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Who do you look up to?


ZIPPORAH WRITES: Many teenagers idolize pop culture icons, actors, music artists, etc., but as Christian teens who do you look up to and why? Who is an example in your life? Are they people you’ve grown up with, or people you have never met?

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  • I have people that I look up to both that I know, and some that I have never met. Mostly though, I look up to the people who are closest to me: my parents, older sisters, and brother-in-law. I think parents are definitely the best people to find role models in. You can learn from their achievements and their mistakes, and they are always right there if you need them.

  • Who do I look up to? I really look up to my mom. Yeah, she’s not perfect, but she’s the only other girl and my family and understands me really well, and she’s chock-full of advice and insights I need to glean from her. I also have a couple of friends I really respect and admire, and I look up to them. I think we need to be able to have those people in our lives, to learn from them and have them there for support and encouragement. Even their failures can be used as encouragement to us. That being said, we can’t idolize them. Yes, we should look up to them and respect them as good Christian role models, but we can’t glamorize them and make them out to be something they’re not. They won’t be perfect. But, we can still look up to people, and we should do so to learn from their successes and their failures, that it may help us grow in our walk with the Lord.

  • I really look up to my Pastor’s wife, she’s been married to my pastor for 50 years! Ad she’s very sweet, she has this inward beauty that shines on the outside. And I look up to my mom because she’s been faithful through all the circumstances my family’s been through (most of you know my dad’s had three strokes).

  • I’ve never really thought about who I look up to, but now that I am, I think I look up to more people than I thought I did, and I don’t even know a lot of them. For instance, I have the book “Jesus Freaks” by dc Talk and the Voice of the Martyrs, and as I read through the stories of people who gave their lives for their faith, I can’t help but admire their courage and conviction. I know that might not exactly be the “looking up to” that you’re talking about, but I think of “looking up to” someone as anyone you look at and say to God, “I wanna know You like THAT.”

    I look up to my friend’s mom, because even though I don’t know her very well, it’s easy to see her strength and her love for God and her family. And I look up to a friend of mine who is only a few years older than me for her incredible Bible knowledge and her love of God and her desire to live for Him–and her excitement about His coming!

    I think that a lot of the people I look up to are YOU GUYS! Rebelutionaries, who are living for God and rising above low expectations to change their world. Each and every rebelutionary is an inspiration to the others for the hard things they do. That’s what makes this such an awesome community. Don’t stop!

  • The lady who introduced me to the Rebelution! My mom’s friend, who has become like my adopted aunt. Even though she’s on the other side of the world, she still tries to check in on me. She’s constantly telling me that she’s always there for me and will read whatever I write her. I remember once, I was helping her garden and she sat down with me and just started to ask me how I was doing. She’s shown me that she loves me enough to take the time to just listen and encourage me. Most of my mom’s friends are like that, they make you feel special and show you that they really do care, they don’t ever treat you like a nuisance. I want to be just like them, especially her.

  • Good question. First of all we should look up to God then other people.
    I look up to my Mum and Dad because they have lived longer than me and know a lot of things i don’t also i look up to some people at my church and then people like Alex and Brett Harris.

    • God is definetly the best role model, and very few teens in today’s society respect and look up to their parents. Great comment!

  • Sophie Scholl lived in Munich, Germany during the time of WWII. She and her brother, Hans lead a secret opposition group called White Rose that non-violently resisted the Nazis rule. When they heard about the extermination camps for Jews they were infuriated and began to secretly distribute leaflets educating the German people about these atrocities carried out under the command of Hitler. Even though she was executed for her beliefs she stood firm in her undying faith in Christ. And get this she was 17! Wow, what a testament to how teens should be. It also made me think about if there were to be someone like Hitler, would I stand up for the victims and risk my life? I cant wait until I meet her in person in heaven.

      • My 8th grade teacher showed us the movie made about her arrest, trial and execution. It’s very inspiring. She sure fought bravely for Christ’s name. It isn’t a documentary, I don’t think. Look it up on Youtube, they should have it there.

        • Great! Thanks πŸ˜‰ I will have to check it out!

