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How do you care for your body?


ROSE WRITES: I want to take care of my body. Scripture calls it a temple and makes clear that I am a steward of it. I strive to eat healthy (most of the time) and exercise, but those good endeavors can easily become idols in and of themselves. Furthermore, when you’re living in a sex-saturated culture that trumpets an unrealistic body ideal, how do you avoid harming your body (e.g., skipping meals, exercising too much) while at the same time maintaining a healthy body image and being a responsible steward of this body God has given you?

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  • Ok, so I just want to say that I think it’s awesome that you understand how exercising and health can become an idol. In my county and homeschool group, everybody uses “Essential Oils.” While they may be helpful for some things, people go nuts about it. “Oh wow, my box of essential oils came today. It’s like christmas!” “Throw out your medicine cabinet, because essential oils will cure whatever ails you!” “Your daughter struggles with attention span? Drop some thives oil on her head and she’ll be as calm as a lamb!” These are really things that these people have said. Everybody is doing it. And they try to tell you that medicine is going to kill you and you have to use essential oils because they’re pure. Well guess what, it probably costs more than the real medicine with how expensive they are.They’re making an idol out of it. Sometimes I just want to say, “You’re spending so much time and money on trying to improve your life with this stuff, that it doesn’t seem like you have much of a life apart from it.”

    • ohmy!! we use Essential oils too!!! =D I LOVE them especially since I’m more of an all natural, DIY kind of person, but I agree! Some people really do take it TOO far!!! We usually try them on ailments first, but I still take ibuprofen and stuff now and then, and we aren’t covering ourselves in them daily…. =P
      I about DIED when I read the sentence about thieves!! LOLOL….One time when our friends were first starting to use them, the mom told us that she had put a combination in the diffuser; and looking them up by individuals they were supposed to help with things like overall attitude, curing the common cold,(don;t remember which exact oils) and then she threw lavender in there for the nice scent…So she left her kids to do their school, and when she came back to check on them, one of them was asleep and the other two were super groggy!! Then she looked up her combination of oils and realized, combined, they helped you to relax and rest!! haha…I have no idea why I told you that…but anyways….

      • Ok, I may have gone a little overboard, (although everything I said was truth) and I apologize if anyone is offended. Again, I’m not saying that the essential oils are bad, it’s more the way people use them and how much they use them and push them upon other people that matters to me. But yes, my little sister has severe ADHD and people just say that popping some oils in the diffuser will fix it all. Yes, it might be calming, but it’s not a sure fire trick that will work for everybody out there.

        • No no!!! I hope you didn’t take what I said and think I was offended! I’m not in ANY way…! I agree wholeheartedly with what you said…and it’s true! it’s not a “sure fire cure everything in the world” trick…Sometimes you still need medication and other things to help!! =) I thought it was a very good point, and very good example. =)

          • I didn’t think you were offended, just wanted to make sure, and in case anybody else may read it and think that I’m criticizing them.

  • This is a god question! Tbh, to maintain a healthy balance, do a little research on what exercise level is healthy for someone your age and gender. There are guides all over that will help you!! Personally, I exercise 6 days a week, and take 1 day off…Day 1 is upper body, Day 2: core, Day 3: lower body, Day 4: break Day 5: start over from day 1…..I just watch Youtube videos; starting with something easy and then once it’s easy for me I go for something tougher… =) This isn’t a “guide” for you…it’s just what I do…Honestly, it’s not even my preference! I’m REALLY wanting to get into running, but I can’t go alone and I’m waiting for my dad to start up again so I can start going with him…
    Anyway, as for eating, like you said you are already doing: maintaining a mostly healthy diet (though I personally think sweets are okay now and then) is important! I don’t personally think skipping meals is ever a good idea unless you’re on a fast or something like that….
    I think to help you from falling into harming your body, set a plan for yourself with goals and boundaries if that would help you. Then, you have a guide to go by and not just making each decision as they come.
    To keep them from becoming idols, ask yourself, “Why am I doing what I’m doing? Why am I eating healthy? Why am I exercising? Is it to please others? or to please my Creator?” Self-evaluation is always good in every area of our lives! Even our strengths because Satan often attacks our strengths….Make sure you’re doing it to glorify God and if you’re doing it for other reasons, pray about it and ask God for guidance… =) He will help you!

    • This is good, but the one thing that I would add, is that things even if we’re doing things for good reasons, they can still be idols. What I think is that you should use this rule of thumb: how much time are you exercising or whatever else you’re doing, compared to how much time you spend studying the bible, praying, reading wholesome christian books, or doing things for others.

    • You make some good points! I’m just gonna add to the things about Satan attacking strengths. I think he attacks those more often, becuase we are more prone to thinking we can handle our strong areas by ourselves.

  • Me and my brothers are pretty into obstacle running (think ninja warrior, except not as amazing). It’s the kind of sport that’s easy to make an idol. It’s so fun! Anyway, as a girl I have to realize that God has made me weaker my bros. I’ll probably never as strong/athletic as them and I need to submit to that. The best way to avoid being obsessed is to focus on the Gospel. I still struggle with this, but God is infinitely better then being strong or looking good. Look at working out as worship because you’re honoring God by taking care of what’s his. I tend to lean towards obsession so I don’t have it figured out; but I do hope this helps.

