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What are practical things you do to rest?


REGAN WRITES: I am a very busy teenager who tends to struggle to take time for constructive rest. I struggle to take good breaks and spend what little “off” time I have wisely. What are different ways you rest? How do you intentionally make time to rest?

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  • Hi Regan,
    I have about the opposite problem you have, I tend to take to much time doing pleasure resting. Although one of my favorite things to do is to lie on my bed and read a good book. When I get up, I am usually quite rested, plus it is fun. Hope this helps

      • Or I workout which is relaxing in a weird way. And if I’m too sore, I’ll stretch and maybe read or something.

          • It’s just that style of music. I know a lot of people who like Zach Winters too.

          • Okay, that’s interesting. I just thought it meant independent artists.

            I might have heard of Zach Winters.

            I just went on NoiseTrade and found a sampler of his. Just downloaded it. ARGG! So much I have downloaded from there and I have barely listened to most of that stuff. LOL.

            If you like electronic once in awhile, you might be interested in Verses, where their choruses are based upon Scripture. (You can find them on NoiseTrade. :D) I really enjoy them.

            I’m more of a rock person, but I enjoy mixing in some mild stuff once in awhile. I really do enjoy worship music!

          • You know what, it might actually mean that. I’m not really sure, but I definitely like that style, whatever it’s called.

            Cool! I might look them up. Hey Matt Papa has a kind of folk/rock style, and his lyrics are amazing, if you need more stuff to download 😂.

            What worship bands/albums/songs do you like? I’m always looking for good music and solid lyrics.

          • No, I do think that “indie” is a genre, but I’ve always used it as an independent artist.

            Matt Papa took his Easter EP off of NoiseTrade. It looked pretty good. 😀

            Awesome! I love recommending different artists!

            First off, I have a giveaway of Mandisa’s latest album. It’s really good, honestly! Here’s the link: It closes tomorrow, so you’d wanna jump on it! (BTW: No one has entered yet, so you have a high chance of winning!!!)

            My favorite band is ApologetiX: That Christian Parody Band. They parody secular hits so they can glorify God. They mostly focus on classic rock, but they do have their mellow side. For starters, you would wanna check out “Quilt.” Amazing album! You can also check out “Soundproof” and “Classics: Lite.” Their lyrics are so solid and amazing. I hope you enjoy them!

            Salt Of The Sound is ambient electronic based, but their music is beautiful. Perfect for background music and all.

            I’ve only heard one song from this last person, but Jeremy Vanderloop’s “No Death” is amazing!

            I will think of some more later. That’s enough to get you started with!

  • Hey Regan. I’m on the road a lot, so (when driving alone) I love singing God’s praises and praying out loud. OK, that’s not really rest, buy it’s nice. Also, I’m trying to learn how to play the guitar, and it’s fun and sort of relaxing to play and sing prayers…

  • I climb a lot which is amazing rest mentally, and super fun. Pretty much anytime you can get outside.

  • I tend to go outside in God’s creation. Watching my pigs is very relaxing! 😀 Reading is very relaxing too! Although I tend to lean more towards being lazy. :/

  • Hey Regan! First off, great question. I think a lot of teens (especially those in high school or college) struggle with this, myself included. But rest is important, so how do we do it?
    Make sure that you are spending time with God everyday. Our relationship with Him is important above all else. Don’t ‘find time’ for Him. He is of utmost importance.
    Read a chapter of the Bible in the morning as a way to start out the day. But making it a time for rest requires you to do it while you are not doing anything else. Don’t make your time with God while you do your hair or get dressed, etc. This takes your focus, even if in the slightest bit, off. If you need to get up earlier than normal, do it. Make some coffee or tea or something and sit on your bed with your Bible. Pray before you begin that God would use this time to teach or show you something. Read then journal for a little bit.
    Of course, you don’t have to do this all like I have said, but it is a method that has proved calming to me.
    Spending time with God is not a chore. Enjoy it :3)