          When I first started reading your comment I thought you were talking about the teens who helped Corrie Ten Boom, as retold in the film The Return to the Hiding Place. Are you familiar with that story? I am told it is also very inspiring, but don’t know much more. I think the fellow’s name is Hans Pooly (though I probably spelled that wrong)?

          • No, I think she was German. I am familiar with the story. Hans was her brother and he bought a lot of paper to print for pamphlets. He pretty much risked his life because at that time the Gestapo was on red alert.

          • Wow their story just sounds so awesome. πŸ™‚

            Oh and don’t worry, I wasn’t saying I thought you were telling about a different group of people, I was just saying it reminded me of another story, and so I was sort of recommending it/curious if you were familiar with it. I’m sorry if that was confusing!

          • Sorry! I sound really rude. I meant that I was familiar with Corrie Ten Boons story. I realized how condescending that was. Oops!

          • Okay I understand now – thanks! πŸ˜‰ And no – you’re fine! Don’t worry about it – you just sounded confused. πŸ™‚ We were both confused, I think. πŸ˜‰

            I just realized that I sounded as though I were rudely correcting your information! I’m sorry – I meant Hans Poley was the main guy in this other story. I’m sorry I was so confusing!

          • No problem! And no you were not rudely correcting me:) I read the post that Brett sent the link to. Did you check it out? If so what did you think?

  • First and foremost, Jesus Christ. His example is beyond any other.

    I really look up to my dad. Despite some poor decisions he made as a young man, he has a good work ethic and a ton of determination and basically pulled himself up by his bootlaces. Even though he grew up in a Christian family, his dad was pretty rotten, and my dad has worked very hard to be a different father to us than his was to him. Throughout his life, God has shown him ways he needs to reform his thinking; dad studies and isn’t afraid to change. He reads and thinks and forms his own opinions, not just accepting someone else’s for himself. And when there was a big disagreement at my church a few years ago, my dad took the biblical stance even when people were really nasty to him. And lots of people don’t know it happened, because he wouldn’t talk about it. I had to find out about it years later from someone else. So I look up to my dad. And my mom. She is tough and can work forever and knows so much and is so perseverant. She is humble and sweet, but stubborn when something is morally wrong. She loves my dad so much and has walked with him through all of the changes God put in our family’s path. She has thrown so much of her life-blood into me and my siblings but is still so patient with me even though I am incredibly lazy and always has an ear even though I am also prone to dramatic breakdowns (…honesty is a virtue…). And she bears up against the exhaustion of my little brother’s learning disabilities better than I could in a million years. Both my parents care about us so much, spend time with us, talk with us…. I could keep going on and on about them, but I think I’ve bragged about my parents enough. πŸ˜‰

    Other relatives of mine I really look up to for various reasons. One uncle esp., and another uncle (he is so humble and cheerful) and my grandma (who homeschooled my mom and her siblings when it was still illegal), and my other grandma (who thought of others so much its amazing), and my great-grandpa (who survived a Japanese POW camp for the entirety of the war, then came back and loved his family and never spoke about it).

    Louis Zamperini is my hero I never met. And if you don’t know his story, please remedy that. It is beyond incredible (read the book!). And Jim Elliot and Nate Saint and the others and their wives. And Gladys Aylward. And the explorer Douglas Mawson for his determination. And those indie Christian filmmakers who are going against the grain. And Alex and Brett who have inspired and encouraged so many of us to go against the grain. And…and I could go on and on but I really should stop. So I stop. πŸ™‚

    • I have read about Louis Zamperini, and his story is extraordinary. Someone once told me that if his story was fiction, she would have put it down and considered it all impossible and ridiculous, and could never happen. I love all your other role models, and it must be moving to think that your great grandfather went through a similar experience as Louis. Thank you for your comment.

      • I had the same experience reading Louis’ story. Even just one of the 3 “sections” of his life would have made for an amazing story. And yes it has been incredible to realize that my great grandfather went through a similar experience. I feel like I really missed out, never being able to meet him (he died a few years before I was born), and not knowing what all he endured since he never talked about it. I suppose, however that putting it behind him was key to his returning to a normal life. I guess I’ll have to wait till heaven. πŸ˜‰

        Thanks! And I really want to say thanks to you for submitting this discussion question!! It helped me really see who I looked up to and why. Also how special my parents really are and how blessed I am to have them. It’s easy to forget your biggest blessings sometimes merely because they are so close and oft-encountered. So thank you for helping remind me. πŸ™‚

        • And thank you! It is kinda funny, but when I was doing my chores one day, I decided to think about all my role models. It was really amazing to think about all the people who I looked up to; the list went on and on! Thanks again!

