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Do you have any daily rituals? What are they?


J. WRITES: I love to hear about different people’s daily rituals and schedules. I’m reading a book about famous writers’ rituals, and it gives a fascinating window into their lives and highlights what was most important to them. What are the things you do every day or very regularly? Do they make you more productive? Why do you do them?

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  • Well, reading my bible is definitely a ritual, and that certainly makes me more productive! I don’t know if you would call school a ritual… I eat! That’s my favorite ritual! Sorry, I’m kind of bland: /

  • We’ll my trying to make it a habit to get up each morning… 😜
    I draw and listen to music every night and it really helps me calm down.

      • Yay!!! I love drawing….but unfortunately, mum told me that I couldn’t draw during school and confiscated my sketchbook for the day. πŸ™
        …..I think it might’ve had something to do with the fact that I was drawing when I was supposed to be doing my maths….

    • I think I’d die without music. Seriously I can’t imagine life without it. But I think I listen to it too much.

      • I know. Same here. I have one of those radio alarm things and at any given point of the day I will turn it on and listen to music. πŸ™‚

        • I have spotify on my phone and so it’s so easy for me too. Whether it’s cooking, washing the dishes, scrapbooking, paintingβ€” I feel the need to have music going! I’m trying to cut back, lol.

          • I know I try to stop but then I have a really tough day and I turn on the music. I can’t stop. I think I’m addicted. I also have a radio on my iPod Nano so I can’t escape music no matter what I do.

          • Because I know I need more quiet time. I mean maybe I would get more clear direction from God on what I should do and you know answers to my prayers and questions if I allowed more silence for me to just think. But I love having music going and it’s so easy to turn on that it’s tempting. I hear people say ,like, we wonder why God doesn’t speak to us, but maybe He does and we just can’t hear him because of all the noise around us.

          • I like your point of view. When I was little I didn’t listen to much music and I think I heard God more then I do now. Did you ever hear from him when or if you didn’t listen to music.

          • Good question. You know I’ve always been a Christian, but only starting maybe 3 years ago did I begin taking my relationship with God more seriously. Before, I never would have thought about needing quiet time to hear from Him. So I’ve never really tried doing this before, but I just want Him to speak to me and give me direction so bad, I really want to be closer to Him, and I read so much about how important it is to “sit quietly in God’s presence” and to really listen for that still, small voice.

  • Nothing in my life is very scheduled, but I try to spend time with my church, stay on top of school, work out, hang out, go climbing, share the gospel, love God, love people, and know the the Bible.

  • Drink coffee…yes it’s productive…and yes it’s necessary… πŸ˜‰ Lol…

    In all seriousness tho, I do a devotion (usually in the morning) and I find that spending time in God’s word and prayer helps my day goes much more smoothly adn my mind is more concentrated on the Lord. Granted, I miss a day of devotions here and there, but if nothing else, I make SURE I spend time in prayer!

    I listen to music everyday as well as practice my instruments…and I constantly sing.Music is a big part of me and second to the Lord, music is my go to whenever I’m happy, sad, angry, etc…basically all the time.

    I’ve also started making it a point to say goodmorning to every member of my family. This may sound silly, but sometimes I just overlook saying goodmorning and don’t see them (bros specficially if they’re outside) until later in the day.

    One last thing: I try to compliment everyone in my family everyday. I can be harsh and negative with my words toward my family oftentimes, so I’m attempting to talk more kindly by giving one compliment (at least) every day to every family member….

    • I wish I could drink coffee every morning… That would be fantastic! It would go right along side eating! But, unfortunately, when you live in a family that’s obsessed with coffee, you usually have to wait your turn.

      • That’s so sad ): I wish I had a coffee maker on my nightstand that made, not the coffee you buy in the store, but real Starbucks Coffee like you order at Starbucks. And that made Frappuccinos with whip cream and everything. All you do is press the button. #heaven πŸ˜„πŸ‘Œ

    • I don’t always say goodmorning, but at some point it became my habit to say goodnight and hug each person in my family

    • I try to compliment my family as much as I can because sometimes I can be really angry and yell at them….