    Another way to rest is to go to bed early. If you can’t fall asleep, maybe listen to some music or read a book, as other people have recommended.
    Intentionally spend some time with your family. Obviously I have no clue what your family life is like, but they are the people that will be with us the longest whether we like it now or not. Friends come and go, but family is with us for life.
    If you have a pet (like a dog or cat), spend some time playing with them. They will enjoy it and it may be a nice way to get your mind off of other things for a time.
    Set some time aside every week, every other week, or month to go out and do something. Maybe go ride a bike at a park or go meet up with a friend at a coffee shop.
    Resting can be done both alone and with people. Evaluate what you need. Are you spending 24/7 around people? Make some alone time. Do you not really like to be with people? Choose something to do that is appealing to you and do it with a friend. We were made for community! If you think you’ve got a good balance, maybe switch off ever so often.
    Serve in your church, school, or community! I know some of these things really sound like work and not rest, but they can be great opportunities to get your mind off of stress.
    Figure out how you best express yourself and make time to do it on a regular basis. For me, its writing. Some people like to paint or sing or play an instrument. Some people like to exercise. When you find that thing, it can become a resting place in it of itself. But when you feel like you have to do it, don’t. Then it will be adding on stress not taking it away.

    I hope that something in this comment was helpful!

  • Sometimes I use the time I would normally spend on my phone and use it to sit in my room and listen to music, adventures in odyssey or have extra reading time…

  • I tend to read or listen to music or Adventures in Odessey. i also like to sit down at the piano and just play around.

  • I enjoy listening to music. Playing piano (usually really loudly). Writing. Catching up on the blogs I follow. Reading my Bible. Going for a walk. Drawing. And sometimes, it really does a person good to just sit… and really do nothing. Or pray, with as few distractions as possible.

  • Showers. I love a hot shower (or cold if it’s summer). And it’s already something I have to do… so why not relax while I’m at it? Sorry, that just sounds weird XD

  • Whenever somebody else is drivinv you could always sneak a nap in the car. On a completely different note, friends are the best and any time you can hang out its just, so, refreshing I guess.

    I wish I would’ve thought of this stuff all at once so there wouldn’t be so many of my comments, sorry.

  • I love to go for a walk in the late afternoon. It helps me to slow down and think about things. I realized recently that I’ve been using busyness as a way to keep from thinking through hard (and sometimes painful) things. Going for a walk gives me time to think and pray.

  • I like to do some stretches while I pray or read the Bible, or just listen to some soft music while I have journal time.And,yes, I like to take a relaxing shower too 😉 Also, remember to spend time with God, pray,and read your Bible.The more you spend time with Him,the more your relationship with God becomes stronger.Also,you gain strength from being in His presence.Exodus 20:8-10 says this,”And He said,”My presence shall go with you,and I will give you rest.”

  • Sometimes it’s just good to sit down, shut your eyes, and think about God. If you are able to, lie down. That always helps me because of how stressful life is for me.

  • I generally try to bask in the presence and fellowship of God when I’m feeling particularly pulled in too many directions. This is accomplished either through listening to really good worship music, playing and/or singing praises to God, reading the Bible or commentaries, or just being still before the Lord.

    Great question, by the way! In our hectic paced world and culture, it’s hard to remember that we all need to REST. A sermon series that’s really spoken to my heart about this topic was delivered by James McDonald and focuses on Psalms 23. You can check it out at

    Hope this helps!

  • When my mind’s a mess, I take a walk.
    Around sunset is my favorite time. The view near power lines are surprisingly good.
    Otherwise, eating and sleeping haha… don’t forget spending time with God too (my application of I Kings 19:1-9 hehe).

  • Hm. Rest. It sometimes seems to be this thing that can be obtained but is far above our reach.

    If you want to find rest, then it’s something you have to actually make time to do. Funny, huh?

    I often find myself a little distracted using the computer or listening to music and I know I should be spending a little more time resting and spending time with the Lord. So my advice to you is to make time to rest and potentially set some things aside. Take a fast, if necessary.

    I went to a camp a couple months ago and it was nice to get away from everything and just relax and not worry about random things. It really pays off to rest. It’s something I need to do, I realize.