          • Oh I love that idea! That would turn chores from a drudge into a time of inspiration and gratitude! I will have to remember that for a day when chores feel like a drudge. πŸ™‚ (And you’re welcome. πŸ˜‰ )

  • I look up to my parents:
    My dad is a Godly leader for our family and a wonderful man. I very much admire my motherβ€”she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer a few months back and her love of Jesus just shines from her eyes and actions.

    I admire Corrie TenBoom, her testimony and strength was incredible.

    I look up to a woman who goes to our churchβ€”she was a former representative and a very strong Christian.

    Probably my main other role model is a young woman who goes to our church as well. She’s a few years older than I am, but has encouraged and come along side me during some really tough times in my life, (like my mother’s cancer.)

    God has really blessed me with great role models!

  • Like folks are saying, I really look up to my parents. I also look up to several godly men and women who have taken me under their wing and taught me practically all I know.

  • Among those people who I know personally, there’s three ladies I’m acquainted with who I greatly look up to and who have really blessed my life. One is award winning author Christa Parrish, my friend and mentor. One is my best friend’s mom, who’s in her fifties and just a very godly woman who I love dearly. And another is a lady who coaches a local homeschool gym class I’m involved in.

    As for people I look up to who I have not met, these include:
    Alex and Brett and Anna Harris, as well as their family πŸ™‚
    Shannon Sedgewick Davis
    Leigh Anne Touhy
    Bethany Hamilton

    People in the Bible I admire greatly and look up to:
    My Savior Christ, of course.
    Abigail, one of David’s wives
    And probably a lot of others.
    Thanks for this discussion question, it’s awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing the ensuing conversation! πŸ™‚

  • Personally, I look up to Abraham Lincoln. He was one of our country’s greatest presidents, and I really respect the integrity of his character. If I could meet one person from the past, it would probably be him.

    One of my many favorite quotes from him:

    β€œI am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to
    succeed, but I am bound to live up to what light I have.” -Abraham Lincoln

  • One couple (besides my parents) I have really admired: My aunt and uncle. They are living for the Lord, and are very kind! They are big on schooling (History, to be exact), and have graduated from Ohio State University, and now we are with them for their graduation from Yale University in Connecticut! They are just amazing, encouraging people, and so fun to be with!

  • I look up to God,Jesus and the holy spirit. My parents, my Uncle and people like Brett Harris and Trent Blake. We need to look to people who are good christian who show that they are.

  • I look up to Christ.
    I look up to the elders in my church.
    I look up to Tim Tebow.
    I look up to my parents.
    I look up to people like C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.
    And I look up to the apostles and followers of Christ in the Bible.

  • OK, I look up to Hudson Taylor. I do this because he was a pioneer missionary who left his family and country to go far away to tell people about Christ, which I found to be admirable. I also admire my father and my mother. I look up to people who had followed God’s call and leading in their lives and have been obedient to do whatever He has asked of them to do.

  • C.S, Lewis πŸ˜‰ I look up to people who have faiths that are strong, though I remember that they too are sinners! Definitely Jesus. He is THE role model! He’s perfect!

    • Forgot some things… πŸ˜›
      I look up to my mom. Her parents weren’t really there for but she pushed through it all… And decided that her children’s lives would be different. πŸ™‚

      Stephen. (From the bible!) he died, yes… But he died praying for the people he was killed by. To me, that is amazing. Stephen didn’t want revenge. He knew that where he was going that wouldn’t matter. And to me, that’s a beautiful thing.

      • Stephen was incredible, especially how he prayed that his persecutors deeds would not be held against them.

        • πŸ™‚ yes! I remember as a small child feeling so sad when I read that Stephen was killed. He’s my favorite character (besides Jesus πŸ˜‰ )

    • Yes Jesus is the ultimate role model. This year, I read a few books by C.S Lewis, and was really encouraged by them!