  • Wish I could say reading my Bible was a daily ritual for me, but.. *sigh* I’m trying to make it one, and I just realized that I didn’t read it yesterday! The only thing I really do every single day is drink coffee every morning(or afternoon, depending on when I get up, like today😜) and then I have a certain face washing routine every morning and night(boring). I watch a movie with my family every night. And looking at my phone every morning and right before I go to bed.

      • Yeah, sounds like a lot, I know. But we don’t have cable, so we get movies and TV shows from Netflix or the library. Most people watch TV every day. We watch a movie. (: so it’s really not that much.

        • Oh, okay. That makes more sense. I just come from a family that just doesn’t watch TV/movies hardly at all. We watch the occasional movie and some stuff in the car. Other than that, it’s books all the way! And, unfortunately, Minecraft for the boys.

          • We had cable several years ago, but I’m glad we don’t have it anymore because it was so addicting and I’d end up watching way too much of it. Not to mention all the junk that’s right at your fingertips, which is why my dad got rid of it. Same thing with streaming Netflix. So easy to watch way too much. We only get movies through the mail now.

            I’m a book lover too(:

          • We have cable, but I don’t usually watch it. It’s really convenient for recording movies and such. We at least have a hundred movies recorded on our DVR. That would be the main set back if we got rid of cable.

  • definitely my morning tea! Can’t live without it. I also try to get in some kind of exercise every day and reading a great big book is an every day happening!

  • When I get up every morning, I make some coffee and then drink it while I study my Bible. I practice my guitar almost every day, and the days that I don’t I try to practice one of my other instruments. I also try to read at least a little bit from one fiction and one non-fiction book every day. Something my mom got me into doing is listening to at least one teaching every day. Usually I stream them off the internet. I try to journal (or at least write something) every day, but that doesn’t always happen… :/ Music is also a big part of my life, I listen to it quite often, but I try to also balance that with allowing some quiet time in my day.

    • I have a journal too!!! πŸ™Œ I pretty much write every day. My mom had me start one when I was like 12, and I hated it so much at first, haha.

      • Yeah, when we were younger, my mom made my brothers and I write at least 3 sentences every day and draw a picture with it. Then, as we got older, it was 5, then 10 without a picture, then at least 15 minutes a day. I used to not know what to write, so one time I wrote, “Bacon is the best meat. It tastes better than any other meat. Some people don’t like bacon. I think that’s crazy.” Other times I would just write random sentences like, “I’m hungry.”

        • I’m laughing out loud right now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ OMG that sounds like me. I’d write stuff like “Today I woke up, brushed my teeth, did school, and went to the grocery store.”

          • I know. I threw out my very first 2 because they were so horribly boring. It’s funny though, sometimes going back through them from the past few years and I suddenly can see how much I’ve changed and even grown as a Christian. Because so often I can’t tell that I’ve changed at all, till someone points it out or I read older journals.

          • That is so funny! I did the same thing, I would write things like “We had oatmeal for breakfast.”

        • Haha! When I was younger, I tried to keep a journal because it just seemed like a normal thing to do, but I felt like my life was so boring that I never kept doing it for more than a few days before I quit again.

          Now I write (well actually type on the computer) every few days or so, and my journal is a record of major events and thoughts about life.

          • That’s really cool! I don’t journal about my life anymore… wish I did though! I journal more about what God’s saying to me daily. Although, I could probably learn just as much if I journal about my day too! Anyways, keep up the good work!

          • That’s the best kind of journaling though! See, it’s confusing, but I journal about both my life and what God is “saying” to me at the same time. It’s like… I journal about what God is teaching me through my life. I write about the things in my life to give a context and setting for how he teaches me through those things.

        • When I would journal, I always would have a drawing to en company any entry. So basically pass out from laughing while I look at my horrible art. I did almost all of it with a pen too! So most of my people drawings look like there’s something seriously wrong with them!