    Hope that helps!

    • I like the fact that you pointed out that the idea of getting rest is somewhat ironic as you put it (ha ha), it was very well said. As for how you said that you get distracted on the computer, don’t worry. You’re not alone, I tend to slack off and watch too much YouTube at times (I still get in trouble even if the videos are about educational topics) so I’m trying to fill that time with something else and put some of those videos to good use (explained in my post above).

  • Hey guys do you think adversity facilitates or hinders personal growth?

    Can you give me some good reasons?

    • Hmm, good one. Adversity can do both, it really depends on how you face it. For instance, a person who takes adversity and focuses on overcoming it, they often find that they grow personally. However, a person who gives up in the face of adversity takes the easier path, but doesn’t learn anything that they might have if they had taken a chance.

    • This is a good question. I believe it can do both, depending on your response and mindset towards it. For example, if all you see when you think about adversity is pain, anger, and hopelessness chances are, when adversity comes, your own mindset will prohibit you from experiencing any real growth; simply because you refuse to think about it in a different light–one of hope, change, and opportunity for growth.
      It all just boils down to your perspective and your mindset.

  • Well, one of the big ways I rest is by playing music. Sometimes playing music isn’t very restful, but it is still very soothing. If you don’t do any musical instruments, then listen to it. Listening to music is also very resting. Also, though this sounds weird, sometimes the only way I am able to rest during the day is doing homework. I know, super weird. But for me doing homework that I like, for example math or science, it quiets down my brain and I don’t have to think about life at all. Hope this helps.

    • I also find that doing work you actually enjoy helps in relaxing compared to typical, everyday bland homework teachers assigned, and that music helps soother the brain (I do this by playing a cajon to accompanying music, usually worship songs). I could connect to this, despite its length, great job!

  • For me I find rest in things I like to enjoy, not necessarily physical rest but it’s mental rest which give me body a feeling of relaxation. There are two things I like to do when I’m stressed and fatigued, the first is to get out onto a basketball court and just shoot some hoops. No hard training or anything, I just but on my ear buds and listen to some music while I shoot some free throws and jump shots casually and dribble around. The second would be writing songs to get my mind off things or just closing my eyes and thinking or praying, usually with music playing quietly, rest for me isn’t just laying down it can be more than that. Rest is doing something I enjoy but in a casual way, and I find that when I finish my time on that activity I am full of energy and ready to go. Hope this helps 🙂

  • For a while, my definition of rest was to play video games, specifically various computer and iPad games. However, as a result of that, my eyesight began to deteriorate, causing the need for me to wear glasses and now night contacts, which are a pain for me to get on and off every night. I also tend to pursue this longing in times that I shouldn’t, like in the middle of schoolwork. However, when I saw some of my classmates one day, crowded around each other playing the popular game Clash Royale, I suddenly realized how games intruded into so many teenager lives, swallowing their potential. I did not want this to happen to me, so I decided to try and fill that time with something else. It was hard to choose, but I decided to pursue my other favorite hobbies: comic writing and modern history. Using this, I decided to create an informative, fun comic about WWII, showing a teacher trying to teach a class of high schoolers all of WWII in a fun way. It worked well for me, as I enjoyed it and was able to work on it due to the vast amount of time freed up. In order to keep this from intruding with my schoolwork, I always put my homework as a higher priority than this project. My advice would be this: follow your passions and motives to relax and have fun, but don’t let it take over other important parts of your life, like school!

    • Seems we can relate. I had that same issue and decided to cut it for a while which turned out to be a little over a year, then when I did get back to it I cut it down to nighttime (but not to late) and road trips. My friends kept asking, “Bro, why’d you quit?” Well, it gave me chance to tell them why, but since they all consider themselves ‘saved’ (and I believe they are, they’re just not die-hard Christians), they kinda flipped a lid, thinking I was trying to get them to give it up too. I even let one guy borrow ‘Do hard things’, but he promptly returned it, saying ‘all they want you to do is quit playing video games.’ It was then that I realized how dangerous they can be if not kept on an extremely tight leash.