  • My mother, John Piper, Jonathon Edwards, Dietrich Bonhoffer, David Platt, my mentor Clif, and Jesus Christ.

  • Thank you everyone for all the wonderful examples of role models, some I never knew about. I am so thankful for all the people, either that we know, or have never met, that encourage us everyday. (Sorry it took so long for me to respond, I try not to be on the web on Sunday). Thank you so much again!

  • I admire David miller who is still preaching even though he is completely paralyzed except his mouth

  • Awesome question!
    I look up to my parents, first of all. They are amazing, God-fearing people who lead our family extraordinarily well. They’re a major blessing.

    I also look up to my Papaw. He’s my dads dad, and he’s pretty great. He loves the Lord and he loves us. My moms dad doesn’t care about us, so Papaw makes up for Mom’s lack of a father figure. I really admire him for that!
    I look up to my friend, Sara. Before she got married and moved, we did A LOT together, and she influenced me in so many ways.
    I look up to my best friends family. They’re amazing people with a love for God and a love for each other.
    I also look up to Katie Davis. Check out her organization at

    • Hey, I’m not the only one with a “Pawpaw” lol.

      But seriously, I’ve met all my grandparents and most of my great-grandparents, so you have to get creative with names, right? Like I had a great-pawpaw, great grandpa, and great grand-daddy hahaha. =P

      • Yes!!! I have 6 grandmas (a mom, stepmom, and great grandmom for each side), and I’ve had to get reeeeeally creative with names. I call one Grandma Ohie, after her ex-boyfriends deceased cat. Yeah, that one is definitely original. XD You have great grandpas? Alas, I don’t have any that are still living. But I’ve heard that they were all pretty boss.

        • EX BOYFRIENDS DECEASED CAT?!?!?!?!?!!? oh my goodness that’s hysterical!!!! XD

          Well, I only have one left. =( He’s like, 90 something lol.

          • It’s so true though! I also have a Grandma I call Grandma John-John, after my second cousin John. XD But he isn’t deceased so its less weird.
            I’m trying to be more mature and call them “grandma *enter whatever last name here*”, but its just so haaard.

          • Lol yeah, like if I say “pawpaw” I get some weird looks so I try to stick with “my grandpa” lol.

        • I called my great-grandparents GP (great-grandpa), GG (great-grandma), and Great-Nana. My other great-grandfather died when I was too little to remember.

  • I look up to my mom. She is so hard working and loving. She disciplines me when I need it but recognizes when it isn’t needed. She expects me to do things myself, but helps me when I don’t know what to do. She has taught me to appreciate everything I have and showed me what a true Christian looks like.
    I also look up to Hosea. He had a wife that kept hurting him by committing adultery over and over again, yet he always loved her and forgave her. God had told him to marry this woman, so he obeyed, even though it caused him pain. It’s a beautiful and stunning reminder of the relationship between Christians and God. We keep hurting God over and over, but He always loves us and forgives us.
    Most of all, I look up to Jesus, the ultimate example. He is everything that I should be. He always put others before himself. He took care of people’s needs, both physical and spiritual. He is who I want to be.
    Side note: I love optimistic people!

  • My parents, most of the older women in my church, Amy Carmicheal, David Platt, David Sitton, our neighbor Ted, my friend Laura, and pretty much every missionary I’ve ever met.

  • I look up to my parents and my siblings. And authors, the ones that write the good, wholesome books, for everyone to read πŸ™‚ And of course Jesus πŸ˜€

  • Ken Ham! And I’ve actually met him, but I looked up to him before that which made meeting him soooo exciting. I also am inspired by Corrie Ten Boom, Joni Erickson Tada, George Muller, Gladys Aylward, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Grace Mally, my parents, a guy and girl I know who are in a relationship, and countless others, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    • Ken Ham is boss!!! I went to the Creation Museum about a month ago, but I didn’t get to meet him. I did meet Buddy Davis though. He’s a pretty cool dude.