    • As far as eating goes, don’t worry, your tastes will change as your diet does. As a rule of thumb I try not to eat anything but meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables. People are more important though, so if it would be rude I just eat it. It’s up to you though, you’ll figure out what works best as you go.

  • Hi Rose!

    First of all, wonderful question! I hope my tips can help you with this question on how to take care of your body.

    First, I would suggest that you dress modestly if you don’t already. Modesty really shows what type of person you are. It displays that you honor your body and that you don’t wish to show it off. Since your body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit, you should treat it with the utmost respect. This means that you should not watch sinful shows or movies, take part in sinful acts, and you shouldn’t say hurtful things. These are all sins. Sin corrupts your body and your soul. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2521 (1994) it says: “Purity requires modesty, and integral part of temperance.” So in order to take care of your body you should practice the act of modesty if you do not already.

    Taking care of your body fitness wise is something that I cannot give much help to you on. I mean, I’m not 300 lbs. and trying to lose weight. Actually, I have a REALLY high metabolism and so I can eat almost anything and not gain any weight. I do like Megan’s advice on fitness though. It is a very nice routine and I would definitely take part in it. In fact I should, just so I get physical activity. 🙂

    Lastly, I could offer just some basic tips on what to eat. I know my grandmother only cheats on holidays and on Sundays. So like on Christmas she’ll have a couple of cookies. And on Sundays she might get herself a doughnut but then she immediately goes walking after that. She walks almost every day so she is active and fit. So maybe you could try and only have your sweets on Sundays and holidays. And not drink juices or pop if you do that. Drinking apple juice or orange juice is just as bad as drinking a can of Coke. So I would stay away from those except for holidays or on Sundays. Maybe too you could have just protein bars on hand. Maybe that could be your dessert. If you go to a Walmart or Aldi’s you will always find a food bar section so just choose something that looks delicious and that could be your dessert. I have snack bars because of my metabolism and I get hungry in between meals but you could definitely use those bars for dessert as well if you feel like cheating early. (Haha)

    I hope my advice helps you Rose!


    • You shop at Aldi? I thought no one had heard of Aldi! I like Walmart better because I tend to like the normal name brands, but my dad thinks walmart is terrible and always shops at Aldi. The one thing I do like from Aldi, and you probably don’t have these because they’re terrible for you and you’re talking about healthy food, is the double chocolate muffins. I’m a sweet tooth, and those muffins are even better than a cupcake! Mmm… now I want one. And I’m drinking my raspberry coke right now. My family is super health oriented. With all of my siblings problems, we just don’t really have the time to worry about whether our food is organic and stuff. (But I’m not saying that we eat fast food every night or anything like that.) Anyway, everybody has their own opinions on health and fitness.

      • Yes, my dad loves Aldi and things are cheaper there. Also, my mother has something against the eggs and milk at Walmart. We all dislike going to Walmart now because it has become so unsafe there. And there was a guy who was just cussing up a storm in Walmart and no one did anything so we never go there anymore. I would go for name brand things though.

        Haha. I do not like double chocolate or triple chocolate foods. They just get a little too chocolate for me. My sister loves them. I have tried them before though. But I am a sweet tooth too. My family isn’t really super health oriented either but my mother wants us to eat better. 🙂 My family doesn’t eat fast food every night either. Fast food can sometimes get old for me.

        • Lol Aldi is how I survive. Walmart is too expensive, and plus all the food is spread out 300 miles apart in the store so by the time you run around to get all your food it takes forever. Nice comments btw!

          • Haha! I totally agree! Aldi is just nice and small. And it has much better meat too. My mother found metal in hamburg that she got from Walmart. So we never ever get food there. Thank you!

  • Make exercise a part of your routine, so that it is no longer a “phenomenon” causing you to think about your health, but just an ordinary part of life, like brushing your teeth or practising Bach. (Oops, I forgot – not everybody plays Bach… :-D). Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now…

    • Haha. 😛 Good ideas Sam!

      Hey you know that comment in the ‘ask me anything feed’? Well, the comments there have closed, so you wanna finish chatting on here? Or is that just awkward….

        • Sweet!
          So… Uni hey?! Aren’t you a year or two younger than me….? Cause I’m heading to Uni next year too. Which Uni (or is that classified info…)? Oh, loosing a wallet is not nice. :/ I hope it all gets sorted soon.

          Btw, I wan’t overseas. Dunno what was with those times, yours were wacky too. Actually, I am going overseas soon though – to China! Just for a few days – Dad’s visiting some friends and I’m tagging along to babysit their kids. I’m very excited!!! 😀

          • Yes, I am a year younger than you, but I’ve sort of combined years 11 and 12 into one this year. I know that sounds like a crazy amount of work, but it actually hasn’t been too bad. 🙂 I’m hoping to go to Sydney Uni next year, but that’s a matter of getting through their rather strict admissions… how about you?