      • Yeah, stopping something has its own negative consequences as well. For me, when I stopped, I was asked the same question, and I lost most of my “friends” who just played video games every opportunity they get, allowing me to focus on other stuff.

  • When I’m tired its usually because I’m working myself to much (which I tend to do). If I need to rest I typically just read a book, write, or watch television. But now im grounded in my room for a month because I walked a .2 of a mile to the store… So now I don’t need to rest because I can’t do much to overwork myself besides workout.

  • I like to curl up with a Christian book of some kind… I also enjoy coloring in bible verses in a coloring book.

  • When I’m stressed or tired I usually read a book, either a novel or the Bible, or just plop down on the couch or my bed for a few minutes. Or I just walk around outside for a bit.

  • I completely relate with what your going through, and I hope I can offer you some helpful tips. Firstly, you need to figure out what kind of rest you need by deciphering if you are physically, or mentally drained. If you are physically tired, try curling up with a book and some tea or having a long, hot bath. Try to go to bed at an earlier time too, and get up earlier. If you are mentally drained, try playing worship music (think Bethel, Hillsong, exc.), and taking a long walk outside. If you can find a forest nearby walk there. When you are mentally tired you often want to just veg somewhere, but fresh air and exercise will help you rejuvenate faster. As far as finding time goes, you honestly have to set your priorities to make space to rest. I get the whole busy thing (I’m in high school, play four sports, am in drama, and also volunteer at my church weekly), but eventually you have to figure out what you really need. The good thing about my suggestions for rest are that you can spend fifteen minutes or an hour doing them, meaning they’re pretty good for busy schedules.
    I hope this helps!

  • I find having a small hobby you can do with your hands very valuable. A few years ago, I picked up sewing. It’s calming, as it gives me something to do while I think. I also have a sense of accomplishment when I’m done. Things like woodworking by hand, painting, or cooking would also likely fit the bill.

  • I think that the type of rest you need depends on the personality and interests that you have, knowing a little more about what are your main interests or activities would help at finding the right rest for you. Maybe it isnt that complicated and all you need is just relax at a sofa, read, sleep, eat or just be with your phone in the social medias. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that this is REST not a way of avoiding work, so you musnt stay doing this for long hours, if not you get used to it and then you are not going to want to take again your responsabilities

  • I normally just chill out on the couch and read a book or watch a tv show. Maybe sit on the porch with my cats and hang out outside for a little while.

  • like if you’re taking a break from studying or chores what I do is snack or stretch. If you’re struggling not to go on your phone (like everybody else) my friend gave me this awesome technique. Put your phone in a tupperware and put it on the roof so whenever she wants to go on her phone it discourages her cause her phone is so far away. Tell your family to call the house phone and have that phone near you so your family can still contact you. It srsly helps

  • I rest by playing on my tablet, watching tv, or going out and brushing out/riding my horse. I ride her bareback, so I just lay down on her back.

  • I think many people think resting is sleeping or playing games and so on.
    I recently realized that the true rest could come from the church.
    I was restless with my friendship problems.
    As I took time away from my school life, the church service really helped me relax and be myself without being afraid of the crowd.
    Maybe I might be the only one thinks that way or maybe it’s just that I don’t go to same church as my friends.
    It’s like God having rest on the 7th day after His creation.

    • Just going into a church, sitting down, and spending some thoughtful and quiet time with God can be incredibly powerful and relaxing.

    • Just being at church has been the best thing for me during hard times!
      Also, every time something goes wrong in my eyes, I emmerse myself in serving at church. Serving my way back into the light has been the best coping I have found yet.

  • My personal favorites are Anne of Green Gables, a few moments of unorganized thought, and writing down some goals and affirmations. It has helped me greatly.

  • I personally take a 20 minute “nap”, even if I’m not super tired, just closing my eyes and laying down for awhile helps me rest, it’s a huge boost for me.

  • I am figuring this out lately. I do like to drink a beer and color in my stained glass coloring book. Then read a couple of scriptures about rest. Nice.

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