    • And my favorite Bible characters are Joseph of the Old Testament and Mary of the New Testament. I would say Jesus, God, or the Holy Spirit, but I tend to think of them as the authors of the Bible. Of course their works are what the Bible is all about. (:

      • No, I’ve never been involved with bright lights. It sounds really neat though! I read Grace’s book “Will Our Generation Speak?” Her resolve to share the Gospel is so inspiring. It’s something that is also really heavy on my heart…that every one would hear the Gospel. That’s great that you got to meet them! I’ve met Grace via email. (:

  • I have to say my dad. He and my family have been through so much, that my friends and I joke about him being a modern day job. He has had back problems since he was 16, Had a disease called suicide disease, and was in Haiti when my mom was in a serious car accident. Through all that he still strives to be a biblical christian. I love him very much.

  • I look up to different people for different areas of my life. No one is perfect, so you can’t look up to just one person. But my mom for one, C.S. Lewis and Tolkien are who I look up to in my writing life. Eric Liddell for perseverance. And Jesus for everything. But sometimes it’s hard to completely understand Jesus, so we look to people who understand different parts of Jesus’ life and then we can see Jesus through that.

  • I look up to my pastors, my small group leader, Brett, and probably a bunch of other people that either I don’t realize or I’m not thinking of at the moment. πŸ˜›

  • I look up to my Father and my Aunt. Both of them have helped me through some of my struggles and when I need help all I need to do is ask and they are right there for me.

  • I look up to my parents, Jesus (obviously), the pastors at my church, and yes, a few celebrities. I look up to the singer Tori Kelly, because she says that she’s a Christian and she’s growing in her fame, but she really seems to be grounded and her songs show it. (Listen to “Unbreakable Smile.”) I also look up to Lecrae and Andy Mineo because they’re trying to change the culture and face of rap, and I think they’re doing really well. Art/music/writing is kind of my thing, and I like pop culture, so I’m fascinated by all the Christians who are in the industry. If God gives me a career in any one of those areas, I hope to follow their examples and be a witness to anyone who partakes of the content I create.

  • I look up to My God!! my parents and the people who do something about what they believe and who DO HARD THINGS.

  • For me, it’s my former mentor. (who was evil enough to get married and move three hours away) She is one of the most Godly people I know, aside from my dad. And she got me through some really tough times. She is the living example of someone who lets Jesus have first place in every area of her life.

    Other than that, my parents and certain friends. And yes, Alex and Brett are definitely good role models.

  • and certain musicians. Like Tenth Avenue North, Keith and Kristyn Getty, and (of course) For King and Country.

    And I really love the High Kings. (they’re an irish group. They aren’t christian, but there talent is amazing)

    • I love Keith and Kristyn Getty!!! There is not one song that I don’t like from them! Have you ever seen them in concert?

      • no. And they are in my area ALL the time! But every time I hear about it late and have something else going on. (plus their tickets are really expensive) So i watch them on youtube πŸ˜›

    • Gettys are great!!! I saw them at True Woman last year, and my parents sat front row at their Christmas concert last Christmas. Their stuff is amazing!

      • I love their music! I want to minor in composing in college and i would love to write worship music and mimic their style. So I listen to them all the time.

  • I don’t mean to take away from the discussion, but does anyone on here go to a CMA church? My dad is about to join up with them as a pastor, which is a new experience for us since we’ve always been in non-denominational churches. So I’d be interested to know if anyone on here goes to one. Thanks!

    • Crying mother aliens? Clapping mad armadillos?

      But seriously, is that Christian Methodists of America or something?

      Sorry, I couldn’t resist…I’m non-denominational as well so I can’t help ya any, =/

      • Really? crying mother aliens?? where do you come up with this!?!? πŸ˜›

        No, actually its the Christian missionary Alliance.

        Though clapping mad armadillos sound like more fun!

          • Uh…you’ll excuse me if this is a stupid question, but what do non-denominationals believe exactly? As far as fundametal beliefs I mean. Because every other denomination was created due to differing interpretations of the fundamentals of Christianity, correct? So where does that leave you as far as beliefs?

          • Well, I don’t know about other non-denominational churches, but mine believes the Bible. =P

          • Haha…well, non-denominational churches can really vary…my church is sorta kinda similar to Baptists, except we’re predestinationists, but I’ve heard of non-denominational churches that are old-earth, free will, continuationists, and everything in between lol.