            Going to China? That sounds interesting! Hope you have a great time.

            (My mum found my wallet. It was in a pretty obvious place. :-D)

          • Wow that’s really cool! Yeh, admissions…. Mum’s been great this year actually, she’s asked and asked and knocked on a million doors, and most have actually opened, so I’m very grateful to her for finding me an in. 😀 I’m hoping to go to Griffith University next year to do psychology. 🙂

            Thanks! I’m sure I will. 🙂

            (Haha, yay for mums. :D)

          • Psychology? Sounds interesting. The few psychologists that I know are really friendly and easy to talk to, so it mustn’t be too bad. 🙂 Just kidding – I’m sure there’s a lot of more important reasons to do it… 😀
            Actually, one guy from my church went to Griffith Uni and thought it was great, and now he’s trying to convince me to go there too… I don’t think I will, though. 🙂

            Have a good weekend! I’ll be doing the SAT tomorrow morning, so I’d best get an early night. 🙂

          • Hahah yeh there is but I’m sure I won’t mind if it makes me friendlier and easier to talk to! 🙂
            Ooo, cool! Maybe I’ll meet him at some point… Do you know if he’s involved in any Christian groups on campus?

            How did your SAT go?

          • (Sorry, I wasn’t very clear there. This guy went to Griffith Uni a while ago, but he’s now living in Canberra.)

            The SAT went really well, thanks. I won’t know my result until a couple of weeks from today though. 🙂

          • China is cool! (Not to jump into a random conversation that doesn’t have anything to do with me or anything like that of course.)

          • Haha you’re welcome to jump in!
            Have you been to China? I’m sure it’s cool, in more ways than one! Apparently it’s getting into the negatives (Celsius) so it will definitely be cool/cold as well! 😛

          • I haven’t actually been there, but I would love to. And btw. do you know where @samgiddy:disqus is from? I’ve been thoroughly interested in the use of the word mum instead of mom. I know Canadians use that, and I guess so do Australians (that’s another place I’ve always wanted to travel to.) Have you ever been to the Great Barrier Reef? I guess that might be like asking an American if they’ve been to the Grand Canyon (which I haven’t, but I’d love to.) I guess I should just take a tour of the world.

          • Haha, Sam’s from Australia too! Yes, I’ve been to the Reef once. It’s pretty awesome! You should totally come visit some time!:D

          • So, Australia is a state country? Sorry! I am very dumb. I think I knew that. I’m just used to provinces for foreign countries.

          • Wow this is a very late reply… :/

            China was AWESOME!!! Tbh most of the time I was babysitting Dad’s friends kids (but I knew that was what I was going to be doing so that was fine.) But we went to the Wall one day, and it was SNOWING!!! Arrrr it was soooo cool!!

    • Hey, just so you know, I think you might want to change your username… it looks like your last name is in there. 🙂

          • Not a real name? Why not? 🙂

            Is that what the username (appearing above my comments) says? For me it just says Sam G.

          • The name above your comments shows up as Sam G; click on your name or pic and in the thing that pops up on the side, look under your name. It should say “samgiddy” or “@samgiddy” .

          • So Giddy is really your last name? Cool! It looks like one that you would pick… 🙂 My SAT went better than I expected. I didn’t think I would stand a chance, but now I want to see my score because it didn’t seem as hard as I thought it’d be. I really wish I could discuss the essay topic with ya!!

          • Glad your SAT went well. Yep, I’d like to discuss the essay topic with someone else as well (I guess we would have gotten the same one?), but that’ll have to wait…

          • I’m pretty sure we all had the same essay topic. We have to wait until we get our score back, right?

          • Oops, I didn’t answer the first half of this comment. It just looks like a name you would pick… it fits you too well to be by chance. 🙂

          • “Mentally intoxicated, incapable of attention, excitable, frivolous, inconstant, flighty” (Concise Oxford Dictionary). It fits me, does it? 😛

          • OK. 🙂 You may be right. (Then again, you may not.) At least I know your surname too, so that makes it even…

  • Find some sort of exercise you enjoy, even if it’s just walking your dog! Also, honoring your body means staying sexually pure, not just nutritionally healthy. Good luck on your body-honoring journey!

  • Find something that is fun and yet good for you! Like dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, and sports of various kinds! I did cheer this year, and with all the conditioning, I got more fit than I have been in a long time!
    And whenever you think “Wow, I’m bored. I think I’ll eat!” Or “I’m bored. I think I’ll catch up on the latest season of doctor who!” (Which is fun, don’t get me wrong) Think instead “I’m bored. I think I’ll go for a walk!” Or “I’m bored. I’ll go and play football with my siblings/friends!”
    And ask your parents if they would be interested in getting a gym membership! A trip to the gym a couple of times a week could make all the difference in the world.
    Don’t think of it as a chore. Make it fun! Play music while working out! Ask a friend to come over to watch a movie and work out!
    Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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