I’m starting The Visitation. So far I think I agree with you in your assessment… Now to find out it it’s a good weird, or a bad weird.

          • Same here 🙂 I see “ph” and think “poly-hydrogenated”. Comes from having a health-food-loving mom.

          • I would recommend Codecademy – it’s a (free! :D) website where you can learn PHP as well as HTML and CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Phython, and Ruby. I did the course on HTML and CSS and found it really good. The lessons are short and they explain things in plain English, so you understand what they’re talking about. 😀 It might be only at a beginner level, but I think it’s worth checking out. 🙂

          • it’s ok I don’t program in ether. I am sticking to the basics

          • Sounds like me 🙂 In my computer science 1 class, we learned pascal. (Talk about a useless language, it’s been dead since the 80’s) 🙂

          • Yup! I really don’t know why they didn’t teach us something more relevant, but at least I learned a little HTML and some computer history through it 🙂

          • well, people just got better at writing programs. this means that the programs started to improve. I guess there are a few left over…

          • I see “Pascal” and I’m thinking Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician. Then I’m thinking, “Who doesn’t need Pascal? I need to set him straight…”

          • nice. But I can see where that came from. you need to recognize the other programing names first then you get the context.

          • I see “Pascal” and all I can think of is the chameleon from the movie Tangled… you’re doing better than me, lol

          • Lol the tag and the tag actually worked! It took them out of that little section of code! 😀

          • Ok…….. the p tag and the doctype tag both work for real. It keeps hiding them whenever I type them. lol

          • Woah! That’s a giant list! I’m one of those people that uses the pre-made website template and goes, “Yeah I know programming!” Lol #mebbenot

    • The thing we have to remember, is that yes things are going to be extremely hard but my Sunday school leaders always say that we should not be discouraged or worried about what is to come. Because God has a plan, and in that plan he will protect. The bible says that God will not leave us or forsake us, so even when those waves rise, we will not drown. 🙂 I like you analogy, and I am not correcting anything, just more of encouraging everyone! 🙂

  • Hey guys, really badly off-topic, but…
    I’m looking for “You might be a homeschooler if…” lines, like Blimey Cow’s videos. It’s for a homeschool event this weekend. You guys have any ideas? @programguy:disqus @disqus_zxr2krNx5O:disqus @disqus_rHUVb4P7uQ:disqus @MyNameIsAnigoMontoya:disqus @everyone! @nathanaelbarker:disqus

    • I don’t know, you might be a homeschooler if having 5 Disqus followers is your idea of a big social life???? ;-P JUST KIDDING!!!!!! I’ll think on it overnight, maybe reply so I’ll get an email and remember in the morning. 🙂

    • You might be a homeschooled if you think of 12 people your age as a ‘crowd’
      You might be a homeschooler if your favorite teacher is your mom!
      You might be a homeschooler if your classmates are your siblings

    • You might be homeschooled if you look in a mirror, and call it a class reunion.
      You might be homeschooled if you consider 8:00 in the morning early (though that’s probably just me ;p)
      I’ll let you know if i think of any more 🙂

    • You might be a homeschooler if you’re the valedictorian of your class…as well as having the highest and lowest GPAs of your graduating class. I don’t know, that sounded un-eloquent…maybe you could salvage it. 😉

      • I did end up using it 🙂
        I think it was, “You might be a homeschooler…
        ~if you’re in the top 10% of your class… but that doesn’t mean anything
        ~if you’re the valedictorian for your class… but that doesn’t mean anything, either”

    • You might be a homeschooler if you don’t fit in.
      You might be a homeschooler if you are always going against the flow.
      You might be a homeschooler if you are reading this post.
      You might be a homeschooler if you consider 6:00 in the morning early.
      You might be a homeschooler if you love Jesus Christ!
      You might be a homeschooler if you Do Hard Things.

    • You might be a homeschooler if you get a school holiday if your mom is sick that day.

      You might be a homeschooler if your family has a schedule of who does music practice when, because people complained so much when someone tried to practice while someone else was taking a test.

      You might be a homeschooler if the day all your curriculum comes in the mail is a REALLY big deal.

      You might be a homeschooler if homeschool conventions are an annual holiday in your family.

      You might be a homeschooler if science experiments are a not-to-be-missed highlight of the week.

      You might be a homeschooler if you don’t think twice about going to the grocery store with your mom at 2pm on a Thursday.

      You might be a homeschooler if you know the librarians at your local library by name, and they remember your family every time because you have so many siblings.

      You might be a homeschooler if every time your family’s piano gets tuned, everyone wants to drop everything and watch. And your mom is thrilled because it’s a “learning experience”!

      You might be a homeschooler if at at least one point in time, there have been tadpoles growing in a tank in your kitchen.

      You might be a homeschooler if you have to clear the school books off the kitchen table before you can eat lunch.

      You hear the school bus coming past your street in the morning and figure it’s about time to get out of bed.

      You might be a homeschooler if you have ever played the Boxcar Children in your backyard with your siblings.

      You might be a homeschooler if family vacations are more like extended field trips, and in the car your parents even have you read books related to the historical monuments you’ll be seeing.

      Okay, I got a little carried away there… oops… haha at least you have lots of ideas now!

    • You might be a homeschooler if you jumped at the sight of this post on your Disqus feed. 😛
      You might be a homeschooler if you sing geography songs on the toilet, the times tables in the shower and the periodic table as you wash up.
      You might be a homeschooler if you rarely go on vacation during normal school holidays – you do school in the holidays and go afterwards, when it’s quieter and cheaper.
      You might be a homeschooler if your lunches consist of gourmet things you whip up – scrabbled eggs with potatoes, a Greek salad, pasta with pesto, parmesan and olives, etc