          • Yeah, that answered my question. You’re right, that’s really similar to the beliefs of Baptists. I agree with all except number 15. It had me confused. Does that mean you have elders rather than a pastor? How does that work? They take turns leading the service or what? And I also don’t believe in predestination as an extreme. Other than that your beliefs seem to match up with mine…

          • Ummm…no we have a pastor, he’s also an elder….aside from him, we only have one other elder lol. And most of the time our Pastor preaches, but during Sunday School we’ll vary…sometimes it will be him, sometimes someone else. =)

          • Kind of, the Biblical qualifications are a little different though (don’t know the reference, sorry). =)

          • Did that answer your question or not? I could dig up our churches doctrinal statement if you’re really interested. =)

          • I just found the doctrinal statement if you’re interested…I can copy and paste it (I’m not allowed to share the link, sorry). =)

          • It’s super long! But here it is! =)

            1. We believe that Scripture consists of the 66 books of the Bible, is the verbal (every word) and plenary (complete) inspired Word of God as contained in the original manuscripts, and is authoritative and sufficient for all matters of faith and practice. We employ a literal, grammatical/historical/contextual method of interpretation as opposed to an allegorical and mystical method of interpretation.

            2. We believe there is but one God, eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As the perfect, holy, Sovereign Creator of all life, this triune God alone is worthy of worship.

            3. We believe in the Deity of Christ, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His sacrificial death for the sins of those who would believe, His bodily resurrection, His ascension, His return for the Church before His wrath is poured out on a rebellious world, and His establishment of His kingdom on earth.

            4. We believe in the Deity of the Holy Spirit, His indwelling all believers, His active work in the lives of all believers by teaching, sanctifying and assuring, and His work in the world, convicting the world of sin and righteousness and judgment.

            5. We believe angels are created beings who serve God by carrying out His commands to minister to the elect and executing some of His judgment on the world.

            6. We believe in the existence of a personal devil, Satan, who was created perfect, but who willfully sinned and became the enemy of God and His creation. Angels who participated in Satan’s rebellion also became enemies of God and are called demons. The ultimate defeat of Satan and his demons was accomplished through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible does not instruct Christians to command or bind Satan or his demons. These are to be resisted through steadfast obedience to the Word of God.

            7. We believe that people were created innocent, but rebelled. The sin of the first man and woman impacted all humanity so that now all are by nature sinful and lost. Regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for salvation. We believe that men are justified solely by grace through faith in the shed blood of Jesus Christ, that man is utterly unable in himself to yield to the Gospel, and that only God, in His sovereign wisdom, love, and power, works to achieve the salvation of His chosen people.

            8. We believe that God calls all people to salvation through the proclamation of His Word. Those who believe respond in repentance and faith and begin to be sanctified (made holy) by the work of the Holy Spirit in their hearts. Those who are saved have more than a mere intellectual understanding or agreement with the gospel. They come to trust Christ alone for salvation. Their new faith is manifest by a clear change in themselves that results in faithfulness and obedience to the Scriptures.

            9. We believe that signs and wonders were given in the apostolic era to authenticate and confirm the apostles’ message. With the completion of the Scripture, these sign gifts and wonders ceased. Today, Scripture is the sole test of the validity of a person’s message. Satan uses false signs and wonders to deceive those who are not careful to test all things by the Scripture.

            10. We believe that the believer is eternally saved and that those who die in unbelief are eternally condemned to a conscious torment.

            11. We believe in the literal six-day biblical account of creation as understood from reading of Genesis 1 with a grammatical/historical/contextual method of interpretation. God continues to be active in the created order, sustaining it for His own glory and holding all things together in Jesus Christ.

            12. We believe in Christian baptism (immersion after salvation) as a symbol of the believer’s death to sin, burial with Christ, and resurrection in Him and as an act of obedience in public identification with Christ.

            13. We believe that the Lord’s Supper is the commemoration of His death until He comes.

            14. We believe that the supreme mission of the Church is to glorify God. This mission demands personal holiness among believers and faithful proclamation of the gospel to the lost.

            15. We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of the church. Under Him the local church is to be led by the men who are most qualified spiritually for leadership. Scripture calls these men Elders, sets their qualifications and instructs them in how to lead. It also instructs the church to submit to their leadership.

