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How do you stay self-disciplined when your schedule is inconsistent?


DANNY WRITES: How can we be effective at being self-disciplined in time management when we physically cannot have a semi-consistent schedule?

About 2.75 years ago, me, my sister, and my mom were in a car accident. My mom received a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and has a lot of medical issues that we attend to, which gives one aspect of not being able to have a regular schedule.

About a year ago, we began constructing a new wing of the house to make it handicap-accessible, and that took up most – to all – of my time. Now that that is winding down, we only have infrequent projects that are often done almost sporadically.

When I asked about the possibility of making it more regular, I was informed of several things that limit that capability, and therefore we cannot have a regular schedule. I find myself to be much more effective when I have a regular schedule because a schedule helps enforce time management and efficiency. I’m wondering how I can have the same results when my activity is very much on a day-to-day basis and I don’t know what I will be doing within the next day.

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