          • I just used to draw stick people. But the few drawings I have of non-stick people, they all have huge hands, because apparently I was determined that they all had to have all five of their fingers. πŸ™‚

          • I still draw stick people….but I use them now for humor…check this out!

          • That’s great, I love those! My favorites probably the drowning one.
            I usually just avoid drawing people, now. But I’ve found some places online with good tutorials and stuff, so I’ve succeeded in drawing a few people lately. I’ll try to post a picture later today after I can find them.

      • Am I the only one who literally talks to herself and has conversations on paper… can get embarrassing! LOL But my siblings enjoy the comical things I write when I have a conversation with myself. XD

        • Lol I don’t know. I mean I will write questions I have or things I wonder about, and then write what the answers might be or what I think.. But I don’t know exactly how you mean, sounds a little different than what I do. Like I don’t go back and forth like if two people were talking to each other.

          • Like, I literally will argue with myself! Haha! It’s quite strange…..XD

          • I argue with myself, and make different characters, it can get weird, but it’s so fun!. It probably isn’t entirely healthy, but I don’t really care!

  • Well…I don’t really have any set rituals. It kind of depends on when I get up. One thing that I do everyday though no matter what is eating! πŸ™‚ I do try to do my devo’s everyday, but that doesn’t happen sometimes. πŸ™ But other then that…I really don’t know. I guess I’ve never thought about my routine. I just…get up and get going! πŸ™‚

  • Showers. LoL! I do them every day and I think they are and make me be more productive.

    Does that count……?

  • I thought I was the only one who liked hearing about other people’s schedules, haha! My days can get pretty crazy, but my morning ritual is set in stone for the most part: I get up at 6, do a quick email check and take all my meds. Then I have to wait for a while until I can eat, so I have coffee and read my Bible/journal/read devotional books. I eat breakfast and either start school or practice softball (in the summer I work out early, before it gets hot; in the winter I wait until after lunch!). My evenings are always crazy with softball practice or whatever else is going on. But once I get home, if I’m done with my homework I like to play a board game with my family, watch a TV show with my parents, or read a book/journal before bed. Some of these things I do because I have to do them… such as school and eating. The others, I do because I enjoy and they help me relax after a long day!
    (I always write a book in the comments lol)

  • Not necessarily rituals, but more like things that must be done every day. These include: getting up, brushing my teeth twice a day, showering, practicing piano, practicing guitar, practicing voice, cleaning up the kitchen at least once(it has to be done about four times at our house…), doing one load of laundry, and if it’s a school day, do all my school, come around 10 when I’m in bed, spend time with God and do my Bible reading/journalling.

    • Hello Reagan. As I was reading your comment I thought, “This is exactly what I do everyday!” I kept reading through your post and everything in your schedule matches my schedule except for one thing: spending time with God at night. I have tried several different times throughout the day to spend time with God and read my Bible, but I never thought of doing it at night when all is quiet and the day is coming to a close.
      Thank you for commenting because you have inspired me to spend time with God before I go to bed, something I hadn’t thought of doing before. Thank you and have blessed day!

      Olivia R.

  • I’m so forgetful that even though I just woke up a little while ago I can’t remember what I do in the morning. I should work on figuring out what I do in the morning.

  • Well…my schedule recently got turned upside down by working different hours, but I’m slowly getting into a different routine. I have a cup of tea every morning. On work days, I spend time with God on my lunch hour. On other days, usually I get up, dressed, eat breakfast and spend time with God, then get on my computer, check e-mail, and do schoolwork. Other than that our days are very varied so there’s not a whole lot that is routine every day (well, there’s showers too, I guess). ~Anna

  • Every day, the first thing I do when I get up is make my bed. I wasn’t completely consistent with it, then I saw a video where a marine talked about the importance of making your bed and how life lessons are to be found in this simple act. It starts your day off with an act of organization and responsibility and gets you motivated to continue your productivity throughout the day. If you have a good day, you can come home to a neat bed that makes you feel even better. If you have a rough day, that made bed is a comfortable place to rest, knowing that tomorrow will be better. It seems so simplistic, but it really does change things. I thought that this fits so well with Do Hard Things, it’s a small hard thing that doesn’t seem to matter much, but in the long term it builds character. He ended the video with this quote that really says it all, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.”