            16. We believe all believers are automatically a part of the universal church and are responsible to unite with a local body of believers for worship and service.

          • I go to a nondenominational church, and basically we go by what the Bible says. (Well duh)

            For example, we’re not considered ‘Baptist,’ but we baptize by immersion because that’s what Jesus did in the New Testament. Theologically we differ from Presbyterians…and that’s where it kind of gets complicated, sorry. I think mostly it has something to do with theology.

    • Ah…I’m Baptist. I’ve never heard of CMA. I’ll have to look that up…sorry I can’t offer any wisdom on this subject…(any subject actually, but no one is supposed to know that.) =p

    • I’ve never understood how a church could be non-denominational. Maybe someone could explain it to me?
      After all, every church has beliefs on baptism, Holy Communion, who can be a Pastor, etc. The given combination would slot the church into a denomination, would it not?

      • I THINK (please don’t quote me) but I think it means people of all denominations are welcome…. You think I would know this seeing as I go to one….

      • You know, I’m not exactly sure. I do know that non-denominationals do vary quite a bit. There are the more conservative ones and the more modern, which are the ones I’m used to. ND churches really are a denomination, technically. But they like to stay independent, which does make more sense. That way its not like you have to follow a rule book, just the word of God. And hopefully someone can come up with a better answer than me πŸ™‚

  • Ummm… I’m just gunna say JESUS CHRIST!

    I really do look up to Him, and when it comes to other people… well, the main reason I looked up to them is because they were Christ-like… which then points back to Him!

    • My sentiments exactly!! I was trying to think of earthly people to though. Still thinking. Even for them, it’s like you said, “the main reason I looked up to them is because they were Christ-like… which then points back to Him!”

  • Tim Hawkins! The man’s a comedic genius and gives lots of godly tips. (I’m trying to be funny, but you know, it is true) πŸ™‚

  • Here’s a list:
    My mom
    My teachers
    My youth leaders
    My youth and senior pastors
    That’s all I got. I thought I would have a longer list for people to look up to. They’re awesome, regardless. πŸ™‚

  • Those who overtime have proven themselves to be followers of God who desire Him more than anything else. I don’t look up to someone who I haven’t done life with.
    For example:
    During a missions trip I came to respect and look up to my youth pastor because I saw that he was the same under pressure and that when faced with difficulty he looked to God. So yeah, anyone who has proven themselves to be faithful under extreme difficulty.

    • He’s mainly worked in Russia, but he’s also lived in every country that ends in ‘stan’ (Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.) which I think is pretty funny!

  • Hi everyone! I’m new to the rebelution, but I just thought that I would put in my ten cents. I really look up to my parents, my grandparents, Amy Carmichael, my youth pastor, and another pastor that I met on a missions trip.

  • Just another thought i had at 6:45 this morning…. People will fail you. As i look back over my life, people have failed and hurt me left and right. The only person who never has, is Jesus Christ. He never let me down. So really, he should be the person we look up to the most. I’m not saying that having people we admire is bad, its good. So he really should be the person we look up to the most, because he will never disappoint!

  • I really look up to most of the adults at my church. they are all so awesome a I can tell that they care about me. I feel like I have a thousand daddy’s and mamma’s all looking out for me! I also look up to people like David Platt. he is a realllly cool speaker and author.

  • I really look up to my mom and aunt.
    They were both mentally abused by my grandmother, their father left, and they were sexually abused by their uncle (and no one who they told would believe them because everyone thought that their uncle was such a good guy), and yet they’ve broken the cycle and grown into strong independent women as well as amazing mothers. My aunt is an extremely successful project manager, and my mom runs a huge community kitchen in the impoverished part of the nearest big city.
    I have several siblings, so its always crazy at my house. As a result, my aunt is always inviting me over to her house to study there during the school year, and during the summer I get to spend time over there and watch TV without having to reenact a scene from the Hunger Games in order to possess the remote control.
    Neither one is Christian, but I constantly see Jesus working through them. In fact, several people have told me that my mom is a saint for the amount of effort that she puts into making sure that families in our community have food to eat. My mom just laughs and says that if she’s a saint, then the pope must be something crazy.