    • Wow, I totally just listened to this while making my bed this……..afternoon. I hate making beds. However, according to this admiral I have just begun to change the world. I will always look at this simple chore differently now! Thanks!

  • My daily schedule:
    Wake up at 6:00
    ten minutes later when I’m awake enough, start reading my Bible
    Eat breakfast if there’s time
    Start school
    Eat lunch
    Finish school
    Write, read articles on here or other blogs, and practice music
    Eat dinner
    Take a shower
    Read a book or whatever I want to do
    Pray and go to bed at about 10:00

    Of course, my schedule is different on days that I have music lessons and weekends

  • Here’s what my mornings look like:
    I have dual credit classes at 8am on Monday and Wednesday. On those days, I get up, hop in the shower, and get ready to leave at 7:15. I usually drink a protein shake while I’m doing my hair & makeup.
    On the other weekdays, I get up around 7:30 and immediately take a shower. It helps my brain to wake up and get ready for the day. After I take a shower & get dressed, I go downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee. By that time my siblings are awake. I get breakfast & we watch a Good Mythical Morning episode (on Youtube). After that, we do our chores & get started on schoolwork (I’m homeschooled).

    A routine is really important for me. If I don’t follow my routine, I usually end up having a not so good day. I try to study my Bible in the afternoon or evenings.

  • Hmm…Well, every day of my life contains something music related. I just can’t help NOT listening to it or playing it. β™ͺ Besides that, I have lots of school-work that occupies quite a bit of my time. I usually read my Bible in the mornings, and if I miss, sometimes I’ll do it in the evenings. I also go to church 3-4 times a week. Other than these things I am usually working. πŸ˜‰ You can probably tell, my life is suuuuper busy!

  • A normal day (as if there is such a thing) consists of school, reading my Bible, cooking meals for my family, listening to music, reading books, working on my latest novel project, daydreaming, occasionally writing music, setting up for a concert, singing, talking to people, tearing down equipment…all that good stuff. But there is no normal really, Last Saturday we sang twice and didn’t get to our hotel until 3 am, then we got up early and drove an hour to where we sang Sunday morning, so I slept till 12 today. That was fun.

  • I love routine, so most of my basic life is pretty consistent. I get up early and do some school, then listen to music, then have breakfast, dry the dishes and do my “bathroom chores”. After a half hour of school, my Mom, brother and I have a “Bible time” together. Then it’s more school until lunch. Next, would be chores and quiet time. When my Dad gets home, we almost always go for a walk, some people literally only know us because they see us walking! After supper, my brother and I do dishes, and then I practice voice. Then we sit together in the living room until bed time, when I go to my room and read, listen to music, read a psalm before bed and sometimes journal. That’s my day! By the way what is the title of that book? It sounds really interesting. (Also, those are not my guitars, I took the photo in a music shop :))

  • Weelll….let me see….
    Most mornings I get up at around 5:30 (unless I’m really tired) and have my devotions while watching the sunrise – I find it easier to be quiet and talk to God that way.
    Then I jump on my computer to check all the notifications that my awesome American friends managed to give me overnight…..and by the time I’m finished, my brothers are up, so I have breakfast with them πŸ˜‰
    We all make our lunch straight after and put it in the fridge – it saves having to clean up all the lunch stuff in the middle of school. Then it’s homeschool, lunch, and more homeschool…..
    In the afternoon we go to the pool for our swim squad, we have dinner there, and come back at 7:00pm…..then I get a little more computer time, then bed!

    On the weekends it’s always different, though… πŸ™‚

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