  • I really look up to my parents! They are amazing and awesome and help me grow in so many ways! I also have an amazing friend who is a few years older than me who has blown me away with her love and interest in me! She has taught me a lot about Jesus and I am amazed that she worked so hard to hang out with the weird younger kid! And also CS Lewis! Yes he is an author, but I do look up to him! I love his fiction and non fiction books!

  • theres this pastor at my nana’s church, his name is Duane Sheirff, he’s really awesome! also i’d say my mom and dad

  • I really look up to my parents. They have always been there to encourage and guide me. I admire many literary characters like Enjolras and Jean Val-jean (from Les Miserables) and Frodo and Sam from LOTR. I also really look up to authors like Victor Hugo, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

  • I really look up to my parents and also “The Girls” the other women in my church choir with me. They’re all between the ages of 60-25 and there’s about six of us on average. I’m 16 and the baby of the group so they’re all like older sisters and adopted aunts or grandmothers to me. I also look up to my pastor and my pastor’s wife. I love my church family. And my Tae Kwon Do family. They’re so supportive and nice to me. I fell wanted and at home with all of them, sometimes more than in my own blood family.

    • I love older folks! i probably have a hundred “adopted” grandmas from our former churches prime-time ABF. They’re so great, except for when they try to match you up with any single guy under thirty πŸ˜› That can get awkward. And what exactly is Tae Kwon Do?

        • Almost four! Nice to find another Tae Kwon Do practicioner around here! There’s a few: Martial Artist, Joy Swen, Sydnie, myself, and you!

          • That’s awesome! πŸ˜€ always nice to find others in the art. What rank are you?

          • I’m red which is third highest. Black being first of course. Lucky! U must be really good to be black after only 4 years

          • I’ve never done weapons, but I have competed in patterns (our name for forms) and sparring. Do you happen to know what federation you are apart of? Is it Olympic style, or a different one? Sorry, I love taekwondo, so I always have tons of questions!

          • It’s Olympic style. It’s alright πŸ™‚ I love Tae Kwon do too. Is urs Olympic? And what kinds of patterns/forms to u do. Do you know the Kicho systems or do u do the more modern stuff?

          • No, I practice ITF taekwondo, so the other major federation. And the forms I practice are the Choi Han patterns, designed by General Choi Hong Hi. So, no, they’re not modern, but they’re certainly not ancient!

            Kicho systems are forms, I presume? I’ll look them up tonight!

          • Well, Kicho and pague (pal-gwey) systems. They’re a little more traditional than most of the common stuff now. I’ll have to look up the Choi Han patterns. They sound interesting

          • Okay, I’ve judged at tournaments where the pal-gwey systems were used. I don’t know them, but they looked cool! So, what’s your favorite part of practice?

          • I love doing the patterns/forms most because of the dicipline and precision in the movements and stances. But I also like self defence and joint locking. What about u?

          • Patterns and sparring. I’m fitting in kicks under sparring, because I love those too, but yeah, those are my two favorite parts. Patterns because of what you said, precision, sparring because of the game behind it. I love the chess match behind the scenes!

          • Yes there’s a lot of chess that goes into getting kicked repeatedly lol. I’m sorry I’m no good at sparring unless it’s when helping the little ones learn how. Do u like to teach?

          • Ha, it sounds funny when you say it that way! I enjoy it some, but not as much as simply doing it myself. But yes, I enjoy teaching. I assume you teach since you said you enjoyed helping the little ones learn? I have to say (yeah, guys can use this word) little kids doing martial arts is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

          • Ain’t it just? πŸ™‚ Well, it was nice to meet you, Marissa! Hope to see you again around the Reb. And nice profile pic!

  • I look up to my parents and my older sister. They have always stayed faithful to God and even if there not perfect since no one is they still rely on God for everything. They have always been there for me too.

  • Do you guys think it’s okay to look up to and admire people that aren’t Christians or are more quiet about it? I look up to a lot of Christian authors and musicians but there’s some people I admire that aren’t or I don’t know about what they believe.
    Just curious about your thoughts.

    • Yeah! Or you could admire different aspects of a person–like you could like their creativity, but not like the way they dress or something. (Sorry, I’m a bit late.)

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